Thursday, September 01, 2022

Sept 2022

 1st sept;2022; thursday; 

Mostly spent with Ganesha idol;

2nd Sept 2022;  friday

Again uneasy headache due to over eating;

104 posts as on  3rd Sept in lekhari.

Nayeem delivered 1 order at Manikonda; 

3rd Sept 2022; sat;

Pulligadu came; pamulodu brought chair from mitta; 

nimajjanam day at gollapally; recd calls but no sales; Few more videos took; nagasubbaiah left to rajampet;

No orders day 1; asif changed  servers and has my Gmail pwd;

4th Sept 2022 sunday;

Chicken arranged; how to reduce stomach acidity known and acted;

No orders day 2;  Had eve snack;

Watched cricket match;  chengaiah called;

5th Sept 2022; monday;

Mind is very powerful video seen; 

 No day for orders day 3;

6th Sept tuesday 2022; 

No orders day 4; 

Very hot day; 

Recent consolidations;

be confident; affiliate; develop in small breaks; 

7th Sept we'd 2022;

No orders day 5th

Few more videos seen;

8th Sept 22 thursday ; your circle and credibility counts;

Day 6th no orders;

9th Sept Friday 22;

Made a visit to ontimitta purchased tablets and vegitables; One rt machine order booked; Heavy Arguments at home;

10th Sept sat 2022;?

11th Sept fri 2022,

Heavily suffered from caught horrible night;

12th September sunday;

Doctor came and given injections etc so recovery became; nebuliser;

13th sep monday; 

Recovered from illness; animation and visual effects digital marketing are highly paid fields;

14th Sept tuesday 2022 ;

Postal guy did account activation ;

Pullaiah  brought  vulava seeds from kadapa;

Heavy tiredness felt;

Jio recharge managed; 

Managed kadapa visit with gta and brought plywood door; 

Even on travel day got one order and managed despatch;

15th thursday Sept 2022;

Managed to get Insulin from ontimitta  by narsimha; very poor incoming calls it looked as if all is over again; Never trust sudden inflow; confusion of non rain?

16th Sept 2022; sunday; 

Caught parampara doctor saved finally;

Lekhari has 109 pages as on 16th sept;

Quickly Have  a tieup with influencer; now ots very important; identify more sellable products;

17th Sept sat 2022: suffered from   caugh and vomittings ;

18th Sept 22: richest booked haul by gta 6 machines booked; 

19th Sept 2022; suffered from leg pain gtas help had: boredom at village; 

20th Sept 22; booked auto in night; Again headache with subhzn auto; 

21st Sept 22 wed;

 Took Nizamuddin express reached Hyderabad; tiresome journey; no fresh orders but heavy  calls recd;

Gave Bhaskar  2 Apple top up;  Called 10 close friends; Had nice sleep; 

22nd Thursday September 2022;

Had expensive hair cut enroute Onion samosa took good auto guys chat;  Known about Javid Habib seen their web site; wished neibour:  Walking is still troublesome; 

Recd adsence payment news;  Had one Rt machine order and got it despatched; 

R&d of top selling kitchen items known;  checked Rx fixtures;

Good news others have similar roller selling for 20 k plus;

After many days gap Eenadu read;

Known abt Hyderabad wholesale market;  Top selling brands on insta known;

23rd Sept Friday 2022; 

^^ More walking  did  as per plan;  hair  color  did ; Incoming calls;

Eenadu seen; we can create  our own apps; : Transfered 1750/_ to Narsimha;

 buy tablets; cycle pls; syringes; insulin;

24th sat Sept 2022;

25th sunday Sept 22

Sunday Whole day at home: seen lot of youtube videos; Seen cricket at night; Seen movie "Sarileru nikevvaru" 

26th.Monday. sept 2022; gta weakness;

Tiffen from Dwaraka; by night google money clardd so paid money to re design work of nelloretimes. 

27th Sept tuesday 2022.


1.vulava seeds sagu ; 

2. Tractor and Gaddis cleaning work kampa work; 

3. Visual effects power and Facebook and google paid ads power;  magicbricks; 

4. Lot of video watching did; 

5.emotional speech power;  collaborate;  confidence power; 

6.katti kodavali added.

7.pangal katte.

8.lakh cash big landmark.

9. Affiliation power to add;

10. Lekhari design completed; 

11.tpt visit.

12.renued 2 domains;

13.confidence power. gardens access and mitta blooming access.

15. House  construction work completed.

16.eye operation;

17.alchohol reduced ; marketing learnt.

19. Marriage; byke; gold;

21.pharma exposure.

22. Military exposure.

23.language and human relationship power.