Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010

30 jan  2018

Mostly at syam shop morning managed to activate 2 phone calls.Failed to get realtors money.Night took cash from syam and went back most of the blogs of recent past.emailed to few people of bliss.Evening call from Gopal to to village.

31 st jan:
last day of month and sunday.Clear signs of no funding of that realtors.Niranjan gave some money.Fishes 3 d images seen.reply for bliss seen.spent time with ramoji at after noon and slept at home.need to quicken the activity now.still pressure at home to go village.

30 jan post

Mostly at syam shop morning managed to activate 2 phone calls.Failed to get realtors money.Night took cash from syam and went back most of the blogs of recent past.emailed to few people of bliss.Evening call from Gopal to to village.

31 st jan:
last day of month and sunday.Clear signs of no funding of that realtors.Niranjan gave some money.Fishes 3 d images seen.reply for bliss seen.spent time with ramoji at after noon and slept at home.need to quicken the activity now.still pressure at home to go village.

29th jan post

Morning Rx jana called and had long chat.Some how motivated syam to have a gr homes site visit( very speedy ride) and also managed to create Quotation and met them and given it but to be careful in spell checks.Morning managed sit ups.Along wait for syam at his shop.morning met web developer and had some knowledge.Purchased pen.
At net time posted beauty entry and 2 days pending blogs and also blocked 2 more twitter ids(WALLACEPHARMA AND LAVAMOBILES).Samall bouncer at hotel for papad.Evening managed rs 50/- and kamalakars contribution.Eve session work met lemon leaf and vegitable shop and also seen beauti parlour.Fedw more emails received from bliss to be promoted.For real estates development at syams shop seems to be developing.Read Swati magazyne about that article.Discussion with Honey hotel manager.

27th January post

Dint lift Calls from rx jana morning work compromised due to eenadu ad for team.Income levels of Chinni known.Decided to do 5 plus 5 calls phone and personal as new strategy.Gopals shirt without pocket related head ache suffered.Swati reas swatipublications .com noted.Visited Naidu home with Syam and Niranjan.kamlakars cash expectation failed.Brought Mom tea powder and biscuits.IDBI bank launch missed.Call from akka and sekhars news.tbztheoriginal id to fold.

Hit list created at shop.Evening work at tiruchanur area.

28 tn jan post
Finally closed beauty parlour at evening and that saved for the hope emerged after meeting giri of bollineni with ads concept.From the morning phone calls were made as attempts.met 3 travels guys. met marriage consultancy.used the cell phone to somewhat extent.Pravtteka english.missed to post net entries.jana activated.Catway guy phone calls.Apreciation by Syam mama.herbalife guy.My daily expences listed out.

Fire power on hand from bliss.

26th jan post

Read total blog since 2008 and points noted.dates and events dates i joined krishna complex feb 2009,bangalore room till august 2009.Thulasis funding still a big surprise.march 2009 sekhars marriage.2009 elections year.feb 7 th problem with Syam.product port folio posted at web.jan 26 th syams fathers cerimony.2 k from munawwer on june.24 june veduku ready by janardhan.48 ways of power.

During the entire life analysis now twitter is good chance to day 2 bouncers had one from driver another from mercedes.leg band purchased at last a quality one this time.2 picles purchased managed wash.2 shirts from Gopal surprisingly.Seen Bhaskar rajus add and called him.
very latest success stories analysed.icubemobiles blocked again.balu twitter profile is with my pic made me happy.Recd Cosmetics payment.helped kmalakar twice.Neibour came from village.

25th jan post

Morning 4 news papers quickly scanned.Rx jana call followed by kamalas.Morning quickly work did atIskcon and one guest house.After reaching home again called Cosmtics guy and closed him and went on to collected dentist payment.Disturbance at lunch at home.1 hour net followed with blog posted.Twitter client balu with his family came and as usual kamalakars over prints from signinn including kdslayer.Reply from mercedes got.
Had compnay floating discussions with kamal.Took Cash from srini and venkatesj joined at Konark.
To improve arrangements at shop.few calls received from marketing guys.Day looked to be sailing past.

24 th jan sunday post

Afetr a brief planning Successfully received Balu from Rly station.Had discussion with Srinivas and new chance for kamalakar emerged.Read back 3 more months session emails on hand sorted out and prepared email for Idols promotion.Munawwer met.At home 40 years past analysed.Called Syam,ramoji.Missed a chance to work again at Iskcon temple.4 news paers scanned at home.Dress??.Mailed again to mercedes.More discussions with kamalakar during the day.

23 rd jan post

Read back nov 2009 posts,had 800,3 more new ids,4 more new drivers into fold,rx card read,paid dhobi,posted 4 entries,had apple,called marriage consultancy,posted 2 pending entries blog,seen bollineni web site.

phone calls and ads followup success for the day.

Radha sapthami day! people were seen rushing at market area.Morning heavy load of news papers CAM.Again crunch at hand continued.Missed to buy Jyothi news paper.Missed to post net entires too.Quick morning work gave one result of Dental doctor.After attending syam shop headed to field.met sahai it was very dull.Over night dream of Kamalakar disturbed much.Shiva nanda doctor met at shop.After noon Registration office payment gave small solace.Met hotel guy closed it and headed to Vegitable shop and seen many Varieties of vegitables.
Phone calls activation include Muni.After noon felt very much tired and slept for some time.One sudden development of Giri realtor (bollineni group met)hope web banner emerged.1 hour work at temple gave another 11 new drivers data.Gandhis friend Sankar met on the be more refined in expressing Optimist and pessimist dialogue.One who manged the show is much smart says syams mama.Trials include today vellabs.

Funds crunch was worst at hand suffered even for tablets but surprisingly Mom gave some amount.After reaching syams shop with followup he recharged the seconds billing with rs 100/- this was long awaited work(names suresh and srinivas).things must change with this development.afternoon quite painstakingly completed the drivers list from cuber cafe.Poor lunch at home.Water also arranged at home.bulk SMS information noted.OC ga AV dialogue by chinni.Dhobis daughter id Printbellis added.New flash of designing visiting cards with chandu and marketing them.

20th jan

Morning for un known reason got up late and things changed unable to manage total tasks for the day.Morning news paper gave new information about kadpa people journalism and effect of hug.paid dhobi dues and had enough tiffen.As time was passing out quickly avoided unnessisary things.Morning managed to do only half an hour work at temple pushed one party that bounced but act was watched by mama.Sun paharma guys and Udayan das gupta death news and off take of gifts at Sun pharma equation.That American guys met and discussed many issues(losangeles,reputation,satisfied customer, * tree and display hope at usa temple etc. KVB managers introduction.Reddemma introduction.Carpets at office.Morning field calls were lemontree his close attitude,vegitable shop,and photo studio and arun stills after brief work lost interest to work.
Failed to do justice to mom when shown tablets.At syam shop Subra property details known and his non cooperation for real estates venture known.

days triggers were surendra entry and my call to niranjan and 20% commition.Afternoon at signinn had complaint about kamalakar and entire december diary blog prints took and read all of them waiting at syams shop.Night snkyo murali called and had discussion for long time.Night sudden unexpected ly kamalakar met and had 2 disagreements and ruthlessly fired him as unable to baear with irritation and lost temper.eleted mercedes reply by mistake thats too painful.

Gave cell to gopal expectation failed.Morning after attending syams office discussed with his Mama as what temples usually devottes visit discussed.Went to do some web calls a shift of strategy.Fired rcice guy and gave leaflet to Shine dental.After noon treied to visit renigunta area and got one payment.
Afetrnoon managed blog prints from 14 to 18 and analysed them.3 more new ids of twitter.
Evening continued efforts at Iscon temple and gained confidence and same levels re assured syam and got allowance.55 new points since jan 1 st analysed.Quickly prepared letter for web but it was not up to my satisfaction.for this day managed to get 300/- but soon its evaporated.Missed to tweet.

18th January post

Lot of unexpected things have happend today.Discussion with one teacher of Mess at tiffen time.Reduced 25 visiting cards from pocket.Starting from SBI bank hare krishna road launch and my intoduction and followed by Federal bank people(they gave nice calender) interaction going to Renigunta and tremendous frustation followed some how managed with one enginners entry.Evening session work at iscon gave new insights as people started coming to syam shop and many new drivers got into fold again and one family from Nellore (chinnis)gave visting card.People from hyderabad also gave visiting card.My language skills were apreciated by syam at his shop this is one satisfaction.Syams 25 lakh gold news.

phone calls include Surendra,Bhimas,Sahai(22nd friday).One optical shop card at k.t road.Ramojis expectation and my comment was un expected.Followup at Chekri(Reddy,Sunil,nagabhushanam)Data from renigunta in hand (7 visiting cards).
Managed Blog at afternoon.
Suffered without pen Vellabs discussion,managed another id Nippobatteries,No rest at afternoon.Siva laminations met.Flash of collecting visiting cards from known people.Cash crunch at hand and no help from Ramoji and ugly turn by kamalakar for the day.Nail cut for the day must a nice move.

17th jan post

Morning unexpected firing of kamal and someone who came to read news papers.Most of the day at Syam shop Gold chain recovery story.Someone enquire about cyber cafes near madras bustand nellore.Called Rudraiah for real estates information.naidu came to Syams shop his back belt seen.Again survey at kapila theertham area.Scanned that vialls broture.Information of renigunta registration office.Eanadu ad pasted on Diary.Niranjans bypass discussion noted.No field work.Tried naresh.Mercedes ashley email id got.Morning discussion with cyber cafe guy.Finally drinks with Syam.

16th january post

Again Syam called to his shop so joined him morning work got disturbed but Visiting cards were quyickly got from Chandu.After noon work lot of calls did at iskcon many vehicles seen.many new people got after noon time managed blog and tweets posting called kamlakar during this time.Drivers cell numbers written seperately and emails of exixting on viting cards listed out at syam shop.thisway lot of work for the day.something to give as memento to drivers.
Subbaraos feeling about gopal and keys of syams shop are important events for the day.$ news papers of the day dint give any last for twitter vellabs sms came in.Cannopie idea and Dandam effects were also effective.

14 th jan 2010

Morning after caling syam mama as shop was closed so total programme got disturbed.Second day of sacncranti festival mostly spent at home organising news papers from jan 1st with back pain.No calls from 12 am to 5 pm felt alone.At evening after posting blog went to Avatar movie for 3rd time still felt many new things.New point of the movie is to have many worriors.kamlakar met.
jan 15 th post:
Morning starategy shifted and went around AIR bypass road and Kapilatheertham area one hotel board seen fe new areas got address was vegitable shop and lemon tree restaurant.Though being kanuma festival day no nice food at home and added to this Solar eclipse and nice chance of going to village also missed.Lot of discussions with team memebers but one guy bored up most.
To think on as how to grab market share of Pilgrims to Tirupati.To color the important events at my address book work to do r&d.Confidence of advertisers.thoughts of what exposure i have so far in life.Had biriyani finally and slept.

13 th post

Work satisfaction had after working at iskcon temple met some people but work got disturbed as ramoji came to that place.My active participation further got into action with calling of few auto drivers from syams shop.took rs 100/-.One driver given new idea of fm adverticement.

Had Bhogi celibrations with venkatesh,Sridhar and Ramoji.Evening took prinouts of jauary diary and analysed at home.Once again had funding from mom.Yahoo mesenger messages sent for festival anf tweets continued.

12 th Jan 2010

Few developments for the day Vehicle mirror got replaced so more poised to attack.Network continued with Ramoji,cheng,Kamlakar,Venkatesh,Syam,Niranjan etc.Introduced Chandra to Syam.Visited Iskcon temple more exposure got also worked near temple.
Manged blog at afternoon.No improvement at twitter.Wash managed at home.Heat began.Good article in the hindu abt Avatar movie.Told sahai.

Chinni darshan guy,To be very carful on sudden comments.Few more assurances from Syam.One ttd diary took.

11 th jan post

At morning session decided to shift strategy.Morning kamalakar met and said he is going to nellore.Lost temper at some boy at home.Walk to Syams shop with 2 laminations was very painful.Luckily he settled for 2 laminations and that saved for the day.Mostly details of syam family and few other business details noted.MY presence being felt as he gave 5+plus one Eenadu classifieds ad this is first move after my joning him back.He assured of more things visiting cards byke repair etc.Given 1 ananda nilayam to Niranjan and Syam.More exposure od rates at shop noted.managed to post blog and tweets at afternoon.

Evening session gave good satisfaction as shop promoted to many drivers.distributed leaflets and much of the dta collected from drivers.Some one was selling small idols for rs 5/-.Night sitting with Venkatesh.

9th January

Poor tiffen.Morning sudden problem of power failure at home.By evening due to stress after showing kamalakars property lost interest to leave it so left kamalkar and went home.Spent time with Syam and more knowledge gained on real estate property deals.Chengaiah went to nellore.Curry from near by mess help of kwokn guy.Song at cyber cafe with kamalakar.Subra and vasu seen me with Syam.

10january post:
Morning totally lost temper against Mom.After this headed to Syam home and had discussions with his mother.After a dramatic try Kamlakar surendered property documents to his brother in law but still offered some hope to me.Most of the morning session spent with syam and others at his shop.Missed to post blog but managed to see twitter.Missing dose of Overan felt cleary.

Call from Changaiah and ramoji and Rx janardhan.sent message to thulasi team is most important now.

8th january post

Unusual body pains and suffered the loss of leg pads.Followers at twitter are inceasing day by day.Mostly with kamalakar property issue.Bawa at home.neibour friendly again.managed blog posting and tweets second chance came thru kamlakar again.London visited guy met thru kamal.gandhis reply.Still no field work.New social media (with tea shop owner).Kamalakar disappered at night and i had to wait at center.

7th january

Despite what ever i do things are not moving as fsat as expected.Today again mostly spent time with Kamalakar and chengaiah.Morning again reverse of decition by Kamalakar upsetted Naidu and Syam.Night suffered with opening of home to be careful from paper of important things read and kept at pocket.That girls dynamism at cyber cafe...

2 problems with cyber cafes slow placement.suffered with losss of leg rubbers.tweets continued.

6 th january post

Transfered luggage to Kamals home.discussed with gopal about bank rules.Headache by neibours.syam naidu watched house of kamalakar.Slept at his home.negotiations day.nothing of any sort of improvemnt.

5 th jan post

Chengaiah and kalmalakar slept at my home.As a result of ovenight negotiation of property settlement of kamlakar pressure to continue to take possession of kamalakars home and with Chengaiah and me kamlakar got the possestion of house near by jeevakona area.Morning work and evening field work gor disturbed in the bargain.By evening got help of mom.Ramojis absence in the evening is a surprise.
Purchased pen,Voveran and note book.Seved meal to gopal unexpectedly.During the sleep some some unusual pains triggered insecurity of life.
New information about Avtar movie at net.managed to refil Relaince.One more id joined to arm.

4 th december

managed to post 2 days entries.also nice id schools9 had.Evening with big network Kamalakars property deal settled.Afternoon sleep distubed by kamalakar.Coolhome entry posted.Unable to continue blisswork.Total day got disturbed.Syams call ramojis comment.

2nd jan 2010

New year calls hungama continued for the day!
Morning total funds got evaporated with mothers help soon things have changed.Quite unexpectedly attended Kamalakars fathers cerimony (mobilised friends Chandra,ramoji.Cell phone power(ramojis tip)Bliss emailing work continued.

phone to Varadarajan,chekrie hotel,balaji,Need,Changaiah,Syam,Sankyos,Cybermaniac responce,chinna(jayamma akka ill health known)Viswanath bangalore,ramoji,Chandra.Capsules from classified booked.My initiative to talking to people fetched.hits from twitter ids were encouraging.Alexa ranks have lost surprisingly.Flash of having email is base of tirupati peole has emerged.Tweets also continued.

3 rd jan:Sunday Post

Very interesting article on Eenau aily about time management read and planning new hope again on targetting.Morning walkers meet some speaker was giving lecture but had to be missed due sudden and unexpected.Most of the day spent with syam and work at Iskon temple and enquiry of shop at kapila theertham an promotional net day.Sakshi paper calender got.Voveran dose missing effects.News of tommorws bundh.Idea of each site and blog readers.

Tieup with syam again.Night Chengaiah met.Few car travels guys met.Call from Akka.Local visits by auto guys.

1 st january 2010

New year day :
Called many of friends and brought back contacts and wishes many friends.Night jana met and new knowledge for email promo rates known.Unable to do market calls.Ugly turn at night had to be faced due to no money on hands yet managed the day with Sridhar.Afternoon felt bored up as no shops were opend due to new year.

Surprisingly mama bujji venkatesh were the people called me and wished.Renued the contacts with Bhawani thru yahoo,narasimha(couldnot respond well when called him),Syam(he was very dynamic)Gandhi(no chnage of his attitude)cyber cafe lady,golden plaza girl wished(impressive)venkatesh,Signinn,sahai,global park(not available wishes dress guy,Seenaiah,Bramha reddy,Chalapati sir gudur,Munawwer was not avaialable,Bawa,bujji,Tea shop,oldman,watchman,Ankama rao,Down grocery guy(surprising act)Military(cunning),Canteen,Domnic (very happy to get call from me,Jana,Plus twitter guys.Obaiah.

Read email of bliss again.4 news papers on hand.butterflyindia is new id added.
Morning Ennadu paper missed (poor planning here)

Friday, January 01, 2010

December 2009

31 st December  2009

Well last day of the year gave so much of hope thru email promotion work of bliss handled their call also and blogged their message.Mothers help and ramojis help noted.Night more information got about tirupati hotels with Sridhar.Formatting problems need to be faced while emailing.tremendous response also got in the form of replys.Took 19 printouts of emails and new idea emerged.At last touched 250 ids.Surprising reaction from Military man.Morning net disturbance.
Tention mounted for dinner with lot of shouts of new year managed without any problem.venkatesh table mannesrism.

Mostly good things happend today starting from supply of vasu ananda nilaym to signinn.Syam call response Mothers interaction,r&d work of which concepts on net have captured whole world.Surendras call and offer and neibour offer were encouraging.Continued tweeting experince. 3 more new ids again deccan360,loylty,bakeryindia.picture of future of twitter seen.Water arranged at home.Effect of missing Revital.ids reached to 249.During the discussion with mother death news of many people known.

29th december post

Morning Chandra met without pukka plan morning work affected.Joined ramoji to field work and met Chekrie hotel owner naide and gave proposal to him from there to hotel sindhu and met receptionist sridhar.2 pening entries posted at net and twitter.One call tirupati darshan arragements.TOP most Twitter ids listed seperately again.$ more ids again joined to fold they were gmrgroup.pushpakhotels,shantabiotek,dr_reddys.Pakodi to home.botdhtree is clever.


28th dcember

Some times we need to belive in miracles and that happend today of the need security systems called while struggling to close someone new potenciality knowledge also from him noted..Today spent 3 hours net and had printout of all the ids.signin cafe good speed but toxic smell was problem.Major indian companies almost over.added few more ids from unified andhara id.Continued tweeting work.One real estates guy also closed.Read trazzler writing tips at home.Denial tweet by that lady was new knowledge.Obaiahs good wish was another encouragement.Avtar movie traffic ranks was new knowledge.3 more ids added.Last month analysis did.Headache of that twitvert??.

Days bad luck stories include Electrician rejection ramoji usual comment and unnessisary money spent at night.Unbearable nagging at home.


27th december post

Very promising Sunday even with poor cash levels at hand.6 more important ids added to fold.At last took xerox print of Trazzler tips and read them at home.Twitter tweets saga continued.New cyber cafe of sign in seen good speed of net is another plus point for the day.Morning that Electricals post manged to post at blog.More interaction and details of ramoji.Pressing of 6 shirts quickly.Seen many hits coming from twitter ids blocked.More interaction with neibour new hotels id again "Hotelium" with good traffic rank and huge hotel data seen.Read nayayan dutt tiwari news at Jyothi news paper.thats all for the day.


26th december post

Twitter tweeting r&d continued.Twit pic seen and ramoji gave one pic of dharna.Second reading of surekhapillai completed and good responses at twitter.One ananda nilayam order from sridhar signinn.GRT calender and ap temples seen at home.Relince cafe amount is over.Money crunch.Discussions with Ramoji and mother continued.posted info about TTD diaries at


25 th december post

Great inspiration and new confidence gained after reading twitter tips by surekha pillai but rejection had to be digested of akanksha.100 real twitter friends are enough.Morning calls with Rmoji are Bhimas balaji and good knowledge of ads and commitment got importance of Bliss letter noted also tried that new hotel and tried for sreetech printing press.Morning met kamalakar and discussed.Night seen Craft mela and rates kalamkari known and discussed with Investor.Sailed with tweets and far surpassed kamalakar and fast emerging out.Most important encouraging development of the day is improved 3 lakh alexa rankings.added few more new friends at twitter.Twitter slow was lot of concern for the day.

Cash crunch continued.managed wash again at home.


24 december post

Another dullest day but there was a significant progress with twitter tweets.another ids added.Cash reserves have further gone down triggering a tention levels.As per that Movie Avatar when will i be able to make one carrier bird with saheli i dont know but i will fight for another day.Thulasi absence further aggravated me.
Night at cricket watching again differences between me and ramoji have emerged but cricket enjoyed.Swati weekly purchased and got calender as gift.Read about taj mahal at wikipedia and wiki id also crated and known power and size of wikipedia.

23 rd december

Days major inspiration is twitter has growth rate and continued ids reservation and tweets are spidered at google.Changed twitter ids bio and activated 225 at reliance.
After Ramoji joining we tried Bhimas,and new hotel and met Syam and unsuccessful discussions had.Surprising vasus comment at Syam.
kamlakars fathers death related unhappiness also had to be faced.Unable to concentrate much at trazzler but managed to read much about Avtar movie.By evening Political tentions seem to be relaxed.Managed wash.Cash levels at hand continued to decrease paving the stress levels to higher end.

22nd december

Morning joined Dharna jana met,irritation triggered further with no net cafes and thulasis missing boring calls from few net enquiries and Prabhakaran.Afetr head at home that has triggered further and slept. Managed to post blog at evening.Night missed team and gone to movie.Atotal collapse day without any improvement.

21st december

Sufferd heavy uneasy with back pain added to this bundh call aggravated the problem no progress continued for the whole day.Major activity of the day is checked ols news papers and listedout some ads seperately.Read article about budjet of AVTAR movie.
Night unpected expenses came in the form of venkatesh and ramoji.Paid to dhobi.Big deals are like Big investments (Sakhi news paper,maxindia launch,avtar movie)ananda nilaym press ads of the past seen.Again poor lunch at home suffered.Content web site from chennai noted.
why people visit web sites a thought excersise did.

19th and 20th december posts

19th december;

Days major success stories include cash and letter from Bliss hotel and cash from Anusha travels more so Ramojis offer of not expecting from those 2 deals plus syam met at offered to join his team again.Tweets continued and surpassed Kamla.Flash idea is to catch a american company to tweet.New knowledge for the day about social network is wether twitter or facebook is popular and offcial blogs of fotune 500 and twitter seen.2 more ids again to fold networthdirect,icodetech.Trazzler r&d continued.

Big surprise of the day is Syam said he is tracking my blog.Bad thing of the day is death news of nagaiah.
20 th december:
Decided to watch movie AVTAR but after watching it lost grip on proceedings of the day and slept.Not checked net for the whole day.Nothing of any sort of developments for the day.To careful on future about Paying amounts when after having tiffen.Looked bit over reactive after visiting kamlakars father and once again felt much insecure on ill health.

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Email: sunny at

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18th december

Major success stories for the day are from Bhimas travels guy and tweeting offer finalysed at Bliss and success at home and succesful tweets and responses and finally avn decors payment and sitting with 4 friends again.Proposal given to bhimas to that receptionist and response at Bhimas and information from Bliss about makemytrip.Another success is trazzlers bliss inclusion.New point of to have tons of patience levels.Bag and shoes need to be changed.Offer letter on the offing.Next time to be ready to grab unexpected oppourtunity.Called akka for MOM.Managed scooter repair.Manged dress wash.Travel writer lady web site is a new info.New info of twitter getting into fist place for many tweets.

Failures include disagreements with Ramoji and thulasis absense unable to attend changaiah and Ashwins calls.Scanner information,shoe problem.Chiranjeevis decicion seen.Evening energy levels failed to maintain.Evershines call?.

17th dcember post

Quite surprising weather here in tirupati with rain and chilling atmosphere most of the people here are disturbed with bad weather.New information of twitter getting second largest hits from india is promising news to me to continue work with twitter.Fewmore e com ids saved and continued the list and tweeeted more tweets.Trazzer is new site for me to i am confident that i can tweet for companies.

HDFC call disturbed me further and poor lunch and boredom and thualsis absense further triggered the issue.Avatar tariler seen thru youtube.seen ads on hand at home.Manged to read about Surat.
Thats how i spent the day lol.

16th december post

With people what i managed listed out.Sharpened next arrows work.Unexpected things turned out at table.Girls poice at cafe.tweeted many people and sent tweets.managed only one call thats AVN decors and result noted.Rain continued.New story by twitter at their blog.Discussion abt twitter with kanalakar.Late evening with ramoji did 2 calls.

Lodge bookings idea.2 more ids gain at morning.Body building,kissing,and hypnotics movies

15th december post

Night Chengaiah met and shown his mlaysia pics etc.# more ecom ids of twitter added for the day confidence levels gained further.Tweets cut had at morning.rain and unified andhra and pains continued to spoil field work again.Ramoji came and we went to filed work and succeful with 2 references from Ravi bhimas and Varadarajan.Umbrillas timely decicion helped.twitter ids addresses collection work continued at net.
Lunch head ache at home,twitter overweight,rain,chilled atmosphere,no responce from twitter ids,slownet,continued expenses and Volini troubled for the day.

About GiveIndia ( GiveIndia is an online donation platform that allows you to support a cause of your choice from 200+ NGOs. All NGOs on the GiveIndia platform have been scrutinized for transparency & credibility. We tell you exactly where your money went and also give you proof of it through a feedback report. GiveIndia has channeled more than Rs. 100 Cr. since its inception in 1999 impacting more than a million lives across India. GiveIndia has more than 35,000 donors and partners with more than 70 companies.

14th december post

Pressure at home 2 more ids again to fold afternoon read my own blog of last one year many things noted.Improved to be a professional tweeter due to agitations work again got disturbed.Need to go to Surat to sell idols.Seen thulasis pic.Again to have connection with nellore.Latest finding is lack of required business capital on hand.

sunday 13 th december

Mnay things organised on this day! paste,razor,wash,top 500 alexa sites seen.MTR addresses vilekhari hits,ads on hand seen.Thulasi met gave commitment,gandhi called venkatesh joined.Unexpected expenses ranks improved at alexa.2 more ids gain added.fresh key formed on hand.twitpic.pornsites.

On the whole looked more shirt and non veg meals at home.From now i must be ready with peoples behavior.

12 th december post

Insecurity again haunting due to poor response everywhere even though worked with ramoji bliss,kattula,varadarajan,bhimas,lus bhimas murali.some information got at bhimas residency.thulasi continued to miss.amway guys followup.kamlakars wrong news?.Good response with Goi idols guy.Entered facebook network also.Hubli guys tweet.New knowledge of twitter is to enter discussions too.

Kamlakar plus oint is be very pure.New account with reliance again due to power failure.head ache due to no power at home at morning.hits to vilekhari key at hand.web site seems to be getting many hits than blog.Curd stunt at home.during sleep that alternative ids of twitter knowledge tbr1912 or something.some of the ids on hand identified as ecom sites.Bundh call at tirupati continued for 2 nd day.

11 th december

Unexpected Bundh day total works gone haywire.yesterday knowledge of 100 active users are best.At net seen how celibrities used twitter.jana met ramoji press club attended.GRAB technology analysed.saoneone called for tirumala darshan.Seen MTR site thats all for the day.

10 th december

With ramoji to field work and implanted Kiran at kattula hotela and asked Varadarajan,and manikandan also.At net Millinium was very useful.Sakshi thursday local issue has many local ads.Chat with jana at morning.Many tweets sent with links.Tirupati tweets also continued.New confidence thru knowledge on impressing people with word power.Again lost temper at home on repeated things.Daily disturbances list written.Managed to send letter of twitter to fizikem.Srinu Aristo cell;94903-958760 sai elder 93463-01126.Met Munawwer and got calender for 2010.Failure at tailor again.Morning hair cut episode with ramoji and blocked sneha decors.

9th December post

Today few Famous companies ids added to fold they include arvindmills
211.itcportal 212.airsahara 213.bombaydyeing 214,morestore and american companies knowledge.Manged to do some of field calls for the day one of them (car decors was successful)In morning net session seached for successful companies but failures companies list came out surprisingly as result.Days new knowledge is we must post comments on others blogs to get more readers.

Afternoon by moms force paid rent to house owner and related pressure noted.Gandhis messge for the day.Boredom with twitter noted as for very slow growth.To wite goos stories on twitter as someones tip.Good response with Ramojis call.Per cutting work continues at home.Tailors payment failure again.
Morning organised my marketing kit bag removed few unnessisary papers from it.Amways subbus continued followup noted.At home in morning written ads on hand.
As usual night boredom unbearable.

8th December post

Printout of Top 200 indian companies data on hand and seen most of the information regarding when they started etc seen thru the help of wikipedia more confidence gained thru this excercise.Morning Twitter tweets continued.Today received response from That jain and fizikem and that new hope.Morning did work with Ramoji but no response.

Response got from pfizer for tweet.Twitter s 3% reach is new knowledge.
Argumentative Ramoji and clarity abt twitter discussion.
Since morning did small thinking abt future likely happenings for next 5 years.Finally expression and request of handicapped was very moving.

7 th december post

Days are just running without any twitter progress despite what ever agressive plans i do. morning analysed last 20 years data of past.At cafe jana met but his attitude is totally non cooperative and i cant do any thing at present.Same with gandhi at afternoon his involvement is great but no cooperation again.Sudden change at home had lunch and dinner at home.Changaiah met online and his interest in knowing the things was also encouraging thigs for the day.
Morning net continued for 2 and half hours with tremoundous knowledge gained in date of births of many big dot com ventures and list of 2000 companies of forbes and stock and nse etc.this new Dig of the day to me.knowledge levels are part of every day but when will i get untimate result i dont know.including bhimas and twitter consolidation work.
Net information: chakpak: 2121 is amaging,googles market capitalization,indianbank,another id is pustakmahal,money controls traffic rank 574, plus,yelp 344, youtube 2005,inasra 2005,labnol 2855,alexa daily graph,and idea of targetting american company and many companies seen from american base
Evening boredom unable to bear.

5 th december post

Egarly waited to get some reply from some companay only to be deceived but started tirupati tweets as planned twitter traffic ranks strength written on note book.not much of calls with murali to bhimas and woodside hotel.

6th december post:
With Kamlakar attended Bhimas launch stage dynamics emotions and anchoring effects seen.Most of the morning dialies seen.Unable to log on to net.
Evening with Ramoji,jana,Sridhar ended the day.

4 th december post

Tried very hard with energies with new decicion to get tweetr job with ids on hand mailed to many of them result to be seen but i must go to them and plsn for that.Spent almost 4 hours at net and got one more powerful id from chennai base i must try out this(Inasra)with good traffic rank around 30 000.Address collection work of ids continued in both the sessions.

At home analysed ids on hand and surprisingly found that 40 plus of them are useless.still 170 of them are hopeful.At field got 1 entry payment but not concentrated on work.

Days discomfortable seens includes kamalas argument(to be very careful here next,tailors non payment(new decicion emerged with this),Murali(kashmir)expectation,Amways call,Green chillies effect at morning tiffen very slow net.

3 rd december

Morning with my decicion to ask Gopal has clicked the issue now cash is on hand.more advantage for the day is got exposed to Twitter foloowers sofatware and few more most powerful ids on hand again have joined.maplesesm.202.damroindia203.zuaricement204.murugappa 205.ticworks.206.tatacoffee.
Amway guy called and received email.that 200 ids print on hand.
Dog play at park at morning.3 hours on net.mail to essar again.followup at Goldenplaza did.sehwags play.

2 nd december post

Finally Thulasi came to chat had long chat and a relief.Days work gave result of 500/- plus one listing.At last ids touched to 200 marker but still poor response.At home continues ads cutting work.Seen tbz jewellers online finally.Prabhakaran met.Arguments at homecontinues.

1 st December 2009

Morning some calls did at sridevi complex.evening 2 commitments got from tailors.morning luckily jewellers payment saved for the day.ids consolidation continued with 3 more to existing gateforum,kurinjihospital,freedomrewards.gandhis long message recd. ids reached to 198.