Saturday, October 01, 2022

October 2022

 1st October Saturday 22; october

Reserved rly tickets to kadapa  for 31 october; Called nagasubbaiah;

Had jowar roti for night dinner but suuffered with hungerpangs;

2nd october 2022;   sunday; 

Hyderabad Derby day; 

Called Narsimha; 2 orders payouts recd quite unexpectedly; msg sent to asif;  Watched Cricket; slept in afternoon; 

3 rd oct mon 2022 got up very early; Collected that returned roti machine  gave to srikanth;  despatched 2 machines;   no new orders; 

Met Nayeem and Srikanth;  Throught the day consolidated human relationship knowledge by watching realtors videos;  Known more knowledge about Rental properties etc; 

Initiated ph talk with Nagasubbaiah and Narsimha; 

Asif developed nt in Telugu gave him most of design tips;  Night suffered from hunger pangs; 

Did lot of walking for the day; 

Very expensive day:

4th october tuesday 2022; 

Surprise sedyam work Initiated at Gollapalli; 

5th oct; 2022; Ncarsimha asked money; 

6th Oct 22; Death news of Kistaiah son by Rama Chandra; 

7th fri Oct 2 nt is ready; 2; recd 9k; checked the statement; Called Dharmaiah; Recovered from caugh;

8th oct sat 22;  Called Nagasubbaiah at evening;  no walking; 

9th oct 2022 sunday; adsence code imbeded in ;  ├▒ew point is jouette lost;  Running after long layoff; 

10th oct monday 22; 

Nelloretimes developed nicely; 

11th oct 2022;  tuesday:

Effort continued on gaining knowledge for nt data and hope got from Sambaiah; New hope developed from old friends end; Called satish; Nagraj; prasad; 

Lemon Chai was nice at layman's shop; mobile net was slow installed Avasti;

12th oct wedday; 22; 

Slept at home totally; 

13th oct 22;  thursday

Gta went to attend function; Lot of calls recd;  gta vadina came home; Had word with nomotelangana guy; 

Fri 14th oct 22;  friday; 

15th oct satday 22; Called penchalaih not promising; Bouncer from Sathapalli Prasad; 

16th oct sunday 22; Simply slept at home:  Trt  Rajus followup had; 

17th monday oct 22: 

One order got ;  Called Narsimha;  somewhat recovered from Caugh;  Had idli Sambar;  Night Chapati; some more knowledge had on apartments ads and 99acres;  

18th oct 22 Monday ; 

Very hectic aye after a long break; 

got up in morning had Chai at laxman shop; known new features in instagram  boosting a post;  Sent msg to Asif about catogories; No response from NRN;  250 plus hits recd for whatsapp status post; 

Yesterdays rt machine supplied  by Nayeem bhai bit late;  enquired in sbi narayanahuda and post office abt interest rates;  Known about kinemaster video editing tool;  Known abt kyc of current aacount;  it's 5k minimum balance at Sbi; walked a lot for the day vision was blurry; 

Premnagar movie Songs  known;

19th oct tuesday: 2022; 

Kinemaster info known;  Known abt powerful headlines; I need to change my blogging style; 

Pavan Kalyan reaction seen on TV,;  One web site of nellore and their network known; 50 cstogories listed; 

A/c guys came and removed it; 

20th oct 22; wed; 

After discussion with asif to load content paid him advance;  calls continued but no closings; 

21st ict 2022; 

@ home; 

22nd oct satday 2022; 

At home; called Nagasubbaiah; 

23rd oct 22; sunday

Sunday; asif completed nelloretimes; Seen India Pakistan cricket;  health trouble continued; Very few calls for rt machine;

Oct 23 monday 2022; 

24th oct 2022 Duwali day;  tuesday; 

Suffered with caugh at home; 

25th oct wedday; 

Seems have been recovered from Caugh; 

26th oct we'd day 2022. 

Highly paid keywords are in usa like accident attorneys;  read about Kanthara; 

27th oct thursday 2022;

Few more pages added to nt;  promoted on whatsapp; 

28th oct 22; friday; 

; 1  machine order got; Purchased 2 months BP tablets from new generic shop; 

Telmasartin combination;  constant communication is buzzword;  side effects of azusa and bp drugs known; 

Notable people of nellore  linked; 

29th oct 2022: sat

Added few more listings;

30th Oct 31 sun;

Met doct Mohan Rao:  indifference with Asif : 

Nt work completed; 

31st oct 2022;

House vacating work began bit late; 

Felt Severe back pain :