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september 2020

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1st Sept Tuesday 2020
Kinemaster info from ajay without watermarks and his suggestion for spokenenglish  recd; Called  some Gents tailors had one closing known about their  corona troubles ; Had chat about monetization  of twitter with venkatesh did; Byke  service  did and also enquired for reboring  work;
2nd Sept Wed day 2020;
Good news is we can travel withour e pass to Ap interacted with Prahlad about travel :  morning heavy gadbad of owners vs tenents; Again argument at home: Faulty groundnut; Kept image picture for jowar Roti entry recd one call ; Called lavanya frames; Added tutors data 70 ; Added sports goods shops data; Interacted on whatsapp status;
Ph calls continued from home closed one Aquarium guy but he dint keep his promise;
Temporarily clised data crossed 1300 mark by evening;
Despite my phone calls and whatsapp messages response id very low; Venjatesh sent msg for twitter promotion; Ajay sent one video jowar roti lady;

3rd Sept thursday 2020;
Continued data retrieval work;
Surprisingly recd 2 payouts aquariums; Kumar rubber stamps; Sent many whatsapp messages; evening tried for insta afs setup but failed time wadted; 1 call recd for jowar roti; Seen one video of sridevi;
4th sept friday 2020
Shaving had; worked and met arihant he  re assured; met sai kiran of Venkateswara ele ent  had one review  from him and one click;  Seen Decathlon shop but found it very difgicilt to walk; Morning retrived lot of data and sent many whatsapp messages and recd one reply for the first time for a whatsapp message;
Few more categoties collected from field;
Had conference chat with Ajay; Seen video  neibours have vacated and related issues;
Ajay sent some link of remedy for knee pains; neibour childs over action noted; Ajay sid some r&d on 360 degree camera pictures;

5th Sept Satday 2020
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No work day; Hutaib ph not there on maps;  Managed to call Venkateswara electricals; How to build a trusted client base tips  known how to build a turuested web site known; Known about the water filter and got replaced filter in it; Few whatsapp messages  sent and added few categories; By evening One jawar roti enq came and closed it later turn is ajay  has put my number in his video flood od calls received;
Sent message to sridevi patolla  madam known her circles; called Kiran about how to transport that machine; also enquired   with couriers; One lady accepted  to deliver so prepared snd slept;

meet readymade guys at secbad;

6Th Sunday Sept;  2020
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Yesterdays lady order to deliver jowar  roti making machine  failed rest lost ;  But had one  new success story; gave idli to sumo;
With much difficulty delivered another Jowar roti making  machine near Nampally with Ajays help known details; Incoming enquiries continued throught the day; Had hair cut at Prakash Narayanaguda failure at laxmi lodge ; 
No replys from yesterdays emails; one us call rec

7th Sept; Monday 2020;

Zero income but there were plenty of promising incoming calls; mailed renuvlogs; purchased notebook and new  mask;
Telangana Rtc is working;
Sent renewal reminders none have replied; seen video of hottest selling products on net; singh created whatsapp group and included me; There are good people are out there;

8th sept Tuesday 2020
Met owner luckily; gave advance lets see what happens; felt busy but lost temper; Another gandla group has emerged; Ajays copy rights issue discussed;

9th sept 2020 wedday

Problem solved new exposure gained; New content created for jowar roti health benefits and posted on other top bligs; calls continued sent messages;

10th sept thursday 2920

Got up early;
Calls continued;  big youtubers listedout; checked visits to video; 5 people death news ; Called Mama talked to chinna and Akka; fear throught; cell phone charger purchased for gta finally; someone walked inside of home i lost temper;
Called yeoman Tailor and excel; Asked Sigh to traslate content in Telugu; Added millets benefit to content;

11th sept friday 2020

Mostly attended incoming calls and saved info created  new broadcast and  sent them message later translated matter in Telugu and sent had nice hits; informed Tumkur and others guy; Ongole lady intention; Escorted for Vegitables; Garluc trouble;

Another new ladys journey of youtube seen; Seen henna video  of k gampa; Interacted with Ajay with whatsapp voice chat; 
Called  roti machine owner; son talked and talked to Murali and Nayeem; Someone one ankoaa
 Maharastra called and offered
his products; Had a  record breaking  status cou
nt 68;

Lot of r&d did on youtube visits and revenue related things;
Padma called and brides sister called and known about their family details;

12rh Sept Satday 2020;
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My past shoutings on gta counted by owners gta said this ;  complained on neibouhood boys ; gta ordered  delicious chicken: jeddah order ; transport damage;
Incoming calls continued saved them; work did and met venkateswara took his cheq; Met arihant no use
; Rexine house; google Analytics checked;

13th Sept 2020; Sunday; 
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Incoming calls dropped drastically no problem anyway; Enjoyed drink and chicken in after noon; By night it hotup; Chetha butta boys payout trouble with Gta; Troubled with singh and sent messages: problem erupted with understanding miss trust with Ajay; Trouble with seenaiah and poor response with Nrn; unable to control nebouhood boys menace; intake crossed; even poor response had from relatives on phone called Prahlad; Bujji; ; Pelli kuturu issue of doubt on second marriage further agravated; more insights known about padma gollapalli by balaji;

14th Sept Monday 2020;
Jeddah - Wikipedia
Deposited cheque musalamma date issue ; Despatched ongole met manager;  Purchased insulin from medmall; Gta involved ; Suffered with hunger pangs and body pains neiborhood lady talked about gold rates; pellikuturu sister called up in morning; Suffered with overnight dosage issue;
Roti machine stock enq did got one and asked for another; jeddah   courier charges known 12.5 k prohibitive ;  Releived of jonna rotti  enquiry issues as ajay removed my number; edited picture; back home Geetha srtuggle for brothers support continued; Night sleep disturbance; Gtas tention over houses construction issue;

15th tuesday 2020;

Tumkur broken issue re assured  over ph cost issue next time to take care; Someone called very intelligently and asked for price; Seen simply learn video on google analytics;
tenstion reduced as no incoming calls;

16th sept wed 2020;
Greeted all with extra care on whatsapp but no use;
Got up early; Tried for blood sugar test failed; Known that youtube is dominated by songs;  Called Nayeem he supported; Met owner known abt few more things about transport etc thanks he has taken care damaged product; call from UK recd; Seen top selling products on internet; Seen few more food and recipies videos; played more with samu; Known what is shopify and spotify;

17th sept  Thursday 2020;
Got up early; Coocking Gas request by neibours; poor response from Chinna; Even more by Shankaraiah mama; Ok response from Raju; Another poor one from Nayeem;
Worked in field and bouncer from Hutaib to be careful next time;  Arihant failed again later removed their number; Hope had from Merhaba and Excel for 23 rd sept; Tailor  flopped; lost sheet of neurobion in morning to be careful nextime neurobion effect is clearly evidant with body pains; Youngsters miss behaviour at ATM; Morning trouble at tiffen choice had puri;

Ongole lady recd Roti machine with good condition thats a welcome sign for the day; called Nagraj S R frieght  but yet another poor one had; Called venkatesh asked his openion on .in domain name he was pisitive upto some extent only known about screen shot software;
Known that a successful youtube must know kinemaster;
Cheque not cleared is yet another head ache throught the day; Called Prasad and had chat with Prabhavathi akka; played with sumo; Eye sight head ache on fieldwork; One lady  sent her video asked her if she can do jowar roti video; Hungerpangs in evening had polen roti of neibour;
Bulli called but discarded him; pressure at home again for money; kinemaster downloaded finally seen one video;

18th sept friday 2020;
Went to bank found problem of not filling number identified and written and submitted valuable time of 5 days is list due to not filling form properly; jowar roti script developed english and Telugu and sent to whatsapp broadcast and recd  some response;
Evening kinemaster advanced further seen telugu video; gta voice over did for English; finally by night preoared total Telugu script for jowar roti.

19th Saturday 2020;
New thing of the day is whatsapp store with
Few calls recd for jowar roti.
Further more exposure had on adsence setup to run ads on other youtubers ads. Even more exposure had on kinemaster options korean company.

20th sept sunday 2020.

21st sept monday 2020.
Get machine and deler.chq ckearance.

try Video tieups please; and Jowari roti video planning; identify few more new video products; anger management techniques pls;
consolidate; decide about pending delivery on hand and followup with manufacturer;

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