Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Feb 2022

 1st feb 2022; Tuesday;

Yesterday 12k gone for injection purchase ;

Feb 2nd 2022 wedday

Had eye injection but no positive sign; again rs 5 k gone

Feb 3rd thursday 2022

Met doctor felt even more Slatming and congusing;

Lot of phone contacts deleted by mistake; 1 order got for local delivery got it successfully; At Rx new confirmation is maddog strategy  evolved;

4th Feb friday 2022;

Still depressed; One more month extended at Hyd: Kolcata races cancelled; Debut seconds usually win in their next run;  Black grape purchased enjoyed its taste:

Something wrong with egg fried rice?

 Banana purchased; tom Mumbai Rx  not promising : Geetha transfered money to owner Bhaskar;

5th feb Satday 2022

Got up early and got ready for SL Diagnostics blood sample checkup,

Called village Anji and NagaSubbaiah and had feedback about Noogu saagu;

Eve met Doct Vamsi and had his suggestions, throught the  day sitting idle  at home and  suffered with swollen legs:

Known more options in  my Mobile about sinking and primary email setup for google Android; No sale for the day stress had for money expences;

Heal the care and auto expenses have become big  burdon.

Had Chilly Pongal; lost temper on auto guys;

ZModi attended Ramanujam function at Hyderabad;

Feb 6th Sunday  2022 

Mumbai Derby day ;  To take care of fai favrites; Attended Mumbai Rx; Odds on favrites cant help fetch dividends at Tote so just forget: Giant star missed at good odds;

Latha mangeshkar died:

Only 4 tote centers are running by HRC Sudheer security person;

7th feb Monday 2022:

Total day spent at home ; Noon suffered by low sugar;

8th feb 2022: Went for Eye checkup but person not available there gta and me had jowari roti at zadok nagar: I went ahead to Indirapark tote  missed 2 nice favrites Of Suraj narredu ; Days new point is Mumbai mounts tile in Kolkata;

Fixed Font size problem  in mobile;

9th feb  wedday 2022; 

Managed to stop mitta work  of ladies with the help of Narasimha; He sent photos of his children function; Evening eye sight becoming more difficult.

Had Eyes Scanning; Purchased new Scissors had Moche trimming; Had Chat outside; Had chat and Panipuri and purchased Exampad;

Andholan on Modi remarks on Telangana; Bangalore Rx card seen;

Discussed about future plan shifting luggage at home; India won Cricket match against west Indies;

10th feb Thursday 2022;

I have bright future provided if I can maintain cash  and remove mistakes; 

Attended Spark Hospital  Doctor has Hope's on my left eye;  Unable to back Suraj mount and related depression; Entrance ticket and Aotos fares are spoling chances;

Horse racing seems to be dead for poor people in India;

2 machines payouts recd as a welcome sign;

Entrance fee for Hrc 250/_ 

Friday 11th feb 2022;

There are 2 Rx cards framed for the day and there are 2 chances on hand;

12thsat Attended Doctor at zMalakpet;

13th sunday feb 2022

Attended Mumbai Rx first start is best for odds;

Started to Gollapally by Venkatadri express;

14th monday feb 2022

Brought uria and pesticides with Anji;

15th feb tuesday 2022

New guy got introduced;

Pesticides work for mitta land continued with 6 ladies for Kalupu;

16th Feb  Wedday 2022;

First  watering ( Thadi) work began  Ramana (Pamulodu) joined; Thurumu  and Kalupu work continued; No money on hand by evening; Narsimha brought pipe;

Incoming calls reduced drastically;

17th feb thursday 2022;

Trouble at home;

India white wash west Indies;

18th fri feb 2022;

Arranged 1 Bag of uria;

Atm card missed; Another jolt is byke trouble bravely managed ; paid all dues to labour and started to Hyderabad; 

19th feb sat 2022

Reached took total rest at home;

20th feb Sunday 2022

Hyd and Mumbai Rx;

Blocked ATM; New point is jockey and rider only best Truely Epic:

Transfered  rs 1200/_ money to Narsimha; 

Rx new points; ex is all about Big connections and trying Jockeys;

Called Prabhavathy; Rxprasad; prahlad; saved mob numbers of koti; Nrn;

21st Feb monday feb 2022;

Worked a lot on Rx stallions produce and indian stud book;

KCR anti B JP campaign;

22nd feb tuesday 2022

New SBI atm applied; :Black grape price white grape rs 70/_ rs 120/_

Good knowledge with tv9 debate 7pm to 8 pm;

Lot of calls recd but no bookings;

Mekapati Gautham teddy cremation

23rd feb wedday 2022;

Temptation had on Multidimentional Ameeta Mehras debut runner at Chennai thank god it has failed: called Anjaneyulu and Narsimha;

Zepto network seen;

Bheemla nayak pre release event;

Be silent at criticism; cashify,

24th thursday feb 2022;

Seen Russian Ukraine War

25th Feb Friday 2022

Stayed at home;

26th Feb satday 2022

Had Eye operation for 3rd time;

27th Feb  Sunday 2022

Attended Mumbai rx no use;;

28th Feb Monday 2022

Do.e phone data retrieved;

Tickets booked to kadapa: phone migrated;