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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

November 2017

1st november wedday 2 017;

Well recd Gta near State library and came back to lodge after dropping cheque attended satish fathers function; had nice time there met almost 13 friends; read Telugu velugu; while returning met swetha saree mandir; night had Chat with anjali;


2nd November 2017

1.Met metal house;
2.Md ali code took;
4. Ibrahim; next guy; Sro
7. Data collected;
8.Tools; Murali
9.shree sai;
7th November 2017

Shokers; Md ali and tools have failed to transfer; 

Metals cheque not cleared  so clarified it with SBI lady clerk;
edited Dr satish Rao and Jaya engineering;
Visited Rajendranagar; Crystal garden area;
 Night collected Swetha on constant followup;

6th Monday November 2017

DropPED cheque;

Remind md ali and tools and spares; did and also called swetha;
meet shree sai ; Ibrahim; next guy etc;
collected data;

all plannings perfectly did;

5th november 2017 sunday

Read Times after eating upma dosa; Chilling atmosphere;