Thursday, November 03, 2022

November 2022 posts.

 1st Nov; 2022; 

Reached Gollapalli and with the help of people managed to vacate;

2nd Nov 2022; 

Big Arguments at home,; did not spend time with narsimha spent long time with nagasubbaiah; lucky order of one rt machine;

3rd n ov 2022; 

Called Nrn; seenaiah: Ramireddy;  sambaiah;

Asked asif to handover pwds; 

 Asif finally responded;  fallen and was unable to get up mentally disturbed:  Rained in morning; TV installed: 

4 th Nov  2022; 

Bharath; Had idli;

5th sunday Nov 22;

6th Nov 22; 

7th nov; monday; suffered from caugh; 

Brought vadlu to home by Yanadis;

8th Nov 22 ;Tuesday; 

Suffered in night heavy hunger pangs; 

Some what relief from caugh;

9th Nov 22; wedday; 

Called Nagasubbaiah; Seen Vari cutting;

Recd control panel details;

10th Nov 2022,; with gta gas transfer work did at Madha varam; Had Biryani at afternoon:

11th Nov 2022; friday; 

nrn asked help; walk to mitta by gollaveedhi; Seen few rx videos;  pulliah and another person continued katava work;  ganga paid 1k; 

12th Nov 2022;  satday; 

Had Dosa;

13th Nov sunday; Attended Abhisekam at konda Gangamma temple;  Night had chat with Narsimha Brother in law; 

14th nov 2022 Monday;  padmas 1st year anniversary;

15th Nov 2022; tuesday; 

Gta went to Ontimitta and brought Insulin; Azithro mycin and vicjs drops; Made a visit to Narsimha land seen full of Burada; Had Chat with Nagasubbaiah; 

Wished Nagasubbaiah padma husband hyd ;  Had Chat with Gangaiah; 

One Rt machine sold but Had hickups; 

16th Nov 2022;wedday; 

Another rtm got and despatched;  Gave byke for repair at Ontimitta;  Pullaiah came and worked;

17th Nov 2022; thursday ;

Ladies worked in mitta;

18th Nov 2022; friday;  26 ppl worked to remove Kalu in mitta; 

19th Nov 2022 satday; koti came to Gollapalli with nomudaram; paid wages to Pullaiah:

20th Nov 22;  sunday; 

Byke dint start;

Subbareddy play with children; Chicken arranged; 

21st Nov 2022; Visited mokonda ashramam; 

22nd Nov 2022;  kalupu mokka weeds; and distance of mokka knowledge known; 

23rd Nov 2022; Made a visit to kadapa; Engine oil and new Battery arranged;  Severe back pain; 

24.nov 2022; 

Fired Pullaiah;  lucky 2 roti machine orders; River snanam by gta and villagers; 

25th Nov 2022;friday;  

Appointed Mali to mitta;

26th sat Nov 2022; 

29th Nov 23 tuesday; 

New friend Darjipalli  "yadava" got introduced;

30th Nov 22 wedday;

Morning visited Darjipalli  martichetyu area and yanadi took thummachettu  and other pictures;  old man asked money; 

2 orders got for the day; Visited mitta vulava with the help of Anjaneyulu; 

Chengamma returned;