Monday, March 02, 2020

march 2020

march 2020

1st march Indian turf Invitation cup;

New point is Arch rivals one of the competitors wins usually;
Star superior vs sir 

seenaiah called ;Twitter further consolidated with Took all turf clubs twitter handles activated again; Slept a lot at home throught the day;

2 nd march 2020;

hyderabadiprinters and pragathiinduistries insta got into google ranking; Hit 100 twitter headers mark for the first time;
tweeted for 10 projects and updated few insta ids;

Agaian unexpected arguments at home but quickly subsided;
lost few nice ids on the way;
Fire near home all tried and controlled it;
worked after long gap;
read jan and feb 2020;
paid Chetta; Neibour are vacating news;
Insecurity is mounting ahead further;
 known about march;april; may temparatures in hyderabad;
Heat felt at 3 pm;
days tragets achieved anyway;

3 rd march; 2020 Tuesday;

google invitation for maps meet up gave a real moral booster for the day; 
further consolidated 100  twitter handles on hand;
Night as per plan met poorna chandra and he paid but need to edit his photos;

@ Suicide news in eeanadu; 
Another one is hair color to beard gave another boost;
seen web sites srscientifics and mosquito mesh;
aaddred eagle diaries twitter handle with tweets tweets are getting followers; 
Arguments saga has continued on park visit and Anjali and still more many head aches;
asked and pushed 2 broadcast list for replies; design work of google short urls;posted msg to batras; Kishore; Ameen;
Insta msg sent to Kamalwatch ;

Brought Onion and dosa batter;
continued google  short url;
Failed to identify next targets work;
adsense had a slight increase;
oldest company t ids and their pressense already analysed;
Seen web sites of mosquito mesh and sr scientifics;

4 th march 2020 wed day;

Continued google short urls reached  mark of 114 good; Seen few more web sites;
Purchased telugu velugu march and scanned it quickly;

Late to park; sold news papers; purchased smooth Reynolds pen;
poor tiffen;  arranged home Rice and Putnalu and Groudnut;
Bags guy responded; video link posted to kajal fans;
Tweeted for vidya balan new chance identified; improved few more insta ids; Corona alert; added  kitco ceramics com AND SENT THEM  message; Eagle diaries;
Jayram derrys call recd and my talk; New idea of slow leading episode of nutty can be explained to or mesaged;
edited Poorna  chandra entry;
heat was unbearable slowly;
sent few more refrerences to ameen; seen few more web sites;

5th March Thursday; 2020;

Days tip;
Have a healthy mix of videos and images as part of your content strategy. The content that you post acts as the voice of your brand. Build a narrative around your products and post content that isn’t just product updates. Life journey with good memories and bad  added ;
Top twitter and instgram brands added list got to 150;

Sent msg to soni;  Reddeppa Balaji; msg to sai sudha;
Ameen called and talked for long time focussed on real estates; he collected 1 payout;

6th march friday 2020; hydraces developer;


CIN - U74900TG2008PTC062104
Plot No. 42, 2nd Floor, Durga Nagar Colony, Lane beside Hyderabad Central, Punjagutta, Hyderabad - 500 082. Telangana State. INDIA.

Phone : + 91 - 40 - 6673 3066

WhatsApp : + 91 - 90004 33066 / 90004 56930
Mobiles : + 91 - 92463 70180 / 92461 56930
Email :
4th Floor, Plot 1269, Near Jubilee Hills Check PostBesides ICICI Bank, Rd Number 36, Jubilee Hills,Hyderabad, Telangana 500033Email: support@froogal.aiINDIA (+91) 630 592 0543
 Above 2 developers addresses got; Seen few more web site;
 Brandwatch shot upto 200;  changed title keywordss for few of instagram handles and kept lekhari also traffic must improve;
removed pics for human hair;
unable to go to bags guy;;

7th march sunday 2020;
Womansday  tweets and whjatsapp and instagram messages sent; addred few more celebs twitter handles; net data activated; loaded content to celebs page on blogger;

Fish shopping did; contributed for Tv dish; womens cricket flop; Added Hanskika motwani;
seen few more web sites; 
my beard was appealing even at 55 age;

9th March 2020;

Neibouts  vacated apologised and head of tall lady looks later;paradise biryanis stunning expantion 29 places and future plans checked through their web site;

Lot of music and video content on whatsapp status seen ;
Monday holi; sent many messages Sri balaji bajrang gif help took;attended park;
brought oil sunflower this time; Ameen successful again at Tpt so 3 more days i can work from home; Covered lot of insta ids with holi  greetings;
Whats athat heavy byke rally quite annoying?
gtas compalint took my nerves its ok anyway managed it;
added twitter and insta brands again to list;
Collected web sites data to 500 seen some of them;
added few more social media handles and seen how athey are sending tweets and instagram stories;

summer is further inching up swiftly;
amits video on google maps photos update and twitter handle news known;
hello rama viseo seen;

10 th March Tuesday 2020;

Mama called;
Interacted with whatsapp status content;
by evening mayurpan shown on top;
agaian tweeted and 4 main celebts updated;
ameen called but globalacshoppe missed so claimed again; plus 2 more to wait for a week and see ;
removed phones from maps of sribalaji; and ganesh electricals;
segregated important t ids on hand with  alexa traffic rank base;
to message them now;
alexa top 80 listed out;
few more brands added to brandwatch;

Quickly updated web sites who are not present ton whatsapp and twitter;

 told owner bhaskar about problem we are facing;
1.chermas diagnostics;
3. maagaani
5. Aquatechtanks
7. sridevifertility
8.super bags;
9. sudhakarind;
10. gjrchaawal
25. mtrfoods

Other major development of the day is collected top web sites data;

11th march Wesday 2020;

Quickly updates google short urls to be  118. but i ahve still 300 verified customers;

Evening session seen few more  web sites;
celebs content added again to page;
managed to link sri balaji agencies;
after profile pic change seen follwers increase for kajal;
Kya farak padegaa page created;
Ameen called; unbearable heat;
insta msgs sent to 
1.mehta jewellery;
4. sridevifertility
also sent 10 whatsapp msgs;
night myflowerftree addeded to twitter handles;
Throught the day added few more top brands to Brandwatch page;
posted few more content to insta;
seen tv and disturbed then called suresh and NRn;
calaimed bhimas and was quickly rejected; and claimed bhimas; nandishwar google sent letter;

12th march 2010 thursday;

Major success story of the day is Ameen got 3 payouts and one promise;

after calimeing googles maps suprisingly got one access;

did field work and  made 5 calls and got 7 data;
spent long time at hyderabadi printers short url created  got one review edited their map marker; got payout also;
Managed park visit; 
Trilok is also gone;
added few more twitter brands; addeded few more celebphots and content;
Night party but hickup for paying by phonepay managed;

13 th March 2020;

*** Known about value of a twitter follower  @ 2. 5 dollora and value of re tweet is 25 dollars and value of twitter 4 billion;*** Other most powerful thing known is valaue of a nagative review is mind boggling 1.5 lkah and its silent killer; Activated human hair insta id but could post only 5 later seen related web sites including e com web site and rates known  First shocker is from hydprints  insta link and shop closure;  My kajal twitter worth is rs 2 .5 cr and what about handles on hand and my knowledge looks mind boggling; Known about #hashtag tweeting; Updated vetuku yahoo email removed almost 10 k emails;

second shaocker is stomach hyper acidity managed anyway;
Sent 10 whatsapp but nothing yet;
Net  was  dangerously slow must have triggered more acidity;
adsense continued to give un happy moments;
Discussion on buying  a house;
Ameen trasfered amount but only 1300/-;
Claimed few more;
Checked all g mails once ;; has a web site; seen google maps marker near by  places;
 also known about few more tech giants worth;

Sleep apnea tv9 show seen;

14 th Saturday 2020;
Seen tools and spares co site seen tools;

Rx and zaminryot; seen; made a park visit;
worth of pintrest is 1.5 billion;
Tweeted for Roayalind; KCRs update on TV( on Corona alert;
Added few more celebs content and barnd watch handles and insta sarees ids;
added ipcs labs; finally purchased pen at night;
Somewhat cool day;

15 th march 2020; Sunday;

First timein History sunday  races cancelled; malls closed; bars closed; wine shop sitting dis allowed;
Seen new curry corner launch near sai baba temple;

Consolidate content; tweet; seen current google satanding of  few  of projects oh hand;
Despite sunday worked from home; arranged chicken but high salt curry;
Nice curd enjoyed at night;
vdesignpalace to see later;
added few more brands and celebs content;
plaque epidemic is bacteris based;
good speech Of KTR seen;

16th March Monday 2020;

Theres lot of difference between  Mobile search and laptop of google maps this is new knowledge;

Quickly went to Professional couriers and recd cheque and deposited it on bank; on thw way back purchased Telma h generic tablets; after coming home had moutache color with the help of gta;
Adde some more content of celebts to my blog page and seen i got 29th ranking of it;
Nice day with one more clarification got as twitter is for celebs and pliticians;

17th march Tuesday 2020;

Due to arguments at home had puri at Diddartha cafe;

Due to heat used A/C for 1 hour for year 2020; thanks gta romoved computer on desktop;
throught the day claiming and related things got consolidated;
Added alexa top ranking sites and celebs to brand watch;
Suddeb trouble of  jagdeesh ambulence handled;
Some claimings shifted to veduku email id; further reduced emails from other ids;
still unable to know why cell numbers are removed from listings?
Known as why bawarchi has no other branches by reading quora answer;
net was slow in morning;

18th march 2020 wed day;

Seen Amit tiwari 25 minutes video and known that structed data is better and google analytics and key word console are different; added top ranking sites to 40 new; claimed 10 more;suresh vja called; More pressure for money covid headache further worsening world wide;

19th March thursday 2020;

Again arguments for low voice; lost temper on pressure to eat;  seen 100 plus google map locations; 

Finally lucky traders got google rank
Insulin  bottle is missing;
added 70 more top ranking sites; Added 3 more celebs;  calimed few more google map locations;
Ameen responded hes in chennai; unruly weather some heat in feet?; 1 negative review came for New zeal; google maps code arrived so edited map marker;
surprisingly limit reached for map claimings;
Some content web sites loaded;
some links added on top;

20th March  friday 2020;

 Bleeding of leg horror; took Cipro floxip alarming; 
***New tip of day are tweeting with #hasjtags; usage of quotes;

Alexa top sites data reached 400 plus; Raju TRt called; at  Sai Baba Temple food stopped to beggars; Nirbhaya convits hanged finally; madhus msg forwarded;
use of @ Ask RT;  short tweets are better;
Blog fresh content; headlines; Keep customied photos and Videos;
10 data collected from field; Seen google maps agaian;
Night Gta had funding from her sister so she purchesd required things to home and medicines to me;

21st march saturday 2020;

Sundarayya park closed; sugar checked @300;

days left over; add content sites to blog;
listout who are not responding to reviews;
Buy neurobion;
edi kaavaya;

21 st  March Saturday 2020; 

sugar checking near Sundarayya park surprise park gates are closed and old people sitting on pavements added few more top alexa traffic sites; growth pointers of life analysed and posted;

3 google claimings managed with vethaku;
Night called suresh vija he said busy; no response from akka; satish; prasadvja;
called recd by kishore; and balaji;
good content consolidation did agaian with gta message and balaji and saved it;
tweeted for janataha curfiew support; managed  drink surplus;seen NTR movie;
failed to buy note book; medication took for cipro and amoxy;
seen mahesh babu movie;
failed to buy note book;

22nd March  Sunday 2020;

Major development of the day Watched tweets and segregated them; there are 235 countries in world; Identify who are not responding to reviews; and negative reviews;

Janatha curfew day observed and tweeted total day spent at home watching Tv and net surfing;

covid 19 further worsened with govt restrictions 3rd stage in India ;  Lockout till 31 st march;
No incoming calls; Called NRN and had good chat;
Added few more alexa top sites;
identify who can be claimed by post mailer from google;

23 rd  March Monday 2020;

Days decicion is target only high spenders ex Realtors close  rich deals to stick to this decicion;

None called so its dangerous situationm  no problem i still can face it and can chenge it;
Vegetables proces have gone up due to Corona  lockdown effect;
Added many Alexa top ranking sites to blog ; legs are getting swollen; 
Surprised to know  my blog is ranking 11 lakh  range of alexa and i can add good content daily yes that a positive sign for the day;
Movie sites are ranking pretty high; seen super star Rajini Bear grylls show ob discovery; lot of political leaders  age known; advani on 91; ranini kanth acted in 165 movies;
Gta paid eenadu bill; Seen some countires big companies data; comfortzone is days keyword;
Covid affected count is 3 58 076; India 467;

24th march 2020 wedday;

Someone sent screenshot for claiming;

to find the ways to pass time at home in lockdown time; Why legs are getting swellen during work;

25th march wedday 2020;

Daily consolidations of past links created and seen them;

added few more alexa and tweets; Ugadi twets sent;
Finolex twitter id added;
Unbearable heat in after noon but unable to bear ac body pains suffered;12 of tv ads listedout;beggars and students sufferings at Tv seen;  Suresh VJa called; chiranjeevi joined  twitter and insta; added; Caron fresh additions 40 k;

26th march 2020 thursday

Lot of alexa top ranks added;  seen links of yesterday; Recd chinna message;
thanks to flickr added almost 50 new handles; including Nerolac; gut feeling added  10 lakh points;

27th March; Friday 2020;

Mama called ; Kept covers for yestserdays twitter handles; heat trouble unbearable; corona further worsening worldwide; Lot of tweets sent;

28th March Satday 2020;

Due to poor income removed adsense for some time and kept it again due to insecurity; Some verification trouble also seen with twitter; things are titening up very swiftly for everyone; Seen Bahubali begining for some time; Stopped working maids due to corona;
Again arguments at night at home; Added one article to blog; searched long time to retrive those blog topics; Yamini gautham fair lovely model twitter handle known read about her bio added her in twitter watch; Added few more covers ;

29th March Sunday 2020;

Chermas  handle asked verification luckily managed it for other handles twitter asking its asking verification known twitter abuse related issues; ***Major advancement of the day is how to retain web page visitor for long time known nice content and video content is very important from now; v

Called Mama had chat; called NRN later took his help to retaian vidya balans id   called suresh; Called Satish he called back; called Prasad had luke warm response;

Brought Chicken and grape fruits but both are flop stories for the day luckily tablet saved;

maid servants rejoining issue and fear of top guy;

Seen hydzone alexa rank nouse; Seen nytimes; 

First time loaded insta video to twitter Bailyvok dancer; known  to read comments on home on smartphine for twitter;
Checked all gmails ;

One thing in life is certain after many attempts most of them are successful so i will be some day gap is closing down faster i think solution is i need is team in different places i tried it before; 

Good rush seen at  Mutton and Chicken shops out side;
Sudden rise of heat and temparature it touched 39 Degree  feeler  for the first time in 2020; 

Maid servants joined  back duty again another unexpected twist;

***How to sky rocket Alexa ranking  best tips posted;

Best tweets posted; 
last 10 years i improved 6 lakhs traffic ranks i think now it will accelerate;
Added few more alexa top ranking sites;
Surprised to see some of my  realtors posts got ranked on google;
smarttelugu guy gave info of moz free seo course details;

30th March 2020; Monday;

Reached 500 Alexa top sites milestone;

called Bujji; Gunnaiah;  Sai; Arguments galore; GCP called;
Nice content of tips posts 10  addeded to blog;  Tetly;  odonil: hair color purchased;  header content changed; Boredonm continued; lost 1 lakh alexa ranks unable to understand why?

31st March 2020
Corona song by vandemataram srinivas

By night panic of  Religious gathering and Corona effect;; Elusive pimpernal video seen;