Monday, October 01, 2018

October 2018

1st October 2018  Monday;

Morning had stomach trouble managed it;
I dont know 2nd OCT in India is a holiday and Dry day; why is its so  ok anyway; Twitter false commitments have failed once again;
mangaed to to put few more instagram keywords abt Rx;
That guy Mahesh Punter  at Musheerabad met again and gave 2 winners this time one including Delhi;
Organised my blog into much better  2017;
Gta paid rent; Kalyan continued his messages;
Took gta for shopping in evening; 
sandesh won i failed to read  card carefully;

2nd October  Tuesday 2018

Tuesday Gandhi Jayanthi day;
Had shaving and scanned DC in morning;
Many whatsapp messages received;
Attended Hyderabad Deccan Derby  ended it with a positive note; 
Many Insta hashtags posted during wait and also known about Hyderabadi food nawabi style etc.
Night organised blog 2017;
Whatsapp msgs nice interaction had at night with 50 of close  friends;
Night sleep disturbance due to power failure;
Called seenaiah;
Gajanand  MOMS death news;
Clients  Tags prepared;

3rd Ocober 2018 Wed day;

Managed 5 sms for the day;
Success story at Mysore rx  Padmanabhan late maturing foals and got payout for twitter id; 
Byke condition is quite  alarming;
managed to segrigate another 3 months old blog posts of 2016;

4th October 2018

Severe Leg pains and mostly spent in organising Blog posts from year 2014 at home; removed glass table kept old table again;

5th October 2018 Friday

Again spent entire day at home; Took Gta to Manappuram and came back; Organised blog posts ; Twitter ids call;

6th October  2018; saturday 

Attended Gaja moms  10 th day function with Babu Long byke ride  and tiredness; A long whatsapp saga; Missed 2 rx chances;  Organised Blog much better looks like lost few posts; Managed to walk near by;  Petrol and few things to home; Arguments continued; Election dates anounced;

7th October 2018 Sunday;

Entire Sunday at home night had Chicken; Organised old blog posts;

8th October  Monday 2018;
Again at Home organising blog posts; Evening took Google code from Curry point and activated it;

9th Tuesday October 2018;

Night Called Madhu and known  Nandamuri Singh number and called him; Called Rami Reddy but  he dint respond;  Called NRN had encouraging chat with him;  Called Seenaiah; Morning Uma called and had long chat; Actitaved Airtel 199 pack;
After noon worked on Blog posts trimming managed 5 months of 2014;
Seen Goreti venkanna songs on youtube and Bittiri Satti videos;

10th Wed day 2018;
Again many videos seen for on Youtube;
Sent bad msgs to Pawan and ultimatum  given to jana; and Manohar Reddy based on inspired by  Satti Satires;
Organised Blog posts again for few months had meeting again with Kalyan;
Bittir Satti tweets seen;
Called  Kalakata Durga in night;

11th Thursday 2018;

Attended Indiavoter  meetup had very long chat with MD of Indiavoter had good exposure on  Election Social Media campaigns;
Thank god managed   to orgaise 4 months Blog posts of past life of 2013;
Seen Bitiri sathi song on Bathukamma a real surprise;
Another emotional song on villages;
As expected Mysore R Marshall  Favrite failed in Rx;
Make enimies as your friends says AShwin  will it work out?
Give more respect Udbodha is it mirror reflection?
Ultimatum  recd no to use filth agianst blood relations sharing issue;
Unable to sleep in after noon had some kind of discomfort;

12th October   Friday 2018;

1.Morning  walk had  at Baghlingam pally park    had exposure  3.took  video later  4.met Ashok Narayanaguda this is a differant work from usual shedule;
5.6.7.Scanned 3 news papers and  8.sold old papers;
9.Had arguments on Morning Tiffen  money needed  must  later set right followed by  fired Kamalakar 
10.Seen Palle Kaneere peduthudo song on youtube;
11.Had another success story at Mysore rx (12.Concentrate on big payouts on FC when odds on fav wins;
13.Had field of Bittiri Satti entertainment apologies to sister;
14. 15. 16.Called Nandamuri Singh and Rami Reddy, Keshava;
18. Called Raju at night;
19. Sardarji Tie  up had;
20. called  Eswaraiah  much awaited;
21. 22.called NRN and Suresh;
23. Kal met had chat; met one new hotel;
24. 25.Called Satish; Gaja; pan Dabba serinu;
26. Blog editing work dint progress and Kavya graphics dint respond;
27. Called India Voter. and Manager. BDM.
28. Water owner lady;

13th October  Saturday 2018;

Please maintain uniformity;
concentrate on  largest wins;

Quickly reached to Musheerabad only get bounced at Rx only due to non uniformity betting;
4 new points gained anyway;
Had very tough time  after losing tongue  and lost night sleep;
Goreti venkanna songs heard;

14th October Sunday  2018;

Arshad alam failed at Pune Derby  first time 2000 mtrs as expected one more new point
Raju called saitsh and Kalyan called;
Jana called;
Had to wait extra time for byke at Musheerabad;
Fish shopping at morning lost temper at Gta for Narayana guda road for route ;
Rangastalam movie seen;
Kept many more insta keywords;
Mahesh pressure had and lost 2 bets;

15th October 2018 Monday;

In Hyderabad 1800 mts first timer won  by neck;
Attended rx Sardarji cell number took and Rx punter got bit closer;
Concentrate more on SHP and FC 3 old won at Delhi;

16th October 2018 Tuesday;

7 years Blog posts managed;

17th  October; 2018; wed day

Concentrated on blog editing work; rains in evening Dasara flowers shopping did;

18th October 2018  Thursday;

Dasara day  not many shops are opend.  Scanned 6 news dailies and sent sms to 10 clients;
Dasara day; Horrible trouble again at home Callled Akka; Roamed around at Koti for  R book but failed; Boumcer from Kishore called kalyan; Kumar called; morning good response from friends for Dasara wishes; night managed  to edit some entries; Met one old man at wine shop; Gta Vadina called;

19th October 2018; Friday;

Saved Dasara day eenadu local;
No news paper after Dasara day and also most of market in Ranigunj area was closed;
After few days rest  started work and had 3 success stories; Arranged rice and Chicken to Home; called NRN; Seenaiah; Satish and few others; power of 
Nirahara Deeksha known; Purchased Telma H and Rx books; Hope emerged from mattresses guy;

Missed to take pic of new political party; Bittiri Sathi interviews seen; managed to edit few more months Blog posts; Twitter is still powerful tool;

20th October 2018; Saturday;

Uma called  had long chat with him; Sent SMS to group of  Pattipati writers;
Posted curry corner pictures to Google maps;
Atended rx  missed to bet winner Mauritania but evolved new strategy felt heavily weak;
Night seen Rahul Gandhis speech; Back at home managed to organise Blog posts;
One Dog cried in night; lost temper again Gta for making me wait for long;

21st October; Sunday 2018;

Now i know clearly where i have put hard work for last 10 years;
Days major success story is completed 10 Blog posts editing work;
Called Uma had chat with his Daughter; 
Called Prasad Vja; 
Called suresh Vja;
Fish shopping did   with Gta enroute Idli and vada took; 
Seen Bahubali 2;
Seen Jyothy and Eenadu;

single failure at days Mysore rx; subahkatara a new lession again learnt favour younger one; Fc and SHP  to be taken care;
Hyd St leger Rx book took;

22nd October 2018 Monday; St leger  day

Morning call recd from Krishnaiah for purchase of Gollapalli house; I called Ramana Gollapalii; Narsimha; Balaji and known lot many things; Uma called had chat with him jayanthi meaning known; Took Gta to reserve Vizag trip tickets;  As per planning R& D did on last time contested MLA candidates seen lot of data and related knowledge gained.

Days Rx fluttered again with 2 straight failures can SHP save? needs to be checked;
Ignored punter good response had from Sardarji; 
Wrong bet again on Salazar as win  2 new punters met;  Forgot to take Rx card;

23 October Tuesday 2018;

Again spent long time in organising old Blog posts; Had Color;
Known about Block buster year 2013 with 175 closings;
October renewals known; Kalyan called; Almost would have lost temper but managed ;

24th October Wedday 2018;

Had Upma in Amrutha fast foods  Narayanaguda X roads Restaurant chutney was tasty; Rx books are sold out in Chikkadpalli shop so purchased it from Koti; Read why not to back favrites in Rx;

Further edited blog posts and also read old blog posts;
Met old friend Ch Balu and known about his developments new hope  of Granites  emerged;
Met Mynam Eswaraiah mama and had nice interaction property value etc; Eye sight trouble is clearly evident;  Surprise Prasad is partly deaf; Forgot to give my visiting card; called BJP guy failed to save;
Met Hotel Sudarshan manager and earliar met one Dry fruits lady;

Called Madhu Rythu bhoomi and had new hope for calender etc; called NRN;
Back  confident unbeatable winning horses; Noted more father centiment by nearer Kirana shop; Chat with with neibourhood boy; Sent distress msg to Kalyan;

25th Thursday 2018;

Nice whatsapp msg from ASH and forwarded it to MY  broadcast group recd good response;
Called Akka; Prasad; Thulasamma;
called indiavoter Ashok;
checked status of Ranigunj  past clients found lot of keywords; sent 3 sms;
Work began and Met E Vr Rajaiah commitment had  their cell ph number need to be changed;
Success at Sony international cheque recd social media project got order for broture design; Met Kiran; Has Tea at Bombay hotel later met murali sanitary power whatsapp messages felt;
call from Madhu recd in evening TDP list got felt tyresome. Ameen called;
Kavya graphics google code activated;
justdial lady called;

26th  October Friday 2018;

Morning got up very early; Visited Baghlingampally park this time had more exposure;  roamed around koti and cheppal bazaar area;
Fruit selling guy Jehangir met at Narayanguda.(jamakaya)  morning seen old issues of vetuku; retrieved lekhari current number dropped cheque. byke engine oil work managed; Felt tiresome at home;
recd chq from darbar;
Met Kishore;
Chandu betla card took;

27th October Saturday 2018;

Morning dropped check;
Water pump trouble at home and discussion introduced to few of neibours;

1.Met Chennai steel   known name;;
2.One jain shop ; New hope had assurance;
3.Sewing machines;  young guy;
4. Aplelights; took number;
5.EV rajaiah edited and met; and had seen dispaly there; Satyanaraya; kanakaiah;
6.Met Jyothy lights;
7.met Metal house father met;
8. Rx bouncer again; top form horses will feature in SHP; Note derby ran horses;
who is running with lonlayoff negative; Missed j chinoy; Rx guy Ramulu gave ticket;
9.rubber stamps; 10 .Coffee;
11. Seen Rx card; of tommorow;
12. problem at home again for movie;
13. Home appliances repair shop opp chennai steel;
14. joshi pickles card took;
15. met one watch shop;
16. met jyothy lights;
Almost 50 people met today;

28th Sunday October 2018;

Spent most of the time with Kishore;
No rx; Western Toilet arranged at home;
Called NRN; Madhu;

29th October Monday 2018;

Morning lost temper on Praveen too Gta to DTP and known details; met one call; 
Felt very much tired;
Aftermath of yesterdays indulgence day gone; 
Call recd from metalhouse;

New point in Rx is same jockey matches;
Met Kishore and Kiran at evening;
Pune and hyd are closed;
night again lost money on bekaar issue; dress given for pressing;
did nice R & Did  Ranigunj keywords thats only worth while work for the day;

30th October; Tuesday 2018;

Catastrophy many people died on Malasian flight;
sardar patel largest vigraham news at etv;
Huge potenciality at JD verified clients;
Had long Chat with Uma;    some software tip from Uma had ;
Had Chat with Ash on poll surveys;
Evening worked on past Blog posted and removed useless posts again trimmed it further; 
Worked at Ranigunj very late  afternoon met Metalhouse had bouncer  i must have google maps handle yes; 
later met EVR and new person got introduced and he gave one reference known about other web site;; 
Met Murali Sanitary and gave him quote spent some time with him had Tea seen his moile;
Unexpected bouncer from lekhari ATM card its expired;  sudden byke trouble and  managed it;  Met Kishore and spent time with him he assured for  new visitng card; 
Sudden expectation from Gta ;

31st October 2018 Wed day;

To park  yoga exposure palakoora;
bank work gone done partly applied  for new ATM from old address;
Kirana shop guy shravan pen purchased;
Met kishore and kiran blocked hyderabadiprin1;
kavyagraphics video took and loaded;
Muralisanitary met video took keywords known later loaded it;
Retrieved few more Jd verified data;
met another aluminium dealer at secunderabad;
met metalhouse no use;
Night rice shopping did;