Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014

31st may saturday;

Got up very early did few pending things again slept;  Later had RTC X ROADS Temple visit but without any preparedness and hurriedway;  Dropped GTA  later dropped chechque; Then went to manappuram to pay gold loan  interest dues after that Raju met he hasnt changed at all;  after coming  home called womans world that has fetched by evening sole bread winner for the day;

Took some pictures data from narayanaguda anyway. ;Met shutters guy  he was friendly this time and Electricals shop owner wasnt there  this time byke ride  with Helmet.

There was hope at RX so attended most of fav won but at cramped odds; Heat and no fans at HRC: Unable to know was it time waste ?
Evening brought new leaflets to home then purchased bucket and tumbler from China bazar but not impressive ones; power cut at night time troubled for some time; some kind of uneasy and insecurity as how the things went ahead for the day;
purchased pickles;

30th may 2014

In morning sudden uneasy and weaknewss while dropping Gta ;later came home took rest and then worked;closed sravya finally; had 2 commitments 1 for tommorrow and monday; Some pictures and canes movie captured; loading movie is taking long time;

Took long rest at home in the after noon by evening recovered;1 and half hour tubing work from cyber cafe;night shehwags batting enjoyed in ipl;

29thM2ay 2014

Activated Pan dabba guy and satish;To racegurram movie; New leaflet work completed; few of field calls did; Few more movies and pics loaded; Calls from GCP;Bujji:Cheng;

29th may

29th thursday;

Morning captures;pics;***
Must finish leaflet work;at any cost;***
Mynellore consolidation;**
Movie gift to Gta; check placements;***
**FP;10 sit outs pls;
***few calls; @ field;
buy eggs and DC;
Black color;
29th may thursday record:
As per plan no morning pics capture but field work managed;
Again scanned back last 6 years blog; eggs purchased;
illan nagamallareddy ranks first in google for my blog is new news; FP 4 sitouts completed;

Morning tubing(stats kept in  many new ids) Work did anyway; one closing and 3 videos took from field;
GCP called this time; Thanks to Kishore;new leaflet got ready; purchased papers too; took master and gave to printer;
major break throughs of the day;

1.Back to home with normal health;*******
2.helmet purchased;***
3.paid land and net bill;**
4.Edited leaflet matter;***
5.Discussion with Prasad; to consolidate 3 districts;*****
Ph calls;
6.baawa;gcp;dhana;choti; 21,22,23
7.Loaded all gollapalli pics and videos; posted all pending blogs; plus 50 plus;

That narayana guda flyover board;dresses;another one;
Nanubala subbarayudu family

Subbarayudus son and grand daughetr

Nanubala subbarayudu host for us this time

Kokkanti ramanaiah shies away for a pic

gollapalli jatara muddalu 2014

Balaji brotther

gollapalli jatara muddalu 2014

gollapalli jatara muddalu 2014

gollapalli jatara muddalu 2014
Narasimhulu chennai

Minam pitchaiah famliy

gollapalli jatara muddalu 2014
building in gollapalli

gollapalli jatara muddalu 2014

gollapalli jatara muddalu 2014

gollapalli jatara muddalu 2014

gollapalli jatara muddalu 2014

gollapalli jatara muddalu 2014


gangamma  idols

 darjipally erikilaiah

Gangamma  out side statue

Murthy chennai

gollapalli jatara muddalu 2014


sanjeevulu once strongest man became feeble now

once fittest person now deceased

satteiah oldest person of village

Darji palli friend

24th sat day 25th may 26th,and 27th may;

25th May;
Called Rx Rama chandra; prasad; Decided togo to gollapalli for jatara; night boareded bus after long wait from Kachiguda;

25th may sunday:muddalu day;
Reached Rajampaet by 8 30 am boredom during journey; AT home spent nice  time there with family members till after noon  took blessings of Mother after touching moms feet ;  Had to suffer a lot to buy Duracell Batter at rajampet;By afternoon boarded bus to Ontimitta from there reached Gollapally; attended jatara took pictures lot of pictures this plus a video clip; Narasimhulu chennai details about gandla;
Me Mom and krishnaveni sister

Dhana,gta,mom and sister

Suneetha added sisters daughter

Night Balaji hungama and party continued; trouble began at night vomittings due to poor water and heat;
With much trouble managed night; gta service was awesome; Nice treatment by Subbarayudu Family entire Family woked hard;

26th morning;
With Bujji ;gta started to proddatur tough travel with Huge luggage Bujji somehow managed ; But heat and journey further took on health totally collased  by reaching prodaatur;took rest whole day with only liquid diet; Good care by Bawa and family; Calls continued from akka ,Dhana and mama;

Whole day rest again; Took some liquid and solid food by night slightly recovered; chinna pullaih met brought Narial pani;; By night took A/C bus to hyd reached home by 5.30 am;This time cool journey without any problem;

SATURDAY, MAY 24, 2014

23 rd may 2014

After having puri at ramkote came home;  Google realesed payment  so had to contact SBI later to Himayat nagar branch;First attempt  at Mementoes later tubing work from cafe  progressed very swift with good posting of entries plus video content; Unable to work in the hot sun met rolling shutters  and sweets guy and retired closeed first session work; Known about Flikart,jabong tieup;

Heavy rush couldnt progress night rider work so came back home had shower took brief rest then launched again this time work progress well in secunderabad area; Had self cooked Rice at home;

22nd may post

worked in 2 sessions;
life break thrughs listed out;
had almost 8 FP sitouts;

1 st session;
gtas set back;had dosa;

1.lanka shields;pics; latter camra cells purchased from medical shop;met his father had chat;2 of their staff;
2.letter prepapred;prints took; new content;lot of energies spent;
3.called kishore;
4.cake castle;pics took;
5.gave letter to dentist picture took;
(hungerpangs;release;hot sun;had tea;new road;
6.home appliances call;
7.segregated  earliar visiting cards;

2nd session;

1.key maker kaleef cell; 996620715
2. stamps pic;  clip of narayana guda;
4.heera moti;pics;
5.opticals new bakery inaguration clip;pics; guy;2nd june;
8.Vikas books;home appliances;
9.ias coaching centres clip;
10.SRo kwdiguda;
11.isthemall; break throughs listed out;
12.followup did to maggam lady;
13.raymonds seconds;
gas recd;told for next;
self coocking;


21st may

Work near Amberpet;
client CRi  pumps

enthusiasm good guy;

after continuous trails success had; almost 8 calls did; lot of R& D on youtube did at home; IPL match seen;
Opp lady Deepa returned from trip;youtube channel settings RD did;

20th may post

Huge vedeo power of hybiz known;

Work did in Ring Road and near by but poor response had 2 commitments anyway; Morning seen few more youtube movies; Evening organised mynellore pictures data thats too good for the day;New note book and pen; Birla guy called and gave commitment for tommorow; Evening to round up for big boards work;that strange looks took on me; Managed energy levels buy head spoiled; Tiresome long byke ride;
New key words known trophy;

Seen Cinema directory near trophy guy; seen all Diaries on hand;

TUESDAY, MAY 20, 2014

19th May

Organised some files in the morning; 2 days after election results not much of political leaders news in dailies; At last received vehicle trasfer card; With heavy hunger pangs worked in one area near panjagutta took data; Unable to continue work came back and slept; Had hair cut but had roam around for it;

Written tour data on diary;Night complaint about me by neaibours on spitting cleanliness; Had discussions about going to jatara;

Nellore muggu

18th may sunday post

8th day after the nellore trip;Unexpected cash from Narsing  but had pushed him hard; Brought home Chicken and Onion; Good betting article on Andhra jyothi; Domain names artcle on eenadyu. Good knowledge from Seenaiah paper vendor;Surprising wish from chicken vendor;

@ cricket matches today; Things like

Days  Tasks include; Going to abids;
How many political ids on hand;???
Things are coming to head again like land and Net bill;
yesterday lekhariprasad@gmail is new id;
Pan shop guy is from Medak;
Had Tiffen from Hotel; GTa got up very late;

19th Monday adv planning;

1.Mementoes guy;
Buy helmet;
Get Veh transfer card;
2.keep the  leflets ready;
3.Telugu letter to edit for political leaders;
Note books pls

FP; must plan to release 1 issue from nellore of vetuku;

SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2014

17th may post

Due to poor sleep of overnight felt tiresome in the morning; quickly got ready and scanned 2 dailes; tweeted and posted blog;Had Himayatnagar lord venkateswara temple visit with Gta;after brief rest to filed work;
1.paints shop;
2.rice shop.
3.sofa repair.
Irritating  call from kamalakar thrashed him; call from vehicle guy asked byke number;

eenadu office near khairatabad

Traffic ranks further improved to alltime best 12 8000. Night had ph chat with most of family members thanks to Chinna from bellary.Adala construction site known. Vijaya Cottage quality has gone further down.

16th may: Friday; deciding day;theerpu:

Got up for election news;slow progress mild tention from YSRCP in the morning;
Upsets for the day are Raja winning; balinenis loss;
TRS win slender lead; GTa seen working lot; Drppped her at office but seen quite uneasy to go 4 work;

14th april 15 th may;

14th may;

Bala pulaiah came home; Suraram and moosapet covered;Most of mynellore pics organised; cat catchers came to galli and few of cats picked up by them; Unable to meey KSV on the way;

15th April;

 papulamma son work on a push had to go to Kukatpalli ; Smooth bike ride coxers benefit;Had to wait patiently finally law college address found traced his sons details;waited long there tablets missed;dropped

babu mohan andhole;

Day before election results;Call from birla white;Tried to catch Bala pullaiah son;

TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2014

13th April post

Got up bit early in the morning met news paper vendor;mynellore  blog pics edited from cyber cafe; Long ride to rajendra nagar one success story there; Unable to work in the field lot of time wasted; New idea of vedeos emerged strongly;

shields guy old man met; No incoming calls at all;
KSV met in morning had long chat and his collegue also met;
some stats seen; Gave note to neibourhood boys; Bit planning did for counting bundh; biplex forte tablets purchased;
Lot of tasks completed today without much stress; Wire transfer submitted to google being the first success need to see how fast that transfer can take place; paid electric bill; Purchased new memory card for camera;
Took neibour RKs help for byke transfer but agent asked huge price; later in a hurry came back home and transfered amount to Gta s due to someone; Call from nellore sewing machines guy had to be solved;

Then attempt at begumpet fetched so paid net and  land bill came home;While coming back had accident it gave disturbance yet quickly managed and got it repaired; Brought back Gta next disturbance at home again; watched IPL game and slept;

MONDAY, MAY 12, 2014

12 may Monday

U I;

***adsense work SBI;
***Veh transfer work;
***Camera repair;
**Pay Electri bill;
**Pay land line and Net bill;
FP: 5 plus;
Veh stand;
Reached home by 7 am; It looked bit different atmosphere  but after each trip its common it takes some time to get back to normalcy; its not much hot even in May month in Hyderabad; Had to work to keep the things and files  of trip in order at home  ok anyway;

after morning chat with gta had  hot spicy chicken lunch had b rest felt bit relaxed by evening; As usual unwelcoming guest narsing poked in and inquired about trip perhaps pressure had began for money with hungry looks as hes always; Alexa traffic ranks have improved further; Hiper   Electric bill gave a surprise;

Decided to go for Joy ride of the city with Gta and seen neclace road and nearby  places and Tankbund area finished with paradise chai and egg puff seen many hyderabadis enjoying sunday Byke gave smooth ride and looked fit after shining it;  On roads traffic was not much so ride was smooth; May be in next ride we think of  real fun;

Night seen tough fighting IPL match of roals; Some kind of uneasy throught the day; Most of the day spent chating about the trip to Nellore with Gta;
Monday will be very hectic need to see how many i can achieve;

seenaih and ramachandra have called but  no call from kamal;

9th and 10th april

9th met few of Document writers later at night took travels payment; Some paint shops pics took;

10th april;

Decided to leave Nellore booked Bus ticket no field work for the day;Night kamalakar met for the send off; mancham seen at market; Read jaminryot; By pass road Busses exposure had;
FRIDAY, MAY 09, 2014

8th April post

Calls made on field;
2.rolling shutters;
3.Dr Utthama
4.Cash trasfered to account long standing.
5.Posted few vedeos cafe seema;
7.trunk road
8.VRC centre
9.SCB Biryani payment recd
10.Met Travels
11.PICs of NAJ.KHajana Jewellery
12.Mamidi vedeo
13.Call phone store met near BSNL
14.Textiles Data posted finally.
15.Gandhi Bomma vedeo
16.most of pics posted
17.Saym called;
18.met Raymonds
19.Maruthi customs pics took
21.Night met few more Textiles shops;
22.Vamsi Gopi s son pic took;

THURSDAY, MAY 08, 2014

7th April poling day

Mostly at lodge seen Tv coverage on elections; night rx rama chandra met;posted few pics at evening;Afternoon took few more pics from field; Called GTA at night; Fpund tough time to find food as most of hotels were closed;