Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sept 2016

30th Sept Friday 2016;

Read et; eenadu;
No otherway left on hand try to get few renewals;
google  adowrds key word R & d did; Started to field work very later added to it is surprise holiday govt; 1.Met Kishore; 2.met swetha; 3.antiques guy; 4.mananan; 5.retrieved vetuku1; 6.callede satish; 7.Nrn; 8. Met nutty delight; 9.chappal purchased; 10.Met chengaiah stage dynamics event spirit new area exposure traffic problems; 11.seen file on hand;

29th sept Thurday 2016;

God is great had 3 success stories for the day; Dust and stress in return journey needs to be checked; Complained and requested  most of them about the incident about the back stabber most of them said will help; satti phahilwan dint meet; Morning and evening seen 2 ghadbads near home seen youg boys hitting  one boy;

28th Sept Wedday 2016;

Whatsapp msgs sent; Read eenadu; namasthe; mailed hier; wished owner;
thank god unnati silks has huge twitter following; activated yesterdays g plus; arranged few things to home; nuttydelite; gudur hotel; phav bhajji file; called singh; satish; seenaiah;ramireddy; one luckey renewal saved days expenses; dropped cheque; received online pwd;

Its all over bastrad has eaten all; stamp; God is grt;
again spent rs 150/- for stamp;
City exposure; Hyd is too big theres lot of money.

27th Sept Wedday 2016;

Covered kukatapply;Tarbund; secbad; trouble has further  enhanced; i much on the gear now; No noon indulgence; 79 years presense of DC: last year 88 day stay at hyd analysed; Gta enquires abt computer course at aptech;

Ranigunj and 5 calls there;
Erragadda; 3 pm;
Plan printing blog;
Call satish;
26th Sept Tuesday 2016;

Morning read back last year stay at Hyderabad; with some kind of insecurity to field workThank god good opening day at Hyd; Hick as some one is using my name covered ranigunj,kukatpally,Begumpet points;  300 New visiting cards got thanks to Kishore;  Two renewals recd anyway; Jhatka  Chikkadpally w shop; Ols faces near kiran shop renewed; 15 locations at ranigunj have identified; On return from work dust and traffic problems are main things;
 4 sons of Ibrahim;

25th sept Sunday day 2016;
Poor night sleep but anyway reached Hyderabad cool;
quickly released byke reached home but distance too long; Seen Rx book; Again had the exposure of riding the city;
differences? Poor fecilities;

To read back last year trip pls;

24th Sept Saturday 2016;

All went off cool vehicle booking travelling to nellore  boarding train and telling owner about Hyderabad trip etc; Called RDO; Met Pennateeram guy; waiting till 11 pm and doubt of train was hick up but found the way; People show off;

23rd Sept Friday 2016:

Managed to post another 10 mailers night Party of balaji and met venkatesh;

22st sept Thusday 2016

Varada: vaana;  Vaagu; vanka; rain; Floods; jalaashayam; paravallu; pravaaham; Neeru; lotattu; nastam; mumpu; lothattu;

22nd sept Thusday 2016;

Morning  did lot of R & D  to ages file of blog;Miracle again Naga Sai Curries call received later took payout loaded 20 photos and activated g plus at night from home; Took google maps  verification letter prints took from cafe; Sankyo added to my friends group known about medical reps meetup on 25th sept; Pavan called later met varsha at night; New trouble is varsha is not getting verified?Seen pirates of Carribben movie in afternoon poor chicken curry;

Met D W naidu; Ayyappa had commitment but unable to meet him in evening; R & d did on how many closings had for each year100 closings had so far for 2016; Called pennatheeram; Gta called this time; lot of interaction in whatsapp group; Met Swagruha girl this time; Reactivated some of old g plus clients;

Tried to pok into Mahaveer jewellers some shoutings seen inside so came out;
Night twitter R & D did and seen many top following celebs;

21st sept Wedday 2016:

21st sept Wedday 2016:
Activated arvind caterer;Stunning info jd had 148 verified Chainnai customers;

2.Morning heartburn from arvind caterer; 2.No use even after meeting naga sai; jdvf caterers R & d did; 3.managed to post 7 more mailers from office; 4. Met munawwer  small boucer but yes nod had; 5.few more prints took from cafe; 6.verify idea has emerged and mailer prepararion work began around 5 re activated; 7.night met purple; 8.Loneliness trouble;9.Curry prepared at home but by morning anta to rice/ 10.Activated 11. water guy came; 12. Brought Blog prints to home; 12.around 20% have verified their google accounts; 13. seen Pirates movie; 14. managed courier to Hyd with bill book; 15.called pavan;

Deli 420
Mumbai 267
Pune 209Chennai 148; jdvf
Bangalore 140
Hyderabad 137
Mysore 73
Ahmedabad 70
Kolkata 90
Vijayawada 14;
Visakha 16
Tirupati 12 jdvf
Madurai 12
Trivandrum 6
Nellore 4 jdvf
Kadapa 3
Kurnool 5
anantapur 4
ongole 5
guntur 3
mahbub  zero
nalgonda 1
khammam 2
nizamabad 5
adilabad zero

Days Tasks; Complete Courier and posting work;
take youtube print;
Call seenaiah; Diclaration guy; Pennateeram;
Meet Purple;
October content;

20th Sept Tuesday 2016

20th Sept Tuesday 2016;

New info is vidya balan is on twitter with vidya_balan verified ccount; Blog posted; Had coffee;Tea; Energy spent on Hyderabad file by afternoon from office 21  reminders posted; called Gta; 4 more DVDS into fold and seen Orange movie in night; 2 more g plus codes received for the day; Owner lady;
Edited Smart phone numbers raghuram called 9700852412; Tention on riding byke;
Poor after noon curry but powder is Ok; Milk and Curd;
Things to do today; see youtube file;
5 prints to take try new cafe;
post and courier papers; old papers;
days calls; try Purple; arvind again;

Buy bajrangi bhai jaan;

bhag milka;

19th Sept Monday 2016;

Long R & D at home on net Eenadu ads collected long time spent on ages file and launches; Later tried to meet Arvind caterer (2 staff) and Events guy sudden change reserved train ticket from cafe but costly affair;(Jahnavi net cell 9866547143) gave vetuku copies; called cheng,Gta;

Next episode is nagasai and called him for code; later to cyber cafe created reniwal reminder and took xerox; took 15 prints; Attended office later and met Pavan and ram Mohan reddy etc; filing did at office; NRN ans SRN have called;  seen schindlers list again in afternoon;
Night mainly Cyber cfe work and also retrived few more g plus prints;  Eenadu ads collected prints took; had to rush to home at night;purchased covers Files; Hot day anyway managed;
Nosediving of expenses have continued but confidence gained;
100;Work on Hyderabad renewals; 1 hour; Enq ; Ticket to hyd;
90;Enq Nagasai Curries;
80;Follow up with Pennatheeram Paper;
70;Visit office filing;
60; ContinueEEads;
50; Buy hindu;
40; enq Purple;
30; blog prints;
Call Seenaiah; RDO
18th Sept Sunday 2016;

What can help me from now; How to sustain?
Got up in the morning vacated lodge and straight to RTC bustop bit more weight this time (Lodge Boys demand for tip) with luggage managed it anyway; Gta called ontheway; Huge sounds of songs in bus anyway enjoyed; Discomfort by neibour huge body vacated later; Ashwins Telugu message impressive;

Afternoon watched Bahubali again; And gangs of Hoshiyarpur;
it took long time to settle after reaching home; Raj Tyres world ad seen while reaching Tirupati and one Builders add in byke stand; Seen snake near home;

Byke starting problem; Brushing teeth? Tiffen  trouble;
Morning doasage; Noons dosage;  After noons egg Curry;Night buying spree; milk,Curd; drink; Bingo; Curries; vegitables;

17th Sept  Saturday 2016:
Back ground score effect;

100;Unexpected turn;Venkatramas guys  rejection and  paper stall guys interaction;
90;Huge Auto charges throught the day; for Xerox and etc;
80;Finally submitted diclaration copies; RDO office dynamics known; Satish RDO clerck cell; 9701312426;
70;Dont forget eye glass; Read  zaminryot at evening from seenaiah shop;
60.Posted 2 days Blog without glases from cafe; and also activated Renigunta entry g plus;
50;Leg pains;
40;RIM activated; Rs 100/-
30; slept off in afternoon;
20; Heat;

10; Lodge advance; RS 150 paid;

16th sept Friday 2016

16th sept Friday 2016:
Its almost impossible to work without byke support;
Poor tiffen of dosa at morning met Ramanathan;
Grand launch of Pennateeram attended later with seenaiah and NRN met him; By evening vetuke 9th issue recd also received fresh diclaration papers from Rambabu; long walk again for the day; long whatsapp chats with Ashwin and anthima theerpu prasad;

Venkatrama  payout failed at night; seenaiahs support is clearly evident; Called GTa and had chat with her brother; Jayram reddy met; Slippers purchased; Activated  net banking request;
pen power another paper from Nellore;

15th sept Thursday 2016;

After many preparations at home reached Nellore ; Narayana  samosa and sro payouts got; Initiated paper work but failed due to Rambabu; Lodge room rejection and my reaction;  Met tailor; Pasumarthy;  JVR Saree;Sri Balaji Electricals; Walked long; during the wait at seenaiah many calculations did; Met Venkatrama  seen adwords letter; Night read about South Hampton;

14th sept Wedday 2016

14th sept Wedday 2016;

Called 2 shops of Varsha one code received but it hasnt activated; Continued e ads collection work; with the help of gta paid for NT domain name and also maintained 10 k for a/c;Recd DVDS seen schindlers lsit great movie; dropped Gta in night; recd rayalaseema payout and funding had from gta again; night purchased telugu velugu; Gave gta 8 issues file; added few more friends to whats app; good filing did at office;

Sudden changes of the day are not meeting caterer;

100;Meet caterer;
90; Icici apyout;
80; Buy tel vel; ET;hindu; enroute;
70; get CDS:
60; get 8 issues file from office;

13th sept Wedday 2016

13th Sept Tuesday 2016:
Ads colleted  so far are151; Morning movies file edited again;
Banks are Holiday so work got disturbed; Failed to wish Bakrid wishes; prints took from cafe; Missed field work for the day; 2 more dvds of classic movies into fold; Owner lady menace headache; Dust covers purchased;

Gladiator Tamil version seen at night;
Followup purple;

Siva car links;
shrine realtors;
Edit Shravanthi flower; 

12th sept Monday 2016:

Mailed jana;

140 e ads collected so far: Movies release  year wise R &D did from home and also continued eads collection work from home in morning; it was bit late to meet caterer but missed him and had stress to drop Gta near bank; Had stree to arrange paper at office;
Decided to go to Renigunta had miracle there again; plus arial exposure;
Gave advance for 2 of important movies; deleted few pics from smart phone;

11th Sept Sunday 2016;
Morning collected few more Eeads; R&D did on movie releases year wise; New hope from Gta funding again; 3 g top up managed for laptop; Met Cd shop purchased 3 idiots later seen the movie; Known abt 1 TB gadget;  Activated Caterer Arvind;

Read about  extortinist Nayeemuddin article in in the hindu; Tea powder purchased; Eggs and chicken arranged; Seen God afther movie;

10th sept saturday 2016

Ganesha idol at shailoos home 2016

washing machine samsung at my home
10th Sept Saturday 2016;
272 g plus activations on hand to increase them further slowly;

Komala Madhu old friend; 9160092000
Saturday powercut trouble had;Some thing was wrong in body at morning suffered with hunger pangs for long time;Chengaiahs call was good at night; Morning lost temper at gta; 3g Top up did to cell;

1.Met Rayala seema drug;
2.Met karimullah shah;
3.Met one new tyre shop;
4.Retrieved lenivi prints and lenivi lodges list from usual cafe.
5.Another miracle happend in the form of umiya timber and gtas funding for insulin etc;
6.Collected Eenadu ads;
7.Created Miracles file in morning; Scanned Zamynryot;
8.Power bill recd Ok;

Vidid Cell 8332936139

9th Sept Saturday 2016; Hot day!

House owners Flower Tree;

Continued Eeads then net balance problem force stopped work; Trauma of new washing machine; As per the plan closed Nagasai curries;  Met Ruchi curries on the way back ;Unexpected twist is going to credai show collected brotures and visting cards; At office counted g plus copies; Pavan absent again;
seen Jaws; Titanic telugu vertion is interesting; lord of the rings movies for the day; yesterday Brave Heart;
Night arguments at home and crossed dosage;

8th sept Thursday 2016

8th Sept Thursday 2016:

Vasavi payout fetched for the day; Pavan,ameen,D V rao Sensational Crime cell 9197138719; PRG G plus code received; Morning met provisions.Physiotherapist; evening  Sree lakshmi events, Aravind caterer had his commitment for Monday; met lady of inners; Purchased washing machine anyway;

3 g plus activations for the day did;Sree lakshmi Events,Swagruha, mailed jana reply had; Counter eenadu ads to be 68; 5 more hollywood cds purchased;

Consolidate lenivi;  Telugu Velugu:
listout hope finders; ( Hotels new launches;)

Gold loan; washing machine; Payout of Vasavi  : Incoming calls;???
pavan:Call Nagasai Curries Krishana cell; 7396051595;
Collect Eenadu ads;further;
washing machine;
F P;

7th Sept Wedday 2016

j lopez is poerful on twitter;

7th Sept Wedday 2016;

100;Activated Vasavi in morning; Pending  Blog posted; Pressure from Gta to get 10k; Smooth Nimajjanam  managed with Gta met old friend Parvateesham ;Paid Office rent;  Ameen met there; Rejection reaction of Manohar Reddy noted; lot of filings did;
90;lenivi prints;collect e ads works have failed;
80; Vegitables, Razor,  note book;
70;Filing work at office continued;
60; Curries corner;
50; Siva ??
40; Pavan;
30; Twitter R&D
20; Lot of Fire crackers for Nimmajjan; route change;(surprise)
10; Interesting Ashwins msg:
Seen Gujarish movie at night;

With the popularity of social media, many businesses have gone to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to establish their online presence. Social media is great for businesses to broaden their exposure and establish web presence, Web site is also powerful Because 100% of the content can be seen on your website;google 10 pack;

6th sept Wedsday 2016

6th Sept Tuesday 2016;

Morning with Gta dropped Cheque of varsha to help some clients well before jd strategy; With Gta purchased 7 claasic movies and  Siva strotram booklet later seen maccanas gold and Bramhotsavam;60 plus   g plus prints took from cafe; Pavan kept in touch; Mary buiscuits purchased; Few idols of lord ganesha seen in tirupati;

Night work; watch forgotten; Vasavi code received; 2 k payout recd; Met Photographer; Met ladies cosmetics;  Met purple;vegitables and munching problem;

5th Sept Monday 2016;

5th Sept Monday 2016;
Ganesh-Chaturthi day: waited more time for tiffen;
Tommorow holiday for Eendu:
NVR Payout received;
Attended ganesha puja;
 Continued to collect eenadu ads; Lot of time spent to save sakshi and jyothi ads;
Lot of Tv ads for ganesh chaturdi seen; Chinna kept in touch; Myla koti called; tweeted;

4th Sept Sunday 2016:

How day got consolidated??

1.61 eenadu collected so far; zaminryot active again;
2.Visit of  colony ganesha with Gta and meeting volunteers ganesha shopping; mangalam visit;
3.16 entries retrieved;
4.Eenadu Fb groups; the lone wanderer;
6.Valmiki ramayanam;
7.partha ads spend power;
8.shrine realtors ad; win; face the challenge;

10.chinna whats app;
11.saved sept content; color;
13.Got Clay ganesha free;
14.Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu movie watched;
15.Gta paid rent; 
16.Keeravani show;

days local ads in eenadu;
karimullah sha ent;
bright electronics;
NRI High school;
sri chakra hospitals;
fund my dream;;
the lone wanderer;kickstarter;
chips apple;
valmiki ramayanam;
zoom cars;


3rd Sept Satday 2016

Blog ads idea is fast emerging to write up and design a seperate leaflet; seen roopamspects web site;

1.Eenadu and Zaminryot ads collected from online; later took prints from cafe;
2.16 data collected from R & R Colony;
3.Mosquito bat arranged to home cracking sounds;
4.Siva malpractice known;
5.Night session loaded pics to photographer &
6.NVR saree; took commitment from him; from golden lights;
8.Took 61 prints from cafe most of them are g plus;
9.met vasavi; Lulu;
10.pen by koteswar rao;
11.Called goel pasumarthy;
12.Pavan met at night told him about nellore payouts; 13.Invitation by manohar reddy to attend a real estates launch;
14.Night session collected cheque from varsha;
15.Spent time in organising files from office;
16.Mosquito bat sounds; por dinner at night;
17.Zaminryot failed to publish online magazyne;
18.Purchased magadheera and enjoyed it;
3rd Sept Satday 2016
>>>>>>>>>>>>Meet Roopam spects world;
100;Collect Varsha cheques; Decide nellore travel plan;
90;To distribute leaflet and plan to operate in many areas:
80;Hope finders to  listout;
70;Continue to take printouts from cafe;

60;magadheera; Mosquito bat; B complex;
40;Call for g plusCodes;
30 Zaminryot;
20; Days ads if any:
10; F P;
100; buy telugu velugu;
set map of e madhu photographer

2nd sept friday 2016

2nd Sept  Friday 2016;
To distribute and operate in many areas is the theme from now;  Miracle can happen anytime;Seen prints of clients key words known from outside; reliance JIO news by owner;
Days tasks;
Days calls; 1.Mess; 2.Cycle shop; 3.Sports shop; 4.Varsha; 5.Refac; 6.Photo grapher(whats location sharing);Photographer payout received; evening prints from cafe work continued;

enq NVR saree; failed;
collect cheques from varsha; failed;
sept issue plan: Rambabu;