Monday, March 01, 2021

March 2021


1st March Monday 2021

Finally Narsimha brought NOC certificate for Electricity meter; Gave vack 5k; sold old Iron things; Health further improved;

Gta brought few more things from  


Rx end ; when jockey fails on fav watch for nearest next chance;

Suraj and Akshay proved again; 

Last rwo days incoming calls not attended:

2nd March  Tuesday 2021

Peddodu came in evening did massage  of back legs and Jeast (Disty);

RMP Doctor came checked sugar and BP

Suggested  tips for legs ;

Caugh continued;

3rd feb 2021: wed day;

Called Koti for Moms picture;

Made a sachivalayam visit:

Called Prahlada guy got pissed off;

Called kistanna;

Evening made visit to sachivalayam for sand but failed;

4th March 2021 Thursday;  

Stayed at Gollapalli Suffered from heavy caugh;

5th march Friday 2021

Decided for tratment and travelled to Rajampet by horible auto travel; Shown to  doctor but no use;

6th March 2021 Saturday

Reached Tirupati and joined hospital; weakness and Caugh continued;

7th march Sunday 2021

Surgery  got done and discomfort;

8th Mar monday; 2021

Ameen responded and helped:

Friends contacts proved useless;

Gtas  and my  family members support continued;

9th Mar Tuesday 2021; fired one lady

Talked to  Srinu Kalakata;

Syam and Gunniah were failed; 

Suruggled had another agonising  sleepless night: Hunger pangs and poor eating contined;

Aqua check on call plus  purchased;

10th March wed day 2021;

Reached home safe but 4 peoples help recd to lift to 3 rd floor;

Lot of bouners continued;Sekhar; akka; Gta; Analysed few things on this part;

Ajay called; prasad prabhavathi son called;

Surprisingly 1 machine payout recd;

 jana visited home; food intake improved; one person called for Digital marketing;

Hand canula removed;

11th march Thursday 2021;

Health improved;

Morning coolly managed dressing and other things;

Heat increased; calls reduced;

Called Syam his initiative power known; prahlad;mumbairx Trevor jockeymansip skills known;

Art of motivation known; positive comments recd for my blog;

With much difficulty  retrieved yesterdays payout mob number;

Told Murali And Suresh Babu  and Srikanth; unexpected  bank balance;

Depression due to lonelyness; 

12th march friday 2021

Called Gopal;

Kokkanti Ramana;

Initiated machine with srikanth;

Goood  response from Gta bro;

Days surprise is shailo and Kalyans visit;  Stunning response from Dharma and luke warm response  eswaraiah; Bujji and chinna have sown positivity and care;

Called Chengaiah;   Called kistanna;

Must improve my writing skills

Sekhar Bhai; syam;Gunnaiah have flopped;

Called Jayram Reddy;

Called parvathi gollapally;

Called gollapally krishna;

Sai prasanna called;

Called Ameen;

Called Shankaraih;

Suicide story,

Called Nrn;

Called Kishore;

Fired syam; sekhar bhai; lofer daufer gunnaiah

Hyper  sugar levels are still a head

 ache;  called Cheng; Ameen; Bobby

Suggestions  recd from dr srujama;

Corona rise again; Ap stands out for Diabetics:

GST isuue solved;

Traumatic  feelings due to syam and Gunnaia


13mar 2021: sat;

RX card seen;

Ramana visited: most of. Calls not lifted;

Initiated machine: called srikanth;

Sekhar bhai called; 

Seenaiah called: Tooth prick;

Almond; Energy levels improved further:

Some past rx videos seen;

positive things known from Raju;

Machi water; doctor;syrynges;

Sekhar bhai gave gst tip; Arguments still contd: failed to stock syringes;

Seen Telugu motivational dialogues;

14th mar sunday 2021

Jouette  win in St leger confidence;

Long chat with Raghuram

Night seen cricket;

15th monday march

Chengamma called;

Bujji reached

Had comfort of physiothrapy;

Managed doctor visit and support of 2 Boys;


16th march Tuesday 2021 ,

Bawa visited; Jana sent msg;

Cheng called: Hema vet payout recd;Un intetresting cricket Match;

Post kept for jasminepetmart;

17th mar wed 2021;

Initiated with Bikas girl but no use;

Seen dividends of miracle forecast;

One machine despatched:

Called Narsimha; Madhavi;

Gopal came and  recd bouncer;

Called secretary; Madhavi; Called jafrulla and Bala Pullaiah;Chengaiah visited;Told Bujji:Called Nrn ; Madhu ZR; Suresh Vja;Balapullaiah and Jafrulla got activated;Ameen came and brought few needed things; called Manohar Reddy: Kamalakar Came finally;

Got Giri reddy number:Vision trouble fresh trouble;Took help of sekhar; Called Bobby and got commitment and calender got: Legs numbness in evening:

Still unable to walk freely:  Curtains arranged at home: New Covers and note book arranged; 

Called Venky;

Some kind of vision trouble in might time; importance of Gta known;

18th march 2021  thursday:

Kotis commitment of 50 k came in;

Gtas Bolt came in as her lose tung ;

Paid rs 3000/_ to Jana for 2 Domains; luckily 1 Roti machine solf;

Subbaramaiah death news came in;

Called Parvathi;

Called Narsimha isuka good news recd;Peddodu commited for Byke to bring to Tirupati:

Another anger seems to coming from Kamalakar;

Called Bramha Reddy; Thank god that horrible removed from list;

Camera centre guy called;

180 degree to get quickly upgraded;

19th mar fri 2021;

Mor gta gone to Gollapally eve tention on return;

Heàdache from Durga;

Prasad came; unruly expectation from Peahlad;

Paid  6 k to Narsimha for isuka;

20th March Satday 2021

Pressure gave to Sekhar; Called chenna keshav Reddy; Hasini seen close with Gopal;

Kistaiah reached back Kadapa;

Days new activation is Padma,:

Shankaraiah atta death news;

Called Ramanaiah;

Prahlad called;

Days new turn is tips had on 

Voice modulation seen 2 videos and Naren:Sent msg  about poor response of text messages;

Heat further progrssed; zcalled Bawa;

21st mar Sunday 2021

Peddodu said will arrange byke:

Voice messages saga began and had lot of interaction;

Bujji daughter came; morning head ache had again;

Not many incoming calls for the day; jana responded;

21st mar sunday 2021;

Trouble at home continued;

Shakaraiah atta death news;

Evening Manohar Reddy visited me;

Called  Madras Race club and known things;

Fm Radio arranged by Koti;GCP connected ;

Bujji dauther came;

22nd March monday 2021

Byke  and isuka news recd;

Byke recd so i have Mobility power on hand; Two things successfully managed with people; Again head ache at home;

Re assured Andhra spice Biryani guy;

Transfered 1.5 K amount to Gta; Finally Gunnaiah too phone;

Went down and seen mother;

Creatinine levels still at 2.8;

Read content on creatinine;

Diuretics and Anti biotics to avoid

Also avoid coffee and milk products;

Known about blue tooth usage;

Mistake of giving moong Dal to Suneetha;

Add kothmir kashayam;

Sent key with Auto guy;

Health further improved:

Called Kamalakar:

Sent msg to jana about domain ownership status;

Nelloretimes top listing bidding strategy evolved;

Problem with Mama @ night;

23 Tuesday march 2021;

Stopped taking Coffee;

Supported Thulasamma husband;

Visited Doctor in evening;

Rs 200/_ missing story later solved;

24th march wed 2021;

Slept a lot;

Koti gave Tablet;

Called Satish: prasad;


Stunning support from Bujji:

25 march thursday  2021

Gopal friend came and gave some suggestions; Kamalakat worked and brought 2 payments; lot of calls recd;

26th Mar friday 2021;

Complaint from SureshBabu re assured; Called Bujji writer; Kamal met Goldenpearl positive feedback recd;

Lot of Roti Machine calls recd;

Night sleep disturbance; Gollapally gunta headache; Narsimha feedback recd:

Kalata Srinu called; prahlad called;

27th mar saturday 2021

Children craving for Popcorn;

Gave 2k to janardhan for lekhari 

Design; lot of arguments with Kamalakar yet guided him got 2 payouts; Sirprisiny Gollapally Krishna called;

28th March sunday  mumbai Derby day 2021;

Kamalakar came and arranged few things;

Bujji called and said reached Proddatur:

Gopal came in morning and discussed more;

Wrong Dialogue by Kamalakar by evening of Director call ;

29th monday march 2021;

Kamalakar attempted few more calls; Holi  festival day  recd very less incoming calls; very hit day; 

No collections for the day;

No use; Full of arguments;

30th march Tuesday 2021;

Had Idli Sambar;  Kamalakars health trouble;

New thing is google my business pages downloaded to mobile new hope emerged; Added 2 more accounts now i can edit pages from Mobile;

As a surprise Bujji called good move; Kamalakar flopped; Called Murali cars had commitment; Slight tention of byke parking;

Jana came in contact; 

I must find a web designer at Chennai: Heat further crossed;

31st mar wed 2021

One chance must be enough to make a real change:

Kamalakars services had; Reddeppa flopped: Chandragiri payout recd; Rajaram catering number gone;