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Friday, April 10, 2020

SEO SEM, PPC Wordpress instalation and web site planning Tips

SEO SEM, PPC  Wordpress instalation   and web site planning Tips

SEO SEM, PPC  Wordpress instalation   and web site planning Tips

Beginner seo

SEO is most important part in Digital Marketing course ;

Advanced SEO simply learn video

SEO means search engine optimiasation;  How to get your web site ranked best on google and other search engines;  For google Keyword  title is  very important; which acts as title of a famous book remember you collage days when you go to library we take help of librarian with title of a book to search in shelf;  best designed web site  should have nice user interface : Take of site Navigation must be easy with  flawless content; 

your web site must have hign scoring rate with search engines; 
When any web site has engaging fresh content and linked by many authoritative web sites search engines rank them high;Site reputation is very important; Other important thing for SEO is Web site must load fast; keep high quality content; User must read  easily and understand.keep logo on left site; Digital marketer must have fair idea aboutweb  crawlers and agents; Robots.text and root folder in c panel setup of your web server;

One must have  minimum  knowledge of  HTML and  must be able to understand source code; Embed google maps  location code in you web site;
keep Domain name  related content in site; Bid for keywords in adwords to get Traffic  and post related content; Use google keyword trends data.
internal linking is  very important. Dont forget to share your posts on major social media channels;

Big companies will have copy writers take their help if join as SEO consultant ;
Digital Marketer must have C panel handling knowledge and PPC knowledge also;

safar ke phal meete hote hai ; One must wait for 3 months  time; google ranks high ranking web sites like wikipedia;

google captured 95 % od search data; Dont give fake commitments as a seo person. Citation is very important high ranking; NAP name aaddress and phone number; list in top 10 citation sites list; Anchor text, hypelinking knowledge
Social Media promotions are very important for google to rank high;

15 tips to help yield impeccable PPC results.

Choose the Right Bid Strategy. .
Show Ads at the Right Time.
Rotate Your Ads. 
Target Locations Carefully. 
Use Effective Device Targeting. 
Apply Bid Adjustments.
Optimize Bids to Achieve the Best Ad Position. 
Use Single Keyword Ad Groups.

Free Crash course  Digital Marketing in Hyderabad

Free Crash course  Digital Marketing in Hyderabad Free Crash course  Digital Marketing in Hyderabad ,Nellore ,Kadapa,Tirupati

 Crash course  Digital Marketing in Hyderabad 

 Top 10 Digital marketing trainers  and institutes in Anatpur,mahaboobnagar,guntur,vijayawada,vizag

  Tainers Bio   I   Introduction  I 
  I   Google short url benefits I    

 I Adwords setup  I   Seo    I  facebook page creation  

Blog  Writing I    Email Marketing tips  I Perfect domain naming tips 

 I  certifications   I     Twitter celibrities I   Instagram Brands   I  

 twitter Tips for followers I linkedin tips   I  Review writing and web analytics 

Importance of hashtags  I Winning Presentation Tips  I 

Internet growth stats  I  instagarm I    Social media Audit  

Twitter tips for Hotels   I   Backlink Building  Tips  

Best Blog topic topis  I  Alexa top Ranks  I   Best Occations to post a story or tweet I 

 I Active companies on Digital Marketing  I   Questions asked in interview for aspirant 

Famous web site launching dates. I  Successful youtubers list   I   Insta celebrities

If you're looking to learn  course on Digital marketing , you've come to the right place. Most Advanced Digital Marketing Course.

Digital Marketing is a big boom industry now  worldwide. From a small seed level company to  multinational companies are looking for  social media manager who can do Digital Marketing.for their products and brands.

 Crash course  Digital Marketing in dilsukhnagar hyderabad

 Crash course  Digital Marketing in dilsukhnagar Kukatpally

Every professional company wants audience, all of them want to be in the eyeball of their customers. So that’s one of the strong reason why they hire  Digital Marketing  professionals to maintain the social media and digital marketing. campaigns;

Crash course  Digital marketing in Vizag,kurnool,
Major topics covered in this course

Please send your email and  postal address and mobile phone number to send latest updates on Digital Marketing;

Topics covered;

Seo  (search engine optimization)   SEM, PPC Tips,

Youtube channel , Whatsapp tips,creation and   with right Tags and description how to run youtube paid ads;

Adwords setup   understanding google search console and Campaign management; Setup of google Analytics.

Google my business pages and  google short URL benefits

Review writing  and importance of citation  and online reputation management;
Blog  Writing   guest blogging ;  Content creation;  How to earn money  through Blogging.

 Web Site planning and Design Knowledge   right selection of Domain name Registration and  Hosting.

facebook page creation  set up knowledge of paid ads;
linkedin profile  creation.

Backlink Building  Tips this will get your client to reach  top ranking on google;

Email Marketing tips

How to  create  and claim google maps listings importance of google short urls.

 Alexa ranking Tips

How to build twitter organic  traffic and followers and  how to get verified  (getting blue tick);

How to build instagarm follower base and post  stores audience creation tips  on working with influencers

pintrest management on smart phone;

How to get google adwords  Hubspot certification  ;

How to get funding startups from funding agencies;

Ecommerce overview future 

How to get  online projects  from overseas and how to get freelance projects in India;  

How to prepare for interview  Resume writing  and get job in Multinational company;  Spoken english tips

How to conduct a  Social media Audit  and  reporting the campaign promotion response details of posts and engagement statistics with  clients; 

Internet growth analysis and  worldwide stats;

Future scope of Ecommerce   and Digital Marketing industry.

For further details please Contact  K.V. Ramana
C.E. O
off; 3-4-665

Free Crash course  Digital Marketing in Hyderabad ,Nellore ,Kadapa,Tirupati
off; 3-4-665

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Wordpress Tutorial

SEO Tutorial;

Monday, November 12, 2018

Tips for writing a review benefits of review

Writing great reviews may help others discover the places that are just apt for them. Here are a few tips to write a good review:

A positive review will boost sales
improve SEO & Credibility, Improve Brand trust;
A review is a personal recommendation;
1 star rating improves sales;
Negative review  effect sales and how to deal with it;

Be specific and relevant to the place you're reviewing and describe what other visitors are likely to experience. Be authentic and describe why you liked or disliked the place. Include aspects like the ambiance, service quality, value for money, credibility of the vendor, timely delivery, etc. to add value to your opinions.

People will pay attention when you write thoughtful reviews. Keep them readable and avoid excessive capitalization or punctuation. Choose the right length - a paragraph is great. Your opinion matters, so go ahead and add in your thoughts!

  • Provide useful, constructive feedback. ...
  • Talk about a range of elements, including customer service. ...
  • Be detailed, specific, and honest. ...
  • Leave out links and personal information. ...
  • Keep it civil and friendly. ...
  • Feel free to update your review if needed. ...
  • Check you've got the right domain name or company. ...
  • Proofread your review.
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Saturday, September 26, 2015

seo rankingmy clients

1.sri lakshmi ent  indiamart; jd ;sulekha;. net site;
2.darbar trading corporation ranigunj secunderabad 1420 site; jd; palace nellore 22 000
4.e v rajaiah 6140 jd  2nd my video
5.modern stores nellore 2 22 000 jd; 3 rd my nellore;
6.svr arcade  nellore 6460 sulekha  4 th my nellore
7.dr utthama nellore 6500
8.silver palace  nellore 25 700  sulekha; 8 th nt
9.abhiram hotel nellore  13 900
10.kalyan jewellers 5 46 000 site,JD;
11.24 8000
12.bikan yadav 3760 ( fb) vilekhari 7 th
13.ruhul khuddus 334 (7 th)
14.chennai steel and home appliances secunderabad 93500  my video 5 th
15.sana collections secunderabad 37 700; India amrt; (vil 7 th)
16.aluminium enterprises secunderabad 2 60 000 vil 10 th (video 1 )
17.Standard Aluminium products.secunderabad 3 24 000 jd (my vedeo 6 th) Lifting equipments .secunderabad 4240 (9 ak 8th)
19.metal house secunderabad 53400  indiamart( 10 th vile) video 1 st;
20.aluminium dealers  secunderabad 3 47 000 (vil 10 th)
21.r s brothers 86 lakh?
22.chandana brothers 2 89
23.chennai shopping mall 16 lakh;
24.unique toy world secunderabad 58 500 sulekha (my video 2 nd)
25.golden bangle store secunderabad 12800 (my vedeo 3 rd)
26.supreme bearings ranigunj 1970 7 th video and spares corporation ranigunj JD; my video 8 th
28.vasavi sales corporation ranigunj 6710 jd,8 th my vodeo
29.vasavi sales corporation ranigunj 3310 jd;
30.bearings and tools centre    ranigunj 3310 my vedeo;
31.ashoka bearings    ranigunj 7810;
32.rexine house    ranigunj 1620(akm)
33.sai krishna electricals secunderabad 1 80 000
34.raj kot engineering  secunderabad 6 72 000  JD;
35.sri lakshmi enterprises secunderabad 1 28 000 jd; myne 10 th;
36.metro traders secunderabad 1 72 000 jd; myne 10 th;
37.metro engineering  secunderabad 4 49 000 jd;
38.tas trading corporation secunderabad 4480 myne 10 th;
39.gulam ali sons  secunderabad 10 300
40.mohammed ali & sons  secunderabad 28 800 9 myne 10th)
41.ever green   engineering secunderabad 3 32 000
42.bolt house secunderabad 8580; sulekha;
43.ratnashree steel secunderabad 11 60 (my 10 th)
44.shades the paints shop  secunderabad 83200 jd; 10 th;
45.burhani traders secunderabad 10 800 my 10 th;
46.seco tools secunderabad 55100; own site;
47.dynamic tools secunderabad 29 00
48.admiral industrial corporation secunderabad 2140
49.premier  engineering corporation secunderabad 45 400 5 th video
50.crescent corporation secunderabad 2 39 00 ( video 3 rd)
51.pyramid impex international hyderabad 4560 jd vdeo 3 rd
52.shri  marble uppal 40 200 7 th
53.sri tirumala aluminum musheerabad 13 500 6 th
54.standard aluminium bhoiguda 12 400 1 st
55.lepakshi tarpaulin ranigunj 6130  me 10 th
56.b prahlad document writer 56200 1 st
57.ZAINI SANITATIONS  23 300 3 rd ak
58. Dawoodi Hardware Stores 5610 10 th;
59.Chains & Spares Corporation ranigunj  9920;
60. Indweld Equipment Traders  ranigunj 814 ?
61.Hm Water Treatment Components  secunderabad 6510 10 th
62.m mannan 7,69,000   6 th Indiamart;
63.ARIHANT AGENCIES 3 63 000 web site
64. Metro Trading Agencies 4 66 000
65. Ajay Agencies  ranigunj  81 600;  9 th;
66. merhaba tyres  24 800 4 th;
65. Burhani Hardware Stores‎ 64 000 10 th
66.PRIME MACHINE TOOLS CENTER 14 30 000 10 th;
67. M B Fasteners  9 47 000 10 th
68. Indian Fasteners  Industries 4 68 000 10 th;
69. central trading corporation secunderabad 1 49 000 10 th
70. Fakhri Tools and Hardware secunderabad 7360 jd;
71. Aluminium Sales Corporation secunderabad 50 100 10 th
72.adarsh Aluminium Corporation  1 41 000 10 th;
73.Murali Sanitary Engineering Company 59 200
74. KARSHAK AND SONS 2480 indiamart
75. Bright Steel india secunderabad 96 900 10 th;
76.Ashirvad Agencies 79 300
77. Techno Associates  8 68 000 10 th;
79. Hi-tech Agency 2 cr 10 th;
80. Raj  international 1  cr 10 th;
81.Traders N Fittings 5 86 000
82. Royal Industrial Corporation
83.Andhra Machine Tools Corporation 2 98 000  10 th ak;
84. Sri Umiya Agencies  1 29 000 10 th;
85. METRO TRADERS secunderabad  1 73 000 ; 1oth
87. Astron Engineering Ent 3 34 000 10 th
89. Perfect Trading Centre 35 lakh 10 th;
90.Taher Engineering Corporation 48 500 10 th;
91. Precision Tools Centre   25 lakh 10 th;
92. niel metals 1 32 000 10th;
93. Venkateshwara Electrical Enterprises 2 79 000 10 th
94. M.B.ENTERPRISES 32 700 10 th;
95. Allied Tools & Hardware Syndicate 11 700 10 th;
96. SKD ELECTRO SALES PVT LTD 17 400 10 th;
97. Vidhi Electricals & Engg Co 14 800 10 th
98. Unique Control System 7 cr 10 th;
99. Lotus impex solutions  2 48 000 10 th;
100.Atlas Security & Safety Inc 6 lakh 10 th;
101.Bharat Metal Corporation 2 29 000
102. Ganji Vennkannah & Sons  3 rd;
103.kutbi trade centre 6130 10 th
104.  Abedin Tools Syndicate 2 700 10th;
105. ASNOOR HYDRAULICS 548  7 th
106. S S V Hydraulics 157 000 Jd;
107. Supreme Hydro-Pneumatic 36 600  3 rd video
108. Saify Enterprises 190 000 10 th;
109. bhuvana home foods 6 th;
110.OCT 212 rajmundry;
111. SRI VENKATA RAMANA STEEL AND ELECTRONICS shadnagar aug 2012; 1 st;
112. may 2012 kadapa visit;
113. madanapalli,piler, naidupet,gudur,
april wagal;
114.2012 feb posters;
115.2011; dec nzb;
116.nov ; wgl;kngar; nlr;
117.nov 2011 Tpt;
118. nov rajampet;proddatur;
119.oct kurnool;
120;sept; gautham electrical 2011;
Roshni electricals;
121.chennai home appliances;
122.jyothi light house secunderabad 19 500 10th; 1 st indiamart;
123.sept;  Indian Silk Emporium Matching House 91 200
Sri Balaji lights
126. Swetha Saree Mandir
127.v himayat nagar;
128. Sri Venkateshwara Jewellers 
128.manas field; rainbow baby;
130.Ananad pan shop
131.Asian carpets sept 1 st;
Taiba Bakers & Cafe 
133.sai aquarist;
134.august 2011
135. P.T Trading Company Nova grain;
137. Sri Srinivasa Traders ; balaji
139.Mohi fabs namkeen
141.Aug vasu med store;
142. Prestige Hardware & Tools Corporation 
143. Arrow Stationers, 
144.balaji cosmetique;
145;Vija ya medical stores;
146.vija cottage
148. SRI SAI MEDICALS narayanaguda;
150.Aroma Sales Corporation in Secunderabad feb 2011;
153. Zayekha Pickles
154.november 2010; azampura;     

0ther competitors in this field