Saturday, February 25, 2017

Feb; 2017

Not much of field activity; met bhimas guy; Krishna catering; new furniture guy; satji;
retrievd 99 ads from jan and feb issue; Call from chinna for gangamma donation;
Night R Ruchululu and vardhan florist payouts got;

Gta  arrived; Watch repair managed;
All payouts failed;
stamps pasting work given to gta; Gave carreer to chinna; Interceptor;
Met key maker;

26th Feb sunday 2017

Target and save addresses doctors of  tpt;
Food plan;
Monday plan;
gta will board train in evening;
Meghana dental;
try florist;
top up laptop;

keep raja furniture;
keep prince tailor address in list;

Thank god net is working at home so edited addresses list;↑; seen some important movies as net deadline is coming over;
Morning had tiffen from new place nice but hunger continued later;
Afternoon owners left;
+ + +HP GAS GOT TO HOME paid him; SUGGESTION ALSO noted;
Took pic of super market 2 ppl and honey moon details;
naiks wish and Reddys responcibility protocals were surprises of the day;
owner ladys menACE continued;
met Chillies new restaurant; known owner  anji;
Tried gate college in  vain;
shown feb issue to Sri krishna grain; took Pic;

Met SK shopping zone guy;
mer R Ruchulu guy plus near by shops
;Tried eden chat and Krishna scan exposure;
Godavari ruchulu red guy;
Had commitment from nainar gopi and Sridhar ph number saved;

Maha Shiva Rathri day; Wished lot of ppl and had good response from whatsapp chat;
Evening met Roshini Driving scool got code gave paper  and chennai guys pricing stragtegy known;

Surprise of the day Chinnas intiation and arrived in  tiffen box and Kotis pressence;
Shown  feb issue paper to Shree lights; poor responce;

Evening met florist; had his commitment  had;
had Halal details with Munawwer and his manager;

Restaurants review by mun moon;
next day is mha Shiv Rathri purchased apples; kit kat; close up gel;

23rd feb thursday 2017

 Got payout of Sri Balaji Agencies and long time chat with the boy; Managed 10 callaverage nearby area;Met munnawwer some suggestions had on personal get up and bag apreaciation also had on posessions;

@ net edited and loaded few more entries;
Eve work took sign of sri sai padma rice guy;


22nd feb 2017; wed day

Met BUY N Save got TTD diary;
Met super market;
Activated 2 g plus;(super market; sai padma;)
Payout and exposure Coffee had  from Sri  Nandhi
Met Munawwer;
Some more entries loaded;

21st Monday feb 2017
Took back wrappers from printer;
Morning payout got from manasa;
Evening met sai Padma Traders;
Evening panduranga Corp payout got;
met Tv shop;
Morning physio lady met;
Met one paints shop;

19th feb sunday 2017
Morning addresses counted;Took wrappers and stamps to to printer and handed over; water problem soretedout;
laptop continued to playup; whatsapp problem emerged from Murali later expellecd from group;  Met Munawwer;

Mouse problem in cafe; called Muni krishna  Balaji kalyana Mandapam; Morning fishes payout recd; NRN called;  Some kind of stomach problem;


18th feb saturday 2017

Morning Nursing payout got; Some kind of uneasy; Work gone; Dropped the cheque;Nrn left in night; i took prints from different cafe;

17th feb friday 2017

Drug guys exposure; Chandu cafe and Hiers closure; Dropped 2 k cheque; failed Nursing guys commitment;


16th Feb thursday 2017

Nursing school;
prakruti infra
color lab;
Bajaj  bykes;

Colour Lab;
Verendra surgicals;

15th feb wed day 2017

15th feb wed day 2017;
rkcolorlabs t id saved;

Pan guy and moksha g plus activated;
prami; colour lab verified;
bouncer at p jain jewellers;

Did around 16 calls with Nrn; 2 closings; 2 commitments;(color lab;verendra)
2 g plus activated; more of g plus linking did;
amoxy cloxa; lemon purchased;
March 2017 issue;
Began Content work ;
Address work add globe a/c
Mini super market;

feb 14 th Tuesday 2017

Surprise NRN joined had good day anyway;
Global A/c  order got :his interest noted; long chat; chicken injections;
2 pasuparthys helped;
Gta in whatsapp chat; contd;
kajal tweets continued;
sewing machine entry activated;

pan guy called again;

14th Feb 2017 tuesday

Gta reached hyd safe; Had self prepared coffee and Dip chai and whats app chat; Surprise NRN said will join @ TPT; ACTIVATED SRI BALAJI AGENCIES G PLUS;
 March Content work to begin;
TNR: Gangaram;
Pasuparthy; chillies; ambulance;
Get telma h;
Overan sr;

13th Feb Monday 2017

13th Feb Monday 2017;

Got back byke and As usual to morning work surprise this time luckey closing of 2 should fetch managed 10 call average ; Afternoon dropped Gta to hyd; evening Balaji met and proposed him the plan;

Atta sons PRAHLADA

Attended marraige in morning; Had tiffen and reached Rajampet
Return journey to Tirupati was tiresome reached late by 9 pm;

11th saturday feb 2017

Kalakata Pavan Kumar marraige

Travelled to Rajampet shown marraige pics certificate etc from there to Kadapa got guest house attended marraige met many relatives Sheshamma death news;
Recharged RIM:Had kadaa night exposure and retired reception successful chinna joined late;


10th feb fri 2017

Day work  gone with Hair cut but in after noon created whatsapp group with 60 plus people;
Night part payout and Prawn curry  biryani got from Ra ruchulu;
met gopi;


1.Rajugari Ruchulu Payout Failed again.

2.Driving School payout got;
3.met gopi had positive;
4.Call from Bangalore guy;
5.Sri Nandhi part payout got;
6.Met gangaram reddy on return.
7.Gajanand father died;
8.paid office rent;
9.Reply had from pavan;
10.Stock ok;
12.Shilpi venkatesh;
13.Met one curry corner cooli;
14.Narapally call;
15.One Boy attended;
16.Live in style;
17.Furniture guy Card;
18.Cheque deposited;

many whatsapp msgs;

Field calls plan;
color lab;
Noor furniture;

(Attending kadapa marriage plan; Mobilise;)
How much to get from field;
TnR; call;
Msg Mr ads;;
send cheque of balaji kitchen concept to bank;
Buy note book;

8th Feb wed 2017

No noon else dares; failed;
Days trails;
1.Stock failed again;
2.luckey meet of D.Reddepaa Naidu Sri Balaji Agencies;
3.Events red Guy;
4.Closed manasa beauty; 1+1+
5.Met Hansa Lights gave paper;( Found no current issue)
6.Balaji Kitechen Concept(cheque and code got)
7.Hardware shop
8.Steel shop;
Evening calls;

9.Sri Nandhi;
10.Gama color lab; code recd;
11.Naidu Mobiles; exposure;
12.Gave paper to driving school;
13.Prami electricals; circulation;
14.color lab;

Stock; Morning;

rajugari ruchulu at eve;
colour lab; Eve;
Sri nanda; call in morning;
msg DW;
Followup mr ads;msg;
Drving schools;

7th Feb Tuesday 2017

Most of them will receive papers by post;
feedback had from gtas Keshava chinnanna; and one call recd from nellore for Marketing Executive; call recd from pan guy nlr;
Morning calls;
stock point;
super market;
closed one caterer;
no eve work;

Got up bit earliar due to mosquitoes menace; Activated super market g plus;
Planned the day; tweeted; Posted Blog; House of english g plus activated; plastics market set;seen last 2 issues again; charging went well; msgd pavan; whatsapp msg of meetup sent;

How the day will go??
@ net;vardhan florist to activate again; yes did it;
Call lakshmi vallabha;
post Mystic memories;
load mart pics;
address work;
call sri nandhi;
Sri sai;
Cell phone repair work;

6th Feb Monday 2017

Travelled back to tpt by byke met Pickles guy Dileep Kumar; Nrn met and said will submit papers to collectorate; Seenaiah called; whatsapp msgs with friends continued; Posted pending blogs updated diaries; target missed at stock; organised things of the trip at house;

ph calls made

1.TNR Kalyana mandapam; commitment had;
2.Sullurprt; yes;
4.NRN: ads; Not lifted the call;
Lot of things organised at morning and posted on blog; Had feed back from Gta on paper;

Evening session nice work did;

1.Fist being met super market got payout and gave paper;
2.Met Munawwer sirish and rent discussion; read his  health reports;
3.Met Electricals guy;
4.kept papers at office met Manohar reddy;
5.Met Hemadri mobiles; gave paper;
6.met Raju gari ruchulu known their developments; had commitment;
7.Gave paper to Sri nandi lady;
8.Mallikarjun naidu; some of his details;
9.Met color lab guy;
10.Vardhan florist lot of details also known;
Mystic memories and miracle tymes listed out;
No noon else dares;

5th feb sunday 2017

Recd Feb issue in the morning again credit with Madhava in tense quickly managed  to stic stamps with the help of hotel staff  and despatched  all by night stageering 267 copies; Spent most of the time with Murali and Ashwin; kept paper in 3 stalls;

4th Saturday feb 2017

me and narayana at santha;

 Malli old friend

With Nrn to santha later stock point then retired; good lunch at raja rajeshwari mess; met malli aqua guy at afternoon; Night ashwin joined from chennai;party with Murali and ashwin; nrn left to Hyderabad; Load all entries is flash; Ols guy ex med rep also met on road;

3rd Feb Friday 2017

Uppalapati Koteswara rao
Met UK;
Met House of english and closed him and took phone DTP;
Bujji gadi Biryani;
globe watch;
Image Opticals met;

furniture guy