Friday, October 01, 2021

Oct 2021

1st oct friday 2021;

Met VenkataRamana new jhatka punter; night Punjab kings won;

Very hot day: Brought Unsulin to gta;

2nd Oct Saturday 2021:

Peddodu came:Many people to my home to visit:

Gandhi jayanthi planning flopped; 

Seen mitta land again and did calculations for Noogu saagu;

To Ontimtta for Gate wires with Narsimha Chinna appiah and Sai;

3rd Oct Sunday 2021

Upset win of RR high scoring match;

4th Oct Monday 2021

Suddenly decided to go to kadapa;

No one called till 11am;

Had good exposure and Medari veedi known purchased 2 visanakarra; Return was tough in sur up;

Night to Kothapally with Peddodu and Sai;

5th Tuesday Oct 2021;

Suddenly decided to clean mitta land with Kampa: Nnight it triggered heavy competition; peddodus over talk;

Some resistance to my comments about Ration;

Heavy weakness after work at mitta; Gta visited land;

6th Wedday Oct 2021;

Rain spoiled mitta work:

Took rest;

Night Chicken saga by  Peddodu;

Seen lot of videos on Sagubadi;

Narsimha came and helped door wiring work;

7th thursday 2021;

Peddodu came and continued Mitta work; Gta said ok for money:

Called Narendra;;

Sai; Nsrsimha;

I worked in 2 sessions; 2 more ladies joined for work in evening;

Seen few more videos about farming;

8th Oct Friday 2021;

Biggest upset of the day is no from koti;

Jafrulla called and had long chat w

Quite unexpexted good info recd ;

Surprisingly  10  ladies came and worked in Mitta plus me; Bouncer from Rodda Ramanaiah; Continued to watch videos;  watched Beerakaya sagu; korra;

Another surprise subhans  unexpexted support:

I worked at home and Mitta gta chair plan worked;

Called Bujji; Prabhavathi son Prasad;

Sekhar helped 2000/_

Gtas sudden  non cooperation?;

Gtas strategy of sitting pulled off successfully;

Brushed peddodu:

9th Oct Satday 2021;

7 ladies came and completed Drip pipes seperation work;

10th Oct Sunday 2021;

Attended marriage at Ontimitta;

Paid advance to Subhan in evening;

Night met Padma and felt dejected; Seen few more videos;

Jafrulla came and gave Biryani;

11th Oct Monday 2021:

Boring day soent at home;

Padma visited  home;

Subhan son started work  on tractor now land looked very clean with red soil  so  i felt very confident; Surprise from Gta; Sai different aproach;

Severe Caugh of Narasimha children:

Jehangir called for Mango Garden;

12th Ohct 2021

Massive calls for rt recd;

Approach road developed for mitta;

Submitted for Adhaar card change of address;

13th oct  wedday 2021;

Calls continued; finally one got booked and sent; Ganga mma chanda given; called prabhavathi;

Again vidit to Vontimitta;

14th oct Thursday 2021;;

That us order and another one got;

Met hiy at savjivalayam known things; Told to peddodu brother anout Mitta thanthi gate;

Calls continued;  Had discussion on toad anout Mitta Gate and vempalli travel;

Paid rs 200 Village chanda and rs 200 tp lachi

15th friday    October 2021

As per plan travelled to vempalli and attended Shankraiah sons marriage receotion; Wirst night mare in night for sleep yet managed ;

16th Saturday Oct 2021; 

After attending marriage wirst Bus travel had: Auto walas menace at ontimitta; Many calls continued but ine thing is known that good regional language voice  and good descrioption  can work wonders in youtube;

Return journey from vempalli by Bus in standing was bit troublesome

Chengamma son Ramana came ;

As i switched the mobile phone off lot of messages recd; Slept in afternoon;  Known that Koti came to Gollapally; Sai miss behaviour of zph pe episode;

17th Oct Sunday 2021;

Late opening of wine shops:

Avoided Sai finally;  Incoming Calls continued another one booked;

Seen how to Manage Monkeys menace videos; Palani misbehaviour; Top 10 Horses of 20th century seen;

18th Oct Monday 2021

Morning one enquiry from Narsimha for Mitta land of Pullaiah; 

After long wait at MRO office with the help of Serpanch Adhaar shifting work managed; After  Sending Parimala Kitchen  number Srikanth sent 4  plus 1 usa macjines; still 2 machines are pending; Tentoon reduced marginally;

Unable to lift most of incoming calls thus damage of Sale;

Missfiring at home due to easy going attitude of gta yet got new point;

No fresh bookings for the day;

19th Oct Tuesday 2021

Incoming calls continued;

Jehangir gave advance for mango Farden; Double indulgence; zbrought things to home from Ontimitta: Varikothalu seen in full seing;

20th wed oct 2021

Took gta to Ontimirra and activated her Adhhar: Subhan did tractor work; Not visited night time session on Narsimha;

Lot of discussion went on Mitta fencing;

21st Thursday 2021;

Pullodu cameh along with Misalayana; retrieved 3 orders to be sent sent msg to Stikanth; Discussed

With Suresh Babu problem known:

22nd Friday Oct 2021;

Calls contd; made a Ontimitta visit;

23rd oct satday 2021

Went to Darjipalli on Sai call and spent long time there; Nugu sedyam details got;

Sai shown some interest in Mitts Noogu Saagu:

Calls Parampara continued edited mailer Attended many of them; Fear of new wound;

One misfiring furing calls;

24th Oct Sunday 2021;

Usa lady recd Roti machine;

Team India failure; New point is  which number cant come is new idea;Another machine payment got:

Visited Peddodu; visited Ontimitta: Stomach trouble;

Chicken and fish arranged: 2 people asked for Dr;

Sedyam tips;

Peddodu bro came;

25th monday Oct 2021;

Made a total round to mitta  land;

Pullodu flopped again triggering heavy insecurity;

Eexposed to many farming tools;

Visited jafulla  Bros thota net Aslam :

Again set back for Roti machine stocks: eye vision is another head ache; Sai called; 

26th Oct 2021 Tuesday

Called Nayeem got positive news;

Eve new friend from sai  name Satish hot introduced; Peddodu met;

Nagamuni Reddy took Byke;

Depression due to no progress of work;

27th Wed Oct 2021: 

6 more Rice Bags are arriving home so brought Bags purchased took help of  Pulligadu;

Bouncer from palani i should not toych bitches;

Told Annapoorna to remove stones from mitta;  Morningworked in perati Doddi Big Owl watched;

6rt machines pending  despatched some of objections known: Subba Reddy gave some entertainment with Children;

Unexpected money request by Anji flopped;

Few things arranged to home;

2 new rt seems to be booked;

28th oct  Thursday 2021

5 ladies and 2 men worked for Mitta;

Surprisingly Koti transfered 50 k;Called Chengaiah; Tug between Muneiah and Chinna;

Talked to Srikanth and Murali;

Nadipodu committed for repair;

Kalaguragampa launched own selling of Roti machine;

Byke Engine Oil and repair work did; Enquired about Polimera Chenu Rice; Sirisha seen videos;

Adhaar updation msg recd;

Vomittings? Ajay called;

29th Oct Friday 2021;

Adhaar print took from Ontimitta;  Insulib brought: Caught up in rain:

30th Oct satday 2021;

Throught the day weakness so took rest: 5 ladies worked;

Rained in evening;

31st  Oct Sunday 2021;

Fish arranged;  Visited Ontimitta brought volini; petrol ;