Wednesday, January 06, 2021

unbeaten and beaten brigade


To write the best consolidations;

suraj failed fav;

 Ashwa Bravo;


Best chances missed;

pesi shroff; riyahi charenchacchio;

 c Rajndra Hyderabad 2000';

 Good double with chalapthi rao;

in the spot light in form straight wins;

Ranthambore straight win,

Demonstrater 10 to one;

Exhilaration second run  as favrite;

b.prakash ex charenchchio  win; sarvesh at chennai;

Venku flami g star win;

50 to one MAM; Ex Goldie brown;

Black pearl   all 6 Wins

forest flame 5 wins

smashing blue 5 wins;

yours for ever 2 wins;

silver bracelet 4 wins

Spreme legacy


2019 war hammer;

2018 Sir cecil ; star superior; alvarita;

2017 Ruffina;

Oasis star all wins;

Indiscretion wins;

2008 sweping sucess;

 2007 soutern empire

2006 mystical

2003 Zurbaran

2001 strom again;

1996 Indiscretion

1985 Chaitanys chakram;

January 2021

6th Jan wedday 2021;

trackeagle past  selections seen; 

7th jan thursday 2021

After Mysore order totally spent at ho.e; neibourhood children totally ignored me is a jolt;

Some past results of trackeagle seen;

8th jan friday 2021

Stomach trouble;

Durga family  left from Hyderabad,

New point is read all recent runs 


Attended Indirapark tote,  from tommorow things may change;

To wait for fixed odds; 

Incoming calls continued;

9th Jan Satday 2021,

Had own prepared lunch but had to clean lot of vessels; Gave Chicken piece to Sameeksha at morning:

Had 2 flops at  Mumbai Rx non triers not in betting;

Gta came finally and gave curd Rice and that saved from hunger; During Rx got one order plus mysore Doctors VRls confirmation; Some more info got from indirapark tote watchmens missbehaviour;

10 jan  Sunday 2021;

Days new point is Killdare won as favrite but to trust winner as favrite than sudden favrite this is new strategy evolved;

Lost temper at Samu for chaki unbearable;

Lost temper at Indira park lane long que  while coming out for parking  Parking fee; lady dint knew 9th race  p S chauhan won; One Oldman came closer; My eye sight trouble continued;

; Gra brought 4 new shirts;

At mumbai had 15 to one win bet 

and 3 to one place bet rs 50 

entrance ticket; Had sit up with Kishore; Had his assurance; one new point fetched and new hope gained again; who ran second have chance;

11th jan  Monday 2021;

Horrible stink outside home unbearable:  Had Tasty  Tiifen Puri  which was not sufficient;

Complaint on me about Dustbin; mangaed chn parcel ; Mysore parcel not received yet whatsapp msg recd;

By mistake put no voice in afternoon missed few calls;  Too much of Chilly in evening snack;

Night had Lemon rice and chtney

Lot of arguments at home due to gta Chinnanna; Unable to attend Hyderabad 1000 guineas due to 

busy related uneasy;

Lot of stock available is a good pointer; Transfered Rs 400/_ electric bill to Gta: some of incoming calls data saved;

12th jan 2021 Tuesday; 

Long time no sleep in night  due to noon sleep :  I can start once again web listings a feeler got; Prahlad DW called and enquired about Remote Car;

Read  about ATM fraud in Eenadu;

Incoming Calls  have continued but no use: 

Tug continued with neibours;

Scanned last 2 weeks zaminryot;

Despite Tuesday managed Hair cut;

Sent whatsapp messages for Tirupati renewals: lot of R and did rx last 2 months dates confidence gained;

Msg recd from Kalakata group;

Night called NRN, jayram Reddy

Ajay; Cheng;

Shopping did with Gta Mango leaves were very costly;

13th jan Bhogi day; 2021

Got up bit earliar; Bouncer from mama; Another u wxpected one from house owner lady; prahlad ill health related tention had Unable to atte d Rx; Damaged roti machine not reached yet; Met Srikanth;

Sent sweets to Gra Vadina home; jantikalu purchased; long chat had Srinu and his Mom; Enjoyed Bhogi song;

14th Thursday  Sankranthi day 2021

Evening shopping did with gta at Kumar shirts and had Tea at Hotel Grand and Rajini Gandha; Skipoed Chennai Rx; Missed Kishore call;

Roamed around city Abids; Tank bund; Had nice Chuduva Phalli;

15th jan Kanuma day friday 2021

Enjoyed Kanuma whatsapp mangli  songs; personal messages sent about childhood and google translation effect known; sexy Jocket:

Rambler winner with same jockey  Zeeshan has emerged victorious at almost 4 to one; sudden favrite of  p s chauhan lost;

Enid Blyton and Neeraj  Rawal story has emerged same jockey akways ;

Called Narasimha Gollapally felt happy;  Brought damaged pice from vrl and got it exchanged at brought home;  Good autowallas met; Unknown fear and about future;

16th jan Saturday 2021;

Met Eswaraiah mama with Gta  had lot of discussion: Despatched damaged piece; Srinath mount winner had ar 4 and half:  house shifting fiscussions;

17th Sunday jan 2021;

Headache of phone call had failed to handle;

Kolkata Derby day; lot of upsets seen not to miss SHPs from now;

18th Jan Monday 2021;

Again stress at betting even after having 2 winning bets; Finally kishore funding had;

Seen one new house near Narayana guda with the help of Suguna;

Srinadh Shp missed; upsets day; had  2 winning bets; one mistake   forgot right number which led to anothet; New point is Can back failed fav next time Suraj;

Take care of Akshay kumat at low weights;

Sent Telugu whatsapp  message;

19th jan Tuesday 2021

Afternoon worked  covered Begumpet  SR and Erragadda had one top rank listing and met Prahlad had two payouts; Morning called Durga;

Basmati rice; Insulin; needles purchased 2litre petrol;  kishore called;

20th Wedday jan 2021

Due to fear skipped intake;  vomitting sentation reduced a lot ;

Called Durga and Krishna and Narsimha;

Night Kayam Tablets; vicks; took; total rest at home; Had Pulka for night; Betting Book maker called;

21st jan Thursday 2021; 

Health improved further;

Maximyzin purchased; walking began;

Last week Rx  winners analysys did; legs swelling reduced; night Eye testing did with doctor vision loss known; Total rest again at home; head and Shoulders Shampoo purchased; Ajay called in morning; missed a Channai bet; lot of walking did;

Sent 7 wo ders Telugu matter;

22nd jan friday 2021;

Ajay called he reached back to Hyderabad;

Had Eye checkup to take care of Sugar levels;

Suddenly Kishore called so joined him to Ecil area and came back but journey was risky; luckeyly skipped Kolkata Rx; Eye strain and blurred vision

Had due to  eye solution ;  Gras upset  slept without food;

Lot of walking did for the day; incoming calls continued;

Night dinner missed after kishore situp

23rd Saturday jan 2021;

Sunday  card preparation did ; purchased  eye glass; Evening visited park with Gta;

24th jan sunday 2021;

Neibours went to their home place;

Prahlad called; Again few more mistakes have to be eliminated at Rx known about Eswaraiah ho.e billage;

Trackeagle superiority  of selections  known clearly;  p s chauhan and Sandesh  4 wins and backing known lufes second run  and 4th run try effects known; 

Venezuala last time sixth; sandesh last time 4th won as champions;

25th jan 2021 Monday;

Long story posted for whatsapp;

Attended Bangalore rx; racing pulce results and and indiarace talk known; secondrun SHp missed;

First run fav failed quite surprisingly;

26th jan  Republicday Tuesday 2021;

Last in last 2 stars also came as second;

Failed to mainrain uniformity missed 7 to one horse;

Failed to back ps chouhan ShP and place;

Even after 1 years gap s john won as a favrite;

Lot of video  r & d did at night;

27th wed day 2021;

They may strike in third run;

Prahlad sister  Kalavathi died; Called Bujji known things; See for nearest threats  for maiden favrites; On a follow up vet pharma guy  paid amount; Rs 300/_ gone for my own expenses rest for Rx; Dosage cross did the same mustake and known results; Missed lunch;  Failed to To maintain money on hand for covering bet Downtown Girl my pic won; Objection at Rhythm and another hickup at w shop ;

Discussed long time with Prabhavathi Sister;

28th  jan Thursday 2021;

Suraj will be always a live threat;

Called Ameen; Had commitment from Kondaa Keshav; Incoming calls continued; Some kind of uneasy throught;

29th jan Friday 2021;

First run pic has failed; close second won  so another losing day continued; P trevor 5 old first run was flying second note for next outing; Uneasy in after noon;

@ Mumbai failed to back 2 inform mounts  because of late to tote centre; P Trevor selected as top 4 in india had 3 wins; more family insights known with Prahlad;

Ameen collected one payout transfered my share; Konda kalyana mandaoam Keshav failed his promise for 3 rd day; incoming calls continued without any success;

30th Saturday 2o21;

Siraj theon gave full fledged co fidence another big punter got introduced; dosage cressed;

31st jan sunday;2021

P s chouhan won Oaks and gave another confirmation of agter leaving maiden status where will it participate; had trouble at home and had situp with Kishore; 

Incoming calls continued but no use;

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Haldirams khatta meeths

 5th jan tuesday 2021 Galli old man died;

Haldirams khatta mitta enjoyed very tasty; Missed another unbelivable hatrick suraj narredu at Kolkata: 

Shocked at  dividend of mumbai 1000 guiness winner; in odds 

confusion missed another winner at kolkata; new lession is i must watch ring odds ;

Namaskar of Durga Dad;

Durga over action contined so disallowed her;

Cats menace;

Chinese eat Dog meat and Cats meat;

Dental ill health and stink of Pandu;

Monday, January 04, 2021

4th January 2020 Monday ; tiger snake can survive without food for one year

Tiger snake can survive without food for one year seen on Tv;

4th jan  tuesday 2021;

lot of calls received for  roti machine reg rate;  called Nayeem and srikanth;

in one of  ids of google all gmb entries are suspended due  to suspecious activity and that  is new shockwave for the day

 i must survive on my own strenghth from now; i must talk heavily on my own web site from now; 

I must catch some celebrity project for social media; 

Seen "Ali tho saradaga" etv show  thanikella Bharani; 

Sudden hunger pangs in night to keep something ready always on hand and avoid acidity;

HRC tote not funtioned to death of jockey ;  Durgi moms Birthday cake knowledge known and abuse of gta;

Ajay met painting vertion of machine idea ; gta left for shopping; One lady fake call as if  she is from Bangalore i must be able to talk in all  indian southern languages; unbearable allari of Trio; 

"Dilse song" and dance enjoyed new hope gained; called Balaji

And known his mothers health; Eswaraiah maMa seen reading paper;,

Not to miss  next fluke;

Activated laptop airtel pack again and edited blog but vision problems continued; 

Decided that from now long shots should not be missed of trackeagle: