Thursday, October 31, 2013

october 2013

31st friday; 2013
9 calls at market 2 closings;maggam;royal glass;
mor to park continued R&D for prints on hand;
few more prints took
rejected raju on chikkadpally eg bazaar santha;;
 rx book tel velugu purchased;ookmywebsite;
had word with b

2 closings;hdpe;tailor;plus positives; met kiran;
prk  issue;gave dc;
gandhi came home;
rattlesfor u;toyson rent;
one tailors closing bus accident news;

contd field work
met ashirvad and activated;
contd prints work;
met coir guys nd few others;
closed air con;


28 th october monday

Camera repair done; segregated seo prints and 78 new prints took thats huge one for the day;Closed one entry too; pressure had from SKD must attend it; Ajay and PRK dumma;
market calls did;had 1 positive too;

27th october

With the help of ajay closed paints;Ok for the sunday;jolts at rx continued again but same  riders won again;

25th oct;

Rain contd;my attempt at mysore rx failed; had chances for 26 to one but uniformity failed so distress again; covered empty space at office;

24th thursday october 2013

LONG DRIVE FROM HOME 2 sros coverage;;HEAD ACHE again at home for water related distress ;stayzilla;zomato clients r&D;
How the day will develop to be?
1;planning hour please;( 10 sit outs;)
2;reduce again pls;
3.petrol pls;
4;(4 dailies haul yes;hindu too;
whats they can give?)
5;>>prints pls;
retrieve key word prints pls;****
6;Food plan?tiffen Lunch;Dinner:
7;Work plan?
Try Balaji super Market with Laptop;
Loan plans;
Water a must pls;

23rd oct post;wed day;

1;This time not to  park  at morning due to rain;followed by;
2;Had coffee at home;
3;coffee powder;milk;arranged to home;
4;had tiffen  at home;Lemon rice u know what has happend later;
5;3 news papers haul for the day;

6;Prakash alert and  met him  at field   (had 2 chai)
weight  of laptop told yet worked beautifully  did almost 20 plus calls;
7;only success at SRO nampally;
8;No news from Ajy yet;rains carnage contd;
9;posted 3 days pending blogs;
10;met asian carpets dad;(key word carpet;
11;Gtas complaint had for work;sudden??
12;Month work analysis did on diary;also seen whole years investments;
13;sent few more rx books to garbage;
14; rx tip;>>>place bets have huge chance;
some formatting erroor at laptop??
First time work with laptop at field;
had few positives anyway;

some new entries at nampally road glass etc noted
chatris of neibours;;

23rd oct post;wed day;

This time not to  park  at morning due to rain;
Had coffee at home;
coffee powder;milk;arranged to home;
had tiffen at home;Lemon rice u know what has happend later;
3 news paper haul for the day;

Prakash met at field  weight  of laptop told yet worked beautifully  did almost 20 plus calls;
only success at SRO nampally;
No news from Ajy yet;rains carnage contd;
posted 3 days pending blogs;met asian carpets dad;
Gtas complaint had for work;
Month work analysis did on diary;
sent few more rx books to garbage;
some formatting erroor at laptop??

First time work with laptop at field;
had few positives anyway;
some new entries at nampally road glass etc;
Morning analysed investments of the year and income levels etc;

22nd october tuesday;

22nd october  tuesdays;post;

spent time at park;
R&D did for debutants win percentage and shocked with results;

unable to stop rx temptation so gone there but even small can make it is the new point of the day;

Even after attending and loss yet managed to work in the field;Met rangoon guy he expressed very closeness on thrid time of meeting him and also reveLled about branches etc;Jryot recd scanned it faster;one convetion centre covarage seen; Prakash met interaction and also prepared bank statements; call;

Gta told abt Kistaiah s call;
arranged vegitables eggs to home;seen FOX cooking channel  srilankan food and retired;
SunDay;20th october;

3 news paper haul  AT Park one boy who is preparing for group 2 met;Gta anooyed me with decicion on going to movie;I booked  ticket for escape but slept off;owner aunty came and enquired;
Boredom throught the day;Mysore rx was cancelled;

21st  Oct;mondays post;

PRK and ajay not on job; worked alone in the field;did 8 calls;also collected data; manged to take 48 prints from sadgun cafe;
caounted prints on hand 180 without map;paid narsing balance;
almost lost temper on sweeping lady;Night organised prints at office;


current standings on hand

>>>Try 2 get funding pls;prepare a projec t report;give ads creative ads for team now;

1.Some balanace on hand: what to do now?

2.current team on hand;(GTA:me;AJY:PRK;T ids;Adsense;k followers;) they will increase;

3.assets on hand; few;Family assets to get;>>>move this file;

4.RX hopes;To increase amounts for rx and team;what to do now?

5;Office fully equipped now; with furniture;  plan to make use of it with press ads;

6.prints on ariel survey;G+
7;3 Cameras on hand;
8.Stationary etc; increase it to color;

9.Laptop on hand +++
10.I can be a social media manager for big companies;
11.project report and funding to get try;;
12. data on hand;make use of them;
hire pls;
14.vetuku postal advantage on hand
;pen media team pls;;
15;kNoledge levels seo etc;


One more strong bet failed Zervan  gandhi came home;
Computer and printer and carpet placed at office;PRK and Aj
ay came to office;Lost interest to work in field;Few more vedeos seen on laptop; Social Media manager hope;

sat day post
 Prakash called up for helpe dint turn up idid 3 calls and they are positive;3 succss stories at rx;
Missed place bet at 5 to one;Low weight Rodeo gave money;Activateere few people there;
Managed the day with rx income;Morning attempt of watching Vedeos failed due to net slow;
Next rx attempts must be with Good cash;

ONE CHEQUE GOT PASSED IN EVENING ; Settled Ajay amount also known Abt his bike problem;


17th october

Onions are getting spoiled to avoid wastage;Working in field  with laptop is heavy yet  20 new addresses gained;prakash dint turn up;Few things about latop known;Few Vedeos seen on youtube;laptop usage began;keys are still not comfortable;Ajay came up with one success story; Huge cricketing win;M;et Kiran he gave encouraging feed back;loaded ajays 2 entries;called MK his home inaguration news known
;CS called;Kamal also called;Purchased gongura pickle;Shifted computer server etc to office room; baikal lAKE vedeo seen;
ET gave good information on ecom sites;

ritual of Ganga;

16th october

again retrieved 17 addresses from field;market was partially open;few things down loaded to laptop;missed dinnerl;spent time in park;No field work by whole team; none have responded;sold news papers;search for  leg pads took long time;

15th October

New logo of university of silicon andhra

Had the comfort of Scooter ride to park; No news papers printed for the day a surprise ??? Spent in analysing yesterdays developments at park; wished some one; dog dance for biscuits seen;after coming home edited yesterdays blog further; drawn cash from ATM;No change in alexa ranks they have further gone down;

Activations began later; Ajay came asked money for OIL; Purchased Insulin needles;Prakash  very late; Met suresh and Kiran and Kishore; Gave laptop for loading softwares; Paid Electric bill; Ordered Water boy  brought to home; Called Prakash; At sadgun loaded write up for machinery Spares;

Placed mirror for office later purchasesd BED; TOOK BACK LAPTOP;
Decided to buy leg pads;Later Ajay met settled his dues;


14th monday; Dasara day holiday

my laptop
new laptop purchased
Cool monday; skipped survey work; Took long walk to park and walked back as Scooter missbehaved; ET says twitter engineers are paid heavy salaries;
Seen inguration Aircostal  airliner launch;

Bad luck kalyanjewellers gone out of hand due to that mistake to be very careful for future ones;Whats the power in my hands thats important now; With GTA decided to buy laptop finally quickly trasfered cash and withdrawn; later purchased it had printer and bag mouse offer;
Prakash cheque cleared; Chinnas call and had chat with mama;paid land ph dues;Adsense revenues have gone down; Had long discussions at home; nest day planned;

Ashirvad agencies and Bright steels submitted to Google maps with new email id; Ajay called and said about that feed back; Alexa ranks have further gone down reason is un unknown;
call recd from Digital vidya;
Night TV progammes enjoyed;

Days tasks are;'
do g submition work for 2 entries;:OK done
scooter repair;>>>NO
reduce pls>>>OK
cont to get prints;
spend time in org prints; Ok
But insulin;Pay land bill>>>yes;
Pay electric bill;
buy Bottle  and Tomato pickle pls;
Cheques will pass?then settlements;OK;

13th sunday

Surprisingly  arial survey work continued even on sunday too collected another 30; Ajay called and kamalakars  missed calls seen; sucess story at Rx but after 3 straight failures so  small amounts had to be invested ; Confidence  regained as i can catch winners at good odds; Jermiah missed again due to confusion by Golimaster;

 Festival hungama at out side seen;missed dasara tweet surprisingly; night onion to home;Dosage crossed anyway; seen movies on TV; night puncyutr walas mobility of boys seen;


12 th october saturday

Had tiffen at different place this time quite unexpected move  poor chutney; One girls walk at park majestic confident walk looks; Morning again ariel survey did; One luckey pic at rx at 20/1;Forecast dividend paid at 50/1; ajay met; Prk called; 50 more new prints to fold paying calculations went wrong:;
No Coffee at home?
Jeff bejois article in ET;

some connections analysed;
One incoming call to RIM who was it??

>>>all my next trails shoud  be uniformal from now yes:allocate budjet again now

11th october

Morning survey and evening prints works have continued; Worked with ajay and closed one; called SRN;Gandhi and chengaiah have called; 2 days rx books purchased; At rx super strom floped; Dropped 2 cheques for colletion;
One tention call recd;Lot of pending works complted ; mailed Prk;


10th october post

Morning address work continued for 12 th day;Evening prints also took;Work with Ajay continued  had 2 positives; Prakash brought 1 checque; Sankyo called;Poor response in the field;2 cheques got cleared so gave payment to Ajay and advance to Prakash;Night jana met on chat;Morning updated work diary;afetr noon self coocking did; Morning bank statement skimmed;bhartimittal split;

2 serious troubles in morning 1 with onion guy and second with Gta;


9th october;wed day;

Morning got up and continued arial survey work  this time from musheerabad to sangeet area new things known;Worked with Ajay ; Actor srihari  death news at evening tweeted this ;  After rain disturbance rest at ATM 40 plus prints also took from sadgun startling news even big computer resellers dont have google plus presense; no noon indulgence;had lunch with prakash very spicy food had chicken; had to help Prakash later loaded his pics; Skipped noon indulgence; skipped kolkata RX;

Loaded few 6 more entries to blog;
call from asian carpets;some other calls; Royal etc; got transfered gas subsidy to my savings account print shown to Gta;
almost 7 calls did today; complaint on cat milk by Gta;Mysore rx card seen online; kolcata results also seen at; loaded prk vedeo to youtube  and pics;


7th october Monday;planning and happenings;

Lot of sounds and disturbance overnite due to "jagaran"
yet managed to take rest sleep disturbed many times and toilet visits contd; Morning after getting up managed to write  names of  40 new  shops  at maket;later managed to work with Ajay; 1 entry closed 1 more positive had ; Apple purchased the only un expected move; gta dint give coffee;

To see what happens next; seen prints on hand for some time at office; Seen maandhavi P S chauhan for the day; Purchased tooth paste;razor;scanned eenadu;ET; Gta managed to get gas and paid for it;
Objection Of narsing about glass? Free note books from market;

Good reception had from market; Visited Lotus also; took pin;
Cheque got passed msg recd;
Rhinos poaching article read yahoo;
>>> Threat of power cut what to do in future??
Called Prakash; had to tell to ajy about recent happenings;
Felt huge weight during work;
Met rangoon;Lotus;
kol rx again loss; place bet pls;
retrieved prints;work; no field work;
***Cont work for 8 th day in collecting addresses and also retrive prints 50;

***That 5 k closing please;1 hour individual work pls;
1hour org prints on hand;
sit in office;for some time;
>>>decide for eenadu ads for 3 days;
will prk work? ajays contributions for the day;;
Left over cash levels on hand;

Telma -H

5th Saturday 6th sunday

First majot disaster at RX due to c alford (Gtas irritation too triggered)oppenent same jockey current distance above 40 days win; In Rx left over with first time favrites leaving fillies; Need money to recover; I must close 5 k one deal at least in october;after reading ET Investors chance analysed;Ex Twitter;
Days work gone; Ajays result also unknown;

Sunday; 6th;
Morning  R*D did on current Rx season my pics analysed; seperate note book kept for RX;Seen google map prints;open class after 2 wins to be very careful; 3 successful pics failed due to no uniformal betting;
Again analysed current situation on hand;


4 th october friday

Morning 40 new addresses got plus 10 plus in the afternoon; Evening 40 prints into hand; Prakash came and met asked for help; Work with Ajay did;kolkata book purchased; Few more things shifted to office; April work details seen through diary;

One activation did through Ajays account;Ajay asked for stats prints; 2 positives from field;Water arranged;again analysis on hand did;

5th oct;
Bye Insulin;
sunday Rx book;
petrol; Exact gool key words

collect few more addresses;
prints pls;
Kolakat rx;decide investments;
Drop cheque;
see prints on hand;

3rd october

Morning as usual did field work to collect addresses list; This time crossed further more new area later some prints took from Sadgun with Rat death stink;Had bhoni but problem in it from begumpet not to go in first week; No bhoni from Ajay he came very late to work so i had to leave;  Took Rx books of mysore but skipped it ;One distance winner; Evening seen Rx year books; Narsing pressure continued; Shifted few more things to office room; White Cat came againand again; Ajay brought news of Conference;
Sadgun prints works also continued; biggest successs story for the day is skipped days drink; Morning had call from JD guy.Purchased wow hyd;tollywood and skimmed through them;
Chikkadpally santha for vegitables seen;jana met online;

Morning kamal called ; Evening Prakash called;

unique work for the day;
5.Raju trt
10.Rx satyanarayana
13.nicholas rahu brother;
15.Babu Rao
16.Bakka prasad;
17.Swamy sir;
18.passport chary
19.nagraj(bhanu etc)
Rasheed nawaaab;
Skin company;
Lic sudha;
Rama chandra;
Daggumati padmakar;

4 th october;
prepare for 30 minutes demo;
market survey plus prints work;

2nd october

Whole day at home; Missed s chouhan fav thank got; another new point is huge last time win??

1st october;

2 nd october 

Can linking work start?
Post pending entries pls;
door mats;
Can stuff be sufficient?;
what will be incoming calls;?
can i read t velugu?
1.Opp lady poured water;
2.Scanned 2 dailies
3.hindus days best noted;
4.again pressure by narsing Due to GTA;
5.Fresh water 1 vessel took;
6.Morning some halucinations;??
7.Took nice rest anyway;
8.Checked adsense;


1st October came in

Left over Days Targets;

Load Cane and Bandar; and other pics now;
ever since we met do analysis;
Start Linking work

***Lunch; Rest Pls;
***Prepare  Tom RX;10 minits;
Read Telugu Velugu;Great andhra;
Finalyse ATP trip know trains available;
Godiris Door mats  pls; where?

cash from bank; 
Deposit  cheque;
Satyas call and NRNs to enquire?
Bandar Mithai;
Rajus calls;Owners cash;

Look At the way things went ahead;
1.Owner came in assured him;Leter paid but still more in wanting;
2.Dust guy salary paid dust gone so clean state ;
3.Called GEEtha twice for the day;
4.Morning head ache had to be faced on the way to Sunanda; managed to read eenadu
5.Lungie wash and 6.had tiffen this time Upma  7.Had Insulin(pressure had here)
8.kajals coverage;on TV seen;Morning switched on the TV;
9.stats work continued;for some time;FEw more IPS into hand;
10.adsense checked;Encouraging;
11.pain in stomach?
12.Shave completed;with difficulty; NEEDs trimming of  Mouchtaches;
13.Suguna came in; Did lot of work;
14.No power cut so work continued;for some more time;Unexpected thing for the day;May be timings must have been changed;
15. severe Body pains;
16.lagging behind file checked;(life)
17.years expenses anlysed;
18.With drawn cash and deposited cheque;rush seen there;
19.called NRN;Call from satya failed later; own field work fetched;Bhandar  cells neded to be changed; turned as syam and NRN and Singh came had very long discussion thanks water was there at home edited their letter and also had long discussion later new exposure about politics had assurance from Syam;
22.Neibour asked cell phone at night;
23.night had biryani and retired;
days calls;
1.Bandar Mithai
2.Sapthagiri later had call from them
4.Medical shop consultant consultant

Morning continued address  work at ranigunj crossed border; After coming home read back entire september blog; body pains hamstring  hands; Even at 8 AM good rush on roads seen  Ajay called up;Seen Rx card at home;

Work continued with ajay at mittal chamber; few things shifted to office room again; retrived  another 60 prints from sadgun; Finally Hit purchased; purchased full throttle for oct 02;

All pending cheques got passed;
Praksh disappeared totally;

2 positives had from field work;
had small lunch;