Saturday, June 19, 2021

Horse owners

 1. Ameeta Mehra


3.  Shapoor Mistry

4. chettinad  stud

5.  dr Nevil (Impavid)

6. padmanabhan.

7. Dinsha Shriff

8. United Racing cyndicate

9. Dr Suresh Chintamani

10. p.j.vazifdar

11. Rajesh Monga

12. Gautham Basappa.Dr C.A.Prashant (War Hammer)

13. M.Deboo

14. M.R.Stud

15. Cyrus Palia Roman Emperor

14. Rajan Agarwal

15. Doulat Chabria

16. Haresh n mehta

17.  Aditya P.Tharsy

18. Shaiven Shivendranath

19.Vijay B  shrike

19. Jaydev Modi

20. Meka Ahalya (planetaire)

21. Mohit Malhotra  (Ooty)

22. VijaySohna stud Delhi.

23. Rakesh Reddy Balram Raju Hyderabad

24.  Vijay kumar huota & partners.

June 2001

 19th june satday 2021;

I must start ecom business as jeff Bejos has 189 Billion money

Unable to withdraw cash from SBI ATM; Broght Cadoner and  2  Insulins; Mirning calls began; looks like i did mistake with mom;

Hinduism is 2300 years BC ;

Population difference between China vs India is 3 crore;  136; 139

Rx owners list work began; lot of calls  recd for the day; Ajay asked about Roti machines;

20th June Sunday 2021;

Incoming calls continued but no use; Insecurity continued; Watched movie with Gta: Cats strong pritest fir Chicken;

Hair coloring had Foxy helped;

Learnt  video making  with Brochill did first video for Bhaskars son and reply recd; Some more dates added;

Analysed latest developments;

Spent time in watching others whatsapp status and interacted; Telangana produced 3 crore tons of rice and climbed to top;

Dharma shared his childrens intimacy;

Depisuted Rs 100/_ hyderabadraces;

Broght 2 kg Onion;

21st june Monday 2021;

Inam paid to foxy; Called Prabhavathi talked for long time things known; Known about Prsad illness so called him and known things; Called Bujji lukewarm respinse; Took  ph number Bhaskar and talked to him;

Honey new girl intelligence ;  My blog further improved; Some unusual things at neibours house; Calls continued but no use none paid; usa lady also called; Added one horse owner from Hyderabad;

Read back History dates; my miracles; Reprinanded Fixy fir mibike handling;

22nd june Tuesday 2021;

Srikanth roti machine  may call;

Read Digital marketing stuff;

What are the chances left to grow from now in life ; Gollapalli and Rx plans from now;

Josh app downloaded; Pandu Birthday; Milk expiry dates marker seen;

How people became rich without investment?

Left over chances on hand now analysed lekhari as a document writers data; pandu gani birthday;

Ajay called; No sales even for the day something wrong ok; 

Known few tios about wharsapp business status posted accordingly  fie free course about Figital marketing;

23rd june wedday 2021

Hyderabad races from july;

Gta went back to her sisters home;

My past analysed again;

Further more promotions did for Digital marketing had some respinses even; Agonising still theres no payout for Roti Machine;

Where my credibility lost analysed;

Read that digital marketing content;

Us has more Helicooters;;

24th june Thursday 2021;

Some more fast brushing of Digital marketing did; Horrible boredom;

Gta returned but heache began; Still no change of RT orders; Some of tgem are asking COD option;

Rx sehedules are happening very seift first one being Hyderabad;

Added few more rx  owners;

Norflox tz brought;

25th friday june 2021: 

Unexpected turns; As call recd from Democratic web channel new  idea emerged as to launch of  news portal and jana positively replied later  seen some news  online ( Siasat  impressed) portals and posted on whatsapp status;  Many calls contunued yet no use? Lift irrigation discovery channel coverage   seen; Seen worldwide covid cases;

Gta Vadina came so had nice discussion; power of swiggy team known 3 rd largest team in indua?

Bouncer from Foxy in morning ; Another tention due to that  self claimed municipality person relating to Gold; Added some more rx owners and Political statistics;

Doubt  doubt?

Lukewarm respinse from Laxman and that other no caring attitude;

Edited latest developments again;

Seen Tekegraph and uk racing fixtures; walked to top of house for first time;

Another dynamite to ysrcp;

26th june Saturday 2021;

Managed youtube video posting;

27th  Sunday june 2021;

Chicken flopped;

Had discussion with Baba neibour;

Unable to walk for long time ; Few more Indian states info updated;

Calls continued but no use; Rained in afternoon;

28th june Monday  2021;

Bhaskar called ; Arguments again;

Sometimes things chnaged so suddenly ; Initially planned to travel travel to Kadapa by Taxi it changed to trian journey;  Quickly purchased  Belt and Repair work of Slippers; Walked a lot;

Due to sudden plan had to give lot of food items to neibours;

29th june Tuesday  2021; 

Visited mother;

Smooth travel by train reached Tpt safe;  Some calls recd but mishandles them; Felt very tired:

30th june wedday 2021;

Sudden headache at hospital;

No sleep in night due to disturbance

Met Jana and discussed about  project;

 Failed to meet doctor;

Narsimha; kuppaiah; Rx adwaraka;