Wednesday, May 31, 2017

june 2017

Sri SAI Krishna Opticals & Computerised Eye Clinic

9032241955, 9440075855, 8008177555  
Devathi Innovations :094402 02325 
The color prints  092469 94448

Ruchikaraa Restaurant 8144777762

Stock point TRIED;

Meet a/c point; SUCESS;
Activated  paints g plus and veknatateswara lloyd;; 
june renewals checked;
Dairy treat;
Pavan said tried  shilpi; 3 k; Video; New idea  plan to earn Big amounts daily
Old paper data checked at Office; later posted to blog at Night;
classic Interiors; checked on Google;

Tried sakshi; Et; Hindu;
Tried M S  lodge payout failed;
MR ADS tried failed; new falsh ask Balaji;
 Got Eye glass from naresh opticals;

2nd  July 2017

Mailed jana;

Posted many reviews throught the day; Chicken coffee powder arranged;

 no noon indulgence! ledu file consolidated; Songs, dialogues enjoyed;
ads from ZR,EEnadu; times,Dc saved;
 world biggest lanmarks reviews seen; see;
life of PIE watched;

TUESDAY, JULY 04, 2017

3rd July Monday 2017

Ratnam colleges neet  full page ad;
Attended office filing and Rd did; Stock ok; Pavan met; Pavan met mallisetty; gta chinnamma died; Buiscuits purchased; Bit hot day;
Called sultan from office;
4 msgs sent;

Morning at office amma colors guy met and I met 

July 1st  Saturday 2017;

Nlr visit;
@ NLR DTP: Bujji Reddy; acreditation;
Eng colleges;;

Recd Amrutha s mall cheque finally;
Purcahsed cells for Remote a/c;
Activated  big style; sun light; g plus;
Bhimavaram; eluru;

Met jana ; visited office; Seen EE tv news;  yoga prabha paid;
Hickup of no shops for wine Due to  GST:Sesha padma he wasnt there;

May 2017

May 31 st Weday 2017
@net edit MGR map marker;

1.chennur biryani 7801080188
2.took g plus from ms lodge;
3.Paints closed;
4.Met The Hub;
5. SMS activated; rs 38/-
6. Cane furniture Visiting card took;
7. Oils Ols man met;
8.Met weights had cooldrink;
9.Viswasai furnitires met;
10.Met essae weights;

May 29th 2017
Night dasari narayana rao coverge seen on TV (

Eve Calls; 

3.Mr Ads;
4. Baba cars;
5.Photo studio;
7.pavan. june 15 th Edu day
10.Cell phone numbers collected;

Morning Calls;
2.Launching Beauty parlour
3.Pets guy;
5.hasana reddy;
Pavan miss behaved again;

Amrutha shopping mall Fb created;

Called Gangaram; Shilpi; MS Lodge; tirupati web sites collected again;

Field calls; m s lodge for g plus;
1.msg sent to plants; mart;
3.Beauty parlour;
4.surya opticals;
5.dr nagamma;
6. Id Cards managed to Pavan and Munwwer;
7.seen old files at office;

FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017

19th May friday 2017

Finally took advise from jana and Sekhar Bhai appointment from Svims hospital with small difficulty had doctor consultations and purchased medicine later arguments with Nurse; Pavan brought balance payout from JK Cool; Chinna and Suneetha visited home; Broom stick for office purchased finally;

Recd Amrutha Shopping Mall and Silver bells g plus and activated them; Visited office and met Manohar Reddy; Night time watched IPL and saved some ads;

THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017

18th May THURSDAY 2017

Finally decided to go movie and seen bahubali but no ac in srinivasa theatre bad cool drink distrubance by neibours;
Brought home Dosapindi;
Recd code of mayura fast food and activated it; Closed The hub; Managed to send 14 SMS; Called mgrmall;
unable to go  to Hospital;
Data consolidation did;
used ph;

Brought Mirror; Gk cool part payour recd by pavan settled his amounts; Posted school CONTENT;
Camera Centre;
J mart;

days data; 

Memorable Family Saloon & SPA 7093249551 , 8885505756 ledu

Ramya Aquarium & Pets  ledu

9393936579  Door no:-6-2-72/2, Gali Street, TK Street, Tirupati - 517501, Near Srinivasa theatre

joysh; pic took;

Meat and eat;
memorabl spa
ph Calls nursery;

other things; 


Days left over;

Buy insulin;
Opticals guy;
Eve dta shilpi; Gopal lights;
activate paints;
Start sending messages for web sites also;
For best designed   web sites conatact  Ramana 9347107468
Get your Business on top in google  maps   with the best Designed Website  call Ramana now for details 9347107468
gta io number 8919368916
jk salon spa 9885503603
sweet memories 9177520521
viswa sai furn traders  988571892
indian electrical   tirupati ledu;
tanmayee beauty  tirupati ledu
national surgicals tirupati 9885541786  ledu
Madan Multi Speciality Dental Hospital 9849219556, 9704582322 ledu
Dr. B Sudhakar Reddy (Sudhakar Multispeciality Dental Hospital)Hospital, 18-8-18e, Madhura Nagar, Tirupati, Tirupati North, Tirupati - 517507

Royals Kadapa

7801080188  Door No: 19, Tirupati - 517501, Ramanuja Circle , Opposite Bhimas Hotel
RK Traditional Restaurant
9393605550 , 9248080009  2(B), MR Palli circle, Tirupati - 517501, MR Palli Circle (Map)

Buy Overan SR;
No tention;
Income sourses?
ac shop opp sridevi complex;
activate SMS:
Ms Lodge;
new calls; 
Try sakhi shopping mall;

30th May Tuesday 2017

Night dasari narayana rao coverge seen on TV (

Eve Calls;

3.Mr Ads;
4. Baba cars;
5.Photo studio;
7.pavan. june 15 th Edu day
10.Cell phone numbers collected;

Morning Calls;
2.Launching Beauty parlour
3.Pets guy;
5.hasana reddy;
Pavan miss behaved again;

Amrutha shopping mall Fb created;

Called Gangaram; Shilpi; MS Lodge; tirupati web sites collected again;

Field calls; m s lodge for g plus;
1.msg sent to plants; mart;
3.Beauty parlour;
4.surya opticals;
5.dr nagamma;
6. Id Cards managed to Pavan and Munwwer;
7.seen old files at office

29th May Monday 2017

29th May Monday 2017;
Had nice overnight sleep;
Power cut in evening irk some; Again insecurity;
Jana replied with web site;  pavan also replied;
Afternoon Vadiyalu boondi purchased;
Had hair cut;  SMS sent; had commitment from  swagruha;
TPT web sites retrieved; Brought things to home;

Days Calls; 1.MGR good reaction;; 2.Amrutha Pics; exposure of guys there; 3.Swagruha; 4.Opticals; Murali; Narendra; shop;6. laptop; 7.Met munawwer; 8.Visited office; data collected from field; paper at madhavas;
10.SEO guy;
29th May 2017

withdrawn cash had hair cut; Saved ads; brought home things; msgs to pavan and jana; again google updates seen;

FORGOT THE BYKE KEYS YESTERDAY? Hair Cut and Physiotherapy are top priorities;
My field calls Amrutha shopping mall;
Edit camera centre;
Cross the border again;
All  local dailies;
continue ledu;
NTR content
Send msgs;
Mahanadu content
check physiotherapy;
10 local data
consolidate Lenivi  retrieve;

Jyothy ad;
Call Nlr dtp guy; 
Prepare pavan Vja messages;

28th May 2017 sunday

flash; collect data; retrive ledu; send SMS; Meet; TRY Remote;

got up at 4 am tiredness; Crossed the borders definately sakshi,and jyothy ads also posted 20 plus entries; Tirupati web sites posted; Retrieved ledu more than 10; Added VJA to Pavans list; Nlr June content 2 posts managed; Night meetup with jana;


sATYAS COLOUR LAB 9866331001  LEDU29
RADHAKRISHNA HOMEO STORES nellore  98494 30030  Ledu 28

sri ramdev mahadev traders ,9703301991  Ledu 26
Cure  Dental   Hospital  
Swasa   Hospital  

Model Diagnostics   Hospital  

Sri Venkateswara Ac Mart  7386640199, 9966248808  Ledu 25
Kvr Manya Hospital  TIRUPATI
Bdr Manpower Solutions 

Sudhakar Neuro   7989333632  Ledu 24

Sree Scans 
Surgical World  8632217899  Ledu 23
Dr. Derangula Praveena - Radiologist
Vamsi Orthocarev    TIRUPATI
Durga Mess And Curry Point  9701136559  Ledu 22
 V Storev 9393620209, 9394593789  Ledu 21
Suguna Kidney Hospital 9908860198, 9000216116  Ledu 20

FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2017

27th may saturday 2017

Bell Plasy is still a difficulty in field work;
3 Dailies scanned; sms sent to Jana and Pavan and they have responded;; Electrol; norflox tini took; Petrol;
retrieved some data from net; Edited atoz; Consolidated mynlr further; gill biography saved; stomoch trouble solved;

(Days field calls;
Mobile Hub;Nursery hope emerged The Hub; Ruchi Curries corner;)

+++Seen Old papers at office;
Seen  Bangalore Rxcard;
Zaminryot ads posted;
pavan contributions 2017,2016 posted;
Byke engine oil work did;
jana gave commitment again;
nellore DTP guy got  spidered;
telugu velugu,ipl files at Blog;
Edited postings again;

Had Borugula mixture in evening;
Subba reddy sr scientifics called;
Long situp with SR scientifics Subba Reddy Lakki Reddy palli rayachoti;; Edited sesha padmavathi; mgrmall g plus activated; feed back recd for amrutha shopping mall;

Friday 26th May 2017

 g plus listings are going fast; Called the hub; Jana has replied; sent 18 messahes; mynellore edited further; Points given; heat? tweeted; retrieved lenivi ; e ads just 3; 100 plus data from field collected; g plus are going fast to take care;
personal letters to ledu guys idea; google has improved g plus accounts at one place; indigestion; chinnanna gone; Seen old papers at office again; new board seen atv Refac;
points file;
g plus verification 5 k;
lenivi retrieval will get 1 k;
sms sent gets 1 k;
ead post gets 5 k;
one blog post with pics gets 1 k
 I T ID 5 K;
one name gets 1 k
one  field call gets 1 k mukha parichayam 
1 press ad gets 10k marks;
1 paper issue geta 1 lakh power;

MAABOO CARS 94409 77277      ledu 18  my rank no 1;

Royal Associates& Consultancy  94407 53171 99850 11171     ledu 17

SREE VENKATESWARA SILPA SALA   9848689367  9701417617 ledu 16

Kannam satish babu  9440096158  ledu

MARUTHI CUSTOMS & MOBILES 9885967234  ledu 15

RR Palace lodge 9441549992  ledu 14

kalajali Orchestra  9885665530  9573754343  ledu 13

GUnda anji 9849049356

Sri Venkataramana Steel House

nellore agencies 9849466644

ch mohan Kumar naga lakshmi agencies  99893 86456   3 rd place

sri geetha electricals  9030-739751

ambika tile V.veera raghava reddy 94407 90903  3 rd place  ledu 12;

CAKES PARADISE 94920 07216   undi 4 th place

pasumarthy 7382140788  ledu 11

Vimal junction BHASKARA RAO CELL 9347100725 undi 3 rd place

chinni stills  98485 87199 ledu 10;

sriven 9704122888  ledu9 sulekha

ZIAUDDIN CONSULTANTS 9848394671 ledu8 first

SRI BHARATH BUILDERS 94402 79668 web site ??

VENU FLOWER Decorators in Nellore :9849273092 ledu7 but can be tried for web site;

suneel-kumar-reddy-atla LEDU  9866600900 l6

Anu Art Jewellery 9490046452, 9493727069   ledu
sri balaji enterrprses  9989092629

face dental  8008199420 ledu 
bertha fitness studio ledu
susana reddy restaurant     tirupati ledu
r r hospital   tirupati ledu

sitara ladies beauty parlour tirupati ledu 19;

25th May 2017

Past life nalysed again from home;
google updates checked for all 7 accounts; Now FR count is 309;
Camera Centre cheq deposited;
shilpi Cool guy met;
seen old papers at office and cleaning did; purchased paste;

24th may wed day 2017

Seen chandanabrotherskphb again; pothys; mebaz; indiatimes; nytimes;indiamart; jd;
Data collection is important;
tummidibrothers t id took into fold;
MGR mall pics given to jana from cafe;
a2z guy paid;
Followup did jana on; My nellore Pvan prints took;
Managed 9 sms fo the day;
Data collected from field;
9 messages;
sri sai ads
Sakhi sh mall; 80963893339246997333;
Maharaja SpareS 9440079249 
Devi Furnitures 9299992554
Roopasi Women Beauty Care 9399923164
Sri Gayathri Furnitures 9440250919, 9703647619
In style Boutiq 8106614624, 8885900033

Field Calls;
Pics Amutha shopping mall;

23rd May Tuesday 2017

Had Sugr testing directly from home by callhealth; Sesha paddu renued; Pavan gave golden shake hand in afternoon; gave gta money; Needles purchased; Visited office filing did;
failed to continue sms parampara but pavan boosted it;
Naresh Failed again; 3 g topup did for laptop; Content for MGR mall prepapred; jana and sunnetha have called;
Sent way2sms msg to pavan;

Took prints from cafe;  lot of updates did for g plus clients from cafe; cafe timing issue; Missed night etv news;
Hi i have sent mgs to shri pavan,gattimelam, ramthulasi ,konada km,gangaram km;TNR: Camera centre, global ac followup them
Rto venture;

REACH BUSINESS SYSTEMS  099639 71417 tirupati
Sent msg  Gattimelam;A.PRAKASH 9966222757
Shri Pavan Traders  8977723143, 8801858522 

K E Krishna Murthy; dpty minister;

SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2017

22nd may Monday energy levels

days pending jana;
identify Pavitrabandham;

21st May 2017 sundays leftover May 2017

IPL match;


Met Ananad reddy;
3 dailies scan;
retrieved eads;
Called Subbanarsaiah; Chinna;
Called Balaji;
Seen giftways;
Arranged things for home;
days flash ;
Why not for google;
they must spend;
sent msgs posted;

22nd May Monday 2017; adv planning;

Forgot to carry notebook; sunildevelopers t id took; Morning data consolidation work did from home; 2 pockets of milk to Home;  Gave Gta 500-; The hindu scanned; Jyothy; tweeted; Amrutha shopping mall feedback sent to Google; Sent msg to Pavan and he responded; 5k onhand; Sent msg to sunil developers; Edited mynellore for Pavan again;

Amrutha shopping mall resolved; new hotel closed; Activated vinayaka suppliers; sent msg to sadgun atp;Called; Pavitrabandham; Met PVC; TOOLS; silpakala; paints; Called jana;
sent REACH BUSINESS SYSTEMS  099639 71417 tirupati

Sent msg  Gattimelam;A.PRAKASH 9966222757
pavitrabandham;8309827782 ; 84669 02776

Shri Pavan Traders  8977723143, 8801858522
Sadgun fertility 84648 72789
Naresh Opticals; Night;
pendings payouts on hand

Send messages;
maruthi customs CELL: 9885967234
geetha lights nellore  090307 39751
APSARA CATERERS nellore 91336 66682 , 99493 79786
mk pharmacy; 9100416121,8790826596
CONTACT K.S.Pridviraj

SATURDAY, MAY 20, 2017

21st sunday may 2017

21st sunday may 2017;

support Pavan;
retrieve further;
may left over renewals;
send msg to cherry aqua;
pending payouts on hand;
msg to mk pharmacy; 9100416121,8790826596
CONTACT K.S.PridvirajGattimelam;A.PRAKASH
CELL 9966222757perfect bearings;
REACH BUSINESS SYSTEMS  099639 71417 tirupati

pendings on hand;
1.naresh opticals;
3.gangaram km;
5.pavan school;
6.the hub;
7.vinayaka suppliers;
8. amrutha s m;
9. bhagwan; global ref;
mr ads;
loka ads;
new photo studio;

Shri Pavan Traders 
8977723143, 8801858522
Nainar gopi;
venkatesh shilpi;
recent smooth sailing;
1.sai krishna
4.sai sudha; dhyana sai;
5.pavan school
6.the hub; shifted;( summer overl; can work more;)
8. eenadu grabbers;
9. renewal reminders;
12. may; June renewal list;
13.Pavans contribution; continued contribution to home;
15.pavan nlr trip;
16.organised things at office;
17.bisleri water;
18. dhobi opposite;
19.chinna; suneetha and chinnanna visit;
20.broom stick to office;
21.cell pharmatting;
22.pipe nd mirror to home;
23.rice to home;
24. nlrone old issues;
25. alt tag and retrived eenadu ads;
26. started snding sms as remote login method; achievements file;

May 20th saturday 2017

Sleep disturbance had throught the night; So got up early and began the work;
life time achievements; checked emails; june renewals listed out; Still hot atmosphere; loaded some more pics; gta helped to retrieve labels; ADS collection work continued; Money shortage arriving fast; Miss behavior by mayura fast foods. Where the money has gone? mailed Jana; Bhawar called for of vetuke archive pdf;

Met mgrmall took pics he sent it on google drive access? Ok sent 9 messages; Gta asked cash hickup; Pavan called; amutha still in pending; Hick up on Vinayaka suppliers too;
Met new Sindhuri surgicals; mayura vastra nilayam; June renewals listed in Morning;

1.Adsense licence; 2.vetuku paper in english and postal power team at NLR; 3.300 plus google clients 4.Byke on hand; 6.Marketing and Human relationships knowledge; 7. English Knowledge; 8.Google knowledge; in tpt;
10.jana tie up; 11.Gta;12. alt tag; 13.telugu velugu; 14.old papers 15.Old ad cuttings;
16.Pavan;17.Ramkumar; 18 teams NRN etc; 19.rx knowledge; comfort; 21.Blogger 10 posts; 22.twitter support; accounts above 300 24. eeads grbber work; 25.lekhari retrieved; NT; 26. 3g net; laptop; whatsapp developments; 27. sms techknology;

Days Tasks;
Edit Maple;


17th May wed day 2017

gongura Pachadi

Continued data consolidation work at morning from home;
Thank god by evening 3 cheques are cleared and paid to Jana and Pavan;
At office seen old nelloreone issues; New knowledge form rama Mohan reddy and his friend; Exposure to a/c;al to home;
Got back spawner money and 1 kg Dal to home;
SMS pack activated;

TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017

16th May 2017; Tirupati ganga Jatara day;

Stage is set now;
3 dailies purchased;
Very hot day In Tirupati; Ganaga Jatara day from morning seen festivity and people in different dresses; Ambali distributed in many places;

Continued data consolidation work from home 2 days ads retrieved;
Worked with Pavan in hot sun met J K COOL; Tried Hero; raghu manager; Pavan gave one payout;
Visited office;

SATURDAY, MAY 13, 2017

15th may Monday 2017

15th may Monday 2017;

Quickly things began to work in new house;Water guy is activated;  
Dhobi activated; Tarbooze; Vegitable guy;
MGRmall g plus activated; Brought home few things;
Had tiffen; Took control of yesterdays activities fast; 
Completed Monday ads saving work;
laptop is Ok again; Data consolidation work also managed swiftly;

Later session big things things like sendoff to Naik and owner lady reddy etc; A/C shifting work Dish Tv tasks managed with huge money; Cheque bounce later Pavan followup then resubmitted; Deposited new cheques; None of Pavans payouts came to hand;

13th May saturday 2017

Maple Cheque still not cleared ??
Scanned Zaminryot; checked statz; 

>>>Confidene booster from launchings file; 
>>>Continued data collection FROM HOME;
>>>CLOSED mgrmall recd cheques;
>>>Most of old papers cleared from home;
>>>Recd Sai krishna payout;
>>>Recd g plus code of JK cool and activated it;
To meet physiotherapist;
Fear on recovery!
Days leftover:

Start remote sencing work;
Activate SMS pack;  
Buy Overan Sr; Insulin needles;  insulin;
Buiscuits; razors;
jana ??

12th may friday 2017

One post created for Lord venkateswara sacred food and tweeted it it really took very long time; Data consolidation work continued from home; Again took some more luggage to new house on the way arguments; Stress releived after consulting Physiotherapist in night; Met Sai krishna Enterprises, Naresh  Opticals;

owner lady leg fracture; pavan did again;

FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2017

12th may friday 2017

Collected few more eeads;
Sacred food page content page created and posted on twitter;
took few more things to new house arguments galore;
Met sai Krishna; told and commitment got;
Opticals payout commitment got for tommorow;
Took appointment from Bharat phisio tips had;
Reply had from ash; sekhar bhai;
Appointment got 7 Pm from Bhart phisiotherapy; 
Days ideas; we is avaialable.This is the place where you can advertise your service, you can Search for services, review services and make decisions about who to choose before you make any mistake without being informed.
Top contributors file to create;
continue e ads collection; Buy telma H; overan;


11th May Thursday 2017

Few more ads collected and the big guys posted to blog; New stand fan to new home;  Managed to drop cheque  and 3 g and RIM recharge; Suffered From Eye problem ciplox took suffered from Facial paralsys info read; 

Arranged Lunch and Milk coffee powder;New arial exposure near new home; Finally pavan came into contact with his father in law death news; May Telugu velugu purchased; Visited office; No field work; some what disturbed day; Milk,Curd,Lunch,Ravva drugs to home; Dosage crossed again; Tweeted;

Gta and Gtas chinnannas support continued; new hope from Chandra babu naidus tweets;

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

11th May Thursday 2017

Thank god has good sleep;
Domain got reserved;

Meet sai Krishna;
Drop check;
Consolidate further;
reacharge sms pack; 3g;
Pavan payouts;
Steroid; & others;
Edit maple;

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017

10th May Wedday 2017

Lot of consolidation work from continued a real confidence booster; D W Subba Rao and maple has fetched for the day; Few more messages sent from office; Back home luggage packing work continued by Gta and her chinnanna;

Set back are health trouble trouble on face and eys beagan; 3 g for cell has expired; Poor cash levels on hand; Called Bujji; Akka in night;

9th May Tuesday 2017

Loaded data again;
Shaving had;
checked doamin name;
receive gtas Chinnanna;
Try remote;
vardhanti added;
days calls plan;
Gopal auto;
that cloth show room;

TUESDAY, MAY 09, 2017

8th May monday 2017

Morning further consolidated data from home;No power at office sorted some data; New data hope from Koteswara rao; Paid rent; Met sai Krishna rice; Pavan worked and met Maple; one new show room opened in Tirupati; 2 luggages took to new home;

MONDAY, MAY 08, 2017

7th May sunday 2017

Huge collection of ads for the day; Lekhari domain name registration work initiated with jana at night; Pavans file created; Till evening glittering sun later rain;

7th may Sunday 2017

Got up early; Read zaminryot;
launchings,deadths files created,

SUNDAY, MAY 07, 2017

6th May saturday 2017

Again arguments emerged due to Muhurtham timings; Under hot sun reached office later new home; seen collected visiting cards at office; Pavan had field day; after collection analysys stuniing results were surprising;

THURSDAY, MAY 04, 2017

3rd May wedday 2017

New house advance paid; Also told Old owners; @ payouts  sai ram mega; bhatgavi ;


2nd may 2017 Tuesday

Morning net miss behaved at home;Tried stock;met maple; managed 2 messages; Pavan managed 2 payouts;  2 g plus vinayaka suppliers;  met Next to vinayaka PVC:and J K cool did activated from cafe;
Took some prints also;
Eve 3 g activated; ghadbad @ Bar;

MONDAY, MAY 01, 2017

1stmay Monday 2017

1st may Monday 2017;

My calls; Maple;
Sai krishna;
Remote ambush;
COH position;

Days messages plan;
>>>Can start remote work;
7 colours;
10.Loka ads;
A to Z;
shilpi venkatesh;
A to Z;
BLB marble