Sunday, March 06, 2022

March 2022

 1st March wedday 2022; 

At Hyderabad;

2nd  march wedday; 2022 

Boarded Train to Ksdapa ; Reached kadapa and slept in waiting room: later reached Gollapalli; 

3rd March thrsday 2022

Brought Byke from Ontimitta


4th Narsimha brought announcerfrom Kadapa; idli at home;

Satday 5th march 2022

2 order got; TV purchased;

Brought puri and dosa from zdarjipalli;

Kept announcer at mitta at night;

Sunday 6th March 2022; Big ;

Fish srranged;  TV installed; Ravi Chennai called; No updates at Indiarace is another setback;

7th monday 2022

Made a visit to mitta but couldn't not sustain for long; Had Fish; Sai called;

8th March tuesday  2022:

3rd thadi of water to Noogu by Anji:

9tb Mar wedday 2022

Suffered by heat: watering work continued; 1day payment due: Had Gish Fry; peddodu helped to Kick start byke;

Bh Naga S ubbaiah told teacher to vacate stones:

10gh Mar thursday 2022;

Scorching heat;

1th march Friday   2022 ;

Made a visit to Ontimitta : Watering continued; Brought medicine from Madhavadam

12th march Saturday 2022 ; Watering continued; Got Bofha from Ganga; Some stones removed near house,;

13th march Sunday 2022

House top covering work with boda; Nagamuni Reddy brought liquor; 

14th March  Monday 2022

One machine order got; Pandidi work continued at home; Spent time with Penchalaiah;

15th March Tuesday 2022;

Visited gangamma temple; Missouri from Penchalaiahs tiffen;

16th we'day  march  Visited Ontimittz and gave byke for repair. Dubbaiah came for water work;

Roti machines are out of stock;

17th march thursday  2022

Narskmha and Cjinna Apaiiah helped to get bhme; 2 days payout given for Subbaiah;

18th mar Friday 2022; 

Visited mitta at eve: Brought Vadalu from Darjipalli;

20th Sunday Mar 2022

Attended Marriage lunch;  

21st Took Dosakaya from Subba Reddy father;

22nd An ji gave 2 fruits,

23rd we'd. march 2022  

Paid rs 600 to old man; Visited Ontimitta drop given to Pulligadu:

Purchased Bags: water bottle; small pots; syringes; Grapes;

2 machine orders got for the day;

Brought water;

24th March thursday 2022; 

At Gollapalli

25th march 2022 Friday

Managed 2 order despatch

26th sat Mar 2022

managed 1 local delivery  and one despatch; kallau  or Neera;;

27th Match sunday

Ganga jarara Attended in village prayer did for top up; Arguments with Okkodu; Byke self starting trouble began:

Dropped Naga subbaiah;

Unable to lift incoming calls; Argument with Okkodu;

28th March Monday Narsimha gone to his wife's place; Eve called prahlad and Penchalaiah; peddodu fixed switch board; cleaning did on the way to mitta:

29th March Tuesday 2022

Heavy heat through the day: Big setback due to pork menace;

Noogu checked and it's ready for cutting; paid old wages to ladies: Indulin and oil and Tablets purchased at Onyimitta;

Negotiations began with Narsimha and others; one order got for the day and forwarded it;

Log in recd for lekhari;

30th march  wedday 2022:

31st March thursday 2022

Quick visit to Ontimitta; Noogu kotha began;

 14 people worked;