Tuesday, June 05, 2012

May 2012

30th may 2012
Moring rs 100/- missing; left kadapa to Rajampet;good reception there;Enroute seen one accident Baawa s call received; replied to nutnspices; long open chat at home;discussion about adsense;satyam Gandhis calls;Some news read in press about recharge of twitter;

31 st may;
Villages in which gandlas are living listed out;found 26 of them;One more house at Modinsaheb palle;programme changed as Chalapathis called;most of the kalakata family enquired with Mom; 10 call stint at Rajampet dint fetch anything;Bharath bundh effect buses have not plied till evening;

Evenin left to Tirupati met Syam dinner ;double indulgence couldnt be stopped;prahlad and kistaiah have called;

22nd may

22nd May
Left Gudur;Met Gopal Suneetha;6 days blogs posted;25 ppl met;TRansfered cash to Gta;seen rx results;7 l auburn beauty;Bad words need to be stopped;Surprise guidance from MK;Satyam gave pwd;harshini prabhakars daughter;
23 may; Met Gopal krishna sir and told; late night to rajampet;

24 may; Gta reached Rajampet introduced to MOM;

25 Me and mama to gollapalli arrangements did at Ontimitta returned to rajampet by night;small shoutings at home;

26 th may; new slippers purchased left rajampet;reached gollapalli;small hick up there but later Ok;

27th jatara day;with difficulty managed to arrange things;prahlada;pullaiah;pullaiah attanded;
some pics took;nightcall from sai from Pune;night menace lungie sleep;
Bradraiag Gollapalli;

28 th monday;Managed to clear shamiana things and reached Kadapa and retired;Long chat with Bharathi and post guy;Kamalakars call was surprising;chengaiah followup;bundh related tentions;

29th;  Prahladas dynamics;got close with krishna family;assurance bawa effect;seen krishna marriage video;break down of Bottle related tention; lot of pics seen at krishna home; dropped Gta at night;
Chalapathi and Chengaiahas calls continued; rushing things at night;

TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2012

14th may post

morning work at kadapa fetched 2 closings;later started to kadapa; evening work at kadpa also fetched 2 more closings;Called kistaiah and Akka,Babu;

15th may post;
 after morning work left to gollapally spent time there seen mitta and other lands met villagers returned back to kadapa by night;Success had from trip;

16th; may
Kadapa land seen;met prahlad etc; good success at night work;

17th  headed to Rajampet and retired;discussions had with mom and Mama;
18 th headed to tirupati;left luggage there met chengaiah there and retired;met jana so one disagreements got patchedup;
19th Saturday Morning headed to gudur from there to Chennai back by night;Gta activated at travel for odds success had;marriage  temple EO and guidance from Chalapathi had;
20th sunday to chennai back by night;days new knowledge is C alford successor,long layoff failure story;auburn beauty and Chalapathis pressure to back known;16/10 place missed for c.john;Reading eye glass forgotten;
21st may
Most of the day at Gudur evening boredom lodge boy trouble;night roasting at lodge;

13th may 2012

ramana babu kadapa

tappeta vayidyalu gollapally

Vacated piler and reached Raichoty;Sunday wastage;Evening managed to post lot of pics at net;one  new clue got from blog; seen visit counts;called gandhi he dint change;

10th may post

Madanapally ;morning field work did almost 20 calls 2 closed;floowup of tripgotrip did;horselyhills;b kothakota visited;managed days expenses; had good Mudda  and chicken at afternoon;lot of walking for the day;met one marketing guy at travel;

11th may post;
 left madanapalle to Piler;Had success at piler; no evening work due to travel stress;CMs constituency;Tape purchased;


Chalapathi came closer to invest;Very long chat with Syam at morning;Even though second saturday at piler one closing managed;worked at field; morning net cafe bad keys problem;truelies movie;poor advanced plannings;

9th may

Waited for kamalakar at krishana complex later started to madanapalle;Small success there;night suffered sleep due to ventilation;

10th may;
Morning madanapalle local calls did;2 closings;evening tob kotha kota;Madanapalle arial exposure;Met one marketing guy;pvc pipes;
11th May;
work at piler success;

8th May

Long journey to satyavedu utter flop there;but seen sro and place;one kadapa guy met;
called syam;cheng;one new id;

7th may

Empty Bottles madyam near sullurpet
Covered Sullurpet;naidupet;Not much of heat from the morning;Some prints took at morning;
Called akka;Long chat with Chalapathi sir gave some hope;Days work is Ok;called syam;folloowup did with tripgotrip;
Morning boring sunday;spent lot of time at syams shop One suggestion came from syams mama;evening party at bliss with symas family;camera dynamics;prabhakar,Raju,other family members met;Evening managed to post 3 days pending blogs;2 new ids into fold;
cheng,and kamal were missing;unable to lift chalapthis call;Night slept in t shirt;

SUNDAY, MAY 06, 2012

3rd may post

Morning met Munawwer,next Gopal at bank  long chat;met sekhar;syam;niranjan;kamalakar;tried rural tpt sro office;later Tpt market sro;purchased Insulin;Recharge did for Gta;Paste;Needle;thread;Met Kalyan Jewellers guys;Ref got from Niranjan;Met Obaiah;
GopAL POSTAL address;
Tuda apts;Ablock;6 s;NT Road;Tpt;

4 th May
Met Gopal at house;
then to site visit;transfered 15k to gta;Kamalakars calls;sucess at chandragiri;
5th may;
Recd Chalapthi at renigunta and thats all total day gone; 

THURSDAY, MAY 03, 2012

2nd may post

Morning covered renigunta;headed to venkatagiri;venkatagiri was flop;then to srikalahasti; 2entrys got there;vijaya bhaskar met there;heavy heat;one mistake in boarding Bus; Call from chalapathi;Narendra;Lost temper 3 times;shoulder pain continued;had bag repair;night bed changed at lodge;

1st may post

Lodge boy arjuns help;syam picked up to his shop met his mama then to gopals house ph to suneetha;lot of things organised during wait;new things known;lunch at syams home;met subra seen some land;then met signin guy;ankama;posted pending blogs;pics;then chengaiah joined;dress press at syams shop;seenaiahs call;called Munawwer;night to movie;lot of interaction with gta;followup of trip go trip;gudur prints also took;

Chalapathi sirs call;y s jagan trip to tirupathi;May day;Gandhis call;