Tuesday, November 30, 2021

December 2021

 Dec targets;

Roti machine video

Shifting luggage;

Eye sight; Rx investments;


1st Dec 2021 wedday;

Good begining of month with 2 orders and 3 despatches; Yesterday known about Garlic mundys in India; Rx book for Bangalire purchased from Narayanaguda;

Hair cutting done:

Yesterday Prabhavathi akka called;

2nd Dec. Thursday December 2021;

One more order got;

Visited Renuka Yellamma temple;

97 k on hand;

Called NrN in night had good exchange of ideas;

3rd Dec friday 2021 ;

Bujji called; Gone to Spark Rye Hospital for followip; No orders calls continued;

3td Dec friday 2021;

A machines billed;

4th sat dec 2021

Eye  surgery again had:

5th dec sunday 2021

Rx attended flop again;

Chicken and tomato arranged;

Seen eye bision videos; 

6th dec  monday 2021;

Met Eye  Doctor;   no hoper;

Rx next day  ; Eye Doctor;

7th Dec tuesday 2021

Met Dr Mohan Rao he changed Dosage again;

2 payouts seems to be received but one is pending as who sent; Eye glasses recd; one lady complaint abt billing;

Money transfered from plsy.hydraces.com

8th Dec wedday 2021:

Rt machine despatch with 9k bill managed; few more commitments had for the day; 1 pending ordet retrieved:

Rx where was money to analyse;

9th jan  thursday 2021;

Managed 3 despatches;

Gollapalli padma ill health; 

Visited Bawa with Gta its getting very difficulty to visit places in mights time due to poor vision.

Enquire TTd. Diary and calender;

10th friday December 2021;

Call from sai recd

That Bangalore machine follow up did with finding of place;

11th Dec 2021 :

Called Bujji;

Find DTdc

Had  sugar filled Coffee; water problem;

Rx: aurobindorealty.com

Incoming calls to take care

11th Dec Satday 2021;

Bouncer from Bujji; Met Eye Doctor and had his suggestions; Kishore gave  B P machine;

Rx: Big owners will be giving runs for their wards  in big races but they wont try is new knowledge  for the day known; success at rx; missed judgement to back poonswallas mount;

Had 2 new  machine deliveries for the day:  One replacement did;

Dosage crossed severe  body pains;

Lot of expenses for the day incurred;

12th Dec Sunday 2021;

Fish and prawn shopping did:

13th Monday dec 2021

2 Delivaries managed  By Nayeem;

Met Srikanth and  Murali also managed damaged piece despatch: Rs 3200/_  profit got;

At Kolkata secret pearl  won but Black pearl flopped and shocked gave a new point;

14th tuesday 

15th wed day dec 2021

Nagraj and trt Raju called,

16th dec thursday mumbai rx  1 st day;

Sultan suleiman and Goldie locks last time second won;

17th friday dec 2021;

Totally at home; low Sugar troubles of Gta: one machine despatch managed;

18th Dec satday 2021

Fondfantacy total flop unable to understand?

Met eye doctor right eye sight fixed:

Mumbai rx flopped; Had chat with Bujji and Sai: no new orders for the day; one fancy Bag to carry eye spects purchased;

19th Dec Sunday 2021:

New points gained at Mumbai invitation cup day;

Continuous winning of Sandesh  a new point; Missed Taimur shp and place bet; New point is  a rider must have won a race Ex My openion;

Prasad met my fitness problems are clearly evident; long walk did;

Thp missed;  again chaos and insecurity? Night dream of Chennai car driving; Morning had chat with Peddodu; Sai;

20th Monday Dec 2021;

 One mount on hand made it successful and thats a real recovery;

Mumbai Sunday rx videos seen good English and raceday Dynopsys future of India Tote known. To know the distance of race well before;

2 more orders got for the day;

Night sleep disturbance had;

Night Seen "Ali Tho Jaaleega;" who was that lady;

21st December tuesday 2021,

We should not lose any existing contact who is there for me at Tirupati now to know the things; padma ill health  looks like final stages  so called jafrulla: sai; narsimha; chengamma; Called Sai Narsimha: Sedyam guy Subhan ; night purchased tablets for 1 month with Gta; Morning train tickets booked  to Kadapa but gta had to again to change dates:

 22nd December  wedsday 2021;

Surprisingly 3 orders booked and got them despatched: Consolidated  rx results; Many calls recd saved most  of them; Brought Milk;

Got connected with Penchalaiah Nagasubbaiah alludu and known the things;

23rd December Thursday 2021;

Went to ttd temple brought calender and diary; sold 3 more machines for the day but there was a tention for some time;

Bouncer from prasad wife;

24th Dec friday 2021;

Got up late; wholeday at spent at home; Subhan cleaned Mitta;

Incoming calls continued but no sales for the day; Despatched yesterdays order; Narsimha called;

Argument at night for late;

25th Dec Saturday 2021 ;

Something wrong with neibourhood lady;

Transfered  5k to Subhan thru Subbareddy;

One order got for the day and got it despatched;

Christmas wishes conveyed to Childhood friend Muneiah and Lachmi narayana of Gollapalli;

Had lord Balaji Darshan at Chikkadpalli temple with gta  had tiffen at Nandini cafe; Met Eswaraiah Mama  and prasad had a lasting effect: 

Eve samosa magic got;

At rx one wrong bet total day goes waste; missed one nice place bet again; eye truble throught the day:

Got up early; Seen Bangalore 2000 guineas card;

Bangalore rx one wrong horse total days progress ; for few races there was no live commentary,

Transfered money to subhan by Subba reddy:

Had talk with koti; high B P  reading checked at morning;

Chennai Ravi came into contact;

Night Airtel laltop activated;

1 roti machine sold for the and despatched so mo worries foe the ecpences of the day;

26th Dec sunday 2021;

Stomach troble got up very late;

Prasad called: venkatrami reddy;

27th Fec Monday 2021

Met eye doctor;

Hyd rx attended prsaf met nut he lost 

Money; Sudden favrites to watch; koti called; 1 machine sold;

28th Tuesday dec 2021;

Mumbai rx attended znoltero gave a real confidence : Better jockey to be taken care a star is born ;

 brought oil ; tooth paste etc,

29th Dec  wedday 2021:

30th dec thursday 2021

Night boarded train no hicups dmooth journey; Reached Kadapa safe ftom there journey in morning time was bit tough;  Finally grom Ontimitta reached Gollapalli by suto in morning but forgot bag zdtiver csme back and gabe Bag it was really miracle;

Bangalore Rx not attended:

31st  dec friday  2021

 wholeday spent at home busy with ppl billagers;

Tuesday, November 02, 2021

November 2021

1st Nov 2021;

Big jolt by night of Stock trouble;

Rains havoc continued; Met Sivaram told him to sell vadlu and he gave promising hope for Noogu saagu;

Seen good video about Aranya farming new insighys exposed;

2nd Nov 2021 tuesday

Problem from Hubli doctor.;

Made Ontimitta visit,

Visited Gangamma temple:

Night heated exchange of dialogue by Hubli person;

3rd November 2021; i paid Hubli pending money ; Call from Murali recd; Chinna Appaiah Future Katava issue;

Geethas Birthday; Tention on not getting money from her bro solved;

Sai and Dokkodu annoyed added by Srikanth;

Seen few more videos about agricilture and costly crops; Berries;

4th Nov  Thurday Divali day 2021

Managed morning works; Wishes sent; Nadipodu seen fencing and gave commitment;

Got syringes paid pending  wages;

Slept a lot in afternoon; flowers continued Buddodu and Narsimha: Hiw to sell flowers online idea;

5th nov Friday 2021;:

Mitta gate work completed;  Brought lock and Chain;

Deal fixed with Peddodu:

Fencing maker videos seen;

Lost temper at home; Venkatadri express info known;

6th Nov Saturday 2021:

Read Zaminryot:

7th Nov Sunday 2021

With gta went to Kadapa and Booked tickets and came back; New cell got for wrist watch; Biryani flopped stomach trouble; No  Limca at Narsimha shop:

Came back by Auto and paid rs 150  Dr Mansion house was flop;

8th Nov Monday 2021:;

Nomula Monday;

Balaji came but no use;

Dry day; ladies continued stone removing work from mitta land;

9th Nov Tuesday 2021: 

Big shout on Yenumguddodu despite fencing chorabatu  was unbearable; 

Treat with Sai and funded  peddodu; assurance had from Meesala Subbaiah Sentiment of words;

Told padma son about obstacle Naga subbaiah support had; paid partly to ladies Rs 1000/_.

Unexpected unusual night travel;

Travelled to Hyd by spl Train felt tiresome with baggage weight legs trouble clearly bisible;

10th Nov wed day 2021: 

Reached hyd safe; High charge of Autowallas:  Had Puri at Siddhartha tiffens brought Milk and Curd Coffee  powder: Surprisingly managed to send Adoni Rt machine  had good promising chat with Murali but name missing;

Attended Hyd rx Mysore odds on Fav won new things ex entrance fee  at Hyd rx known   still yards behind game; Very costly affair; eyes vision further got Dim;

Called Eswaraiah mama; Narsimha; Surendra;

Thursday 11th Nov ;2021;

Totally negative day;

Visited Maxi vision hospital got checkup eyes big money needed quickly now for eye operation; Could catchup Rami Reddy; Big  personality in hospital ; Heavy expences incurred for the day;

Wine shop episode;

Called Rt Murali and no positive feedback meanwhile Srikanth called;

Called Bujji and Prabhavathi;

Friday 12th Nov 2021

Good day;

Thanks to Murali sir 7 payouts recd 4 despatched; For the first time i gave advance payment for 5 machines;

Met Kishore Purchased  puran puri and Rx card;

Note book purchased;

Meet Kishore; Future planning,

Call Adoni lady; 

Friday rx card;


Gillette: Hair Color;

Satday 13 Nov  2021

Rami reddy;



13th Nov 2021 Satday;

Trouble with Bhaskar for remival of A/ C ok i paid for removal charges;

For the first time 5 machines despatched lot of numbers saved: Seen parimala kitchen bideos known stats;

Chengamma called and said recd Adhaar cards;

Vision is worsening further to  take quick action; Cant manage without vision even for few seconds?

Ramireddy met at and discussed a lot;

Astoria hotel;

Trouble with  owner Bhaskar due to A/c machine removal  gta managed it;  Trouble at home at night;

At Rx will they try at top weight ? Doosra effect known ; first timers to be very careful; Getting Auto ride is becoming a problem ; Musheerabad Tote hot exposed again;

Poor Punter cant make money;

Younger horses will have edge;

14th Nov  Sunday  2021;

Performed horses seems to be better choice;

Again failed to maintain uniform betting: Not to miss chouce bets at linger odds; Remove myth geldings can win even in first run;

Place and THP not to miss;

New jockey combinations known mistly they try with stable jockey;;

New confidence gained  winning is just few yards nearer;

Evening mobile power trouble;

15th Nov Monday 2021;

Not to get irritated  and how to live without eye sight;

3 Rt soldout for the day;

Seen Ali tho jaalegaa etv show;

Managed to visit Spark hospital opp Gandhi hospital  with Gtas help got checked eye testing;

Seen Rx Hyd results;;

16th Nov 2021;

Throught the day vimitings  suffred yet one machine booked;

17th Nov  weday 2021

Took total rest at home; Recovered somwhat;

18th nov thursday 2021

Had eye suugery at spark hospital;

Missed blood presdure dose;

19th nov fri 2021; 

Totally depressed due to  no sight 

for left eye ; new offer generated from parimala  kitchens unboxing video offer;

20th satday nov;

Spent at home ;

21st nov sun 2021

Had to wait for auto for vety long time; ps chauhan won 4 mounts; Rambusticus low weight win;

Royalstag; curd and Milk brought:

22nd  nov monday 2021

Attended spark hospital; tention to pay rent:

24 wed day nov 2021;

At home rest;

25th nov  thursday 2021: 

Attended Bangalore rx expensive  flopday; return was to was difficult task,

26th nov  friday 2021;

Wholeday at home,

27th Nov sat 2021:

Due to high Blood pressure  eye checkup failed; kamalakar called;

28th Nov sunday 2021: 

Surprising news Bawa had Heart Surgery; Utter flop show in Rx Dasarath singh n lagad,

Mor prawn shopping did this is another upset:

Garam on Sameekhsha;

Called Bujji; positive response from  Prabhavathi son;

29th Nov Monday 2021;

Heavy acidity throught the day:

Met Dr Mohan Rao and also  got checked but missed eye glass;

Incoming calls continued but no bookings;

Recent rs form checked; Ali tho saradaga show seen;

Tanveer called and gave reference of rRealtor;

30th Nov Tuesday 2021;

Transfered 1k to Gta; went to Sopark Hospital; 1 order got; 

Known about Yasangi summer crop;

Friday, October 01, 2021

Oct 2021

1st oct friday 2021;

Met VenkataRamana new jhatka punter; night Punjab kings won;

Very hot day: Brought Unsulin to gta;

2nd Oct Saturday 2021:

Peddodu came:Many people to my home to visit:

Gandhi jayanthi planning flopped; 

Seen mitta land again and did calculations for Noogu saagu;

To Ontimtta for Gate wires with Narsimha Chinna appiah and Sai;

3rd Oct Sunday 2021

Upset win of RR high scoring match;

4th Oct Monday 2021

Suddenly decided to go to kadapa;

No one called till 11am;

Had good exposure and Medari veedi known purchased 2 visanakarra; Return was tough in sur up;

Night to Kothapally with Peddodu and Sai;

5th Tuesday Oct 2021;

Suddenly decided to clean mitta land with Kampa: Nnight it triggered heavy competition; peddodus over talk;

Some resistance to my comments about Ration;

Heavy weakness after work at mitta; Gta visited land;

6th Wedday Oct 2021;

Rain spoiled mitta work:

Took rest;

Night Chicken saga by  Peddodu;

Seen lot of videos on Sagubadi;

Narsimha came and helped door wiring work;

7th thursday 2021;

Peddodu came and continued Mitta work; Gta said ok for money:

Called Narendra;;

Sai; Nsrsimha;

I worked in 2 sessions; 2 more ladies joined for work in evening;

Seen few more videos about farming;

8th Oct Friday 2021;

Biggest upset of the day is no from koti;

Jafrulla called and had long chat w

Quite unexpexted good info recd ;

Surprisingly  10  ladies came and worked in Mitta plus me; Bouncer from Rodda Ramanaiah; Continued to watch videos;  watched Beerakaya sagu; korra;

Another surprise subhans  unexpexted support:

I worked at home and Mitta gta chair plan worked;

Called Bujji; Prabhavathi son Prasad;

Sekhar helped 2000/_

Gtas sudden  non cooperation?;

Gtas strategy of sitting pulled off successfully;

Brushed peddodu:

9th Oct Satday 2021;

7 ladies came and completed Drip pipes seperation work;

10th Oct Sunday 2021;

Attended marriage at Ontimitta;

Paid advance to Subhan in evening;

Night met Padma and felt dejected; Seen few more videos;

Jafrulla came and gave Biryani;

11th Oct Monday 2021:

Boring day soent at home;

Padma visited  home;

Subhan son started work  on tractor now land looked very clean with red soil  so  i felt very confident; Surprise from Gta; Sai different aproach;

Severe Caugh of Narasimha children:

Jehangir called for Mango Garden;

12th Ohct 2021

Massive calls for rt recd;

Approach road developed for mitta;

Submitted for Adhaar card change of address;

13th oct  wedday 2021;

Calls continued; finally one got booked and sent; Ganga mma chanda given; called prabhavathi;

Again vidit to Vontimitta;

14th oct Thursday 2021;;

That us order and another one got;

Met hiy at savjivalayam known things; Told to peddodu brother anout Mitta thanthi gate;

Calls continued;  Had discussion on toad anout Mitta Gate and vempalli travel;

Paid rs 200 Village chanda and rs 200 tp lachi

15th friday    October 2021

As per plan travelled to vempalli and attended Shankraiah sons marriage receotion; Wirst night mare in night for sleep yet managed ;

16th Saturday Oct 2021; 

After attending marriage wirst Bus travel had: Auto walas menace at ontimitta; Many calls continued but ine thing is known that good regional language voice  and good descrioption  can work wonders in youtube;

Return journey from vempalli by Bus in standing was bit troublesome

Chengamma son Ramana came ;

As i switched the mobile phone off lot of messages recd; Slept in afternoon;  Known that Koti came to Gollapally; Sai miss behaviour of zph pe episode;

17th Oct Sunday 2021;

Late opening of wine shops:

Avoided Sai finally;  Incoming Calls continued another one booked;

Seen how to Manage Monkeys menace videos; Palani misbehaviour; Top 10 Horses of 20th century seen;

18th Oct Monday 2021

Morning one enquiry from Narsimha for Mitta land of Pullaiah; 

After long wait at MRO office with the help of Serpanch Adhaar shifting work managed; After  Sending Parimala Kitchen  number Srikanth sent 4  plus 1 usa macjines; still 2 machines are pending; Tentoon reduced marginally;

Unable to lift most of incoming calls thus damage of Sale;

Missfiring at home due to easy going attitude of gta yet got new point;

No fresh bookings for the day;

19th Oct Tuesday 2021

Incoming calls continued;

Jehangir gave advance for mango Farden; Double indulgence; zbrought things to home from Ontimitta: Varikothalu seen in full seing;

20th wed oct 2021

Took gta to Ontimirra and activated her Adhhar: Subhan did tractor work; Not visited night time session on Narsimha;

Lot of discussion went on Mitta fencing;

21st Thursday 2021;

Pullodu cameh along with Misalayana; retrieved 3 orders to be sent sent msg to Stikanth; Discussed

With Suresh Babu problem known:

22nd Friday Oct 2021;

Calls contd; made a Ontimitta visit;

23rd oct satday 2021

Went to Darjipalli on Sai call and spent long time there; Nugu sedyam details got;

Sai shown some interest in Mitts Noogu Saagu:

Calls Parampara continued edited mailer Attended many of them; Fear of new wound;

One misfiring furing calls;

24th Oct Sunday 2021;

Usa lady recd Roti machine;

Team India failure; New point is  which number cant come is new idea;Another machine payment got:

Visited Peddodu; visited Ontimitta: Stomach trouble;

Chicken and fish arranged: 2 people asked for Dr;

Sedyam tips;

Peddodu bro came;

25th monday Oct 2021;

Made a total round to mitta  land;

Pullodu flopped again triggering heavy insecurity;

Eexposed to many farming tools;

Visited jafulla  Bros thota net Aslam :

Again set back for Roti machine stocks: eye vision is another head ache; Sai called; 

26th Oct 2021 Tuesday

Called Nayeem got positive news;

Eve new friend from sai  name Satish hot introduced; Peddodu met;

Nagamuni Reddy took Byke;

Depression due to no progress of work;

27th Wed Oct 2021: 

6 more Rice Bags are arriving home so brought Bags purchased took help of  Pulligadu;

Bouncer from palani i should not toych bitches;

Told Annapoorna to remove stones from mitta;  Morningworked in perati Doddi Big Owl watched;

6rt machines pending  despatched some of objections known: Subba Reddy gave some entertainment with Children;

Unexpected money request by Anji flopped;

Few things arranged to home;

2 new rt seems to be booked;

28th oct  Thursday 2021

5 ladies and 2 men worked for Mitta;

Surprisingly Koti transfered 50 k;Called Chengaiah; Tug between Muneiah and Chinna;

Talked to Srikanth and Murali;

Nadipodu committed for repair;

Kalaguragampa launched own selling of Roti machine;

Byke Engine Oil and repair work did; Enquired about Polimera Chenu Rice; Sirisha seen videos;

Adhaar updation msg recd;

Vomittings? Ajay called;

29th Oct Friday 2021;

Adhaar print took from Ontimitta;  Insulib brought: Caught up in rain:

30th Oct satday 2021;

Throught the day weakness so took rest: 5 ladies worked;

Rained in evening;

31st  Oct Sunday 2021;

Fish arranged;  Visited Ontimitta brought volini; petrol ;


Thursday, September 02, 2021

Sept 2021

 1st sept 2021;

Killed Snake in night took help of Narsimha and Surendra;

Some more luggage shifted to home;

Very hot;

2nd sept thursday 2021

Attended Satyanarayana Vratham at Kitha Mathavaram; Met old friends there;

3rd Sept Friday  2021

Next day of Vratham had tough time due to Cheap: Kanagudur guy met;

4th sept Saturday 2021:

Had hair cut; gta photos took;

Hammer and wall nails purchased:

5th sept Sunday 2021;

Chicken arranged;

Purchased water heater:

Some calls recd; Mokshit birthday:

6th Sept; 2021:Monday;;

With gta went to One Madhavaram and brought water tank base steel rods and bag of Kankara; Removed  electric Cable for Krishna house; Heavy rain and water leakage;

Old dues rs 500/_  recd from Nagamuni Reddy; More close interaction with Nagasubbaiah:

Some calls recd;

7th sept Tuesday

Had Temple visit: Seen mitta with the help of Narsimha;

8th sept wedday 2021;

Arguments and visited Darjipalli for Venkatesh : Discussed plits matter with RamaChandra brother;

With Gta visited Ontimitta purchased wire etc; Due to no mobile charging missed calls; Evening had Vadas;

As Krishna went  without telling missed to collect Toilets box in his home;

Mitta land lease is 55 000/_

9th Sept Thursday 2021;

Called Venkatesh Beldari:

Days hilight is visiting Mitta with gta by Vanka road; Narsimha said he clised way to mitta; Peddodu came so asked him to come to work ; Ajay called;

Dry day; Chebgamma suggestion had;Hooe of Darjipalli Beldari to arrive on Sunday:

10th sept friday 2021:

Vinayaka Chaviti day worked with Peddodu Garden place; Surprise money came with old wooden pieces;

Gtas exitement and contribution  for lord  Ganesha ;

11th sept Saturday 2021; With peddodu doddi cleaning work did;

Total free day tired up;

12th sept  Sunday 2021;

Attended Darjipalli village  Vinod marriage;  Koti called:

Brought Dimmelu and Bandalu;

Participated in Ganeshas kolahalam; Exitement took toll but ok; Balaji came but utter flop show;

I have put Tilakam on few people;

Missed Dinner; Chengaiah; Kishore called;

13th sept monday; 2021; 

Another arrangement attached   home front is Venkatesh came and built base for water tank  and did some repair in house;

Seen Juliet win of President of India Gold Cup; Nightmet Subbareddy realtor: Narsimhas success story on jhatka;

Bujji called; Prabhavathi son called

14th sept; Tuesday 2021;

House work further continued:

 Long writeup is important; 100 times growth daring plan needed:

What is future plan from now?

15th Sept wed day 2021

Theres still money in Tpt and Hyd for google; Engineers day huge ads seen in news papers: With gta visited Ontimitta and broght few tools; Ajay called

16th sept Thursday 2021;

Visited Ontimitta costly Tiffen;

TelmaH and got replaced  needles:

Called  vjaSuresh; Nrn; Had discussion with Sai ;

Depression due to low cash levels;

No drinking water at home;

House work is still kept pending;

17th Sept Friday 2021;

With gta visited Kadapa

Purchased Water tank:

Drum: Mixie; Night pressure from chengamma interaction meesalu guy fir Kistaiahs food;

Rejected idli to bring from Darjipalli;

18th sept Saturday 2021;

Peddodu completed few of water tasks; Gave order for steel doors:

Afternoon lost;

19th Sept Sunday 2021

Paid first Electric bill;

Visited Jafrulla Garden known about hige salary of Arifulla:

Arranged Chiken to 3 ppl;

Childhood friend Yanadi met;

Csk won at huge Odds is a new knowledge in betting;

20th Sept Monday 2021:

Hemanth flopped miserably; Darjipalli Musalaiahs death news visited him;Pavan came closer;

Night had more discussion with Ganga; Few more things known about Narsimhas game;

Jana did some editings;

21st sept Tuesday 2021;

Called Tirupal;

Narsimha said Milan has  3 games a day; Brought steel doors from welder;

Gtas Cough trouble treatment took;

22nd sept wedsday 2021;

Kampa work did by peddodu and Ganga:

Narsimhas wastage of betting noted; Again winner got by DD:

Subscribed for Hotstar:

Some more knowledge on jhatka:

23 Sept Thursday 2021;

Again hope from Roti machine some people said they will buy; Took Gta for treatment; Sai gave Nagamuni reddy ph number; 

Took gta to Doctor; MI  lost:

Dustbin purchaded:

24th Sept friday 2021:

Overall knowledge of jhatka got with a video;

Managed 2 despatches; Took gta for Nebulizer treatment;

Took part in MPTC oath  function;

Snake and Horse beggars: CSK success again; Door welders came;

25th sept sat 2021;

Heavy heat throught the day night rained; Punjab bet won; Pulcer guy gave drink;

Gates fixing work completed:

26th Sept Sunday 2021:

Loss due to Narsimhas absense is clearly evident: Surprise artivals to village Kiti had good advantage info of land  mitta kadapa land and digadala land on Mons name: Negative impact with Thulasamma; Bramha got introduced ; arrival of Vanaja and her mom:

Sai party; peddodus help but over charge; Bujji called:

Rejected sirisha:  Sudheepa came; Clear cut irrespinsibility of Narsimha is evedent; Vadlu arrived home: withdrawn cash but confusion;

27th Sept Monday 2021:

Worked for some time in Doddi;

Another order got;

Called Murali Jayamma Son known  had welcome releief; Suddenidea of houng to Kadapa dtopped:

Visited Ontimitta brought few important things   pickle; Razor; Syringes; Bandage; Narsimha came back but looked too busy not worth: 

Called Madhu ryrybhoomi; Nagamunireddy; Narendra:

Monday jhatka openings;todays matches; Disturbance had from Parvathi to be very careful ;

Tried to kearn few more things at jhatka;  

28th Sept Tuesday 2021

Sit up with Pamulodu in morning;

Chengammas over involvement  hickup; plots at Ontimitta project Soldout; Sai got bit more friendly; Ipl match punjab kings team lost;

Stikanth managed another despatch:

An attempt to learn trips and tricks overall expisure got:

Brought Sickle; Tester; pen: Kalupu tool snd Tomato:

Night indifferent Narsimhas mother: Roti machine mailer further edited; 

29th Sep Wed 2021;

Biggest unexpected development of the day is Shankaraiah mana artuval and distribution if his sons marriage card :  Next big one us neeting Nagamuni Reddy and jnowing things; Vis├Čted  Naga subbaiahs land after Gangamma temple visit: Evening one navhine nooked Thats big sucess story:

Missed to back RCB; Helped to Sai;

Kamalakar and Sennaiah called:

Night party with Sai: Dugar levels are Ok;

3 feet fencing idea;

Chengamma suddenly skipped from village?

30th sept Thursday 2021:

Headache with electricity charging:

Not much of any development:

Ontimitta Visit with Sai few things known abt jhatka investment needed; Janardhan is irritating:

Visited Sai home: Sri despatchd Pune machine;:

Double indulgence;

Monday, August 02, 2021

August 2021

1st August Sunday 2021;

Hyd Rx Akshay came to form again with a treble;

Brought New Cot from zkotha Madhavaram and handed over to Hari Wife; Darjipalli Vada purchased but wasted;  situp with peddodu; called Sameeksha; 

Night doasagr crossed later suffered; gra fallen due to low Sugar;

2nd Aug Monday 2021;

Beldari Subbaiah came with his team and continued work;

Night SRn called;

3rd Aug Tuesday 2021

Full activity day; House construction continued with full seing; Arranged things from Ontimitta;  Cement poolathotti for Thuladimokka  arranged;

Had situp under "Marrichettu" got taxedup by Peddodu; One order payment received; Goddess Gangamma visit had;

Night isuka arranged;

4th Aug wed day 2021

Next Rx day sat day 7th August:

Beldaris team failed and wholeday suffered; Another load of Isuka arrived; water taste trouble;

Peddodu dint give any respect to money; Hot dispatched and old pending trouble managed;

5th Aug Thursday 2021;

Heavily got tensedup due to leg bleeding ; No help from Nagasubbaiah but help recd from Peddodu and Narasimhulu;

Beldaris began Poothalu work ; Muneiah Childhood friend gave a positive comment; Ajay called;

Kistaiah landed unexpectedly and headache; Given a fitting reply to others days Vadalu activity;

Had chat with Padma family;

Night got taxed up  with expenses but new wine point known;

6th Aug friday 2021

Biggest ever Workers team but  work rogressed slow; Not to get irritated and get taxed: Heavily disturbed by Peddodu; Seen Muneiah house with Granite work;

Ajay and his client called; police stopped for Mask;  Gangaiah and  son of Madiga Narsimha met: Seen Chengamma house; Again got taxed up; 

7th August; Saturday 2021; 

Again Big team continued work;

Brought Dalamandram and Window from Kadapa; Known Scrap dealers; paid old dues of Chemist brought leg pads; Dressing got done; wall pasting work completed:

Had long Chat with Chinna Appaiah:

8th August Sunday 2021;

Lost temper on kallu kittigadu:

Dalamandram and Nadidalaillu Window work completed; Evening flareup by gta due to drinks;

Night Kistaiah saga; Night Mandragabba;  Arugu chempa work got done;

Nagamuni Reddy asked a favor:

9th Aug Monday  2021;

Workers Dumma but some work managed with Peddodu; One success story had for the day:

Krishna left; Gopal forwarded Mothers asthikalu Ricer pics: Seen video about Sheep farming;

Seen Ontimitta temple pics read story: Had more Rice for night:

Initiated matter with Welder; Electrician; Narsimha:

10th Aug Tuesday 2021;

Unexpected rain havoc work dint progress; Dharma called known about his suspention: Evening visited Gangamma Temple and  visited Penna River; Gave back Jalleda to Chinnapu Reddy; Carpenter came and took measurements of doors;

Narsimha followed up Electricity issue;

11th Aug Wedday 2021;

Lot of improvements had for the day: Met Sachivalayam lady: 

Arranged Tiffen:  peddodu took measurements later brought pipes etc; Brought Bandalu; Workers continued their work; Recd very less calls for the day; Night had Jonna Rotti ;

Bitter arguments had at home;

12th Thursday Aug 2021;

Narsimha Children Birthday dynamics seen; Beldaris completed kitchen Gas banda and rack work;

One more booked but un known weather  its delivered or not;

Paid  Beldaris dues;

13th Aug friday 2021;

Beldari; peddodu: 2 ladies came to work few more things completed by evening; signal was nice at Kadapa; 

Took NagaSubbaiah and Subba Reddy to Kadapa to buy woden wi dows came back tired;

Indore guy called; Dental damage in hurry;

14th Aug Sat 2021;

Sugar level 110; Heavy acidity; Tention due to Beldaris non arrival finally they came and continued their work;

Over involvement by one lady;

2 ladies and 2 males and 1 Beldari have worked with Narsimha and Nasubbaiahs guidance; 

Lot of praise by Kokkanti Ramana; 

Ghadbad by Gta poor night food;

15th Aug Sunday 2021;

Gave Escort to Ramana for Ganga darshan; Carpenter came and completed doors work. 

Alluring silver won  by short head;

Brought money from Ontimitta

16th Aug Monday 2021;

Opp guys sold Mekalu lot;

I went and completed Electricity work;

17th Tuesday Aug 2021;

Large fleet of Beldaris: Isuka adjusted from neibours; Electricity meter arrived: Night disturbance at home; Toilet and Bathroom work continued:

18th Wedday August 2021; 

Isuka trouble contd; i brought pipes so water pipes work completed;

Bathroom work completed;

Mob incoming calls reduced  i rejected one late night call;

19th Aug Thursday 2021;

Vision troubles continued;

Isuka not artived so work stopped;

20th Aug friday 2021;

Isuka arrived finally; Largest fleet of workers arrived and completed most of work; 

Bathroom and Toilet  roofing work also completed: 

Big argements due to 

gtas bad  mannerism i must not feel much annoyed from now; Dogs died and filthy smell; Attended Ganga temple for Vara Laxmi vratham celebrations; Some incoming calls missed; peddodus involvement seen;

I brought cash and vegetables from Ontimitta ;  Appaiahs wifes ill health health;

21st Aug Saturday 2021;

Stink continued;

2 of inform horses won and returned to form and instilled confidence;

22nd Aug Sunday 2021

Took help of Subbareddy and Electrical tools purchased; Seen Bakarapet ATM and Wineshop;

Double indulgence;

23rd Aug  Monday 2021:

Electrical work began; Suddenly Kistaiah left; Indore order despatched; Ajays Corona news;

24th Aug Tuesday 2021;

Electrical work continued;

Gta dint give money to buy things;

25th Aug Wedday 2021;

With Surindra and Gta tra elled to kadapa and purchased doors; water tank; pumpset; White wash sunnam; Nagamuni Reddy son met;

Flash; There must be some people who will do tge things fir me; I must develop them from now;

Electrical worl continued,

26th Aug Thursday 2021;

Electrical work finally completed;

Visited Fangamma Temole: Tried to visit our labd but due to poor vision stopped; Evening worked some time; Night disturbance due to Gta;

27th Friday 2021;

Power of Bahubali song Jata bhujanga pingalam noted;

Painter came; Night Digital marketing clips seen git confidence;

28th Saturday August  2021:

Painters completed Whitewash; Carpenter came and Fixed Doors;

Peddodu also brought required things; power cut in night;

29th Aug Sunday 2021;

Gruhapravesham did; Had immence help from neibours;

Coffee distributed;

30th Aug  Monday 2021;

Krishnasthami day;

Tree cutting affair and related unexpected  troubles faced;  Another new point learnt:

Coffee cups purchased from Ontimitta: Bujji called:

31st  Aug tuesday 2021;

By night arranged wash Basin ;

Positive signal from Koti:

Few more things shifted to home:

Friday, July 02, 2021

July 2021

1st July 2021;

Death news of Subjba Narsaiah son Murali;

Came out of house and stayed in lodge; worked in field on byke Manohar Reddy met;

Met Saabjaan son;

Venkateswara Catering;

Sent messages to family members;

Told Koti no use;

Found Narayana Catering;

2nd july friday 2021;

Heavy hunger?

Sucess began with Saabjaan , Narayana Catering,  Sivaiah; but unable to walk for long time;

Called Shankaraiah mama and known things ; Ajay called; Called Cheng;

Known about wineshop rates; 

Met Rrefac enterprises;

New lungie purchased;

Called Ponnala; message sent to jana;

Night had ph call and discussion with Prabhavathi sister;

Roti Machine guy srikanth said stocks available;

3rd july Satday 2021;

Work continued;

Had leg bandage; night insulin dose mussed; New Banian, Kerchief,  purchased; 2 ltr water; Telma H purchased; Missed lunch;

Found loka ph number later called him;  peddodu 

(Venkatesh) ; Called NRN;

In field met Refac, ponnala, Kumar Rubber stamps ( Had big argument),  Rajaram catering, One new Caterer met; Sri Balaji 

K M; Raghu photo Art; Naresh Ambulence guy from Kadapa called;   Ajay called had long Chat;

Jana delivered  news site;

4th July  sunday 2021;

Last 5 days analysed; Wuickly gave Eenadu ad;

Worked even on Sundau had latest expisure of Tirupati with new construction of hiways etc;

Gave Bill to Ponnala: New Knife and Spoon purchsed; Met Madhu furniture  Buruva guy; Again felt unrest due Dhrohis continued headache; Bouncer had from RajaRam Catering;

Night met Munaweer had nice time later spent time with Chengaiah;

5th July 2021 Monday;  

Morning  had  tiffen with cheng;

Kamalakar met;

Sms catering was lone success;

Long chat with hotel owner;

Tried camera centre; Driving school: long time spent at SRScientifics;

News of Sekhar Bhais death;

6th july Tuesday 2021;

Rahamathulla Munawwer manager;

Id card issued to Munawwer;

Days lesson;

Lakmi Narayana Kalyana Mandapam sucess not to forget name of firm of client  before entering;

Enquired near by Lodges;

Met Moksha lights;

Rejected  Narsimhas appeal;

Payment recd from SV Catering;

Had discussion with Gta;

7th july wed 2021:

Shifted to Manjunatha lodge;

Sudden chills; Quickly  recovered; called Refac; Called prasad prabhavathi son; Kamalakar; Chittor guy called; Seen web site;

8th july thursday 2021

By Car reached Gollapally; weakness continued:

Quickly tired to activate things;

9th july friday  2021;

Bricks and Cement  reached; By night Mothers death news;

No night sleep;

10th july saturday 2021;

Travelled by Scorpio to Tirupati

Totally participated in Rituals and returned to Gollapalli;

Heavily tired and slept;

One payout recd for 


11th july Sunday 2021

Pain , inflamation : flum continued;

12th july Monday 2021

Twin success; Had second dose of Vaccination;  Incoming calls continued;  Balaji family Pachayiti;

Exposure of Modinsaheb palli Sidhout;

13th july Tuesday 2021;

Again had to pay  Rs 200 to Auto guy; Mostly slept in day time;

Mobile signal problem identified;

Lekhari further improved;

14th july wed 2021;

Tube light arranged;

15th july thursday 2021:

Gta bisited Kadapa for treatment ; Boring day without any activity;

Gta brought Clindamicin and Insulin  sugar checking strips;

It rained heavily in might,

16th friday july 2021

My initiative fetched caught one Beldari; quickly arranged few needed things from Ontimitta;

2 Trips to Ontimitta by Byke;

Gta and me travelled to Ontimitta even in rain;

17th Saturday july 2021;

Wastage of Rented tools from Ontimitta;

Surprisingly 2 positive stories and a breakdown story; Anger on Gtas  quick interaction;

Pressure from Narasimha to attend mothers cerimony;

Peddodu came cleaned Fan and cleared Tree 2 good things for day;

Another trip of Bricks arrived; 

Beldari dint tirn up but later came after that rain totally stopped wastage tools rent for 1 day: ;

Slept near NagaSubbaiah house surprisingly no one talked;

Jafrulla called; Muneyya gave Mangoes: Night purchased 3 type of Pickles;

Prahlad called; Dressing managed by gta; Incoming calls contd but Mobile signal problem is emerging fast; mothers cerimony  card recd:

Narsimha continued interaction;

18th July Sunday 2021;

Heavy rain began Snake and Frog washed away; Wound healing continued; 129 people have watched my wharsapp status thats amzing;

19th Monday july 2021;

Beldari called but i refused to begin;

 Ajay called for voice over;Work dint begin; Nagpur repair work not known? Hyd delivery  managed;  Eve Had discussion with Narsimha Abt tpt travel: Kamalakar called;

Bulli mother came; Boredom throught the day; Some calls recd: Etv news listened:

20th july Tuesday 2021;

Darjipalli tiffen Puri had:

21st july wed 2021;

Mothers cerimony attended and met many people there;

Chengaiah called;

22nd july thursday 2021;

Beldari dint start work but he sent boys;

23rd july friday 2021;

No response from Beldari again;

Not even any communication;

Climbed up of hiuse and had seen site: Talked with parvathi for some time; Eye vision further went down;

Mobile signal problem;

24th July saturday 2021;

Beldari Subbaiah came with his team and started house work;

Arranged them Tiffen; Had full support of Villagers;  With Narsimha support brought windows and other things by auto; Trouble of Byke tyre quickly managed; Prabhabhavathi son called;

 25th July  Sunday 2021;

Nagraj sr freight called; House work further improved: Paid Wages:  jio recharge did: paid jana 2k; Had discussions about house;

Body fitness is becoming head ache;

26th Monday july 2021

Brought Roof  sheets ; Sink; Commode; Kistauah came; Called Jafrulla: Money being arranged by 


27th july Tuesday 2021;

Beldari failed; Cutting work did;

Paid back Raji; Eye sight trouble continued;

28th july wed 2021;

Welder and Beldari dint turnup;

Koti came; Someones Death news in Malawada; Suffered from some leg cramps throught the day;

Vision further worsened; Old friend Aiwaraiah of Darjipalli wished;

Evening played with Palani;

Hydraces began again; RedOxide painting work hot done;

29th july  Thursday 2021;

Brought one Cot from Madhavaram

 ; Gave Puri and Mysore pak to Phalani: Red oxide work got done;

30th july friday 2021;

Welders came and began their work; Chinnimmi came; severe back pain missed Dinner;

31st july satday 2021;

Welders finished Roof work;

I went to Ontimitta brought tablets;

1st Aug; Sunday 2021;

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

General talk


General talk:


India mp 543;


Telangana  17/119

A.p  25/175

Tamil Nadu 39/234

Kerala  29/140

Karnataka  28/224

Up mla   80/403

Maharastra 48/ 288

West bengal 42;

Gujarat 26/ 182

Haryana 10/ 90

Himachal pradesh  68

Jharkhand 81

Rajasthan 24/

Goa 40

Bihar 40/243

Assam 126

Mp  29/230

Punjab  13/ 117

Sikkim 32

Pondychery 33

Meghalaya 60

Arunachal pradesh 60

Where to improve;

To improve spending power for adwords; Spoken skills; team power; Rx investment power; news portal design;

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Horse owners

 1. Ameeta Mehra


3.  Shapoor Mistry

4. chettinad  stud

5.  dr Nevil (Impavid)

6. padmanabhan.

7. Dinsha Shriff

8. United Racing cyndicate

9. Dr Suresh Chintamani

10. p.j.vazifdar

11. Rajesh Monga

12. Gautham Basappa.Dr C.A.Prashant (War Hammer)

13. M.Deboo

14. M.R.Stud

15. Cyrus Palia Roman Emperor

14. Rajan Agarwal

15. Doulat Chabria

16. Haresh n mehta

17.  Aditya P.Tharsy

18. Shaiven Shivendranath

19.Vijay B  shrike

19. Jaydev Modi

20. Meka Ahalya (planetaire)

21. Mohit Malhotra  (Ooty)

22. VijaySohna stud Delhi.

23. Rakesh Reddy Balram Raju Hyderabad

24.  Vijay kumar huota & partners.

June 2001

 19th june satday 2021;

I must start ecom business as jeff Bejos has 189 Billion money

Unable to withdraw cash from SBI ATM; Broght Cadoner and  2  Insulins; Mirning calls began; looks like i did mistake with mom;

Hinduism is 2300 years BC ;

Population difference between China vs India is 3 crore;  136; 139

Rx owners list work began; lot of calls  recd for the day; Ajay asked about Roti machines;

20th June Sunday 2021;

Incoming calls continued but no use; Insecurity continued; Watched movie with Gta: Cats strong pritest fir Chicken;

Hair coloring had Foxy helped;

Learnt  video making  with Brochill did first video for Bhaskars son and reply recd; Some more dates added;

Analysed latest developments;

Spent time in watching others whatsapp status and interacted; Telangana produced 3 crore tons of rice and climbed to top;

Dharma shared his childrens intimacy;

Depisuted Rs 100/_ hyderabadraces;

Broght 2 kg Onion;

21st june Monday 2021;

Inam paid to foxy; Called Prabhavathi talked for long time things known; Known about Prsad illness so called him and known things; Called Bujji lukewarm respinse; Took  ph number Bhaskar and talked to him;

Honey new girl intelligence ;  My blog further improved; Some unusual things at neibours house; Calls continued but no use none paid; usa lady also called; Added one horse owner from Hyderabad;

Read back History dates; my miracles; Reprinanded Fixy fir mibike handling;

22nd june Tuesday 2021;

Srikanth roti machine  may call;

Read Digital marketing stuff;

What are the chances left to grow from now in life ; Gollapalli and Rx plans from now;

Josh app downloaded; Pandu Birthday; Milk expiry dates marker seen;

How people became rich without investment?

Left over chances on hand now analysed lekhari as a document writers data; pandu gani birthday;

Ajay called; No sales even for the day something wrong ok; 

Known few tios about wharsapp business status posted accordingly  fie free course about Figital marketing;

23rd june wedday 2021

Hyderabad races from july;

Gta went back to her sisters home;

My past analysed again;

Further more promotions did for Digital marketing had some respinses even; Agonising still theres no payout for Roti Machine;

Where my credibility lost analysed;

Read that digital marketing content;

Us has more Helicooters;;

24th june Thursday 2021;

Some more fast brushing of Digital marketing did; Horrible boredom;

Gta returned but heache began; Still no change of RT orders; Some of tgem are asking COD option;

Rx sehedules are happening very seift first one being Hyderabad;

Added few more rx  owners;

Norflox tz brought;

25th friday june 2021: 

Unexpected turns; As call recd from Democratic web channel new  idea emerged as to launch of  news portal and jana positively replied later  seen some news  online ( Siasat  impressed) portals and posted on whatsapp status;  Many calls contunued yet no use? Lift irrigation discovery channel coverage   seen; Seen worldwide covid cases;

Gta Vadina came so had nice discussion; power of swiggy team known 3 rd largest team in indua?

Bouncer from Foxy in morning ; Another tention due to that  self claimed municipality person relating to Gold; Added some more rx owners and Political statistics;

Doubt  doubt?

Lukewarm respinse from Laxman and that other no caring attitude;

Edited latest developments again;

Seen Tekegraph and uk racing fixtures; walked to top of house for first time;

Another dynamite to ysrcp;

26th june Saturday 2021;

Managed youtube video posting;

27th  Sunday june 2021;

Chicken flopped;

Had discussion with Baba neibour;

Unable to walk for long time ; Few more Indian states info updated;

Calls continued but no use; Rained in afternoon;

28th june Monday  2021;

Bhaskar called ; Arguments again;

Sometimes things chnaged so suddenly ; Initially planned to travel travel to Kadapa by Taxi it changed to trian journey;  Quickly purchased  Belt and Repair work of Slippers; Walked a lot;

Due to sudden plan had to give lot of food items to neibours;

29th june Tuesday  2021; 

Visited mother;

Smooth travel by train reached Tpt safe;  Some calls recd but mishandles them; Felt very tired:

30th june wedday 2021;

Sudden headache at hospital;

No sleep in night due to disturbance

Met Jana and discussed about  project;

 Failed to meet doctor;

Narsimha; kuppaiah; Rx adwaraka;

Friday, June 04, 2021

Smart guard for Covid 19


The Made in India product has become to go-to protective equipment for healthcare professionals and people moving out of their homes to resume work.

The Smartguard weighs merely 100 grams and is designed to completely cover the users face. The shield comes with replaceable visors and filters – something no other product provides in this category and is designed to provide users a comfortable wearing experience.

we will also be exporting this to San Francisco, Italy, Canada, UAE, Ecuador, Nairobi.

 Smartguard becomes nation’s first choice of protection against Covid-19.

As the number of Covid-19 cases rise across India, so is the demand for quality protective equipment. To cater to this growing demand for protective gear,  Smartguard face shield has generated a huge response in both domestic as well as international markets. The Made in India product has become to go-to protective equipment for healthcare professionals and people moving out of their homes to resume work.

The Smartguard provides best-in-class safety and comfort for the people and within a month of its launch we are receiving an overwhelming response from the Indian market as well as overseas. 

The Smartguard weighs merely 100 grams and is designed to completely cover the users face. 

 Smartguard has become the first choice for all health workers and the general public. We are receiving requests from distributors across India who are interested in associating with us to ensure it reaches to the mass public. Apart from the Indian market we will also be exporting this to San Francisco, Italy, Canada, UAE, Ecuador, Nairobi and other countries.

Please call 



3_4_ 663/5 Narayanaguda

Hyderabad 5000 29

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

June 2021

1st june Tuesday 2021;

Bujji called; Met mibile huy at koti;

Objection in whatsapp group;

2nd june Wedday 2021;

Ghadbad but i remained cool this time: Tin Tin abulation recovery; Maplenesa; Snow Scape known; Further digged down  Rx owners data;

Cash on delivery option tieup and face shield indiamart enquiries had;

Special package issues for Ap tv9 discussion  known;

No enquiry for Pulse oxi meter even after 125 people watching it;

Samo did a nonsense:

Koti face shield guy flopped again; 

How i managed things with others analysed; 

3rd june thursday 2021;

You need to have huge capital to business; Further diggered into Rx performances; Kadapa guy called;

Told Ranigunj guy not coming;

RUTHUBHOOMI  Madhu called Anandaiah show seen Big debate at TV9;

Lost temper at Pandu;

That Daily "spiceup" knowkedge with Ranigunj guy; 

Brought 2 sets of needles;

Bharath replied for face shield;

Coral Caables  Deccan Chronicke ownersjop known;  S pathy Laxmi Mills;

4th June Friday 2021;

Double failure S Manglorkar 

 " Win forlove" known; Roti machines cant be available for some time is big jolting news;

Brought smartshields and soldout; 

Amazon and Flipkart competition is evident;

Trouser irritation alarming; losing temper on Gta due to negligence of food over usage of Mobile;

Samosa allari nonsense;

Call from Balaiah recd;

5th june Saturday 2021;

Known about coolmore stud; Dubai and UAR kinng and his stud farm and Horses; Brave Dancer runs seen;

Managed courier to Kishore  new offer from him  courier charge looked to be costly; Another model of  shield is  available now; pain of neibours and arguments and leg pain?

6th june Sunday 2021; 

New stock of shield arrived but dint impress; Brought mango;

Known more about British famous stud farms; Called Foxy;  purchased Ofloxacin;

Finetuned whatsapp intimate friends Broadcast;

7th june Monday 2021;

Lockdown further going to relax;

Got up very late: Horribly lost temper at home; Ajay called; Srikanth took faceshield;

8th june Tuesday 2021;

My power statistics; Madhus Vivekananda inspiration recd has further consolidated;

As per owner Bhaskars guidance 

went near to Sundarayya park and registered for vaccination,

Japan racing 21000 races in a year;

9th june wedday 2021;

Had Vomittings in morning;

Had Vaccination but long standing had discomfort later; Foxy family returned from trip but were silent throught the day; paid for Vaccination;

Leg wound further healed up; 

2nd world war Japan destruction known;

10th june thursday 2021;

Spent nice time with children;

Spiceup the the friendship eachday

; Rates of Tiffen during 1965 known;

11th june Friday 2021;

Night stomach trouble; Some khoj did on old civilization; Gra went to Shailoo home;

Incoming calls continued;

Known about value of   "Artefacts"

Naga subbaiah Raji call dint attend;

12th june Sat day  2021;

Stomach trouble in morning managed;

Why that huy voleti called?

Ajay still dint turn up;

Eyes were dimmingup in evening;

Walked and brought  Puri; Brought Milk&Curd Neibourhood boy allari; Samee gave Dal  with that managed lunch;

Brought Mangoes; Tomato pickle; 

 Chips; Nail Cutter; Papaya;

Known about Holy Roman emperor (ireland  ) and coolmore stud;

Kentuky derby records from 1900 records available;

Studfarms in Indian states info known Ex Manjri; maharastra state;

Depression continued being alone Ajay still dint turnup; Incomi g calls continued but no use;

How i could have manupulated demand of jowar roti making machine?

Nail cutter purchased; Had Shaving;

13th June   Sunday 2021;

Spent time with Kishore but had a fall from Scooter had Biryani; Prahlad called in night surprisingly; Rejected gta calls;

14th june 2021 Monday; 

Rx R&D continued added one nice point that is starting position of a horse: Gra arrived back change seen in her attitude; One lady  Us call was promising for Roti machine saved her whatsapp mumber; poxys calls and messages; Heavy hunger pangs in morning and Vomitting;

Many Religions  startings plus Qutub minar; Taj Mahal starting dates known;

Some kind of uneasy and unable walk felt shivering; Brought parcel Chicken curry but flopped: Bought dressing pads rs 160;

Weakness and hunger pangs;

Qutub minar 1100AD; Chittoor fort has 700 acres land; Etela Rajender joined BJP coverage seen;

In Rx Exclusive Virtue stats added;

D Khaitans owned horses like Romantic Dancer and Psychuc flame known;

Insecurity continued  as money further draining out; wound dressing did by gta by night;  Bhaskars help milk and neibiurs silence ignited; Hostel guys vacated is a good relief:

Not posted whatsapp message for the day;

Few inventions

Fire 4 lakh years

Bacteria 400 million

Art 70 000 bc

Adhesives 70 000 

Flute 43 000 years

Needle 60 000 years

Fishing 40 000

Clay 14000 bc

Farming  11 500 bc

Domestication of Animals  10 Bc

Bronze age 4000 bc

Copper 10 bc

Roads 10 000 bc

Wine 8500 BC

Shoe 8000 BC

Bread 8000 bc

Hat 3200 bc

Handbag 5000 years

Wigs 2700 bc

Bangles 2600 bc

Pickle 2000 bc

Pillow 7000 bc

Lock and key  6000 BC

Kolam 5000 years

Wood 7000 years

Dance 9000 years

Tooth paste 5000 

Bed 1400 bc

Knife 4000

Carpentry 4000 bc

Silk 40050

Wheel 3500 BC

Indus valley civilization 3300

Deainage ststem 3300 

Cotton 3000 bc

Kite 3000

Coal 3000

Perfumes 3300 bc

Stone age 3300 bc

Copper 3000 bc

Shirt 3000

Ink 4500

Hammer very old

Purse 5000 years

Comb 5500 bc

Chair 3100 bc

Bricks 3000 bc

Saree or Drape 2800 bc

Tea 2737

Glass 2500 Bc

Pyramids 2500 bc

Honey 2100 bc

Sword 1600 bc

Ship 1500 BC

Gold 1500 bc

Spoon 1000 bc

Coins 600 bc

Water purifier 500 BC

Astrology 300 bc

Hand kerchief 1000 

Commide 1000 years

Paper napkin 2nd century

Chocolate  4000 years

Lipstic 5000 years

Towel 1400

Helmet 900 bc

Ayurveda 800 bc

Physiotherapy 460 Bc

Waterpump 200 bc

Carpets 5 bc

Sugar 100 ad

Sculpture 3rd century

Tirumala temple 300 Ad

Diamonds 4th cenrury

Hospitals 4th Century

Book 600 ad

Razor 6th

Coffins 7th century

Ice cream 900 

Cigarette 9th century

Lungi 10 th century

1000 pillar temple 1100

Qutub minar  1199

Eye glass 1300

Buttons 13th century

Bucket 13th 

Ontimitta 1356

Playing cards 1400

Horse racing 1400

Nut and bolts 1400

Annamacharya 1408

Printing 1440

Columbus 1451

Syringe 1497

Violin 1500

Screw driver 1500

Kung fu 1500

Nistrodamus 1503

Srikalahasti 1516

Vascodegama 1524

Chess 1590

Pencil 1564

Galeleo 1564

News paper 1566

Char minar 1591

Toilet flush 1598

Visiting cards 15th century

Ads 1600

Pamplets 16th century

Salon 1600

Gardening 1600

Hotel 1600

Shares 1602

Gun 1608

Taj Mahal 1638

Bramham garu 1608

Pistol 1600

Newton 1643

Bar 1650

Injection 1650

Bus 1662

Soft drinks 1676

Sofa 1690

Oxygen 1700

Valve 1705

Thermometer 1709

Wrist watch 1702

Tumbler 1746

Tippu Sultan  1750

Restaurant 1765

Rhyafaeaja 1767

Erazer 1770

Usa 1776

Madras Race club 1777

Bearings 1794

Vaccine 1796

Battery 1800

Doormats 1800

Pulleys 1802

Morphine 1803

Stethascope 1816

Graphology 1806

Computer 1820

Train 1804

Byke 1817

Transport 1820

Tripod 1820

Electricity 1821

Raincoat 1824

Binoculars 1825

Aluminium 1825

Pen 1827

Photography 1830

Hoardings 1830

NObel 1833

Times group 1838

Tyre 1839

Camera lens 1839

Drilling 1840

Anasthesia 1847

Welding 1881

Ceiling fan 1882

Congress 1885

Virus 1898

Tube 1945

Pfizer 1849

Steel  1850

Train 1853

1858  to 1947 British Rule in India

Petrol 1859

Indian currency 1861

Washing Machine 1862

Typewriter 1865

Tata 1868

Gandhi 1869

The Hindu 1878

Ballpoint pen 1888

Cinema 1894

Nail cutter 1875

Castors 1876

Bulb 1880

Electrical switches 1884

Car 1886

Movie 1895

Note book 1888

Water Heater 1889;

Slate 1894

Olympics 1896

Tirchlight 1899

Modern Furniture 1900

Broom 1900

Tap 19th century

Incence sticks 1900

Air conditioner 1902

Flight 1903

Plastic 1907

Facemask 1910

Hollywood 1910

Coocking gas 1912

Stainless steel 1913

Refregerator 1913

1914 to 1918 first workd war

Karate 1920

Telugu film industry 1921

Ntr; Anr 1923

Rahanala 1925

Radio 1927

Advani 1827

Bbc 1922

Kosaraju 1905

Ghantasala 1922

Majlis 1927

Milkha Singh 1929

Aluminium ladder 1930

Bollywood 1930

Zaminryot 1930

Bath soap 1935

Cipla 1935

Ramoji 1936

Rayban 1936

Raja babu 1937

Tooth brush  1938

Atom bomb 1938; nuke 1945

Sp Balu 1946

Helicopter 1939

Antibiotic 1942

Joe Baiden 1942

Detergent 1946

Water Bottle 1947

Arnold swarneggar 1947

Hair dye 1947

Venkauah naidu  49

Modi 1950

Chandra babu Naidu 1950

Rajnikanth 1950

Rajnath singh 1951

Jet 1953

Head Shampoo 1954

Kcr 1954

Bill gates 1955

Vijay mallya 1955

Space e

Travel 1957

Atm 1960

Ibuprofen 1961

Ranbaxy 1961

Leds 1962

Electrical wires 1965

K.V.Ramana 1965

Clindamy 1966

Ali 1967

Video 1970

Glucometer 1970

Paracetamol  1970

Squanderer 1969

Secretariat Horse 1970

Y s jagan 1972

Aidmk 1972

Diclofenac 1973

Eenadu 1974

Bear Grills 1974

Atenolol 1975

Mobile 1979

Omeprazole 1979

BJP 1980; 

My SSC; Hyderabad;1980

Laptop 1981

Insulin 1982

Tdp 1982

Color Tv  1982:  

1982;my intermeduate studies;

Selfie stic 1983

Lokesh babu 1983

Internet 1983

Etv 1984

Reddy labs 1984; 

 fathers death; 1985

 Singapore visit 1985

Suraj Narredu 1985

Discovery channel 1985

Chairanya Chakram 1986

Ciorofloxacin 1987

Discovery channel 1985

 Exhilaration 1991

Max India; 1992;

Amazon 1994

Smart phone 1994

Elusive Pimpernal 1995

Indiamart; justdial 1996

Akshay kumar 1997

Titanic movie 1997;

Pen drive 1998

Google 1998;

Alibaba 1999

Nelloretimes 2000

Trs 2001

Adler 2002

Nelloreone paper; 2003;

Facebook 2004

Mystical 2004

Tv9 2004

Youtube 2005

Vetuku  2005;

Twitter 2006

Oasis Star 2006

Flipkart 2007

Ntv 2007

Tv5 2007

Android 2008

Zomato 2008

Sakshi 2008

Whatsapp 2009

Paytm 2009

Instagram 2010;  gta joined;

Ysrcp 2011; 

lekhari expansion work;

Byzus 2011

Aam admi party 2012


In the spot light; 2012

Pen media forum 2013;

Phonepay 2014

Swiggy 2014

Bahubali  movie 2015

Ruffina 2015

Googlepay 2015

Janasena 2014; tpt; Hyd; googkemaps consolidation;

Licious 2015; Tpt; 

google maps consolidation;

Desert god 2016

Lekhari.com 2017

2016, Tpt

2017 ; Tpt;

Prime9rv ; 2018

2018; Shift to Hyd ; Chimp trouble;

Desparado 2019

2019; Adikmet house death of gta bro; Corona;

Digital marketing  2020 consoludation; lockdown income loss sabotage;

War Hammer, 2020

2021 ;  Immortality; owners data; world Rx; Rx consolidation,

Cool Rider 2021

Family support;

Music apps;

Sale of Rt machines; 

leg Finger amputation;

corona lockdown;

Gollapalli house initiation and construction started;

Rx knowkedge start to finishers;

Gollpally; lekhari  re design; Nt renewal; online coaching idea began; texm of reporters idea;

Online sales idea;


Ramoji 84;

Biden 78

Modi 70; 

Venkaiah Naidu 71

Chandra babu naidu 71 ;

Eajnath singh 69

KCR 67  ;

Bill gates 65;

Mallya 65

Jeff Bezos; 57

Pawan kalyan 49;

Jagan 48;

Larry page 48;

KTr: 44;

Lokesh babu  38

Suraj narredu  36

Zuckerburg 37

Akshay kumay 27

15th june Tuesday 2021;

Thank God Sugar levels are normal

; Throughout the day retrieved dates of many things and tools invention dates; Kept busy all the way; Many calls received again;

Chewing Betelnut is Carcinogenic and decided to quit;

24000 worldwide flights; 16 800 light houses;

16th wedday june 2021;

Ameruca is a rich country: Continued inventions  R&D work;

Tv9 debate with Duvvuri SubbaRao ex RBI Governor;

Incoming calls continued;

17th Thursday june 2021;

With Dharmaiah chat  known that Trains are still running;

Teased Foxy for Chocolate; I consoludated Nt renewal and developed lekhari during my Tirupati vusit; Someone cried outside shoutings;

Insulin  syrenges purchased  my walking  seems to be much improved now; Seen videos of Rx of starting positions; Horses like Elusive pimpernal, Black pearl, Sir Cecil  can win from any point;  

Continued R&D  on inventions  added many listings; suddered from  back pain; Surprising chat of Gaming sites with Hemanth at evening: 

Incoming calls continued; To be careful about Joker trojan Software;

Lot of knowkedge gained with inventions work; Called Chengamma news of Kokkanti unwasy; Narsimhulu; Dharma; Srikanth jowar roti guy responded positively;

With Eenadu purchased 2 of panimanushulu numbers saved and sent them messages read paper eith use of magnifing lense; 

Bhaskar wished good morning set Ganneru tree and pipe hangings; Arranged  freedom oil, Eggs to home and paid to Srikanth and he opens at 8 AM; New knowledge Good money can be made with online coaching to work on this concept;

Wished Bujji  and Gandla group members but no response;

Retrieved 2 old mailers from Gta  wharsapp old messages known that i did lot of work in past relating to promotion of Digital marketing; jana responded to whatsapp message about domain name; There are thousands of Trains in India from thousands of stations; Gra did dressing; Stopped wating Rajni gandha; gra had to walk  outside to bring vegetables;

Lockdown may be relaxed from 20th of june;

18th june Friday 2021;

Felt quite uneasy to get up in morning; posted online coaching idea:

Latest hope finders;

* With one rx  mount or   (one business chance) i must  settledown in life;

* Teaching online (Tutor) is one of fastest money making business to tryout; 

Catch big brands for Digital Marketing;

Target huge money; Recruit big  team pls;

*Selling goods online: huge sales not possible;

* Starting position of Race horse is new knowledge;

*  To Build trust;

* Owners and chronology of Rx events yearwise etc  indianstudbook help;

* Gollapally property hope;

* Wound and lock down clearance;

* lekhari design improved;  nelloretimes.com renewd again launching hope;

*whatsapp 6k data daily 100 plus visits ;

* Online betting  hope target  Huge money;

* History dates knowledge;

Past Miracles

Coming to Hyderabad;  Completion of Education  Degree; languages English; Hindi; Human relationship techniques learnt from Books; Sales techniques; Internet power on hand with Seo;   mobile Blogging; Adwords and insta paid ads; Eenadu ads power; youtube power mobile power with 4g jio;

Apps power; byke; Content power;

Blog writing; press card power; 

Tv9 Rajnikanth confidence;

Military; Athletics exposure;  Singapore visit; Brothers help during ttoubles;

Max job later as manager then to Real estates; 

Internet venture  then press entry; idols business; 

Big chance was rx bookmaking licence in Bangalore;

Digital Marketing knowledge consoludation; Gta and  golden senorita; press team; lekhari.com 

Unwxpected Roti maker sales;

Capital on hand;

Current setbacks;

Byke; Amputation; poor capital on hand;


checked Sugar levels; 25 k can be made as care taker argument with Gta;;

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Sri jagadeeshwar Ambulence service Tirupati


Sri Jagadeeshwar Ambulence service Tirupati.

18_2_249/ c

Ashok nagar

Best Ambulence service in Tirupati

Freezer Boxes available for Rent

Mob; 97007 93335


Bhaskar 9177218991

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Pulse Oximeter dealers in Hyderabad


Dear friends,

Benefits of Using Pulse Oxi


Our Pulse Oximeter accurately  measures  oxygen levels in your blood. It checks how your heart is pumping oxygen to your body parts. It evaluates how helpful a Ventilator is. People with respiratory and cardio vascular problems  benefit with pulse oximeter.   Pulse Oxymeter is very easy to use.

Oxygen saturation below 90% considered as low and needs  immediate medical emergency. Pulse oximeter is easy to use by clipping it  to  your hand  finger. Useful for everyone.

We are selling above Pulse Oximeter  inly for Rs 950/_  (No Shippoing charges) door delivery available.

Rush few pieces left.

Call K.V.Ramana

Ceo www.lekhari.com

mob; 9347107468

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Rx yearwise best horses of India

 Year wise best horses of  India

1985. Sir Bruce. Silver Heaven. Solitary splendour. Amorous knight. Recardo.

1986.  Divine  light

Chaitanya chakram

1987. Capricorn. Realand. Noble quest.  Classapart. Naukhal. Ardles. Dedication.

1988. Brave Dancer. Premium Spirit.

Tresure girl; Cordon blue. Menorah.

1989. Nine carat Vesuvious.


1990. Nortern star. Delage. Classic story. Romantic Dancer.

1991. Exilaration. Ashtonish. 

Ponta Delgado. Pierce Artow.

1992. Bugs Bunny. Astounding. Kalamaris.

1993. Adler. Summer Dust

1994. Super Brave.

1995. Winning pretty. Elusive pimpernal. Forest king.

1996. Lei. Santorini star. Amazing bay.

1997. Indictment. Forest fantacy.

1998. Running flame. Indiscretion. Supervite.

1999. Crown Treasure. Star Supreme


2000. Six speed. Smart chieftain.

2001. littleover

2002. Adler. classical act.The pelican.

2003. Sweeping success.

2004. Mystical.

2005. Southern Empire.

2006. Strom Again.

2007. Bourbon king

2008. Set Alight. Oasis Star. Noble prince.

2009. AUTONOMY..

2010. Moonlight Romance.

2011. In the spot light. Smashing.

2012. Hachiko. Machiavanism. Equine lover. Borsalino.

2013. Amazing Grace. Allandaire. An aquired taste.

2014. Besafe

2015. Ruffina7/8. Quasar.

2016. Desert God.;

Star superior

2019. Desparado. War Hammer.7/7

2020. Black pearl.7/7

2021. Immortality. 4/5 Forest flame

Some motable performances



Mystical; Adler; chaitanta Chakram;

Elusive pimpernal; 22/23

Multitude 25/41

Exclusive virue 20/38

Desert god  19/30

Quasar 16/22

Oasis Star 14/17

Ruffina 13/16

Star Superior 13/19

Machiavanism 16/52

Searjeant at arms 14/19.

Coral gabkes 12/43

Set aside 11/13

Allandaire 11/27

Prevalant force 11/24

Lady in lace 11/22

In the Spot light 10/16

Amazing grace  10/15

Besafe 10/17

Torolocco 10/39

Cosmos 9/12;

Kangra 9/22

Corfe Castle 9/26

Jaqueline 8/11

Adjudicate 8/16

Xisca 8/17

Yana 8/16

Hachico 8/19

Knotty ash 8/ 23

New England 8/42

Black pearl 7/7

War Hammer 7/7

Moonlight Romance 7/10

Aboline 7/13

Verasaki 6/7

Sultan suleiman 5/13

Manifold 5/10

Trafalgar 5/15

Wellconnected 5/15

Impavid hattrick  5/ 15

Costa Bravo 5/16

Lagarde 5/ 8

Rochester 3/10

Forest flame   5 straight / 8

Born wueen 5 straight of / 6

Ashwa Bravo 4/8

Immortality 4 straight of/5

Falcon edge 3/3;

Forever spl 3/5


Horses which have develooed after each run;

In the spot light;

Oasis Star;

Desert god;


Tin tin abulation;


After a flop

Ashwa bravo;

Tin Tin Abulation;

In the spot light;

No recovery

Most unruly



Sea quest

Win my love Double flop


Eat Am bay place;5k;

5kM.Narredu first run;

Eat Aslam khader;

In the spit lught; 

Flaming star venku; Class Apart ;

Cool rider first win

MAm 2 of 50to one shots.

P  shoff charenchacjio

Pierce Arrow ;

Sinburst at 20 to one

Eat place 

Beave hunter


Agaisnt eluvepipernal 

Against southern empire


Race cources in each country

Aystealia 360

Japan 5

Singapore 1

India 8

Usa 75

Ireland 26

Hongkong 2

Uk 60






Some good payouts;

Sea quest first run forecast ;


Southern Empire  flopper; forecast;


Lagarde  soverign legend forecast; 794/_

Sunday, May 02, 2021

2021 may

1st may Saturday  2021

Ghadbad at home due to Gta Chinnanna issue; laxman brought Rajnigandha; Night relaxed watched ipl march Chennai vs Mumbai;

Bhaskars milk to Cats;

2nd May Sunday 2021;

Sugar is ok 110; Ajay called; Few incoming  calls continued; Known death of Pulla Reddy Davantharam palli due to Covid;

Poor Chicken; Disturbing  Chinna msgs to Gta; Called Chengamma;

Walked but wound got disturbed;

Reduced A/C in night;

***Services page added to lekhari big development;

3rd May Monday 2021;

Very few ads seen for Eenadu and jyothy; Namasthe Telangana clssified ad is rs 400/_.

Again arguments over dressing @ home; Tried to watch youtube videos but failed; 

No worthwhile development;

Rain news; ipl disturbed to Covid;

4th May Tuesday 2021;

*** After a win  it can take on any big event strategy in Rx has evolved;  Adhaar card updated msg received:

***Top Indian hirses listing work continued:

Night before sleep gave a warning to gta on her Chinnanna issue;

5th May wed day 2021;

Read more details about Secretariat Great Hirse; 

Gta did dressing ;

Chinna messages to Gta  headache;

6th May Thursday 2021; 

Got up very late;

Called Sekhar known things;  wished Sumo;  whatsapp message sent recd 3 replies;

One video of Handicapped guy helping poor people;

7th may friday 2021

Got one jogulamba Gadwal ; called up and known position;

Arguments continued;  Not sent any messages; Vaibhav lakshmi pooja in laxmans house their owner also attended;

8th May satday 2021;

Sent msg;  Call from gta bro recd; Managed Pune order of lady door delivery; More knowledge known about life of a through breads read;

Medium and big machines rates known after meeting Murali ; lekhari pan card and photos prints took; Dressing had done by Gta at night; Chakodi snaks had at evening;

9th May sunday 2021;

Arranged Chicken Allam; Vellulli paste; Kishore called: Called Ajay;

With phone initiave relationships can be developed known after talking to Jafrulla.

10th May Monday 2021;

Gta went to her Chinnanna house; Neibourhood family helped night Roti; Took new Color  Adhhar card print with lamination;

Met GST lady at Secbad return journey by a different riad but return journey was strainsome due to old Auto;

Raghu fathers death news his son responded called Bujji and Bawa;

11th May  Tuesday 2021

Gta came back in evening due to sudden lockdown;

With Sameeksha help prepared lunch;

Satish called conference with Sudhakar had;

12th May wedday 2021

Unexpected sudden lockdown by CM KCR; posted helplessness on net HV jewellers order thali helped to order food; Rain in night;

By night analysed current  power of hand ;

No one is taking initiative; 

To find who has problems and help them if i can;

13th May Thursday 2021;

Managed to walk to road; Pressure had for cooking gas money;Sudden water pump problem had Bhaskars brother came and repaired; Posted Sai on whatsapp status; Managed vegetables from outside; Saved some quotes to Insta;

With Gra help oxymeter content posted; Had chat with Jay ram reddy at night new Niche known;

Guntur lady sent payout;Good informative  discussion on tv9 show in Corona;

Heavy tention and confusion over leg  wound stink and. Known that  in 8 weeks wound will heal;

14th May friday 2021;

3rd day of lockdown; Arguments continued at home; Gave 1 k to gra for dressing material; Incoming calls continued;

Black fungus details known;

Murtuza Royalind corp Ranigunj  guy called up; Few more calls recd ;

Payouts in Rx R &D  work began;

15th May Saturday 2021;

Walked out and  purchased Bata chappal ; Scissors purchased ; Tried to order prawns with apps but failed; Scanned times and Namstetelangana; Posted content to insta; Seen some details and payouts on fav finishing as second and Forecast payouts;

16th May Sunday 2021;

Called Prabhavathi akka; Sekhar; Koti known about mothers health; Removed Balaji from Broadcadt list;

Trouble with neibourhood children rejected their request of keeping cool drinks in Fridge;

17th may  Monday 2021;

Beauty and beast Movie seen; 

Sent Guntur;   Recd calls from evening;  wrapped with crape Bandage;

18th May Tuesday 2021;

Some of the largest wins of horses seen; Sir Cecil 18 lengths win by Neeraj Rawal; Brought Eenadu and Jyothy; fruit buiscuits;  Stomach trouble;  MLC Gowrigani pic saved

Put on Crape Bandage; 

19th May wedday 2021;

Walked a lot brought Chicken; Gas o fast; 20  Syringes;  Highest covid deaths day reported in India; KCRs visit to Gandhi hospital;

Vja Suresh called in night;

Seen videos to learn other languages by speed option on youtube Tamil  key points known; 

Pandu  shown music to app;

Long time Chat with neibour iutside about Puja;

20th May Thursday 2021;

Sannaddam future planning please;

Lockdown further tightened;

4 Dosa Breakfast; no paper; Dharmaiah called; night Prasad Prabhavathi Son called new things known;

Tried to learn languages from youtube; Surprising White beard;

Tv9s interview with 3 commisionarates of Hyderabad had exposure;

22nd Saturday May 2021;

Walked out in morning;

Lockdown rules tightened;

Boredom continued:

Checked some Rx results;

Panic disorder;

23rd May Sunday 2021;

Kamalakar and Dharmaiah have called; long sleep in afternoon;

Mostly confused state;

24th May; monday 2021;

Mallya gave lot of Money so MAm to their followers D Khaitans combination also.

Dr Bhushans tv9 charcha seen;;

Some payouts dividends analysed;

Seen Onion Samisa preparation;

Koti sent Rx scan copy;

25th May Tuesday  2021;

Walked out; Hot day; 

Good move was to buy Eenadu;

Read about War of Arrows kirian movie; Seen Desamuduru movie some time: Known about Tv channels ownerships; Known about Rajnikanth tv9 journalist;

Retrieved some more Rx payouts;

Known about Horse racing countries;

Seen nelloretimes listings and also seen lekhari.com

Democratic Tv channel ad in Eenadu seen then called them;

Some calls received;

26th Wedday may 2021;

Walked again.

Ntv burial ground coverage.TV9 cyberlaws civerage. Continued Horse racing countries, One order of mumbai.

Lost temper. Read wound healing and new things known.

Whatsapp power known, 

Trendinghash tags  info known. Entry posted about jagadish Ambulence.

27th thursday may 2021

Some moranle rx  performamces

Retrieved; Toofan in Tea cup eetela affair  Rajnis show;

Lecious deluvered prawns; Ajay called Hacker movie seen;

Fire crackers app known;

28th  may friday  2021;

Again retrived some notable performances; Read about shiela Byrely stud;

Retrieved many Rx starts;

Known about General stud book American stud book peper back issues seen; Known about Broodmare status in indianstudbook;

Adda cooly hunger problems and Donors coverage seen on eenadu ;

Delhi unlockdown news;

Hicksups many times?

29th May 2021 Saturday;

New covid head gear info known; 

Gave Chocolates to foxy: paid dues of Gta; walked and brought paper;

Incoming calls;

Tea flopped;

30th May Sunday 2021;

Chicken arranged amid huge rush;

Quasar added; Good response had for face shield; further calls recd;

31st May 2021;

4 hours lockdown relaxed; Still info to get for face shield; Someresponces recd;

Sameeksha was beaten by her mom heaviky;  Call from Hollapally sub arayudu about Mitta qas real surprise; Rx r and D continued; Tej brar wordoress blig read very informative;  Elusive pimpernal veo seen;

Friday, April 30, 2021

Lekhari.com services

Our services.

We bring you new clients and help you grow your buness with our expert team  expertice.

1.Best Domain naming assistance as per high ranking seo  rank in google.

2.web design; Graphic design, logo design, Broture and all promotional material design campaigns.

3.seo,  ppc, social media paid campaigns and reporting.

4. Current SEO audit scope for improvement.

5.youtube vedeo creation and  paid and unpaid promotional work.

6. Media campaign management.

7.Best Resume preparation and interview tips.

8. E-commerce web site design app design.

9.News portal management.

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Surgical shops in reddy reddy colony Tirupati Ap


Surgical shops in tirupati

 Bhimeswara Enterprises, Cell: 93936 22226, 9393930695, Shop No.#7-1-16, New No.7-21-S3-92, R. N. Mada Street, Beside Kodanda Ramalayam Temple, Tirupati-517501.

 V. B. Surgical & Medical Cell: 93936 22226, 9393930695, (O)0877-2222237, Shop No.#7-1-16, New No.7-21-S3-92, R. N. Mada Street, Beside Kodanda Ramalayam Temple, Tirupati-517501.

 N. Mohan Kumar ( Bobby), Cell: 9393622226, N. Rajasekhar ( Raja) Cell: 9393920695,  Veerendhra Surgical & Medicals, Shop No.10-11-389E, Doddapuram Street, Tirupati. Ph. (O)0877-2225577, 2225578.

Thursday, April 01, 2021

April 2021

 1st April  Friday 2021;

Another support  boost had from Krishnanna Kadapa  Kalakata effect;

Kamalakar brought 2 payouts (lakshmi Narayana D W; Murali Cars) one missfire from Excel stationery; Called Ongole Balaiah had pleasant exchange of talk;

Durga called and discussed; 

2nd April Friday 2021;

No payouts day; Kamal made 5 attempts; plus called Sri Balaji Kalyana Mandapam;

Gopal visited but got irritated again;

Mama came;

Visited Doctor;

3rd march Saturday 2021;

Got up early; ad script written;

Konda kalyana mandapam and cycle stores payouts recd; got annoyed by kamalakars expectation;

Bujji called;

4th April 2021 sunday ;

Called Chengaiah; quits to kamal;

5th April Monday 2021

Managed to walkout but eye vision has further worsened; Called Prasad Prabhavathi son;

Horrible headache at market by gta; enjoyed a/c at Bhimas; wallposter created in Telugu and English;; jana responded; 

6th April Tuesday 2021;

Eye vision is vecoming more troublesome;

Total rest at home; problems may cone due to children;

Sudden electrical problem solved by Koti; gopal came and spent some good time;

Purchased mobile cover and Fm Radio set; went down Gopal home for some timeHiring some free web designer idea and giving ad in news papers;

Removed ph numbets of Vasavi;

Had control on google entries: 

Dw reniguta responded after removal message; removed Vasavi; 

Reddeppa also responded; 

7th April wed day 2021

Getting a call from  Chengamma  was big surprise of the day; lost temper at Gta; Janardhan; Kamalakar;

Dharmaiah has put my Banner at his whatsapp status; Gopal came and enquired and fixed appointment with Eye Doctor;

Stunning 1 lakh plus new Corona cases in India;

Nisht wish of Hasini;

Removed Renigunta D W number;

None of the my plans advanced further;

Incoming calls continued 1 call was promising;

8th April Thursday 2021

Transfered 1k to jana;

Site social media logos were put ar my expected level; thrashing gave to Durga;

9th April friday 2O21;

Prabhavathi called; jana compketed tadk; afternnin relaxed in gopals house; By night sudden order got for Roti machine from Hyd;

10th April Saturday 2021;

No rx on Saturday;

Manohar reddy gave Eenadu guys ph number; sent msg to Stiram mega furniture but no use;

Gta upgraded for  dressing;

Gave eenadu ad;

Yesterdays machine supplied with the help of Nayeem and Srikanth;

Someone from Mumbai called for  Bulk; lekhari fully ready now; Gopal not available ; 3k cheque got from Ameen;

11th April Sunday 2021; 

Eenadu ad published but had only 2 calls money gone; Eye vision is ckearly a big setback now; Had Chicken;

Jana further improved content in site; first Sunday without rx in country; Managed supply of order;

Incoming calls contd for Rt

12th April Monday 2021; 

Jafrulla called; Ameen came and gave cheq; Had surprisingly 2 closings; Went down forgotten ATM card; Kamalakar called; Called Seenaiah; listened to Ttd channel; 

Forgot ATM gta helped to get back;

 Apple by Hasini;

13th April Tuesday ugadi day 2021

Bujji called; Mumbai clarified; 

Had lunch with brothers: night stomach trouble;

14th april wed day 2021;

Be next to google top  keywords;

Vattalur call recd and pressure;

Follow relavant people is new knowledge;

Kamalakar called; 

What to sell from China new idea;

Tweeted @ @reinventdigital  hi just look at my followers base i can grow your twitter audience please call 9347107468

Bouncer is Durga recorded my chat  gopal told;

Attended hospital dressing;

Played with children down;

15th April thursday 2021;

Somewhat low temparature;

Had Vada for tiffen ; adsense amount checked on mobike had related depression;

16th April friday 2021;

VISUALIZE your sucess;

Tips read on google;

Had very Good response at Verendra surgicals went with pant brought water on return and also seen manchalu shops;

Had Chat jana with  his web site known;

Hasini became more clise and also 

played with children;

Night Cot khabja issue;

Surprised with Autowallas good respect ;

Call recd from Chengaiah and Seenaiah;

Spent time with Tv and Gopal Astrologers appointment;

17th Saturday April 2021

Night lost temper with Children's  Suneethas over action; Met Astrologer as per plan power of faith known; Chengaiah called;

Net zr and d continued;

18th April sunday 2021;

Gtas bro called and Corbohydrates to avoid and Cycle ride to start;

Nice chicken Curry had; eenadu ad s for 3 days given;

19th April Monday 2021;

Morning started to Gollapally by Rtc bus and reached safe; villagers care was awesome;  Night managed sleep outside; Acess of Devuni illu had; 7 missed calls from Yadrami;

20th APRIL Tuesday 2021;

Padmas son came ans spent time;

Managed Goddess Gangamma visit and Puja; No response for Eenadu ad even for second day;

 One payout for Roti machine received; Ajay called and had chat for long time in morning;

Dokkodu flopped due to Rain;

Kallu Kistaiah came and spent time;

21st April Wed day 2021;

Machine process; Had Goddess Ganga Darshan 

Sri Rama Navami day; Nagara Sankeetthana seen at Village;

22nd Thursday 2021;

Peddodu came so had total grip on Devuni illu many vessels ckeaned and organised; Srikanth despatched Roti m to Kalyan; After long gap relaxed night;

23rd Friday 2021 April 2021;

Gopal called; Night discussion with Srinus wife; seen horre pilla

24th sat April 2021

Roasting under heat continued

Chinna tested Covid positive Gopal called;

Gas  evoporated at home had Chengammas help; Circus songs in evening;

Known about usa roti machine rate and courier charges:

Dayala ata sern slept at Ramulavari Temple;

25th April Sunday 2021;

Somewhat less heat day:

Peddodu brought scrap money and arranged Gas; Again outburst at home;

Evening circus people Veera Bramham History;

26th April Monday 2021;

Somewhat Cool day ; Began to Hyderabad took auto to Kadapa; Teavelled by bus to Kurnool then took  Car reached safe to Hyderabad; Thank god a/c worked ; 

Biryani flopped;

27th April Tuesday 2021;

Sent message to all about arrival;

Adhaar link up and cheque drop wirk did; 

Covid fear and Scorching Heat continued: Night watched Ipl matches;

Called Gopal ,Bujji;  N95 mask and  B P Tablets purchased at geberic shop; Few important incoming  calls missed due to sleep;

Missed Ganga Archana;

28th wed day April 2021

Had 4 vadas with Sambar;

Total day took rest at home; Called Raju tpt;

Covid havoc continued;  Missed to send whatsapp, jana did tracker work asked him to change registrant address; Night seen one sided  ipl match;  

Cheque sent to collection got cleared; Reduced A/ C consumption at home;

Small Cats hingama at home at night;  jana kept tracker for lekhari.com;

Tulja Bhavani ; Neibour Laxman helped few things for home;

Ajay called;

Bhaskar house owner visited;

Some kind of indigestion problem at afternoon; small pot arranged at home;

Insecurity about future prevailed at home ;

Incoming calls continued;

One ladys pressure had;

Old mans call from Pune recd and sent details;

29th April Thursday 2021;

Long wait of Cat at Door;

Sent whatsapp Telugu message;

Keluku is days keyword;

 See past Rx dividends;

Tried with Gta to Find  near by Meeseva;

Incoming calls continued;

Seen 2 ipl matches;

30th April friday 2021

Morning managed Adhaar mobile number linking work;

Created content of sevices page and posted to jana and Blog;

Surprisingly Sekhar called and told hes affected by Covid; called Bujji and Prabhavathi Akka lot of martiages info known;

Monday, March 01, 2021

March 2021


1st March Monday 2021

Finally Narsimha brought NOC certificate for Electricity meter; Gave vack 5k; sold old Iron things; Health further improved;

Gta brought few more things from  


Rx end ; when jockey fails on fav watch for nearest next chance;

Suraj and Akshay proved again; 

Last rwo days incoming calls not attended:

2nd March  Tuesday 2021

Peddodu came in evening did massage  of back legs and Jeast (Disty);

RMP Doctor came checked sugar and BP

Suggested  tips for legs ;

Caugh continued;

3rd feb 2021: wed day;

Called Koti for Moms picture;

Made a sachivalayam visit:

Called Prahlada guy got pissed off;

Called kistanna;

Evening made visit to sachivalayam for sand but failed;

4th March 2021 Thursday;  

Stayed at Gollapalli Suffered from heavy caugh;

5th march Friday 2021

Decided for tratment and travelled to Rajampet by horible auto travel; Shown to  doctor but no use;

6th March 2021 Saturday

Reached Tirupati and joined hospital; weakness and Caugh continued;

7th march Sunday 2021

Surgery  got done and discomfort;

8th Mar monday; 2021

Ameen responded and helped:

Friends contacts proved useless;

Gtas  and my  family members support continued;

9th Mar Tuesday 2021; fired one lady

Talked to  Srinu Kalakata;

Syam and Gunniah were failed; 

Suruggled had another agonising  sleepless night: Hunger pangs and poor eating contined;

Aqua check on call plus  purchased;

10th March wed day 2021;

Reached home safe but 4 peoples help recd to lift to 3 rd floor;

Lot of bouners continued;Sekhar; akka; Gta; Analysed few things on this part;

Ajay called; prasad prabhavathi son called;

Surprisingly 1 machine payout recd;

 jana visited home; food intake improved; one person called for Digital marketing;

Hand canula removed;

11th march Thursday 2021;

Health improved;

Morning coolly managed dressing and other things;

Heat increased; calls reduced;

Called Syam his initiative power known; prahlad;mumbairx Trevor jockeymansip skills known;

Art of motivation known; positive comments recd for my blog;

With much difficulty  retrieved yesterdays payout mob number;

Told Murali And Suresh Babu  and Srikanth; unexpected  bank balance;

Depression due to lonelyness; 

12th march friday 2021

Called Gopal;

Kokkanti Ramana;

Initiated machine with srikanth;

Goood  response from Gta bro;

Days surprise is shailo and Kalyans visit;  Stunning response from Dharma and luke warm response  eswaraiah; Bujji and chinna have sown positivity and care;

Called Chengaiah;   Called kistanna;

Must improve my writing skills

Sekhar Bhai; syam;Gunnaiah have flopped;

Called Jayram Reddy;

Called parvathi gollapally;

Called gollapally krishna;

Sai prasanna called;

Called Ameen;

Called Shankaraih;

Suicide story,

Called Nrn;

Called Kishore;

Fired syam; sekhar bhai; lofer daufer gunnaiah

Hyper  sugar levels are still a head

 ache;  called Cheng; Ameen; Bobby

Suggestions  recd from dr srujama;

Corona rise again; Ap stands out for Diabetics:

GST isuue solved;

Traumatic  feelings due to syam and Gunnaia


13mar 2021: sat;

RX card seen;

Ramana visited: most of. Calls not lifted;

Initiated machine: called srikanth;

Sekhar bhai called; 

Seenaiah called: Tooth prick;

Almond; Energy levels improved further:

Some past rx videos seen;

positive things known from Raju;

Machi water; doctor;syrynges;

Sekhar bhai gave gst tip; Arguments still contd: failed to stock syringes;

Seen Telugu motivational dialogues;

14th mar sunday 2021

Jouette  win in St leger confidence;

Long chat with Raghuram

Night seen cricket;

15th monday march

Chengamma called;

Bujji reached

Had comfort of physiothrapy;

Managed doctor visit and support of 2 Boys;


16th march Tuesday 2021 ,

Bawa visited; Jana sent msg;

Cheng called: Hema vet payout recd;Un intetresting cricket Match;

Post kept for jasminepetmart;

17th mar wed 2021;

Initiated with Bikas girl but no use;

Seen dividends of miracle forecast;

One machine despatched:

Called Narsimha; Madhavi;

Gopal came and  recd bouncer;

Called secretary; Madhavi; Called jafrulla and Bala Pullaiah;Chengaiah visited;Told Bujji:Called Nrn ; Madhu ZR; Suresh Vja;Balapullaiah and Jafrulla got activated;Ameen came and brought few needed things; called Manohar Reddy: Kamalakar Came finally;

Got Giri reddy number:Vision trouble fresh trouble;Took help of sekhar; Called Bobby and got commitment and calender got: Legs numbness in evening:

Still unable to walk freely:  Curtains arranged at home: New Covers and note book arranged; 

Called Venky;

Some kind of vision trouble in might time; importance of Gta known;

18th march 2021  thursday:

Kotis commitment of 50 k came in;

Gtas Bolt came in as her lose tung ;

Paid rs 3000/_ to Jana for 2 Domains; luckily 1 Roti machine solf;

Subbaramaiah death news came in;

Called Parvathi;

Called Narsimha isuka good news recd;Peddodu commited for Byke to bring to Tirupati:

Another anger seems to coming from Kamalakar;

Called Bramha Reddy; Thank god that horrible removed from list;

Camera centre guy called;

180 degree to get quickly upgraded;

19th mar fri 2021;

Mor gta gone to Gollapally eve tention on return;

Heàdache from Durga;

Prasad came; unruly expectation from Peahlad;

Paid  6 k to Narsimha for isuka;

20th March Satday 2021

Pressure gave to Sekhar; Called chenna keshav Reddy; Hasini seen close with Gopal;

Kistaiah reached back Kadapa;

Days new activation is Padma,:

Shankaraiah atta death news;

Called Ramanaiah;

Prahlad called;

Days new turn is tips had on 

Voice modulation seen 2 videos and Naren:Sent msg  about poor response of text messages;

Heat further progrssed; zcalled Bawa;

21st mar Sunday 2021

Peddodu said will arrange byke:

Voice messages saga began and had lot of interaction;

Bujji daughter came; morning head ache had again;

Not many incoming calls for the day; jana responded;

21st mar sunday 2021;

Trouble at home continued;

Shakaraiah atta death news;

Evening Manohar Reddy visited me;

Called  Madras Race club and known things;

Fm Radio arranged by Koti;GCP connected ;

Bujji dauther came;

22nd March monday 2021

Byke  and isuka news recd;

Byke recd so i have Mobility power on hand; Two things successfully managed with people; Again head ache at home;

Re assured Andhra spice Biryani guy;

Transfered 1.5 K amount to Gta; Finally Gunnaiah too phone;

Went down and seen mother;

Creatinine levels still at 2.8;

Read content on creatinine;

Diuretics and Anti biotics to avoid

Also avoid coffee and milk products;

Known about blue tooth usage;

Mistake of giving moong Dal to Suneetha;

Add kothmir kashayam;

Sent key with Auto guy;

Health further improved:

Called Kamalakar:

Sent msg to jana about domain ownership status;

Nelloretimes top listing bidding strategy evolved;

Problem with Mama @ night;

23 Tuesday march 2021;

Stopped taking Coffee;

Supported Thulasamma husband;

Visited Doctor in evening;

Rs 200/_ missing story later solved;

24th march wed 2021;

Slept a lot;

Koti gave Tablet;

Called Satish: prasad;


Stunning support from Bujji:

25 march thursday  2021

Gopal friend came and gave some suggestions; Kamalakat worked and brought 2 payments; lot of calls recd;

26th Mar friday 2021;

Complaint from SureshBabu re assured; Called Bujji writer; Kamal met Goldenpearl positive feedback recd;

Lot of Roti Machine calls recd;

Night sleep disturbance; Gollapally gunta headache; Narsimha feedback recd:

Kalata Srinu called; prahlad called;

27th mar saturday 2021

Children craving for Popcorn;

Gave 2k to janardhan for lekhari 

Design; lot of arguments with Kamalakar yet guided him got 2 payouts; Sirprisiny Gollapally Krishna called;

28th March sunday  mumbai Derby day 2021;

Kamalakar came and arranged few things;

Bujji called and said reached Proddatur:

Gopal came in morning and discussed more;

Wrong Dialogue by Kamalakar by evening of Director call ;

29th monday march 2021;

Kamalakar attempted few more calls; Holi  festival day  recd very less incoming calls; very hit day; 

No collections for the day;

No use; Full of arguments;

30th march Tuesday 2021;

Had Idli Sambar;  Kamalakars health trouble;

New thing is google my business pages downloaded to mobile new hope emerged; Added 2 more accounts now i can edit pages from Mobile;

As a surprise Bujji called good move; Kamalakar flopped; Called Murali cars had commitment; Slight tention of byke parking;

Jana came in contact; 

I must find a web designer at Chennai: Heat further crossed;

31st mar wed 2021

One chance must be enough to make a real change:

Kamalakars services had; Reddeppa flopped: Chandragiri payout recd; Rajaram catering number gone;