Thursday, May 13, 2021

Pulse Oximeter dealers in Hyderabad


Dear friends,

Benefits of Using Pulse Oxi


Our Pulse Oximeter accurately  measures  oxygen levels in your blood. It checks how your heart is pumping oxygen to your body parts. It evaluates how helpful a Ventilator is. People with respiratory and cardio vascular problems  benefit with pulse oximeter.   Pulse Oxymeter is very easy to use.

Oxygen saturation below 90% considered as low and needs  immediate medical emergency. Pulse oximeter is easy to use by clipping it  to  your hand  finger. Useful for everyone.

We are selling above Pulse Oximeter  inly for Rs 950/_  (No Shippoing charges) door delivery available.

Rush few pieces left.

Call K.V.Ramana


mob; 9347107468

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Rx yearwise best horses

 Yearwise best horses in India

1985. Sir Bruce. Silver Heaven. Solitary splendour. Amorous knight. Recardo.

1986.  Divine  light

Chaitanya chakram

1987. Capricorn. Realand. Noble quest.  Classapart. Naukhal. Ardles. Dedication.

1988. Brave Dancer. Premium Spirit.

Tresure girl; Cordon blue. Menorah.

1989. Nine carat Vesuvious.


1990. Nortern star. Delage. Classic story. Romantic Dancer.

1991. Exilaration. Ashtonish. 

Ponta Delgado. Pierce Artow.

1992. Bugs Bunny. Astounding. Kalamaris.

1993. Adler. Summer Dust

1994. Super Brave.

1995. Winning pretty. Elusive pimpernal. Forest king.

1996. Lei. Santorini star. Amazing bay.

1997. Indictment. Forest fantacy.

1998. Running flame. Indiscretion. Supervite.

1999. Crown Treasure. Star Supreme


2000. Six speed. Smart chieftain.

2001. littleover

2002. Adler. classical act.The pelican.

2003. Sweeping success.

2004. Mystical.

2005. Southern Empire.

2006. Strom Again.

2007. Bourbon king

2008. Set Alight. Oasis Star. Noble prince.

2009. AUTONOMY..

2010. Moonlight Romance.

2011. In the spot light. Smashing.

2012. Hachiko. Machiavanism. Equine lover. Borsalino.

2013. Amazing Grace. Allandaire. An aquired taste.

2o14. Besafe

2015. Ruffina. Quasar.

2016. Desert God.

2019. Desparado. War Hammer.

2020. Black pearl.

2021. Immortality.Forest flame.

Sunday, May 02, 2021

2021 may

 1st may Saturday  2021

Ghadbad at home due to Gta Chinnanna issue; laxman brought Rajnigandha; Night relaxed watched ipl march Chennai vs Mumbai;

Bhaskars milk to Cats;

2nd May Sunday 2021;

Sugar is ok 110; Ajay called; Few incoming  calls continued; Known death of Pulla Reddy Davantharam palli due to Covid;

Poor Chicken; Disturbing  Chinna msgs to Gta; Called Chengamma;

Walked but wound got disturbed;

Reduced ac in night;

Services page added to lekhari big development;

3rd May Monday 2021;

Again arguments over dressing @ home; Tried to watch youtube videos but failed; 

No worthwhile development;

Rain news; ipl disturbed to Covid;

4th May Tuesday 2021;

After a win strategy in  has evolved;  Adhaar card updated msg received:

Top Indian hirses listing work continued:

Night before sleep gave a warning to gta on her Chinnanna issue;

5th May wed day 2021;

Read more details about Secretariat; 

Gta did dressing ;

Chinna messages to Gta  headache;

6th May Thursday 2021; 

Got up very late;

Called Sekhar known things;  wished Sumo;  whatsapp message sent recd 3 replies;

One video of Handicapped guy helping poor people;

7th may friday 2021

Got one ; called up and known pisitio;

Arguments continued;  Not sent any messages; Vaibhav lakshmi pooja in laxmans house their owner also attended;

8th May satday 2021;

Sent msg;  Call from gta bro recd;

Managed Pune; More knowledge known about life of a throughbreads;

Medium and big machines rates known; lekhari pan card and photis prints took; Dressing had done by Gta at night; Chakodi snaks had at evening;

9th May sunday 2021;

Arranged Chicken Allam; vellulli paste; Kishore called: Called Ajay;

Relationships can be developed known after talking to Jafrulla

10th May Monday 2021;

 Gta went to her Chinnanna house; 

Neibourhood family helped food; Took new Adhhar card print;

Met GST lady at Secbad return journey by a different riad but strainsome due to old Auto;

Raghu fathers death news his son responded called Bujji and Bawa;

11th May  Tuesday 2021

Gta came cack in evening;

With Sameeksha help prepared lunch;

Satish called conference with Sudhakar had;

12th May wedday 2021

Unexpected sudden lockdown by CM KCR; posted helplessness on net HVjewellers order thali helped to order food; Rain in night;

By night analysed current  power of hand ;

No one is taking initiative; 

To find who has problems and help them if i can;

13th May Thursday 2021;

Managed to walk to road;

Pressure had for cokking gas money;

Sudden water pump problem had Bhaskars brother came and repaired; Posted Sai on whatsapp status; Managed vegetables from outside; Saved some quotes to Insta;

Friday, April 30, 2021 services

 Babai pls create our services page as follows;

Our services.

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1.Best Domain naming assistance as per high ranking seo in google.

2.web design; Graphic design, logo design, Broture and all promotional material design.

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4. Current SEO audit scope for improvement. vedeo creation and promotional work.

6. Media campaign management.

7.Best Resume preparation and interview tips.

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Surgical shops in reddy reddy colony Tirupati Ap


Surgical shops in tirupati

 Bhimeswara Enterprises, Cell: 93936 22226, 9393930695, Shop No.#7-1-16, New No.7-21-S3-92, R. N. Mada Street, Beside Kodanda Ramalayam Temple, Tirupati-517501.

 V. B. Surgical & Medical Cell: 93936 22226, 9393930695, (O)0877-2222237, Shop No.#7-1-16, New No.7-21-S3-92, R. N. Mada Street, Beside Kodanda Ramalayam Temple, Tirupati-517501.

 N. Mohan Kumar ( Bobby), Cell: 9393622226, N. Rajasekhar ( Raja) Cell: 9393920695,  Veerendhra Surgical & Medicals, Shop No.10-11-389E, Doddapuram Street, Tirupati. Ph. (O)0877-2225577, 2225578.

Thursday, April 01, 2021

April 2021

 1st April  Friday 2021;

Another support  boost had from Krishnanna Kadapa  Kalakata effect;

Kamalakar brought 2 payouts (lakshmi Narayana D W; Murali Cars) one missfire from Excel stationery; Called Ongole Balaiah had pleasant exchange of talk;

Durga called and discussed; 

2nd April Friday 2021;

No payouts day; Kamal made 5 attempts; plus called Sri Balaji Kalyana Mandapam;

Gopal visited but got irritated again;

Mama came;

Visited Doctor;

3rd march Saturday 2021;

Got up early; ad script written;

Konda kalyana mandapam and cycle stores payouts recd; got annoyed by kamalakars expectation;

Bujji called;

4th April 2021 sunday ;

Called Chengaiah; quits to kamal;

5th April Monday 2021

Managed to walkout but eye vision has further worsened; Called Prasad Prabhavathi son;

Horrible headache at market by gta; enjoyed a/c at Bhimas; wallposter created in Telugu and English;; jana responded; 

6th April Tuesday 2021;

Eye vision is vecoming more troublesome;

Total rest at home; problems may cone due to children;

Sudden electrical problem solved by Koti; gopal came and spent some good time;

Purchased mobile cover and Fm Radio set; went down Gopal home for some timeHiring some free web designer idea and giving ad in news papers;

Removed ph numbets of Vasavi;

Had control on google entries: 

Dw reniguta responded after removal message; removed Vasavi; 

Reddeppa also responded; 

7th April wed day 2021

Getting a call from  Chengamma  was big surprise of the day; lost temper at Gta; Janardhan; Kamalakar;

Dharmaiah has put my Banner at his whatsapp status; Gopal came and enquired and fixed appointment with Eye Doctor;

Stunning 1 lakh plus new Corona cases in India;

Nisht wish of Hasini;

Removed Renigunta D W number;

None of the my plans advanced further;

Incoming calls continued 1 call was promising;

8th April Thursday 2021

Transfered 1k to jana;

Site social media logos were put ar my expected level; thrashing gave to Durga;

9th April friday 2O21;

Prabhavathi called; jana compketed tadk; afternnin relaxed in gopals house; By night sudden order got for Roti machine from Hyd;

10th April Saturday 2021;

No rx on Saturday;

Manohar reddy gave Eenadu guys ph number; sent msg to Stiram mega furniture but no use;

Gta upgraded for  dressing;

Gave eenadu ad;

Yesterdays machine supplied with the help of Nayeem and Srikanth;

Someone from Mumbai called for  Bulk; lekhari fully ready now; Gopal not available ; 3k cheque got from Ameen;

11th April Sunday 2021; 

Eenadu ad published but had only 2 calls money gone; Eye vision is ckearly a big setback now; Had Chicken;

Jana further improved content in site; first Sunday without rx in country; Managed supply of order;

Incoming calls contd for Rt

12th April Monday 2021; 

Jafrulla called; Ameen came and gave cheq; Had surprisingly 2 closings; Went down forgotten ATM card; Kamalakar called; Called Seenaiah; listened to Ttd channel; 

Forgot ATM gta helped to get back;

 Apple by Hasini;

13th April Tuesday ugadi day 2021

Bujji called; Mumbai clarified; 

Had lunch with brothers: night stomach trouble;

14th april wed day 2021;

Be next to google top  keywords;

Vattalur call recd and pressure;

Follow relavant people is new knowledge;

Kamalakar called; 

What to sell from China new idea;

Tweeted @ @reinventdigital  hi just look at my followers base i can grow your twitter audience please call 9347107468

Bouncer is Durga recorded my chat  gopal told;

Attended hospital dressing;

Played with children down;

15th April thursday 2021;

Somewhat low temparature;

Had Vada for tiffen ; adsense amount checked on mobike had related depression;

16th April friday 2021;

VISUALIZE your sucess;

Tips read on google;

Had very Good response at Verendra surgicals went with pant brought water on return and also seen manchalu shops;

Had Chat jana with  his web site known;

Hasini became more clise and also 

played with children;

Night Cot khabja issue;

Surprised with Autowallas good respect ;

Call recd from Chengaiah and Seenaiah;

Spent time with Tv and Gopal Astrologers appointment;

17th Saturday April 2021

Night lost temper with Children's  Suneethas over action; Met Astrologer as per plan power of faith known; Chengaiah called;

Net zr and d continued;

18th April sunday 2021;

Gtas bro called and Corbohydrates to avoid and Cycle ride to start;

Nice chicken Curry had; eenadu ad s for 3 days given;

19th April Monday 2021;

Morning started to Gollapally by Rtc bus and reached safe; villagers care was awesome;  Night managed sleep outside; Acess of Devuni illu had; 7 missed calls from Yadrami;

20th APRIL Tuesday 2021;

Padmas son came ans spent time;

Managed Goddess Gangamma visit and Puja; No response for Eenadu ad even for second day;

 One payout for Roti machine received; Ajay called and had chat for long time in morning;

Dokkodu flopped due to Rain;

Kallu Kistaiah came and spent time;

21st April Wed day 2021;

Machine process; Had Goddess Ganga Darshan 

Sri Rama Navami day; Nagara Sankeetthana seen at Village;

22nd Thursday 2021;

Peddodu came so had total grip on Devuni illu many vessels ckeaned and organised; Srikanth despatched Roti m to Kalyan; After long gap relaxed night;

23rd Friday 2021 April 2021;

Gopal called; Night discussion with Srinus wife; seen horre pilla

24th sat April 2021

Roasting under heat continued

Chinna tested Covid positive Gopal called;

Gas  evoporated at home had Chengammas help; Circus songs in evening;

Known about usa roti machine rate and courier charges:

Dayala ata sern slept at Ramulavari Temple;

25th April Sunday 2021;

Somewhat less heat day:

Peddodu brought scrap money and arranged Gas; Again outburst at home;

Evening circus people Veera Bramham History;

26th April Monday 2021;

Somewhat Cool day ; Began to Hyderabad took auto to Kadapa; Teavelled by bus to Kurnool then took  Car reached safe to Hyderabad; Thank god a/c worked ; 

Biryani flopped;

27th April Tuesday 2021;

Sent message to all about arrival;

Adhaar link up and cheque drop wirk did; 

Covid fear and Scorching Heat continued: Night watched Ipl matches;

Called Gopal ,Bujji;  N95 mask and  B P Tablets purchased at geberic shop; Few important incoming  calls missed due to sleep;

Missed Ganga Archana;

28th wed day April 2021

Had 4 vadas with Sambar;

Total day took rest at home; Called Raju tpt;

Covid havoc continued;  Missed to send whatsapp, jana did tracker work asked him to change registrant address; Night seen one sided  ipl match;  

Cheque sent to collection got cleared; Reduced A/ C consumption at home;

Small Cats hingama at home at night;  jana kept tracker for;

Tulja Bhavani ; Neibour Laxman helped few things for home;

Ajay called;

Bhaskar house owner visited;

Some kind of indigestion problem at afternoon; small pot arranged at home;

Insecurity about future prevailed at home ;

Incoming calls continued;

One ladys pressure had;

Old mans call from Pune recd and sent details;

29th April Thursday 2021;

Long wait of Cat at Door;

Sent whatsapp Telugu message;

Keluku is days keyword;

 See past Rx dividends;

Tried with Gta to Find  near by Meeseva;

Incoming calls continued;

Seen 2 ipl matches;

30th April friday 2021

Morning managed Adhaar mobile number linking work;

Created content of sevices page and posted to jana and Blog;

Surprisingly Sekhar called and told hes affected by Covid; called Bujji and Prabhavathi Akka lot of martiages info known;

Monday, March 01, 2021

March 2021


1st March monday 2021

Finally Narsimha brought NOC certificate for Electricity meter; Gave vack 5k; sold old Iron things; Health further improved;

Gta brought few more things from  


Rx end ; when jockey fails on fav watch for nearest next chance;

Suraj and Akshay proved again; 

Last rwo days incoming calls not attended:

2nd March  Tuesday 2021

Peddodu came in evening did massage  of back legs and Jeast;

Doctor came checked sugar and BP

Suggested  tips for legs ;

Caugh continued;

3rd feb 2021: wed day;

Called Koti for Moms picture;

Made a sachivalayam visit:

Called Prahlada guy got pissed off;

Called kistanna;

Evening made visit to sachivalayam for sand but failed;

4th March 2021 thursday;  

Stayed at Gollapalli Suffered from heavy caugh;

5th march friday 2021

Deceded for tratment and travved to Rajampet by horible auto travel;

6th March 2021 saturday

Reached Tirupati and joined hospital; weakness and Caugh continued;

7th march Sunday 2021

Surgery done and discomfort;

8th mar monday; 2021

Ameen responded and helped:

Friends contacts proved useless;

Gtas  and my  family members support continued;

9th mar tuesday 2021; fired one lady

Talked to  Srinu Kalakata;

Syam and Gunniah were failed; 

Suruggle another agonising  sleepless night: Hunger pangs and poor eating contined;

Aqua check purchased;

10th March wed day 2021;

Reached home safe but 4 peoples help recd;

Lot of bouners continued;Sekhar;akka; Gta; Analysed few things on this part;

Ajay called; prasad prabhavathi son called;

Surprisingly 1 machine payout recd;

 jana visited home; food intake improved; one person called for Digital marketing;

Hand canula removed;

11th march Thursday 2021;

Health improved;

Morning coolly managed dressing and other things;

Heat increased; calls reduced;

Called Syam his initiative power known; prahlad;mumbairx Trevor jockeymansip skills known;

Art of motivation known; positive comments recd for my blog;

With much difficulty  retrieved yesterdays payout mob number;

Told Murali And Suresh Babu  and Srikanth; unexpected  bank balance;

Depression due to lonelyness; 

12th march friday 2021

Called Gopal;

Kokkanti Ramana;

Initiated machine with srikanth;

Goood  response from Gta bro;

Days surprise is shailo and Kalyans visit;  Stunning response from Dharma and luke warm response  eswaraiah; Bujji and chinna have sown positivity and care;

Called Chengaiah;   Called kistanna;

Must improve my writing skills

Sekhar Bhai; syam;Gunnaiah have flopped;

Called Jayram Reddy;

Called parvathi gollapally;

Called gollapally krishna;

Sai prasanna called;

Called Ameen;

Called Shankaraih;

Suicide story,

Called Nrn;

Called Kishore;

Fired syam; sekhar bhai; lofer daufer gunnaiah

Hyper  sugar levels are still a head

 ache;  called Cheng; Ameen; Bobby

Suggestions  recd from dr srujama;

Corona rise again; Ap stands out for Diabetics:

GST isuue solved;

Traumatic due to syam and Gunnaia


13mar 2021: sat;

RX card seen;

Ramana visited: most of. Calls not lifted;

Initiated machine: called srikanth;

Sekhar bhai called; 

Seenaiah called: Tooth prick;

Almond; Energy levels improved further:

Some past rx videos seen;

positive things known from Raju;

Machi water; doctor;syrynges;

Sekhar bhai gave gst tip; Arguments still contd: failed to stock syringes;

Seen Telugu motivational dialogues;

14th mar sunday 2021

Jouelit win in st leger confidence;

Long chatwith Raghuram

Night seen cricket;

15th monday march

Chengamma called;

Bujji reached

Had comfort of physiothrapy;

Managed doctor visit and support of 2 Boys;


16th march tuesday 2021 ,

Bawa visited; Jana sent msg;

Cheng called: Hema vet payout recd;Unintedresting cricket Match;

Post kept for jasminepetmart;

17th mar wed 2021;

Initiated with Bikas girl but no use;

Seen dividends of miracle forecast;

One machine despatched:

Called Narsimha; Madhavi;

Gopal came and  recd bouncer;

Call secretary; Madhavi; Called jafrulla and Bala Pullaiah;Chengaiah visited;Told Bujji:Called Nrn ; Madhu ZR; Suresh Vja;Balapullaiah and Jafrulla got activated;Ameen came and brought few needed things; called Manohar Reddy: Kamalakar Came finally;

Got Giri reddy number:Vision trouble fresh trouble;Took help of sekhar;Called Bobby and got commitment and calender got: Legs numbness in evening:

Still unable to walk freely:  Curtains arranged at home: New Covers and note book arranged; 

Called Venky;

Some ki d of vision trouble in might time; importance of Gta known;

18th march 2021  thursday:

Kotis commitment of 50 k came in;

Gtas Bolt came in as her lose tung ;

Paid rs 3000/_ to Jana for 2 Domains; luckily 1 Roti machine solf;

Subbaramaiah death news came in;

Called Parvathi;

Called Narsimha isuka good news recd;Peddodu commited for Byke to bring to Tirupati:

Another anger seems to coming from Kamalakar;

Called Bramha Reddy; Thank god that horrible removed from list;

Camera centre guy called;

180 degree to get quickly upgraded;

19th mar fri 2021;

Mor gta gone to Gollapally eve tention on return;

Heàdache from Durga;

Prasad came; unruly expectation from Peahlad;

Paid  6 k to Narsimha for isuka;

20th March Satday 2021

 Pressure gave to Sekhar; Called chenna keshav Reddy; Hasini seen close with Gopal;

Kistaiah reached back Kadapa;

Days new activation is Padma,:

Shankaraiah atta death news;

Called Ramanaiah;

Prahlad called;

Days new turn is tips had on 

Voice modulation seen 2 videos and Naren:

Sent msg  about poor response of text messages;

Heat further progrssed; zcalled Bawa;

21st mar Sunday 2021

Peddodu said will arrange byke:

Voice messages saga began and had lot of interaction;

Bujji daughter came; morning head ache had again;

Not many incoming calls for the day; jana responded;

21st mar sunday 2021;

Trouble at home continued;

Shakaraiah atta death news;

Evening Manohar Reddy visited me;

Called  Madras Race club and known things;

Fm Radio arranged by Koti;

GCP connected ;

Bujji dauther came;

22nd March monday 2021

Byke coming and isuka news recd;

Byke recd so i have Mobility power on hand; Two things successfully managed with people; Again head ache at home;

Re assured Andhra spice Biryani guy;

Transfered 1.5 K amount to Gta; Finally Gunnaiah too phone;

Went down and seen mother;

Creatinine levels still at 2.8;

Read content on creatinine;

Diuretics and Anti biotics to avoid

Also avoid coffee and milk products;

Known about blue tooth usage;

Mistake of giving moong Dal to Duneetha;

Add kothmir kashayam;

Sent key with Auto guy;

Health further improved:

 Called Kamalakar:

Sent msg to jana about domain ownershipstatus;

Nelloretimes top listing bidding strategy evolved;

Problem with Mama;

23 Tuesday march 2021;

Stopped taking Coffee;

Supported Thulasamma husband;

Visited Doctor in evening;

Rs 200/_ missing story later solved;

24th march wed 2021;

Slept a lot;

Koti gave Tablet;

Called Satish: prasad;


Stunning support from Bujji:

25march thursday  2021

Gopal friend came and gave some suggestions; Kamalakat worked and brought 2 payments; lot of calls recd;

26th Mar friday 2021;

Complaint from SureshBabu re assured; Called Bujji writer; Kamal met Goldenpearl positive feedback recd;

Lot of Roti Machine calls recd;

Night sleep disturbance; Gollapally gunta headache; Narsimha feedback recd:

Kalata Srinu called; prahlad called;

27th mar saturday 2021

Children craving for Popcorn;

Gave 2k to janardhan for lekhari 

Design; lot of arguments with Kamalakar yet guided him got 2 payouts; Sirprisiny Hollapally Krishna called;

28th March sunday  mumbai Derby day 2021;

Kamalakar came and arranged few things;

Bujji called and said reached Proddatur:

Gopal came in morning and discussed more;

Wrong Dialogue by Kamalakar by evening of Director;

29th monday march 2021;

Kamalakar attempted few more xalls; Holi  festival day  recd very less incoming calls; very hit day; 

No collections for the day;

No use; Full of arguments;

30th march Tuesday 2021;

Had Idli Sambar;  Kamalakars health trouble;

New thing is google my business pages downloaded to mobile new hope emerged; Added 2 more accounts now i can edit pages from Mobile;

As a surprise Bujji called good move; Kamalakar flopped; Called Murali cars had commitment; Slight tention of byke parking;

Jana came in contact; 

I must find a web designer at Chennai: Heat further crossed;

31st mar wed 2021

One chance myst be enough to make a real change:

Kamalakars services had; Reddeppa flopped: Chandragiri payout recd; Rajaram catering number gone;

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Feb 2021

1st Feb   Monday 2021

Venkatadri Rly tickets booked  From sec bad reservation counter;

Enquired Byke repair and byke parcel at Kachiguda; lot of R& D  did for Rx top riders;

2nd Feb Tuesday 2021;

Dharmaiah called; Gave Byke for repair got it back by night; Got commitment of key from Durga; Called Mama; Koti; Kistanna; Gollapalli Kistaiah; Prahlad; Bujji;

Called Narsimha; Retrieved good riders data again;

3rd Feb wedday 2021;

Told Eenadu guy; Gave back  Fishes; asked railway guys; Purchased mobile ph charger; Called Madhu and got some guidance; Called Bulli but no hoper; Called Subbarayudu; Jafrullah;

Some more Rx data unveiled: Ajay called; Chengiah no use; Xerox of  veh registration  copy took;

4th feb  Thursday 2021;

Purchased chain and lock; gta gave Purce; Corfe castle failed; first run rank outsider won at Chennai ; Confusion continued;

Reminded  Shravanthi florist; oldman met  at Indirapark tote;

Neibours returned; Called srinu gollapalli and Narsimha;

5th feb friday 2021

Vehicle packing etc in morning; As per plan boarded train ; Night Ajay met; Neibours help had;

6th Feb Saturday 2021

Reached  Kadapa safe without any hickups but forgot Helmet; Prahlads care was nice; Took key from Kistaiah;

Anjize won; Night attended Dialysys of Prahlad Hospital exposed   legs got swollen due to long standing at Hospital;

7th Feb Sunday 2021;

Met Krishnanna  with Prahlad clearance got for house co struction at Hollapally; other relatives got introduced;

Chilly Ckicken at prahlads house; Seen second hand tools shop; Pullaiah took to his plots fall and bleeding;

8th feb  Monday 2021;

1st day at Gollapalli; Started to Gollapalli and stayed there: followup did for power;  Old age trobles known;Night slept at subbarayudu house;

Had lunch at Subbarayudu house; Night capati arranged by Parvathi;

9th  feb  Second day At Gollapalli slept at Subbarayudu house; Tiffen at Darjiipalli; Electricity arranged by night; Naga Subbaiah alludu got introduced;

Toilet and electricity problems solved so new confidence gained;Labours worked for clearance;

10th Feb wed day 2021:

3rd day at Gollapalli;

Idli from Darjipalli:  visit to  Ontimitta took vegitables few areas exposed like Atm; called srinu Modin sahebpally; slept at Subbarayudu house; Darjipalli Ramudu; Chinnapa Reddy; hotel;

One payout recd got for Roti Machine; so called srikanth and other guy;

Chandra  palli reddy got introduced;

Night Subbareddy Reddy 

( kothabavi guy ) met;

11th feb Thursday 2021;

4th day at Gollapalli;

Padma sons interaction; Davantaram palli guys got introduced; legs swelling issue continued;

Ajay called; Prog;ress continued further;  Electricity fan and Bulbs got arranged; gta arrived: Durga and Sai keetthy came home; called koti; Akka ;  Mama: Parvathi help and Chengamma help continued;

Kept in touch with Prahladh:

Night stomach trouble; legs swelling reduced; Buddodu help;

12th Feb friday 2021;

5th day @gollapalli;

Had good rest; Milk arranged by Chengamma vadina;

Horrible night Oomittings and discomfort; ancestral huilding tweet;

13th Feb Saturday  2021;

6th day at Gollapally;

Rest again;  Called Akka again;Powder and phynyl got from Subbarayudu son; night managed but costly affair; flowers: ariselu; Dosakaya gift; Some more deep discussion with Nagasubbaiah;

Night water arranged: Eatables arranged; Attirasa  given bv Narasimha wife; Toti Machine enquiries continued;

14th feb Sunday 2021;

7th day at Gollapally;

Fish arrangement did; Heat is slowly increasing;

Coconut purchased; Peddodu brought Neosporin and Phynyl; Blog posted; Monkeys menace began; Called Prahlad talked to his wife; called Akka again; Ajay called;

Recent rx results seen; Paid Subbarayudu sons dues: Ladies came for work;

Night sweets and soft drink  from electoral candidates;

Again visited Ontimitta few more things brought home;

15th feb monday 2021;

Managed Roti machine despatch;

Balaji came talked with Sujatha and her son; Durga and Prahladh called;

Called Nayeem;Bawa called;

I called Akka and Mama;

16th feb Tuesday  2021;

Srinu took interest and passport proof info known; Krishna joined in the evening  we visited Mitta;

17th Feb  wedday 2021;

Koti came and gave keys;Stomach upset throught the day;Grama panchayat Election  day Received Durga and keerthy; Ramudu old childhood friend;

Ajay and prahlad called;

18th Feb Thursday 2021

Had tiffen from Darljipally and interaction;

Made a visit to Ontimitta:  Atms are not working Added few more important things to  home; Again legs swollen; way back known about Bed maker Dastagiri;

Evening had Gollapally Gangamma temple Darshan; New elected Serpoanch. visited village;

Had 100 plus views to whatsapp status;

19th feb friday 2021

Opened center room  lock;

Purchased Bed from Madhavaram and new area got exposed; Disturbance from Prahlads end;

Evening heavy rain and villagers help;

20rh sat day 2021;

Again visited Ontimitta; pickles purchased; By evening Devuni room access got; Kotaiah kallu guy promised; Electricity work house Tax works initiated;

21st Sunday  Feb 2021; 

Madiga Narsimhulu  came for door fixing;

Severe Leg pains; Sold Old things;

Called Mama no use ;  2 Bags Rice managed;

Chicken;   With Narasimha visited 

Carpenter At Davantharampalli; Had healthy discussion with srinus 

Mama; Srinus

22nd feb 2021 Monday;

Left leg  swollen issue continued:

Visited Madhavaram with Carpenter gave him a Tip but he dint return as per promise;

Srinus mama discussion;

23 rd feb Tuesday 2021;

Carpenter returned and did his work, Kunti Subba reddy came and had a sitting;

Sold old things; Known about  Muneyya Jatara;Jatara Details; puchinafayya issue;

Surprisingly Krishnnanna called;

Prabhavathi akka got into fold talked for some time; 

Bhawar called; heard syams voice and replied; Attack of 

Chinnapa Reddy came and his compkaint known; Managed Roti machine work of money transfer etc; Managed Narimha team and Tractor usage; Finally Magdiga Narsimhulu came;

Officer visited for verification of house; Fired pamulodu; 2 chairs got damaged;

24th feb Wedday 2021;

Anotger vusit to Ontimitta; few important things including insulin needles etc; Night stomack problem emerged again; 3 ladies and 2 men;

Narsimha took 5k;

25th feb Thursday 2021 ;

5 men worked whole day with Mastry Barsimha; Idli arranged to workets;

Gave ultimatum to Bandalu guy and Buttalu guy ; Idea of congratulating latest Serpanch;

Another payout recd for Roti machine; Managed peddodu to  pay old dues;

Pandiri arranged so quickly with help of kallu kittaiahs wife;

Followup did with  veduru Tatta; 

Morning video clip about  house construction fetched good response;

26th Friday 2021;

Total rest at home had liquid diet;

Workers continued pit work;  Managed despatch of Macherial machine;

27th Saturday february 2021;

5 workers contunied for the day; 

By evening work seems to be completed; Very hot day; Chinta aku trouble;

Body recovered and leg inflamation;  Caugh continued  night slight tention due to Narsimha cash; new table fan got arranged;

Night jarara Hadavudi vegan;

28th feb 2021

Ganga jatara day:

Geeta attended cerimony;

Workers took break;


Wednesday, January 06, 2021

unbeaten and beaten brigade


To write the best consolidations;

suraj failed fav;

 Ashwa Bravo;


Best chances missed;

pesi shroff; riyahi charenchacchio;

 c Rajndra Hyderabad 2000';

 Good double with chalapthi rao;

in the spot light in form straight wins;

Ranthambore straight win,

Demonstrater 10 to one;

Exhilaration second run  as favrite;

b.prakash ex charenchchio  win; sarvesh at chennai;

Venku flami g star win;

50 to one MAM; Ex Goldie brown;

Black pearl   all 6 Wins

forest flame 5 wins

smashing blue 5 wins;

yours for ever 2 wins;

silver bracelet 4 wins

Spreme legacy


2019 war hammer;

2018 Sir cecil ; star superior; alvarita;

2017 Ruffina;

Oasis star all wins;

Indiscretion wins;

2008 sweping sucess;

 2007 soutern empire

2006 mystical

2003 Zurbaran

2001 strom again;

1996 Indiscretion

1985 Chaitanys chakram;

January 2021

6th Jan wedday 2021;

trackeagle past  selections seen; 

7th jan thursday 2021

After Mysore order totally spent at ho.e; neibourhood children totally ignored me is a jolt;

Some past results of trackeagle seen;

8th jan friday 2021

Stomach trouble;

Durga family  left from Hyderabad,

New point is read all recent runs 


Attended Indirapark tote,  from tommorow things may change;

To wait for fixed odds; 

Incoming calls continued;

9th Jan Satday 2021,

Had own prepared lunch but had to clean lot of vessels; Gave Chicken piece to Sameeksha at morning:

Had 2 flops at  Mumbai Rx non triers not in betting;

Gta came finally and gave curd Rice and that saved from hunger; During Rx got one order plus mysore Doctors VRls confirmation; Some more info got from indirapark tote watchmens missbehaviour;

10 jan  Sunday 2021;

Days new point is Killdare won as favrite but to trust winner as favrite than sudden favrite this is new strategy evolved;

Lost temper at Samu for chaki unbearable;

Lost temper at Indira park lane long que  while coming out for parking  Parking fee; lady dint knew 9th race  p S chauhan won; One Oldman came closer; My eye sight trouble continued;

; Gra brought 4 new shirts;

At mumbai had 15 to one win bet 

and 3 to one place bet rs 50 

entrance ticket; Had sit up with Kishore; Had his assurance; one new point fetched and new hope gained again; who ran second have chance;

11th jan  Monday 2021;

Horrible stink outside home unbearable:  Had Tasty  Tiifen Puri  which was not sufficient;

Complaint on me about Dustbin; mangaed chn parcel ; Mysore parcel not received yet whatsapp msg recd;

By mistake put no voice in afternoon missed few calls;  Too much of Chilly in evening snack;

Night had Lemon rice and chtney

Lot of arguments at home due to gta Chinnanna; Unable to attend Hyderabad 1000 guineas due to 

busy related uneasy;

Lot of stock available is a good pointer; Transfered Rs 400/_ electric bill to Gta: some of incoming calls data saved;

12th jan 2021 Tuesday; 

Long time no sleep in night  due to noon sleep :  I can start once again web listings a feeler got; Prahlad DW called and enquired about Remote Car;

Read  about ATM fraud in Eenadu;

Incoming Calls  have continued but no use: 

Tug continued with neibours;

Scanned last 2 weeks zaminryot;

Despite Tuesday managed Hair cut;

Sent whatsapp messages for Tirupati renewals: lot of R and did rx last 2 months dates confidence gained;

Msg recd from Kalakata group;

Night called NRN, jayram Reddy

Ajay; Cheng;

Shopping did with Gta Mango leaves were very costly;

13th jan Bhogi day; 2021

Got up bit earliar; Bouncer from mama; Another u wxpected one from house owner lady; prahlad ill health related tention had Unable to atte d Rx; Damaged roti machine not reached yet; Met Srikanth;

Sent sweets to Gra Vadina home; jantikalu purchased; long chat had Srinu and his Mom; Enjoyed Bhogi song;

14th Thursday  Sankranthi day 2021

Evening shopping did with gta at Kumar shirts and had Tea at Hotel Grand and Rajini Gandha; Skipoed Chennai Rx; Missed Kishore call;

Roamed around city Abids; Tank bund; Had nice Chuduva Phalli;

15th jan Kanuma day friday 2021

Enjoyed Kanuma whatsapp mangli  songs; personal messages sent about childhood and google translation effect known; sexy Jocket:

Rambler winner with same jockey  Zeeshan has emerged victorious at almost 4 to one; sudden favrite of  p s chauhan lost;

Enid Blyton and Neeraj  Rawal story has emerged same jockey akways ;

Called Narasimha Gollapally felt happy;  Brought damaged pice from vrl and got it exchanged at brought home;  Good autowallas met; Unknown fear and about future;

16th jan Saturday 2021;

Met Eswaraiah mama with Gta  had lot of discussion: Despatched damaged piece; Srinath mount winner had ar 4 and half:  house shifting fiscussions;

17th Sunday jan 2021;

Headache of phone call had failed to handle;

Kolkata Derby day; lot of upsets seen not to miss SHPs from now;

18th Jan Monday 2021;

Again stress at betting even after having 2 winning bets; Finally kishore funding had;

Seen one new house near Narayana guda with the help of Suguna;

Srinadh Shp missed; upsets day; had  2 winning bets; one mistake   forgot right number which led to anothet; New point is Can back failed fav next time Suraj;

Take care of Akshay kumat at low weights;

Sent Telugu whatsapp  message;

19th jan Tuesday 2021

Afternoon worked  covered Begumpet  SR and Erragadda had one top rank listing and met Prahlad had two payouts; Morning called Durga;

Basmati rice; Insulin; needles purchased 2litre petrol;  kishore called;

20th Wedday jan 2021

Due to fear skipped intake;  vomitting sentation reduced a lot ;

Called Durga and Krishna and Narsimha;

Night Kayam Tablets; vicks; took; total rest at home; Had Pulka for night; Betting Book maker called;

21st jan Thursday 2021; 

Health improved further;

Maximyzin purchased; walking began;

Last week Rx  winners analysys did; legs swelling reduced; night Eye testing did with doctor vision loss known; Total rest again at home; head and Shoulders Shampoo purchased; Ajay called in morning; missed a Channai bet; lot of walking did;

Sent 7 wo ders Telugu matter;

22nd jan friday 2021;

Ajay called he reached back to Hyderabad;

Had Eye checkup to take care of Sugar levels;

Suddenly Kishore called so joined him to Ecil area and came back but journey was risky; luckeyly skipped Kolkata Rx; Eye strain and blurred vision

Had due to  eye solution ;  Gras upset  slept without food;

Lot of walking did for the day; incoming calls continued;

Night dinner missed after kishore situp

23rd Saturday jan 2021;

Sunday  card preparation did ; purchased  eye glass; Evening visited park with Gta;

24th jan sunday 2021;

Neibours went to their home place;

Prahlad called; Again few more mistakes have to be eliminated at Rx known about Eswaraiah ho.e billage;

Trackeagle superiority  of selections  known clearly;  p s chauhan and Sandesh  4 wins and backing known lufes second run  and 4th run try effects known; 

Venezuala last time sixth; sandesh last time 4th won as champions;

25th jan 2021 Monday;

Long story posted for whatsapp;

Attended Bangalore rx; racing pulce results and and indiarace talk known; secondrun SHp missed;

First run fav failed quite surprisingly;

26th jan  Republicday Tuesday 2021;

Last in last 2 stars also came as second;

Failed to mainrain uniformity missed 7 to one horse;

Failed to back ps chouhan ShP and place;

Even after 1 years gap s john won as a favrite;

Lot of video  r & d did at night;

27th wed day 2021;

They may strike in third run;

Prahlad sister  Kalavathi died; Called Bujji known things; See for nearest threats  for maiden favrites; On a follow up vet pharma guy  paid amount; Rs 300/_ gone for my own expenses rest for Rx; Dosage cross did the same mustake and known results; Missed lunch;  Failed to To maintain money on hand for covering bet Downtown Girl my pic won; Objection at Rhythm and another hickup at w shop ;

Discussed long time with Prabhavathi Sister;

28th  jan Thursday 2021;

Suraj will be always a live threat;

Called Ameen; Had commitment from Kondaa Keshav; Incoming calls continued; Some kind of uneasy throught;

29th jan Friday 2021;

First run pic has failed; close second won  so another losing day continued; P trevor 5 old first run was flying second note for next outing; Uneasy in after noon;

@ Mumbai failed to back 2 inform mounts  because of late to tote centre; P Trevor selected as top 4 in india had 3 wins; more family insights known with Prahlad;

Ameen collected one payout transfered my share; Konda kalyana mandaoam Keshav failed his promise for 3 rd day; incoming calls continued without any success;

30th Saturday 2o21;

Siraj theon gave full fledged co fidence another big punter got introduced; dosage cressed;

31st jan sunday;2021

P s chouhan won Oaks and gave another confirmation of agter leaving maiden status where will it participate; had trouble at home and had situp with Kishore; 

Incoming calls continued but no use;

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Haldirams khatta meeths

 5th jan tuesday 2021 Galli old man died;

Haldirams khatta mitta enjoyed very tasty; Missed another unbelivable hatrick suraj narredu at Kolkata: 

Shocked at  dividend of mumbai 1000 guiness winner; in odds 

confusion missed another winner at kolkata; new lession is i must watch ring odds ;

Namaskar of Durga Dad;

Durga over action contined so disallowed her;

Cats menace;

Chinese eat Dog meat and Cats meat;

Dental ill health and stink of Pandu;

Monday, January 04, 2021

4th January 2020 Monday ; tiger snake can survive without food for one year

Tiger snake can survive without food for one year seen on Tv;

4th jan  tuesday 2021;

lot of calls received for  roti machine reg rate;  called Nayeem and srikanth;

in one of  ids of google all gmb entries are suspended due  to suspecious activity and that  is new shockwave for the day

 i must survive on my own strenghth from now; i must talk heavily on my own web site from now; 

I must catch some celebrity project for social media; 

Seen "Ali tho saradaga" etv show  thanikella Bharani; 

Sudden hunger pangs in night to keep something ready always on hand and avoid acidity;

HRC tote not funtioned to death of jockey ;  Durgi moms Birthday cake knowledge known and abuse of gta;

Ajay met painting vertion of machine idea ; gta left for shopping; One lady fake call as if  she is from Bangalore i must be able to talk in all  indian southern languages; unbearable allari of Trio; 

"Dilse song" and dance enjoyed new hope gained; called Balaji

And known his mothers health; Eswaraiah maMa seen reading paper;,

Not to miss  next fluke;

Activated laptop airtel pack again and edited blog but vision problems continued; 

Decided that from now long shots should not be missed of trackeagle: