Sunday, March 01, 2009

Feb 2009

Many required things got for room today kattula Profile loaded recd payment from Sridhar followup of Satyam,Bramha,lss read 7 news papers and analysed things.Thulasi met all prarapa blog xerox at hand now enaadu ad given.Nijam covered nice past news.naresh followup did Chandu prarapa guy asked to remove family pic so removed.
reorganised handwriting s file at blog few links developed thru Jana at web sites.decided to cover all parties info thru veduku veduku logo and prarapa song again saved on cd with sridhar help at signin.

New bag banian, at long waitting at sridhar many things organised that srinus profile also got.rim recharge all chittor constituencies written.Srinifoodpark blocked questionaire for ppl written Missile Sketch further improved.eve met that Bar guy Venkatesh cell:92905-91816 noted.


27th feb

evening Interviewed Kattuala Sudhakar photos collected discussion with Murali read nijam news paper met Munawwer got calender uneasy at after noon gave cd to sudhir gave back pics and prints to chandu new info of hotels field exposure read 3 news papers met KVN at mor he guided to do with Emotions and cell ph.

Called jaybal,satyam,Bramha eve bouncer at sindhuri park morning covered Praja rajyam home to home programme lot of rush seen but scorching sun. read leaflet and collected.
DIaries of ttd stock availability small note book purchased.ananda nilayam book also purchased.many scannings uploaded.
KVN handwritngs posted.loaded many press ads of prarapa ppl.

26th feb post

Many new turn of events to day have developed prarapa Xerox data on hand Sridhars profile loaded mor had discussion at his shop and Chandus profile with nice pictures also got.Met Vuka and other new hope thru profiles. Patels payment also got. Ramoji and Vasu handwritings added to account.Managed to send keys to Jaybal and grabbed water bootle and also interviwed one desgn guy Stickering work also at Krishna complex.

Problem due to Cell ph batterry failure suffered 2 times due to night again suffered for keys and unnessisary godava and energy failure tobe more careful in future from now.

Whole day many calles received for jyothi 6 news paers and knowedge got.nenu saitham song ready now.

Mor ramprasad cell and real estate enq effect.Mor met Krishana murthy of woodside and Venugopal of bhimas met and motivated.

25th feb post

Most important development of the day is new visting cards and letter pad got dtp work of kvr veg guy over scanned and posted my new letter pad and also posted all sticker works on blog scanned ramana and gunnaiah hand writings and posted.
At night developed prarapa blog new confidence gained good respoanse for jyothi ad seen purchased puja deepam ramanaiah of gollaplli met noted death news of Hari scared me.

afternoon costly lunch at hotel enroute wished travels aravi munawwers good news and sold 2 ananda nilayms at drivers gave cards too kiran met online reassurance from Laxmi srinivasa got.

Unbeleivable.. finally thulasi invested in my business with 25k we had chat and i have explained of last 8 yesrs business experience before this i read 4 news papers coverage of success of slum dog millionaire movie met mom at home my brother Sekhar from hyderabd sent my degree and ssc certificates i quickly scanned them and posted at net however i try to control i lost temper at home had water and called akka.

Today earned 280/- single time effect at that office is new turn of events.another guidance from munawar and also gandhi payment followup of laxmi srinivasa and satyam followups did.sent sms to all mesenger friends.

Hat purchased in the evening followup with Knarada for add did today i have scanned handwritings of gunnaiah,Gopal,Malli this amounts to almost 40 writings.
At night met Murali new encouragement noted met that prarapa vegitable guy asnd took his card again.prarapa song sent for audio convertion and had it with murali and copied it too.

Rim recharge cards were a scarcity and purchased note book to have extra things at room already noted.
Some hick up went thru when was not opening but that solved but new one emerged took rest over clients of geocities titupati guide entreis copies got.

Posted new pics at blog of aish,sachin,abhinav,slum dog.

23 post samayam bala murali krishna tirupati

Again lot of effects for the day got up very tea shop.. Nagur gave 100 card order,Ankama rao father death,Plate purchased dhoop sticks,arieldid calls at market water ppl at auto met enroute watchman and his wife stood up when i was going out again Jyothi ad dint appear? disturabance at k katta when i was reding news paper..called satyam and nageswar rao again siva rathri effect a new thing again flash of more people and more laodge guys and more team for classifieds.

At net thualsi issed but discussion with jana and tarsfered his ammount at icici and applied for adsense new email id created vedukum did some calls at market Khazana,damro,Sangeetha,reliance,ph to lakshmi srinivasa sivarati effect called kaliyuga narada heat effect at market met VIP luggage show room promise got Patel plywoods also promising.

To start that poster for people lot of reorganising work at room did color ads and prarapa pics of 28 ppl identified.
chiranjeevi web guy cell:9291584872 Golden plaza vising card got hat seen at shop
jaybals call TTD trust board members flash of appointing someone for collection of data while sorting out missed data of that big Donor at eenadu to be careful next time.
Avoided Syam on road to know the details of all sitting mals of all parties have some lead at home muralis expectation to call him.
at night that by passing problem was over of muralis friend venkataesh Muralis expectaion of 5 k??
thats how day has passed.


22feb post

Most of the day i spent with murali to his home etc.morning thulasi assured of support flash of to target all prarapa people in ap at morning met one boy at koneti katta eve broom stick and recharge for cell and revital movie home decoration and chanting effect at Murali home seen.

Most of web assurances for new adsense account from jana noted.10 more scannings loaded.At cassete shop Shankar Naidu met nice info from jeep driver for trains and other autos noted.

Rx guys sekhar leela mahal,Yellaih 090032-13552. Kuppaih noted

21 feb post

Quite unexpectedly very sucessful day! the one started with next room guy wishing me then followed auto guy then tea shop guy laundry man that laxmi srinivasa followup success noted after jaybal joining me he gave one offer of visiting cards.ankama rao still irritating and very slow and met swamy while sitting at web cafe narada executive came and lost temper but gave 4 plus one ad in Jyothi..and Umapati help seen and met thulasi at chat she left so suddenly i was dis satisfied.met Munawwer after spending some time there went to bhimas and gave 3 lamination and had to come back for those boxes.ngur met on the way and asked his support mor to that naguluri activated ramu and another person murali moahan.

purchased 5 news paers and analysed all the content and cuttings also seperated.
scanning works continued inr,veduku bill,Murali and his daughter letter pad of vetuku,sri balaji photo frames etc.todays writings include malli cafe guy and jaybal.

Ghantasala songa effect at wine shop Syam met and at eve net domain control things edited and started mailing work of to pharma companies. what if no one responds thru this activity also to note.mor rama murthy called.mor varadarajan also followed with jaybals help another point known cell phone edited few numbers deleted.big auto guys help took another failure is coulnt handle some ones question at koneti katta.why was that stomach disturbance i think i musr plan to eat at decent places.
very speedy evening works unable to handle time and i need team very badly thats how day ended.

20th feb

nabhoto na bhawishathi...sambhawami yuge yuge...once again rally dynamics and needs seen (janda effect,tea and vargam and crackers need) new association with Sridhra,new murali network and that nagur effect and my failure of getting new neanu saitham need noted.

3 news papers coverage seen wished Prathap bhimas,ravi and varadarajan 9490636733,(guuudu,anda-nela-challartchagaa-deena)Jaathi...
..Must remember names to list out...PUdami-....jagati-...
good responce for those yesr calenders ..noted...need of photographer ....met balaji..chiru...janda effect...met that rx guy...he remembers my rally wished Sipayi subra...and ravi...try to cover prarapa event as reporter...abt own things.....failed to give own press...that lady dhobhi kind effect...was great...lunch was not good...surprising jaybals call...isukaa..enjoyed at outside room...

Signature of murali and his daughter...badge effect...many flashes kept on coming...,to note whats stock at hand...laminations etc...

failed to make some at market...and ads at press...poor planning to use cell also...failed to go home and wash..clothes...but new opputunities were that rx guy,sridhar,and names to remember..etc..flashes and send by courier to all rich devotees of balaji...including donors...also. amitabh,reliance and few more richest people..Mittal and also to note..regular richest people to trumala make a survey of who are lord balaji devotees.
idea of lodges and travel agents at tirupati and i need a team immediately at tirupati....Kalupugolutanam needed.
why thulasi is missing???

also to send messages and mailers all my earliar contacts that i have office and can assiast them..

At evening most of products profile edited with rates met doctor Sipayi subramanyam he introduced to Dr Ramanaiah cell: 98483-86465 most of other works scanned and posted at net they include my Pan card,driving licence,rni press of vetuku and diclaration works posted.

Afternoon felt quite uneasy developed Kalmakari prints from chandu and gave for Framing called Murali he met with loka there i lost temper at oppsite people called Gandhi,bramha reddy,chennai people of thulasi called home akka gave Sekhar cell number 99489-08181,Jadapala chiru email id and new name of Sivananda that boy Hutch recharge did at paper ad seen vijaya hotel details noted. Now i must have some people quickly.

18th feb post

Although thulasi missed in morning chat many things i have manged today transfered amount to shoba for bangalore rent and told him couriered Ramamurthy. i suffered with heavy back pain idont know why? anyway iam ready for anything followup for nellore payment did called satyam purshased few needy things for room.

After noon read my diary once again analysed few tyhings few more things scanned and loaded to mynellore blog.tried for twitter but it was not playing up loaded purushottam pics eve met munawwer he gave calender while sleeping at room deep anaysis did its always we need to followuo with others.

night pachabottu guys seen on road.

17th feb post

vacated room and quickly went to net cafe at stone house pet walking enroute had egg dosa and effect also seen.called satyam but he dint respond

Return to Tirupati by bus with 2 movies watch enjoyed the jouney with greenery luckily that good day biscits saved me while travel rama murthy book work failedfrom hunger after reaching tirupati felt bored data of who gave me lifts so far written then to cyber cafe gave him all new scans loaded them net was pretty slow connie sent me her new pick.
At group theatre seen Srihari movie hero at ankama rao place met new person of vajarm noted his number .t.raja sekhar sarma- 92916-28137.
at night met Ankama rao got one book free and he recomended and he took 3 laminations from me.


16th Feb post

Thank god that laxmi srinivasa payment problem looks to be coming to an end with strong commitment from that Ramanaiah and Sudarshans assurance i gave my icici number and they said will tranfer money by wednesday lets see they know how much time i have spent for them so far.After this i went to dr utthama there that gift shop guy Sudha got suddenly so close due to that Chiru pocker calender chat was interesting. Today met Madhava gandhis brother and his anguish letter read also too his address handwriting samples of bhasker reddy and Purushotham got so now i have 28 people handwrtings now loaded to net and utham pic also took.

Felt very disturbed at lodge due to that payment issue luckily that uthams 500/- consolation for the day and also that survey of that sarvesh doctor rerence gave new hope for future also that geetha laminated picture.Hi that tailors expectation also interesting whats his name i dont know is he Raja?

Whats that Tortoise at laxmi srinivasa? paper cutting work at Lodge also important point of today!inrs guidance of sending thru courier and send quote by typed letter are new pointers for the day.

15th feb post

Due to that rally stress my body looks to be tired so got up late after having tiffen read 2 news papers felt bored at laodge tried to net cafe near by it was closed so i need to go ahead to stone house pet net cafe.when rx checked i lost placewille-stunning chance yesterday.after net rd and lot of scanning worh i went to lodge there bramha reddy joined we had lot of discussion then to tea centre from there after meeting rafi,int,alambana i went back then murali also joined mewe had big chat.

Night participated with Battepati rally and enjoyed song with drums walked and seen rally dynamics gave one visitng card to some one before this to laxmi srinivasa totally lost temper at them all my planning is going haywire due to them i must also plan to face this kind of situations.Inrs call received at net thulasi met but messenger played up and its also tesing my temper at net loaded few things and also blocked blogids vysyaworld,balijaworld,yadavaworld,bramhinworld,and scanned 4 more hand writing samples and posted.
At lodge lot of thinking did and fine tuned my next strategy morning returnrd album new flash of removing adsence code from nt and applying again of pan card work,buying bottu and new print of head also hand writing sample of Sambaiah.morning on the way rx guy Janardhan met got his cell number and Chalapati gudur cell number also transfered 5k in naresh account.Tremendous potenciality of prararajyam.

13 th post

Toady morning to satyam home after discussion and giving diary collected his sons and daughters handwritings but after reaching net cafe totally upset with power failure and Bandh call disturbance on waiting planned top 6 concentrations. problem at grape seller that forced to go close with Ravi shankar and his family on the way collected address of Pawar problelem continued at wrting and organising my work also. missed lunch then to InR lot of discussions noted.mani that vilekhari chat then annapurna called for album collected then to komala and food in the mean while another un nessisary look at someone.
took ic recording s and laminations from satish office.
purchased proverbs book and read it differences between me and syam posted also Balu, inr profiles posted.


12 th post

Major upset due to non payment of laxmi srinivasa,met annapurna Tanjore art details got met thulasi at chat in evening Bramha reddy profile effect and inr profie created. chat kishore reccomendation naresh account(K.naresh kumar:630901514965) one call from jyothi ad flash of felicitating needy people to take 12 ^8 print of head uneasy at after noon,called pavan satyam,new info from balu his data,morning loade 3 pics Munawwer involment and guidance kishore handwriting.

Are you looking out for a nice Poet in Telugu and content developer, article Writer then a must read for you.Mr I Naga Malla Reddy who has vast experience in writing songs he is a renouned writer has 45 years OF journalististic career. his prolific analysis on Socio ,Economical Political Spiritual matter are well read and published in many Magazynes and news papers.
He converts any matter like a art in the way of songs in heart warming style so that even a common man can easily undestand.
Currently he is running a Fortnightly named Status in Tlugu language from Nellore.
he can be contacted ph 0861-2340084.

postal address



6th feb post (paint blog like a picture)

Morning met that writer(forgot his name totally) at sai chai cafe he guided me to involve people and give responsibility(and also have one spiritual magazyne) his cell:99636-50545, after this in hurried state i had "hair cutting" there was no power then to nanda room from there afer calling few people to net cafe had small chat with thulasi also posted few things at net she left so suddenly then i went to "Suguna Motors met Murthy shown him small AN piece then after coming to nanda tried to call few more people including Kvn,Gandhi, and few more people.

Due to heavy back pain i was forced to take rest at nanda for some time after Komala meals duggireddy bramha reddy joined me i filled his andhra bank form and afetr he left some rest suddenly i decided to leave nellore then some how managed that heavy Luggage travel was boring even with Chirutha movie... after reaching tirupati called watchman Bhupaiah but his wife received it and she helped me to take that weight. Afetr this i have seen huge gathering at koneti katta thern area and parcellled food and also had Fish and Leg piece seen clever playing of Dog enroute..then came back to Krishna compleB had chat with bhupaiah gave him one TTD diary he exposed his insecurity too but took advantage of "free ruled papers" anyway i had mixed results for the day.

my other friends,,,murali sankyo new 93467-73364,
pmk gandhi

C/O.dr crm rao
Flat no 211,Subba raju towers,
vijayapuri colony,

that writer at tea shop who gave ideas for divine news paper 99636-50545

5th post

Today after a disturbed sleep at night at krishna complex room met thulasi at net had promising chat and also updated few things at net then to railyway station area and purchased that keywords book with bargain and went to bus stand area purchased door mat then called edn then started to nellore by bus after reaching gave diaries to sai agencies nice effect seen met inr and bramha reddy had discussion gave diary to laxmi srinivasa had some hick up there during travel read that book very intesting things noted collected pictures of inr and bramha bramha says to make use of phone blocked,called kaliyuganarada also feed back noted washing did at room. days flashes include to have people for gifts feed back for new gifts of reps,doctors,marketing managers,giftsa sellers at nellore etc hi lost temper at boy at Komala unexpected event.

Malli met 93941-67202 and pavan also met 9703657799 after this i slept at edn after seeing that book of ttd and slept


4th feb

many things at net got organised which can definately help me grow further today unexpected problems had to be faced from Syam,jana,and Munawwer paid subra cash and met Somu acrylic guy then to his work shop seen new range of product hope..Most of the wordpower read at rail of kalamkari book mat and pillow purchased.

4th post

some one at wine shop for cell,mor head ache with jana,and syam,another from munawwer mor tiredness purchased mat&pillow consolidated few things at net.met somu and sold him diary and settled subra amount water bottle,soap,shampoo,also edited few things at net.

Gopal akka; baawa; koti; chinna; Sekhar;mama; dad;
Akheel; satish;bengali;
padmakar reddy; lic sudhakar reddy;Kvn;
thulasi money and idols;;usha; bhawarlal;balu; gandhi; CS; kiran; Kishore;giri dtp;
 ed naidu stay; chalapati; srinivasul reddy;
srn;seenaiah;vijay bhaskar;syam; paul; dominic;venky; venkatesh nut and bolts;
raju for kamalakar;
 munawwer;kiran kishore;

.laddu at hyd;sekhar bhai; naresh; vasu;
jaybal;ajay; babu rao; jana; loka; ramoji;
jainesh for chntings;
nelloretimes;nelloreone;lekhari;pen media
;kurnool; sri kalyanam;

Small Ananda nilayam;net classifieds; in kadapa; idols biz;rx eat; backing; twitter;adsense;camera; videos; advertisements for idols and team;document writers;jdvf;imart;sulekha;g plus letters; hyd stay recent ranigunj;Byke development;sros; news 9;smart phone;blog vilekhari;


strategy for thulasi

how many modells of laminations,frames,kalamkari,tanjore art needed.

Swot to analyse

initial place to display

frames mirror and electrician contact

promos,press ads,radio ads,broture,registration,field promoters,sticker,and nice visiting cards

internet,Ebay listings participating religious gatherings.

Office rent?
chanting boxes participation
even more big idols idea
participation in art galleries

At last room at krishna complex got paid advance and transfered few things to room including diaries from vasu at net many things organised new cafe info at krishna complex.dis with thulasi toronto tamials fm radio ads etc discussed. Most of the day is with unexpected twists strain due to steps climbing but some kind of frendly atmosphere at krishna complex noted.

thulasi asked me planning and more close developed.followup and success seen at chennai enquiry.chidugu and Gandaragoalam blocked at net. many phone calls did including ramu at sri kalahasti.

3 rd Feb post With the help of Jayabal 2 idols supplied to S.Venkata subramanyam 099401-13990 c3 shanti apartments alwarpet,chennai and got payment and given 2 diaires and pressed for more orders small confusion about pricing cleared, new exposure to chennai city again had talapakattu biriyani with jaybal. missed art galleries on the way due to poor planning moring vacated lodge then by train to chennai many effect a at lodge seen.

Missed thulasi but recd sms thats new development after meeting jainesh new chanting box information noted.on travel discomfort due to that guy and rush. readamkari book and gained much word power.paid subra 450/-.again problem seen chating with chandra sekhar at naguluri to be refined even more before talking.some lady beside someones fall on me.
at parthasarathy Koil street effect of that boys thilakam and language and people dress and namam effect noted.jaybals repair work of electronics also noted.while waiting at
at rly station seen good book titles.returned to tirupati due to tamilnadu bundh by boarding 12 pm bus.


recent attempts failed and success stories

1,dr uthama free lamination support assurance got,2,vijaya laxmi stores??,3,chiranjeevi theme song chanting box (money and time is lost),4,pocket calendars poor respaonse,5,diaries huge investment,rx money is lost,6,n v prasad,7,pasupuleti time but experience gained,8,vvr realtors time is lost but exposure gained to big idols,9,blog to get more money but organised blog 10,to edit veduku with blog,11,satyam luggage,12,lakshmi srinivasa huge money lost ,13,web classifieds at kalyana mandapam,14,small ananda nilayam idols,15,leaflets,baba yoga plan,16,nirmala in time effect,raji,thualsi,corp orders,arcade,ads for theme song,bank loan at nellore,paper vetuku,exapanding analysys team,money,machinary is lacking failre to sell for good amounts,

Success Stories:

1,un expected chennai supply 50 box,2,syam agarbathi,3,thulasi order,200 box order,300 box order,4,3 small idols at micro,5,samsung,6,vyjayanthi,7,sai agencies,8,kondapalli,web classifieds at nellore.

1st feb post

sundays post Press gives lot of updates on many things today i consolidated many things in my blog but missed thulasi at chat due to power failure at naguluri discussed many things about siva temples in india and andhra with chandra sekhar and Swot anaysis did kerchiefs purchased at mor started Pranayama gained much confidence after posting old clients,product portfolio,my action plan,team,swot,effects,agarbathi dealers,word power,donors list,2009 goals, at enquiry from chennai and murali call from nellore chat with edn and naani are things of the day.