Saturday, September 05, 2009

August 2009

31st  August 2009

After a boring sunday monday:

evening met goldpalace ang bharat gav but with so much of dissatisfaction and complaint about old adate at nelloretimes.rainy day with seenaih cot enquiry did very painful legs?.morning mosquito net for room purchased.dhintana blcked and added few ids with that id.
days markt collection is 900/-.uffered with cold.morning dtp layout work did.dtp od ad idea was successful at gold palace.

1st sept;
Rain continued.ut my attempts continued and success got from arcade and murthy sports payment print was needed anyway.dtp of vetuku work continued.morning purchased new rubbr slippers.night kiran mt and he gave ne hope for visiting cards and laptop.

2nd sept;Morning unexpectedly kamalakar met and with him things changed.quickly managed to fininsh dtp work and folloups and news parint etc.decided to print paper.settled dtp amount.
ith kamalakar to allipuam and then followed to tirupati.head ache of kamalakar noted.after reaching tirupati met ramoji and discussed.called home gopal tv missing story of ysr.

3rd sept;
night sleep at ome gave some satisfaction.nws of koti suffering with fever.gave him volini gel;seen visinting cards of diary and city was closed and no night dinner.ysr death announced so hole city was closed.
met ankama rao and read suppliment of sakshi.

4th sept;2nd days ysr death.akka reached tirupati.after having tiffen i headed for nellore again with few things.reached back to nllore travel unabl to bear with travel starin.nroute rx jana and jana called.padmakar met at night after drinks.

5th; 3 papers read at morning.unabl to bear hunger follow ysr diet regime. quickly wrote eview of last 3 is fast depleating. vtuke issue print was not upto satisfactin.morning distributed paper settled senaiah dues.boys helped to fold.decided to buy water to room can.seenaiah gave stool
after noon seenaih gave stool.
morning success came with swarna palace.

6th sunday post:

as usual very boring morning even with 4 chase listed out an slept at morning.slighttention at money field and distributed vetuku to evershine.met padmakar he gave new ideas.

afternoon slept at room.evening kamalakar met and he gave one web site.night riaz biriyani had.purchased new bed to room.night dinner of riyaz hotel.disturbance by net meghainfra new id blocked.


29th august

night to anjaneyulu movie ac was good.head ache by some one with looks. at market 500/- colledted.dhintana twitter id blocked.gandhi met online.seenaiahs followup for car.few entries posted at net.mosquito net and bat is needed.alexa further improved.

30th aug sunday;

from morning felt bored read most of the from neibour.met old press friends.night disturbing dreams.

august continued

27 th august:day s collection from market is rs 400/- but expences are heavy and unable to control.suresh pawar met on field.calls from inr and sankyo.content for vetuku fuether room gates problem set right by seshu.again call from micro and syams non co operation noted.

28th august: unable to work in field for long time due to closed 400/- orders.content work given for cd work.sankyo guy met at night.

26th august

Another interesting and hopeful began with kebaab restaurant payment leg pains continues so i coulnt concentrate on field working.Microlabs call came quite unexpectedly.evening totally concentrated on twitter consolidation at reliance field work missed.
Volini gel purchased padmakar met at market.afternoon met Seenaih and got commitment for office adda.water problem seems to be coming to an end at room.for paper content work continued at net.
morning called sataym but he dint turn up.
collection from market for the day is 600/-.

21st august

Very good day with lot of developments.first being room possetion had with few needy things mat pillow key and mat and bucket etc.lodge vacated and transfered luggage to room.main need fan also arranged at room.

Morning suddenly leg pains triggered so i was forced to go to physiotherapist after physiotheray i felt much better.
At net few pending postes work completaed.vetuku content work also started.

Field work could not proceed as expected due to pains and room work.narasimha called from chennai.

20th august

after yesterday night movie and sleep tiredness effect follwed by inr visit to me.morning decided to buy relince net account and purchased it.then to market and booked kabab restaurant and follwed by payment fromac guy and info of 65 shops of ac.

while on the workhunger pangs narasimha from chennai called and so kamalakar visa information.seenaiah gave payment 3k.
evening work gave one upset that fashions lady dropping out and at stone house pet gancy electrical guy renewed his entry.decided to pay advance to room so paid with bramha reddy company.
new development at nettlinx balaji for yellowpages and his site development seen.
morning blocked another 2 ids at twitter and also improved nearly 2 lakh traffic ranks.

19th august

Very successful day at market with 1400/- collection.morning took xerox printouts from stone house meghana net.transfered amount to jana icici account for nelloretimes renewal.
idea of asking vemi reddy prabhakar reddy camera.met rx janardhan at vedyapalem and seen room also and 2 big bet strategy noted.when i met Satish dtp guy good response noted also met Vijay bhaskar.
To collect 1000 business cards from nellore city slowly.
field success were raja furniture centre,new andhra jewellery,audi lakshmi computers,and Pulse.
gandhi met online but dint chat.eve met bhawani finally to magadheera movie.

18th aug

Interesting day! received 1 k from seenaiah for the head.3 days pending blog posted but net was pretty slow.morning had hair cut and had hair color too that gave new confidence.had tie up with Rambabu for new issue.
during field work got commitment from house of english,dr rs 300/- order from yeluchuri.msg sent to ja for domain registration.rim charge did.gave support to inr.bujji reddy met.hope from evershine also got.

Evening work gave real cash with closing of shantilal jewellers and new color jewellers magazyne.
Finally Rama chandra met had many plans and phone follwups.

13th post

Morning suddenly decided to go prepared the things quickly and after meting kamalakar started to nellore by byke.journey was so much of dryness as most of the lands enroute are dried totally.

After reaching nellore quickly tried to activate many of the contacts thru cell phone.many have been activated but still confidence not gained.

12 th august post

Eve indifferent attitude noted with Kamalakar.this day is big hit for me as i have collected 990/- from line is almost clear for nellore.good web site on thailand seen.
Most of the suffered with body pains and boredom.night chenagaiah met we had drinks.twitter consolidation about coporates using twitter rd did and follwed few more people.that how that day passed.


10 th heterodrugs and bigcmobiles blocked.mostly with kamalakar.met strom professor and gained good guidance.
11 th august seen most of the details about bangkok.slept at lodge.not much of any progress.heavy pains of legs suffered whole abt chikun gunya and arthrities.

9th aug

Mostly spent with kamalakar and chengaiah.air tickets work of going to malaysia etc.posted entries at global day again.visited gangamma temple.entries posted.

8th august

Morning work is again a succesful one with one beautiparlour and yoga prabha successs tory followed by discussion with kamlakar and evening also got the part pending payment from edgemont also got commitment from him for monday.discussion with fatima.

Night head arguments between kamalakar and chengaiah noted.and tailors discussion and finally my wishing got mixed home discussion with sister.

today there was heavy heat and when i tried to see movie Magadheera it had heavy crowds so i dropped the idea.

7th august post

Most of the day spent in discussions with Kamalakar.did morning session work and booked city banians.surprise of the day is with that edgemont girls clue met that guy and got commitment for tommmorow.mor failed at travels guy.collected pending payment from ganesh restaurant.

met munawwer and jana and hour surfing at global park is worst.

august 5 th and 6 th posts

Had satisfing discussion with krishana anna,on field work managed 1 beauty entry.not much of any thing for the day.

6 th Morning tried many calls,started with speach hearing not dental bomb followed by study lab.vtech computers.Ramachandra called.morning met Ekambar travels booked.a/c guy for sunday.intereior decorators hope.we should be known already before making use ex that cafe girl.

4th august

Good discussion at homw with Krishna anna lot of family details known.whats problem with sister??.at market i have managed to book one classified.most of discussion with kamalakar and night his friend met.managed to wash the things at home.ankama rao and gopaiah spent time.

3 rd august

re apllied to google.mrftyres blocked.pellipeetalu and granites payments got.night phones to jana,ekamber,setty computers followup did.morning uniads guy exposure.

2 nd august post

From today i may have to improve my way of writing diary into a very fine and touchy being a friendship day chandra and syam sent me net messages surprising and i even missed to send messages.night with kamalakar drinks ans suffred to sleep.
twitter further home morning met gopal and ramanaiah.

1 st aug post

Morning work gave surprising result at sv diagnostics and a new hope computers hopeful.almost vacated room and shifted to home.night sleep disturbance point thru visaiting card of jobsway.posted pending entries at mails new problem.continued to add new people at twitter.