Thursday, December 01, 2022

December 2022

 1st Dec 22.;Thursday; 

Ontimitta visit; Goddali purchased;

Got one new order for the day but Sreekanth hickup:

2nd Dec 2022; friday;

Famous ppl Death years analysed;

3trd Dec 2022; satday:

Famous ppl death years  work continued ; Buddaiah took Sofa

4th Dec 2022;  sunday

Sunday ; app installed to count walk;; rx cards seen; fallen near medical shop; Enjoyed Chicken Sangati;

5th Dec 22;

Continued Famous ppl death years;

6th Dec tuesday 2022; 

went Ontimitta  brought brake wires;    enjoyed chicken ; walking continued;

7th Dec we'd 2022:

Prabhavathi came we visited Gangamma Temple; Alasandalu came to hand; 2 orders  despatched for the day; walked  nearer to 3000 steps target; 

10dec Sunday 2022;Abhisekham attended; Banana gift by pitchaiah;

12th Dec 2022; monday ,: 

Lot of walkig did;

13th Dec 22;  Tuesday; 

Nagaiah wife and Ganga did plucking work of Alasandalu;  paid Mali rs 1000/_

Got one rt machine order; 

14th Dec 2022;  wed day; 

Ganga did grading work of Alasandalu;

15th Dec 22; thursday; 

Dvangere order got; Distributed Alasandalu to some important ppl;

16th Dec; friday;  2022; Had vada from Darjipally;

Attended Sachivalayam;  just managed my tung; 

17th Dec 2022; satday; 

Raji and her children arrived;

TransferED 25 K TO GTA RS 500 to my Postal account

; But tensed about days expenses ; Rejected some calls; Rajiv delay of wishing and related tention;  Night Chinnis interaction;

Vadalu are costly ; Gave Vada treat to Peddodu; 

Seen rx fixations;

18th Dec sunday; 2022; 

Walked bit more; gta confirmed her Hyd trip; 

Struggle of muneiah and meesalodu for drink;

Seo video seen and related confidence gained;

19th  Dec Monday 2022;;

Phonepe misbehaviour continued so I enquired abt union Bank at Ontimitta;  2 orders got one got delivered and and other one misfired;  Felt Heavily tired after byke ride; Gta booked bus ticket to hyderabad ; Managed to watch  youtube SEO tips  video : Had Chicken and chapati at ontimitta;  Met Drilling machine Nagraj and  sachivalayam people.

Application  form of  union bank took; withdrawn some cash; 

20th Decdmber 2022;

Thanks to Nayeem pending order divered:

21st December; 2022 wedday; 

With Gats help managed to open union bank account and completed bank account opening work; 

22nd Dec thursday 2022; Union bank Atm work got fully activated with phonepe;

Alasandalu cutting work by 2 ladies; 

23rd friday de. 2022:  Transfered some money to union bank account;

24th Dec 2022; Saturday:  visited Ontimitta with Gta;

25th Dec 2022;  sunday;

Wished muneish happy Christmas;

26th Dec 2022;  monday; old man took advance;

27th Dec 2022; tuesdaday;

Alasandalu drying work and long time sitting; 

Night engaged Madiga Narsimha for pork menace; 

28th Dec 2022;  wed day;

 Severe back pain;

Til seeds plantation work by Narsimha and other; Long time sitting work co tinued; enjoyed nice songs; jafrulla called; Nice songs enjoyed;

29th Dec thursday: 2022;

My mark for the day is upto satisfaction; 

Visited Ontimmitta; One rt machine  order got managed to despatch it; Severe back pain;  crackers purchased for Rs 220; 25 k withdrawn 20 k deposited ; Heavy hungry lelels: Had nice chat with shiva; Had Vadalu for rs 20/_ Night suffered with hunger; Narasimhas irritation;

Told old man to stop Kavali;  Quite unexpectedly had to give Rs 100/_  to peddodu:

30th friday 2022; december; 

31st Dec 2022 sat day; Madiga Narsimha Did crackers job in night;

Thursday, November 03, 2022

November 2022 posts.

 1st Nov; 2022; 

Reached Gollapalli and with the help of people managed to vacate;

2nd Nov 2022; 

Big Arguments at home,; did not spend time with narsimha spent long time with nagasubbaiah; lucky order of one rt machine;

3rd n ov 2022; 

Called Nrn; seenaiah: Ramireddy;  sambaiah;

Asked asif to handover pwds; 

 Asif finally responded;  fallen and was unable to get up mentally disturbed:  Rained in morning; TV installed: 

4 th Nov  2022; 

Bharath; Had idli;

5th sunday Nov 22;

6th Nov 22; 

7th nov; monday; suffered from caugh; 

Brought vadlu to home by Yanadis;

8th Nov 22 ;Tuesday; 

Suffered in night heavy hunger pangs; 

Some what relief from caugh;

9th Nov 22; wedday; 

Called Nagasubbaiah; Seen Vari cutting;

Recd control panel details;

10th Nov 2022,; with gta gas transfer work did at Madha varam; Had Biryani at afternoon:

11th Nov 2022; friday; 

nrn asked help; walk to mitta by gollaveedhi; Seen few rx videos;  pulliah and another person continued katava work;  ganga paid 1k; 

12th Nov 2022;  satday; 

Had Dosa;

13th Nov sunday; Attended Abhisekam at konda Gangamma temple;  Night had chat with Narsimha Brother in law; 

14th nov 2022 Monday;  padmas 1st year anniversary;

15th Nov 2022; tuesday; 

Gta went to Ontimitta and brought Insulin; Azithro mycin and vicjs drops; Made a visit to Narsimha land seen full of Burada; Had Chat with Nagasubbaiah; 

Wished Nagasubbaiah padma husband hyd ;  Had Chat with Gangaiah; 

One Rt machine sold but Had hickups; 

16th Nov 2022;wedday; 

Another rtm got and despatched;  Gave byke for repair at Ontimitta;  Pullaiah came and worked;

17th Nov 2022; thursday ;

Ladies worked in mitta;

18th Nov 2022; friday;  26 ppl worked to remove Kalu in mitta; 

19th Nov 2022 satday; koti came to Gollapalli with nomudaram; paid wages to Pullaiah:

20th Nov 22;  sunday; 

Byke dint start;

Subbareddy play with children; Chicken arranged; 

21st Nov 2022; Visited mokonda ashramam; 

22nd Nov 2022;  kalupu mokka weeds; and distance of mokka knowledge known; 

23rd Nov 2022; Made a visit to kadapa; Engine oil and new Battery arranged;  Severe back pain; 

24.nov 2022; 

Fired Pullaiah;  lucky 2 roti machine orders; River snanam by gta and villagers; 

25th Nov 2022;friday;  

Appointed Mali to mitta;

26th sat Nov 2022; 

29th Nov 23 tuesday; 

New friend Darjipalli  "yadava" got introduced;

30th Nov 22 wedday;

Morning visited Darjipalli  martichetyu area and yanadi took thummachettu  and other pictures;  old man asked money; 

2 orders got for the day; Visited mitta vulava with the help of Anjaneyulu; 

Chengamma returned; 

Saturday, October 01, 2022

October 2022

 1st October Saturday 22; october

Reserved rly tickets to kadapa  for 31 october; Called nagasubbaiah;

Had jowar roti for night dinner but suuffered with hungerpangs;

2nd october 2022;   sunday; 

Hyderabad Derby day; 

Called Narsimha; 2 orders payouts recd quite unexpectedly; msg sent to asif;  Watched Cricket; slept in afternoon; 

3 rd oct mon 2022 got up very early; Collected that returned roti machine  gave to srikanth;  despatched 2 machines;   no new orders; 

Met Nayeem and Srikanth;  Throught the day consolidated human relationship knowledge by watching realtors videos;  Known more knowledge about Rental properties etc; 

Initiated ph talk with Nagasubbaiah and Narsimha; 

Asif developed nt in Telugu gave him most of design tips;  Night suffered from hunger pangs; 

Did lot of walking for the day; 

Very expensive day:

4th october tuesday 2022; 

Surprise sedyam work Initiated at Gollapalli; 

5th oct; 2022; Ncarsimha asked money; 

6th Oct 22; Death news of Kistaiah son by Rama Chandra; 

7th fri Oct 2 nt is ready; 2; recd 9k; checked the statement; Called Dharmaiah; Recovered from caugh;

8th oct sat 22;  Called Nagasubbaiah at evening;  no walking; 

9th oct 2022 sunday; adsence code imbeded in ;  ñew point is jouette lost;  Running after long layoff; 

10th oct monday 22; 

Nelloretimes developed nicely; 

11th oct 2022;  tuesday:

Effort continued on gaining knowledge for nt data and hope got from Sambaiah; New hope developed from old friends end; Called satish; Nagraj; prasad; 

Lemon Chai was nice at layman's shop; mobile net was slow installed Avasti;

12th oct wedday; 22; 

Slept at home totally; 

13th oct 22;  thursday

Gta went to attend function; Lot of calls recd;  gta vadina came home; Had word with nomotelangana guy; 

Fri 14th oct 22;  friday; 

15th oct satday 22; Called penchalaih not promising; Bouncer from Sathapalli Prasad; 

16th oct sunday 22; Simply slept at home:  Trt  Rajus followup had; 

17th monday oct 22: 

One order got ;  Called Narsimha;  somewhat recovered from Caugh;  Had idli Sambar;  Night Chapati; some more knowledge had on apartments ads and 99acres;  

18th oct 22 Monday ; 

Very hectic aye after a long break; 

got up in morning had Chai at laxman shop; known new features in instagram  boosting a post;  Sent msg to Asif about catogories; No response from NRN;  250 plus hits recd for whatsapp status post; 

Yesterdays rt machine supplied  by Nayeem bhai bit late;  enquired in sbi narayanahuda and post office abt interest rates;  Known about kinemaster video editing tool;  Known abt kyc of current aacount;  it's 5k minimum balance at Sbi; walked a lot for the day vision was blurry; 

Premnagar movie Songs  known;

19th oct tuesday: 2022; 

Kinemaster info known;  Known abt powerful headlines; I need to change my blogging style; 

Pavan Kalyan reaction seen on TV,;  One web site of nellore and their network known; 50 cstogories listed; 

A/c guys came and removed it; 

20th oct 22; wed; 

After discussion with asif to load content paid him advance;  calls continued but no closings; 

21st ict 2022; 

@ home; 

22nd oct satday 2022; 

At home; called Nagasubbaiah; 

23rd oct 22; sunday

Sunday; asif completed nelloretimes; Seen India Pakistan cricket;  health trouble continued; Very few calls for rt machine;

Oct 23 monday 2022; 

24th oct 2022 Duwali day;  tuesday; 

Suffered with caugh at home; 

25th oct wedday; 

Seems have been recovered from Caugh; 

26th oct we'd day 2022. 

Highly paid keywords are in usa like accident attorneys;  read about Kanthara; 

27th oct thursday 2022;

Few more pages added to nt;  promoted on whatsapp; 

28th oct 22; friday; 

; 1  machine order got; Purchased 2 months BP tablets from new generic shop; 

Telmasartin combination;  constant communication is buzzword;  side effects of azusa and bp drugs known; 

Notable people of nellore  linked; 

29th oct 2022: sat

Added few more listings;

30th Oct 31 sun;

Met doct Mohan Rao:  indifference with Asif : 

Nt work completed; 

31st oct 2022;

House vacating work began bit late; 

Felt Severe back pain :

Thursday, September 01, 2022

Sept 2022

 1st sept;2022; thursday; 

Mostly spent with Ganesha idol;

2nd Sept 2022;  friday

Again uneasy headache due to over eating;

104 posts as on  3rd Sept in lekhari.

Nayeem delivered 1 order at Manikonda; 

3rd Sept 2022; sat;

Pulligadu came; pamulodu brought chair from mitta; 

nimajjanam day at gollapally; recd calls but no sales; Few more videos took; nagasubbaiah left to rajampet;

No orders day 1; asif changed  servers and has my Gmail pwd;

4th Sept 2022 sunday;

Chicken arranged; how to reduce stomach acidity known and acted;

No orders day 2;  Had eve snack;

Watched cricket match;  chengaiah called;

5th Sept 2022; monday;

Mind is very powerful video seen; 

 No day for orders day 3;

6th Sept tuesday 2022; 

No orders day 4; 

Very hot day; 

Recent consolidations;

be confident; affiliate; develop in small breaks; 

7th Sept we'd 2022;

No orders day 5th

Few more videos seen;

8th Sept 22 thursday ; your circle and credibility counts;

Day 6th no orders;

9th Sept Friday 22;

Made a visit to ontimitta purchased tablets and vegitables; One rt machine order booked; Heavy Arguments at home;

10th Sept sat 2022;?

11th Sept fri 2022,

Heavily suffered from caught horrible night;

12th September sunday;

Doctor came and given injections etc so recovery became; nebuliser;

13th sep monday; 

Recovered from illness; animation and visual effects digital marketing are highly paid fields;

14th Sept tuesday 2022 ;

Postal guy did account activation ;

Pullaiah  brought  vulava seeds from kadapa;

Heavy tiredness felt;

Jio recharge managed; 

Managed kadapa visit with gta and brought plywood door; 

Even on travel day got one order and managed despatch;

15th thursday Sept 2022;

Managed to get Insulin from ontimitta  by narsimha; very poor incoming calls it looked as if all is over again; Never trust sudden inflow; confusion of non rain?

16th Sept 2022; sunday; 

Caught parampara doctor saved finally;

Lekhari has 109 pages as on 16th sept;

Quickly Have  a tieup with influencer; now ots very important; identify more sellable products;

17th Sept sat 2022: suffered from   caugh and vomittings ;

18th Sept 22: richest booked haul by gta 6 machines booked; 

19th Sept 2022; suffered from leg pain gtas help had: boredom at village; 

20th Sept 22; booked auto in night; Again headache with subhzn auto; 

21st Sept 22 wed;

 Took Nizamuddin express reached Hyderabad; tiresome journey; no fresh orders but heavy  calls recd;

Gave Bhaskar  2 Apple top up;  Called 10 close friends; Had nice sleep; 

22nd Thursday September 2022;

Had expensive hair cut enroute Onion samosa took good auto guys chat;  Known about Javid Habib seen their web site; wished neibour:  Walking is still troublesome; 

Recd adsence payment news;  Had one Rt machine order and got it despatched; 

R&d of top selling kitchen items known;  checked Rx fixtures;

Good news others have similar roller selling for 20 k plus;

After many days gap Eenadu read;

Known abt Hyderabad wholesale market;  Top selling brands on insta known;

23rd Sept Friday 2022; 

^^ More walking  did  as per plan;  hair  color  did ; Incoming calls;

Eenadu seen; we can create  our own apps; : Transfered 1750/_ to Narsimha;

 buy tablets; cycle pls; syringes; insulin;

24th sat Sept 2022;

25th sunday Sept 22

Sunday Whole day at home: seen lot of youtube videos; Seen cricket at night; Seen movie "Sarileru nikevvaru" 

26th.Monday. sept 2022; gta weakness;

Tiffen from Dwaraka; by night google money clardd so paid money to re design work of nelloretimes. 

27th Sept tuesday 2022.


1.vulava seeds sagu ; 

2. Tractor and Gaddis cleaning work kampa work; 

3. Visual effects power and Facebook and google paid ads power;  magicbricks; 

4. Lot of video watching did; 

5.emotional speech power;  collaborate;  confidence power; 

6.katti kodavali added.

7.pangal katte.

8.lakh cash big landmark.

9. Affiliation power to add;

10. Lekhari design completed; 

11.tpt visit.

12.renued 2 domains;

13.confidence power. gardens access and mitta blooming access.

15. House  construction work completed.

16.eye operation;

17.alchohol reduced ; marketing learnt.

19. Marriage; byke; gold;

21.pharma exposure.

22. Military exposure.

23.language and human relationship power.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

August 2022

 August 2022; 

Life chances; 

Rt machine sales luck (identify  more such  products) ;  Gollapalli land sagubadi  plus home  repair Digadala polam mango garden;  latest smart ph; National tote;   book making idea; Spoken abilities; youtube video knowledge; gta and smart phone and support; internet knowledge;  latest lekhari development;  other internet related knowledge;

Google maps; digital marketing;  byke; team making skills;  adsense;

Punting selections; phone pe; mannerism and spoken skills; books knowledge;:

 1st August;  monday; 2022;  rain for 1st day

Life's chances known and listed;

Power of 1 lakh cash on hand known;

2nd Aug  tuesday ;2022;

3rd day of rain; 

 Seen many videos of history and warriors; upset at final night carelessness; move talk abt Barakatta?:  vada had  in evening; gta paid rent;  komamtireddy  press meet;  One rt ft Gachibowli delivered; 

Gangamma temple visit had; 

3rd Aug  wedday ; 2022; 

Long discussion with nagasubbaiah; mitta sagubadi with tractor work with narsimha help;  sriramulu; 

Kalupu cutting work near home  with gta;  now we can post bigger clips in insta; Called Narendra nellore; Known distances to nellore with Google maps geeks videos seen; No sales of rt for the day; 

Lost temper about alchohol sales;

4th August   thursday 2022; 

Had alchohol at night;;

Bouncer with peddodu  for one wrong word ; Lot  of discussions had for next to house and mitta saagu; 

Called kistanna kadapa ; gave importance to Ramana chengamma son Ramanna;  One order of rt machine got but unable to dispatch;

Pangol Katte got from meesala subbaiah; 

5th Aug 2022:

Vara Laxmi vratham celebrated  and distributed  pasupu kumkum by gta to some ladies; stomach disturbance; what to answer in a interview known; 

Lot of world history videos videos seen

6th August 2022; 

Video of Magadh Samraj and chanukah  neethi seen bharateeyata unity effect evident "Akhand Bharatavani"; Never to loose trust experienced soldiers are better for war; 2 orders of rt machines got; kerala and Gujarat but unable to bill them ; narsimha came home and corrected pole; Discussed with Nagasubbaiah about two issues of house had his suggestions; Met Sivarams father and discussed;

Me and gta managed to cut some of Gabbu thumma chetlu as a team Goddali added to tools. Purchased new dining table.

It rained in evening; Arguments continued: incoming calls continued; Gangamma perantallu and watering ritual managed  at night; discussion with Sirisha mom for long time had; missed narsimha for rice; huge invests of teachers bro in Rice business known;

Bouncer from bakkamunda and her mom; Another annoyance by narsimhas son;

7th Aug Sunday 2022;

Due to shaving trouble missed Darjipalli marriage;  Transfered money to web designer; Again seen days share of vedeos; tried to learn  famous Sametime and songs; mokshits indulgence issue ho yes silence and kings ignorance;

8th Aug monday  2022; 

Manage 2 despatches; shaving; 

Asked ontimitta guy for azusa tablets; konga gone to rajampet; my recent landmarks achieved analysed; chinna appayya removed stones; chengamma over action;  Seen great war seen videos; 2 orders got dispatched:

9th Aug tuesday 

 4 hours and 20 minutes; Tractor worked for mitta; 

door mats; : shaving;

10th aug

10 ladies worked in mitta land; 2 rt machines orders got and despatched; azusa got from Ontimitta; Had drink; 

Severe legs problem during field walk;

11th Aug Friday 2022;

Lot of play with children; 10 people worked for mitta land; my position still vulnerable as nothing is in my name says Nagasubbaiah; 1 machine despatched no new sales; only very few in coming calls for the day; water purifier fixed at home;

Monkey videos seen;

12th Aug Friday 2022; paid ramana dues;

13th aug; 22; some more greatest kings movies seen: unable to offer top up to goddess ganga;

14th Aug 22; 

younus family came my initiative of Chai offer; rrr movie seen at night; konga initiative  was ok; some kind of missbehaviour by narsimha; paid 3k to sriramulu reddy;  Had gelp of nagasubbaiah: songs " Srirama Raksha"

15th Aug 2022; 

pm modis speech seen on TV ; pulihorahad for tiffen:

Laxminarayana saved from Rat stink; Travelled to Ontimitta and withdrawn cash paid wages to lafies and paid dues to nagasubbsiah:  hargharmetiranga selfish uploaded;  some of villagers clips posted; Ramana and nagadubbaiah came near home; 

Hope emerged as some one interested to take mitta land;

16th Aug  tuesday 2022;

Took Lot of villagers clips; more chat with my name kustaiah; evening vada from Darjipalli; 

Lot of villagers clips missed:  missed Narsimhas children birthday clips: jatara; other marriages; Lot of clips took; 

Mitta land lease matter further came closer; 

17th Aug we'd 2022; ;

More clips  work continued;  hyd supply followup; talk less and perform; rejected mitta land lease matter with narsimha; stunning 4 machine orders got; Met Sai and his father at #darjipalli;

Days additions; 

More clips; Seen movies; new knowledge; talk less; smile;;

Crossed 100 people videos;

Used strategy of talk less:

18th Aug Thuraya 2022;

Manage 3 despatches plus incoming calls;

Chengamma left to tpt; stomach trouble;

Learn video editing softwares;

19th Aug fri 2022;

Marrichettu video and konda devalam videos took; pamulodu latest sabotage; tried for rice auto; Took days share of videos; 

20th Aug satday 2022;

With Danzna pamulodu to Bgadapet for tice;

21st Aug 2022;

Severe illness; suffered throught the day;

22nd Aug 2022,

No rtm orders; recovered from uneasy slightly; Known the cause of acidity; 

23rd Aug  tuesday 2022; 

Slowly recovered from illness by night its ok;

According to telugugeeks our mind is very powerful yo use it to maximum; gaps of concentration;

Got one rtm order late; Known turnover of sb home appliances; 

Very hot night and day;  hosts can weigh upto 30 plus kgs; 

Nagasubbaiah wife left to Rajampet; 

24th Aug wed 2022; 

had idli; Raja Singh episode and his suspension; 

Few more clips took into fold and posted to insta; just 1k short of 1 lakh;  shifted Rice to other room; 

Severe back pain; Insulin syringes are for single use only; 

Met post guy,; Met sachivalayam guy;  Chetan spoken tips had; Power of body posture known; 

Learn to use video mixing softwares;

 Cheatchat; knowing name; variety of topics; genuine smile;

Bouncer had from Ashok nice interesting person seen in aiwaraiah darjipalli:

Chat had with my name kistaish;

25th Aug  thursday 2022; ;

10.more video spots took into fold slightly missed accident;

Quickly collaborate ;

26th Aug Friday 2022; 

Work on Video editing softwares;

Participated on GaneSha festival arrangements with villagers;

Ñon promising day;  narsimha Did spy work known strategy:

27th Aug sat 2022;

Siasat insta posts 7693

Parimala hits;  20 49 892


20 61743

Dhanu; subbareddy bro_in_law

Postal account number got 

Nsrendra mana saradhi called; 

Some of rt calls recd; 

successfully; suddenly gave commitment for GaneSha  laddu: 

21 patris of ganesh puja known

28th Aug Sunday 2022; 

Goddess ganga top up did :

We can share good posts of insta; 

Nice chicken enjoyed;

Nice amount of rt calls recd; 

29th Aug mon 2022;

Again stomach  Discomfort had and differed by  hunger pangs; 2 machines orders got and managed despatch; kne person non delivery issue;

30TH AUG 22;  video watching parampara continued;

31st Aug 2022; 

Lot of  internet social media activity did; Ganesh puja performed; Had shaving and brought  fruits for ganesha; Known decoration techniques plain background and flowers decoration effects;;  Lot of rt calls recd;  red color shirt rejected by sirisha; 

Ganesha top up did; Lot of ppl are watching my whatsapp status; 

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

July 2022


1st Friday July.

Fridge purchased;

2nd July sarday 

Ceiling fan arranged for home,

3rd July Sunday at Gollapalli.

4th July monday 2022; Reached tpt by byke and worked with Nrn; 

Calls did; 

1. Raunaq

2.tip top 1

4. Sr 2.

5. Munawwer.

6.cycle shop

7.s r scientific. pharma.

9.shravanthi flower. 

Tuesday 5th July 2022; 

Luckily managed 2 rt despatches; Tirupati vastly improved; Had 1 payment from Konda kalyana mandapam;  Met manohar reddy; Spent lot of time with kamalakar; Met sabjan;

6th July we'd 2022

More frauds of Drohi known; Issued new ID card to Munawwer; 

Met laxminarayana dw; shravanthiflorist paid; 

7th July 2022 ; psr; murali cars payments got: After long wait Met doctor; Met jana ; some more Arial exposure got; Eenadu ad ran and one person came and met at lodge;

8th July Friday 2022; 

Met  pasuparthys; Night health trouble had;

9th July satday 2022:

Came back to gollapalli safe, seen satyajit rei youtube biography;

10th July Sunday 2022; Attended Abhisekam at Gollapalli  Gangamma temple intereracted with lot of people:

11th July monday 2022; water arranged to home;  

12th July 2022 tuesday

Daring adventure to Salabad area; 

2 rt machines orders got; 

Arranged party to Yanadi;

One USA machine and one kompally;

13th thursday 2022; mancham brought home; new route known from Tappetavari palli;

14th Jul friday; ?

16th July 2022:satday;?

Events missed:

Okkodu sabotage; Seen mitta land; peddodu worked;

17th July 2022 sunday;

Bangalore Derby day; troubled day; 

18th July monday 2022;

Death of Gautham Ontimitta; I'll health of Narsimha mom;

19th July tuesday 2022; me and gta visited Narsimha mom; 

Night high  temperatures news of London high ;

20th July 2022 

1 rt clicked for 10k ; Madiga Narsimha came and did Rats blockade; As a surprise Amulu came home; 

Famous Vemana Padyams and Sumathi plus drama padyams exposure had;

Morning pulliah came discussion had for vulva panta;;

23rd July satday 2022; 

Morning stomach trouble;

24th July Sunday 22

Attended Abhishekam at konda Gangamma temple; 2 us orders and one local order got; 

3 villages people gathered near temple konda devalam; 

25th July monday 2022;  Some kind of uneasy in foot is it a infection?

Transfered amount for yesterday's orders; 

Idea of transferring data to emerged; Anji came and cutting work did for mitta but he taxed again; 

Night seen many biographies and some of best  video advertisements;

Best among them was Nirma ad and Ramojis biography;

Etv Ali tho saradaga Jonnavittula TV show seen: Guvvala Cheruvu Pala kova purchased;

26th tuesday July 2022;

Heated discussion about pad family;  1 rt order got and despatched;  Visited Ontimitta;

Anjaneyulu came and cleaned trees near home;

27th July wedday 2022;

Overnight paid rs 1000 to web designer and reduced burden for next month; 

After usa rt success decided to go to Kadapa; Felt very hot throught the day;  Purchased  Kodavali; Tablets; Insulin checking strips; 

Heavy expences incurred; Unable to stand for long time; few of  Neibourhood villages people known; Drug dosage began; 

28th thursday July  2022; 

Stone removal work continued near home;

29th Friday 2022; ;

Heavy heat; 1st day; 

30th  sat July 2022;

Good hindi song identified;

Long chat with Nagsubbaiah;

Heavy heat 2nd day; 

Gta brought insulin: Rains  night; 

Slept in outside for some time;

Good voice of someone;  Ghajani invasions;  Alexander the great;

31st July sunday 2022 heatwave 3day continued;

No orders day;  stomach tightness; Bindu;

; Chicken arranged: flood of children; depth outside;



Tuesday, May 31, 2022

June 2022 post

 1st June we'd day 2022;:

Night had jowar roti; Seen many biography videos ; 1 machine sold;

2nd june thursday 2022;

Morning had Coffee by walk;

Lost temper on nrn for delay: Charminar prayer  issue with Designer plus political statements; One rt order got some calls also recd; Morning Suffered sleep problem; No calls for jyothy ad more depressing; Drohi added many photos; many ppl not lifted calls; No replies to messages sent at morning;

Good Content shared on twitter; paid 4 k for House rent; Called Madhu; morning walked for Coffee;

Many of unpaid Tpt g listings removed; Called Kishore; One file kept ready for covering letter:

3rd june Friday 2022;

Late night 2 payments recd, went to Kishore for letter 3 hours waited and came back;  Some more videos seen; what's viral video content known; LinkedIn leeds  video seen;

4th june satday 2022

Called Subbareddy and Narsimha in vain; Kept busy at evening subscribed to Huku; Seen few more videos; Gtss bro Kumar called;  Fixed mobile charging problem;

5th June Sunday 2022.  


6th June month 2022;monday;

Rx flash is each year good crops;

7th june Tuesday 2022

Boring slept for some time; 

Video watching contd;

8th June wedday 2022 ;

Jana unlocked domain s shifting proces began to godaddy; Got one order for the day; 

Laziness and sleep; Another Rt sold

Seen many videos; Trivikram maatalu power known;

Had  heavy lunch at  Raghavendra Hotel; Anant srirama  poetic power known; Continued watching videos. Seen eye doctor.

One video got for commercial machine and rates known;

RK good sagd will join my journalists team;

9th june Thursday 2022;

Video watching continued; One new machine order got and few more clarifications about GST got from srikanth;

6 ads classifieds package booked for Sakshi;

Known more about sharechat;

10th june Friday 2022;

Asif replied, Eenadu ads rates increased by 30%.

One call recd for Reporter.  

11th June satday 2022; 

Shocker at rx;

12th June 2022; sunday; 

Heavy uneasy due to hyper acidity;

13th june monday 2022

One order got and despatched; 

Expectation at home continued;

Another hope got for next day; One app got of Fm stations workdwide; 

One person called for Sakshi ad; asked asif to continue loading content;: Asked jana to transfer domains.

14th tuesday 2022 june

After lot of waiting completed task of letter design and I'd cards work;

No new orders for the day but calls recd; Mailer content prepared;

Restlessness due to overtime sleep disturbance.

15th wedday june 2022

Got up very late;

16th June thursday 2022

Worked in field with Altaf after a long gap; Jana and Asif met on whatsapp;   stomach trouble in night;

17th June Friday 2022;

Secbad Railway station attacked by students;

Field working failed due to Aataf;

18th June satday 2022; 

Altaf came and handed over id card;

Again wasted time in tense moments as site theme chaged;

19th June Sunday 2022

Whole day at kome; Created a animated video at sharechat; Suresh called; Adif called; called Jana;

20th June monday 2022

Tried to rely tickets failed way back enjoyed chat; Known about Rapido rudes;  goods shed guy failed; buke is must; 

21st june 2022 tuesday;

Tickets booked for kadapa; booked ads for eenadu Karnataka and Bangalore; Talked with Bhongir guy;  Known that failure of cc avenue money;

Insulin needles help by Gta;

Shareçfat is gaining prominence;

Days videos;

1.R.Narayana Murthy

2.Manchu Manoj

3. Osho

4.yashwant sinha


22nd june wedday 2022; 

Got up early; 2 Cups of Coffee; Seen Eenadu ads;

23rd thursday June 2022; Sitting pretty at jome;  Karnataka and Tamilnadu ads have flopped;

24th  Friday  June 2022; picture of gta sisters family  picture se-en; eenadu Nellore ad ran; 

25th satday June 2022;

At rx stunning  upset;  Asif embedded codes and kept adsense;  Good calls for kadapa and Rt machine recd;  Called Nrn and had his tips; kadapa eenafu 14gh one ran;  Content streamlined for lekhari.

Raghunandan Rao  mla biodata seen; Bandi Sanjay bio data seen;

Seen list of famous lyrics writers and poets;

26th june Sunday 2022

Sharechat video created with Music;

27th June monday 2022

28thjune tuesday 2022

Got up at 4 am; Boarded train; 

Reached kadapa and by auto reached gollapalli;

Lost temper 3 times on beggars;

29th wedday june 2022;

Brought water from Tappetavari palli and slept ;

30th june thursday 2022;

Asked Asif to post 1 post; went to kadapa and purchased refregerator;

Lost ete glasses:

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Dr Rajasekhar eye hospital nellore


Doctor Rajasekhar started his  ownhospital with rich experience. 
Lekhari wishes him all the best.

Sunday, May 01, 2022

2022 may

 1st May Sunday 2022

Times and eenadu purchased and read; downloaded  Tataneu:

Called parvathi; penchalaiah; Sai Darjipalli: Narsimha no response ?;

Watched cricket: lucknow; and csk match;

2nd May monday 2022;

Activate sbi atm; Again menace of dhohi

3rd may 2022 tuesday

Ramzan day!

Jafrulla called;

Recd Chappal ; tried to activate atm; Had Chat skipped finner;

4th May  we'd 2022

Brought chappal from kacheguda;

5th may thursday 2022

Bank Atm work got done:

Paid advance for web site new design;

6th may fri 2023

Met eye doctor long wait;

Gta pushed me  to get things; I must perform  even under tough circumstances;

7th may satday  2022;

8th may Sunday 2022

1 machine payout recd; month wise roti machines payouts checked:

I'll effects of Alchohol for eyes known finally,

9th may 2022 monday.

Problem with jana continued

Had hair cut at Narayanahuda then shopping did at night;

10th may 2022 tuesday;

Sitting at home throught the day;

Jana replied and said to cooperate;

11th may  we'd 2022

Eye cataract operation had successfully; nicely improved further; Tried for Train tickets failed;

12th may thursday 2022

Met Doctor on follow up; is ready with new design; Lot of top web site designs seen; Slippers given for repair;

13th May Friday 2022:

Google 7 email accounts merged with new device. Seen Google business pages. Known about few clients.

Lekhari further improved with design. Had understanding with designer.  

Services.about us. Roti machine pages were added.

Sent messages to friends Munawwer replied. Updated whatsapp status and posted about reporters.



2.Manohar Reddy






One hiring app known.

Started updating some social media profiles.

Gta designed color leaflet seen.

14th  may Saturday 2022.

Got up early but again slept. Manasa tpt paid. Tweeted. Whatsapp messages sent.

Gta gone to her sisters home.

I have 100  plus Google short urls.

15th may Sunday 2022

Brought syringes. Gta slept for long time so no breakfast. Clear cut developments to web site is stats counter code and adsense codes are integrated.

Lot of Renewal reminders sent.

16th May 2022 Monday.

Lot of disturbance due to drohi; Known about Spandana app; and other ways to launch a complaint;

Sent few more reminders but responded;



2.suresh vja


4.Manohar Reddy


6. Raghuram

7. Anuvsmsika Ram kumar8. Sai Darjipalli

9.known kept Ravi number

10.Ravi Gollapall;Got 2 orders for the day.Trydcaller backup hope.

17th may 2022 tuesday; 

Seen wordpres layout of some big web site; 5 pages new content is loaded to lekhari. No  new orders.

Surprise non responded to messages.Nrn called. KAMALAKAR called.

18th May we'd 2022.Nrn good news about bluetick:More web sites seen and more content read;

19th may thursday 2022Initiated jaffar document and N.SHANMUGAM  fishes got paid.Auto travel is quite  expensive;Kamalajar came into contact5 more pages added to lekhari

20th may Friday 2022;

Met eye Docyor; Took Slippers from Kacheguda and returned; Content prepared for portal and sent to some people.

 Investigative journalism and sting operations to do. Web site further improved;

21st sat may 2022

Content improved further;

22nd may Sunday 2022;

Chicken arranged; Called Prnchalaiah; Seen village food vhannel;

23 may monday 2022

Got up very late; Kamal cslled;

Repaired Slippers are ok; Seen most of works of Navaratnalu ; Seen Guvvala cheruvu  palkovva;

Purchased Syringes; koti called;

Background  score  software's;:

24th may  tuesday 2022;

Money on hand; golden pearl money  recd ;

25 may wed 2022;

Throught the day read lot of biographys YouTube. Tirupati Chakrapani sent 1 k:  Discomfort jn right eye had; Country thoughts;

26th thu may 2022; 

Bangalore rx Saturday and Sunday  cards seen;  Seen many  of Country thoughts videos best among g them was Raja Ravi Varma. Enquired tariff of classifieds.

27th May Friday 2022.

Nrn gave word of coming  to Hyd on Monday. 

Video watching continued;

28th Sat May 2022

Not  Attended Bsngalore Rx; Seen many more videos. Kvp guys called

29th May  Sunday 2022.

Nrn confirmed his coming.  Oil  Rs 200/_.  Bhaskar plants issue.

30th may monday 2022

Gta went to get laddu;  Suffered  due to stomach trouble; One rt order hot; Gave jyothi ad for 4 days; Nfn failed due to Amavasya: 

 I continued to watch country thoughts videos even NTR also struggled to establish in life;

Content prepared on investigative journalism; Known about gangsters; Sent messages to Asif about site updating.

Called Murali sir known shipping charges for South Africa.

In Rx inform and as Fav winners;

31st may Tuesday 2022; 

Jyothi ad was super flop;

Stopped buying news papers as seen epapers; Asif dint reply?;

Another setback from Drohi;

 Drawn money; lekhari invitation letter created with images;  purchased needles;

Unable to walk long;

Friday, April 01, 2022

April 2022

 31st March noogu cutting began with 14 ladies:

1st April  Friday 2022

2nd day of cutting with  13 ladies;

1 machine got dispatched;

Paid to  yadrmi Suresh

2nd April sat day 2022;

3rd day cutting with 10 people;

Ugaadi day Visited Gangamma temple; Night one machine order got; Byke work got done;

3rd April 2022: 

4th day of cutting;6 ladies worked;

4th April  2022 ;

5th day of cutting 5 people worked;

5th April 2022; 

Seeds removal work began with  Pulliam team ;

6th April we'd 2022

No  new orders for Roti machine;

Noogu seeds kalam work  conti


7th April thursday 2022;

Seenas repeated alerts about safe guarding noogu crop;  lost temper on Annapoorna; lost temper on Okkodu;

8th April  Friday 2022

Made ontimitta visit; withdrawn cash;l first kuppa  Noogu seeds  extraction  work completed but full of insects at home; paid gollapalli electricity bill  by phonepe; Incoming calls for Roti machine have drastically reduced;

Narsimha came back; lost temper on Pslani;

9th April 2022 satday

okkodu failed his promise; 

Pulliah and 3 ladies continued Noogu  Kalam wotk;

With machine completed  Noogu cutting plus ladies worked;

Ontimitta visit had  twin indulgence: 

10th April Sunday 2022;

Srirama Navami day  Attended Kalayanam at Village temple  with Meenashmma and other villagers:

Chafivimpulu and meramani contribution;

11th April monday 

12th april Tuesday  2022

Pulliah skipped his promise

13th April wedday  2022

Naeasimga was not there in gollapally

14th April  thursday  ladies continued work near home

15th April  Friday 2022; 

Made Ontimitta visit purchased q0 new bags; Night paid 5 k to Giri wife,

Not spent at Narsimha shop;

Ladies completed Nuvvulu cleaning work;

16th April satday  2022; Stayed at jome;

17th April Sunday 2022

Had Kallumama ;  Naga subbaiah  And Narsimha helped sticking of nuvbulu bags:

18th April 2022 monday 

Sold nuvvulu at kadapa mandi; Tiring experience;  just managed expenses; 

19th April  Tuesday 2022;

Came back to gollapalli;

20th April weday

21st April thursday  2022

Went to kadapa took balance payment and depositedoney in bank;

22nd April Friat gollapalli;day 2022

Paid Nagasubbaiah  pattalu money

23rd April satday 2022;

Appis daughters marriage skipped:

24th April Sunday 2022;

Koti came gave Morpheus full nottle;

25th April monday 2022  stomach problem;

Avoiding chinni continued;

Said met;

26th April tuesday 2022

Called sivaram ; Jayamma son Gautis death news: problem with Annapoorna; Night Boarded chengalpattu train;

27th April wedday 2022;

Reached Hydersbad  Took total rest at home; called chengaiah; Ramireddy; Lot of incoming calls recd; Unable to lift some of them;

Never s builders special coverage sern;

28th April thursday 2022:

1 machine order got and  despatched;

Kacheguda chappal order given:

2 Renewal reminders sent:

Sent 2k to Narsimha;

Ac repair done at home;

29th April Friday 2022

Total stay at home luckily one roti machine order got and managed to despatch it:

Top 30 contacts of life listed;

30th April satday 2022

Known about kava chavali  stage presenter; called prabhavathi son;

Eswaraiah Son; Shankaraiah vdmpalli;

Heat wave continued;

Sunday, March 06, 2022

March 2022

 1st March wedday 2022; 

At Hyderabad;

2nd  march wedday; 2022 

Boarded Train to Ksdapa ; Reached kadapa and slept in waiting room: later reached Gollapalli; 

3rd March thrsday 2022

Brought Byke from Ontimitta


4th Narsimha brought announcerfrom Kadapa; idli at home;

Satday 5th march 2022

2 order got; TV purchased;

Brought puri and dosa from zdarjipalli;

Kept announcer at mitta at night;

Sunday 6th March 2022; Big ;

Fish srranged;  TV installed; Ravi Chennai called; No updates at Indiarace is another setback;

7th monday 2022

Made a visit to mitta but couldn't not sustain for long; Had Fish; Sai called;

8th March tuesday  2022:

3rd thadi of water to Noogu by Anji:

9tb Mar wedday 2022

Suffered by heat: watering work continued; 1day payment due: Had Gish Fry; peddodu helped to Kick start byke;

Bh Naga S ubbaiah told teacher to vacate stones:

10gh Mar thursday 2022;

Scorching heat;

1th march Friday   2022 ;

Made a visit to Ontimitta : Watering continued; Brought medicine from Madhavadam

12th march Saturday 2022 ; Watering continued; Got Bofha from Ganga; Some stones removed near house,;

13th march Sunday 2022

House top covering work with boda; Nagamuni Reddy brought liquor; 

14th March  Monday 2022

One machine order got; Pandidi work continued at home; Spent time with Penchalaiah;

15th March Tuesday 2022;

Visited gangamma temple; Missouri from Penchalaiahs tiffen;

16th we'day  march  Visited Ontimittz and gave byke for repair. Dubbaiah came for water work;

Roti machines are out of stock;

17th march thursday  2022

Narskmha and Cjinna Apaiiah helped to get bhme; 2 days payout given for Subbaiah;

18th mar Friday 2022; 

Visited mitta at eve: Brought Vadalu from Darjipalli;

20th Sunday Mar 2022

Attended Marriage lunch;  

21st Took Dosakaya from Subba Reddy father;

22nd An ji gave 2 fruits,

23rd we'd. march 2022  

Paid rs 600 to old man; Visited Ontimitta drop given to Pulligadu:

Purchased Bags: water bottle; small pots; syringes; Grapes;

2 machine orders got for the day;

Brought water;

24th March thursday 2022; 

At Gollapalli

25th march 2022 Friday

Managed 2 order despatch

26th sat Mar 2022

managed 1 local delivery  and one despatch; kallau  or Neera;;

27th Match sunday

Ganga jarara Attended in village prayer did for top up; Arguments with Okkodu; Byke self starting trouble began:

Dropped Naga subbaiah;

Unable to lift incoming calls; Argument with Okkodu;

28th March Monday Narsimha gone to his wife's place; Eve called prahlad and Penchalaiah; peddodu fixed switch board; cleaning did on the way to mitta:

29th March Tuesday 2022

Heavy heat through the day: Big setback due to pork menace;

Noogu checked and it's ready for cutting; paid old wages to ladies: Indulin and oil and Tablets purchased at Onyimitta;

Negotiations began with Narsimha and others; one order got for the day and forwarded it;

Log in recd for lekhari;

30th march  wedday 2022:

31st March thursday 2022

Quick visit to Ontimitta; Noogu kotha began;

 14 people worked;

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Feb 2022

 1st feb 2022; Tuesday;

Yesterday 12k gone for injection purchase ;

Feb 2nd 2022 wedday

Had eye injection but no positive sign; again rs 5 k gone

Feb 3rd thursday 2022

Met doctor felt even more Slatming and congusing;

Lot of phone contacts deleted by mistake; 1 order got for local delivery got it successfully; At Rx new confirmation is maddog strategy  evolved;

4th Feb friday 2022;

Still depressed; One more month extended at Hyd: Kolcata races cancelled; Debut seconds usually win in their next run;  Black grape purchased enjoyed its taste:

Something wrong with egg fried rice?

 Banana purchased; tom Mumbai Rx  not promising : Geetha transfered money to owner Bhaskar;

5th feb Satday 2022

Got up early and got ready for SL Diagnostics blood sample checkup,

Called village Anji and NagaSubbaiah and had feedback about Noogu saagu;

Eve met Doct Vamsi and had his suggestions, throught the  day sitting idle  at home and  suffered with swollen legs:

Known more options in  my Mobile about sinking and primary email setup for google Android; No sale for the day stress had for money expences;

Heal the care and auto expenses have become big  burdon.

Had Chilly Pongal; lost temper on auto guys;

ZModi attended Ramanujam function at Hyderabad;

Feb 6th Sunday  2022 

Mumbai Derby day ;  To take care of fai favrites; Attended Mumbai Rx; Odds on favrites cant help fetch dividends at Tote so just forget: Giant star missed at good odds;

Latha mangeshkar died:

Only 4 tote centers are running by HRC Sudheer security person;

7th feb Monday 2022:

Total day spent at home ; Noon suffered by low sugar;

8th feb 2022: Went for Eye checkup but person not available there gta and me had jowari roti at zadok nagar: I went ahead to Indirapark tote  missed 2 nice favrites Of Suraj narredu ; Days new point is Mumbai mounts tile in Kolkata;

Fixed Font size problem  in mobile;

9th feb  wedday 2022; 

Managed to stop mitta work  of ladies with the help of Narasimha; He sent photos of his children function; Evening eye sight becoming more difficult.

Had Eyes Scanning; Purchased new Scissors had Moche trimming; Had Chat outside; Had chat and Panipuri and purchased Exampad;

Andholan on Modi remarks on Telangana; Bangalore Rx card seen;

Discussed about future plan shifting luggage at home; India won Cricket match against west Indies;

10th feb Thursday 2022;

I have bright future provided if I can maintain cash  and remove mistakes; 

Attended Spark Hospital  Doctor has Hope's on my left eye;  Unable to back Suraj mount and related depression; Entrance ticket and Aotos fares are spoling chances;

Horse racing seems to be dead for poor people in India;

2 machines payouts recd as a welcome sign;

Entrance fee for Hrc 250/_ 

Friday 11th feb 2022;

There are 2 Rx cards framed for the day and there are 2 chances on hand;

12thsat Attended Doctor at zMalakpet;

13th sunday feb 2022

Attended Mumbai Rx first start is best for odds;

Started to Gollapally by Venkatadri express;

14th monday feb 2022

Brought uria and pesticides with Anji;

15th feb tuesday 2022

New guy got introduced;

Pesticides work for mitta land continued with 6 ladies for Kalupu;

16th Feb  Wedday 2022;

First  watering ( Thadi) work began  Ramana (Pamulodu) joined; Thurumu  and Kalupu work continued; No money on hand by evening; Narsimha brought pipe;

Incoming calls reduced drastically;

17th feb thursday 2022;

Trouble at home;

India white wash west Indies;

18th fri feb 2022;

Arranged 1 Bag of uria;

Atm card missed; Another jolt is byke trouble bravely managed ; paid all dues to labour and started to Hyderabad; 

19th feb sat 2022

Reached took total rest at home;

20th feb Sunday 2022

Hyd and Mumbai Rx;

Blocked ATM; New point is jockey and rider only best Truely Epic:

Transfered  rs 1200/_ money to Narsimha; 

Rx new points; ex is all about Big connections and trying Jockeys;

Called Prabhavathy; Rxprasad; prahlad; saved mob numbers of koti; Nrn;

21st Feb monday feb 2022;

Worked a lot on Rx stallions produce and indian stud book;

KCR anti B JP campaign;

22nd feb tuesday 2022

New SBI atm applied; :Black grape price white grape rs 70/_ rs 120/_

Good knowledge with tv9 debate 7pm to 8 pm;

Lot of calls recd but no bookings;

Mekapati Gautham teddy cremation

23rd feb wedday 2022;

Temptation had on Multidimentional Ameeta Mehras debut runner at Chennai thank god it has failed: called Anjaneyulu and Narsimha;

Zepto network seen;

Bheemla nayak pre release event;

Be silent at criticism; cashify,

24th thursday feb 2022;

Seen Russian Ukraine War

25th Feb Friday 2022

Stayed at home;

26th Feb satday 2022

Had Eye operation for 3rd time;

27th Feb  Sunday 2022

Attended Mumbai rx no use;;

28th Feb Monday 2022

Do.e phone data retrieved;

Tickets booked to kadapa: phone migrated;

Saturday, January 01, 2022

January 2022

 1st jan sat 2022;

As a surprise Muneiah came  wished him: Attended Konda devalam Gangamma temple: 3 Mschines orders got 2 managed to despatch:

2nd jan Sunday  2022:

Rami reddy; Kamalakar called;

By byke Chicken arranged; Dry day:

3rd jan monday 2022

With peddodu to Ontimitta; Insulin needles brought; sent Bhaskar rs 6000/_: withdrawn 4k from Bank;

Spent night time at Narsimha shop:

4th jan tuesday 22; Mitta kampa work by 3 people and my week condition exposed; paid Annapoornamma old dues;

Vyavasayam will continue; Current guy came and checked power issue water is flowing  this is another development; 1 machine despatch managed;;

5th jan thursday 2022 ;

Muneiah came and started madaka issue kayyalu etc; Ravi from Chennai came with family and had Chat; i removed some stones;

1 machine managed to despatch,

6th jan friday 2022;

Padma Dasadina karma day; Escorted them to river and other  people dynamics enjoyed:

Menakhamma wished;

7th Jan sat 2022; Muneiah arranged  isuka in evening; Heavily suffered wth vomitings ; Night raji gave injection;

8th Sunday jan; 2022;

Fish arranged; Rats mat worked;

Peddodu came for work  work for mitta:

Water work for Mitta checked:

9th monday 2022 at Gollapalli;

Munriah money cleared;

One plough brought from Ontimitta with some fruits;

10th Tuesday  january 2022;

Jolt by Okkodu for advance;

11th jan wedday 2022; Hyd Oaks day; stone removing work continued with  7 ladies  and Chada work. Pullaiah worked for katava cleaning; 2 other male coolies;

Visited Darjipalli area;

12th jan wedday 2022;

I went to Ontimitta for money and insulin brought them;

Sancranthi discussions and foods discussions contd; Chada work continued; power fuse trouble managed in evening, Narasimha brought Til seeds from Kadapa;

Calls continued;

Durga husband offered his support;

3 ladies worked; 3 male coolies;

13th thursday jan  2022;

New problem of water pipe;

 Til SEED plantation work continued; way to enter mitta land from Golla veedhi seen.

14th jan friday 2022;

Tractor work continued and seeds plantation work also continued;

Made a visit to Ontimitta and 3 new Banians brought; New labour arranging guy from Darjipalli got introduced; peddodu was upset for no reason; Night Coconut through sport and betting continued ;

15th jan sat 2022; 

One order got;

Unexpected rain; stomach trouble and suffered;

16th  jan sunday 2022 Total rest day suffered;

Mumbay and Hyd rx missed;

17th jan monday 2022

7 people worked kaluvalu and ganelu; Dubhan came late with tractor; surprisingly 4 machine orders got managed to despatch them;

18th jan tuesday 2022

Raju came and did left over sedyam by night total sedyam work completed; much of time my cell ph was put on off; Chengamma left to tpt;

19th jan wedday 2022

I closed mitta gate and locked it;

Peddodu seems to have visited Narsimha: i visited Narsimha its utter wastage of my time;

20th Jan Thursday 2022; visited kadapa booked rly ticket to hyd;

21st jan friday 2022

Katava kampa work continued;

Anji is new friend with him visited Ontimitta purchased 6 new Sickles new way return exposed;

Purchased  Rice and paid; Had Dr;

Balaji came to Gollapalli;

22nd Jan sat 2022; 

Each day counts good work on yesterday;

Ramanaiah kokkanti came home;

23 sun jan 2022

Tiffen for Ramanaiah ppl and chicjen for home arranged: 

Mumbai st leger day:

24th monday 2022

Prabhavathi son called; prahlad called and told about Kistiah accident: gtas ill health;

25th jan tuesday 2022; Seen Noogu Molakalu ;

26th jan wedday 2022:Tepublic day;

People gathered at Chengamma home

27 th jan thursday 2022

Left gollapally by evening with Tirupal auto to zkadapa;

28th jan friday 2022

Reached Hyd by Chengalpattu express; Took rest wholeday;

Gta called Gollapalli people on safe reaching Hyd;

29th jan Sat 2022; Visited Eye Doctor got checked both eyes; Need of Injection known; Had. Good lunch at Raghavendra mess; Met old patient  he got his vision and thats a good sign; lot of incoming calls recd failed to handle some of them due to manyreasons;

At Rx  mumbai poonawallas excellent art missdanehill Debutsnt won like champion and i missed it due to Doctirs appointment; Venkateswara Subrabhatam and DummyGods info known;  jaya vijayulu;

Evening political debate seen on TV;

Ñight my dream of a iam being a good speaker;

 Indiamart return call on Ranibizumab;

30th  jan Sunday 2022;

News of  Rashid Byramjis death on twitter;

31st Jan Monday 2022;

Usa lady called: purchased Ranibijumab; As B P was high Eye Foctor rejected to put Eye injection;

Got up early; Eve met Dr Vsmsi he gave medication;