Friday, October 31, 2014

October 2014

Quick read 2 dailies; VRcoatings t id; seen quikr site;mailed one ; No change in alexa? No beam net still managed with tata; why this back pain; death sentence news of Indian fisherman; olacabs ad seen in eenadu; ads are must;

Osman called so loaded his picture; Shamshan ghats info  posted; Unable to work in the field;So far i have loaded 242 videos;Video phone numbers work continued;

30th Oct

 Day took a sudden turn as DW  called and closed hm and had an exposure of new area and Video clipping; Days Income evaporated soon with huge exoences for the day and bit of over dosage too; D@H is new hope finder now for future; Due to fear bad content from thatID in the morning; ET gave new info on startup eco system in india;  day has seen 20 plus postings to existing data; Changes at kirans place seen; Had nice chat with kamlakar and Seenaiah;

foodtecindia; heatandcontrol t ids into fold;
No beam net after 2 pm but Tata photon saved;;
Down by and up by analysis did; Purchased Telma H and Dosa pindi;

No recent calls from freinds or family members? Whats happening;
Whats up; calls plan;
Consolidation plan;
Sat day 1 st Nov 2014; plan?
Sunday  2nd  Nov; Hyderabad;
Monday HYD: 
Got another 8 k alexa  world wide ranks advancement; stats checked; Severe body pains; luckey call from azampura DW and met him Also met 2 other one positive had; Gta took huge cloth for pressing; Met kiarn asst changes noted also met suresh; One new area got exposed near malakpet; At Rx front no Rx for friday tommorow; Continued video phones work and piosted few more entries to blog;

It took ugly turn for T id lost temper again;Field work is good for the day;Morning video so work continued; Trouble of camr
a upset again for the day; Read back entire calls did in 2014;

Famous Books i read; in my life

Telugu Velugu,
word power made easy By Norman lewis;

28th October Teusday 2014 post

 On road seen add on Bus about 170 categories 1000 cities and 1 crore listing its amazing;
Continued video optimization work in the morning at home; again gone back to 1985 read back; Flash idea for the day for future growth is  To back high odds and high amounts from now; Horrible back pain continued some thing still wrong with Eye sight; Argument with GTa again; Consolidation work continud; some call from D W; Called golkonda DW goud but failed; To see how day progresses; aftermath of yesterdays rejction haunted throught the day to to some extent work busy saved; Managed to buy Insulin and needles for the day;
 Lonf drive and work 12 calls managed;
1.Steel guy; DW at Suraram; 2.New clerk introduction; 3.Prashant is the regular guy;
4.Rebuke at Musapet guy; Secunderabad 2 videos; 8.Aquarium guys;

27th October 2014

had tough time to comeout of Tyre puncture episode finally fixed it but at lot of painful and traumatic journey; managed 13 plus near by calls in the bargain; later loaded all of them;Alexa world wide ranks are improving;Most important development of the day is kept phone numbers in most of the videos;


27th October monday byke Tube problem solved;

Due to Byke tube puncture pada yatra done had 2 closings; Byke problem managed finally;
Calls on field;
1.Balaji bajrang;
2.Vijaya Cottage;

3.ganesh tent house; food;
9.Rubber stamps;


Monday 27th October;

 Meet miror; and nearest renewals; and do Viseo; Buy camera cells;
5 days left for the month to go;
Narsing will provoke again to handle him with cool tempo; wait;
Consolidations new calls and videos;

(54321 00000)
October closings; consolidations;
begin Video seo work;
How th day turn out?
Whats the future plan?
Mondays plan;
Rx decicions;
Consolidations pls;
Retrieve 5 and 5 t url redirect pls; Minimum;
To cooly face narsings attack;
Mails sent to1.videocon and got quick reply
6. Friday blog posted;
7.Day planned;
8.Rx card Seen;
This time to members enclosure seen very less crowd  there; yet another new point is 3 old is better thyan 4 ; Got back Gold ring and gave it to Gta she left to her sistes place; Narsings poking continued; That reply from KK is some what relief; need to check; Both the gods have gone away from me;
; No calls to cell and no messages even is worrying point; Missed a beautiful chance to greet friends and people;for D

Throughut the day felt quite uneasy with body pains to some extent Gta massage saved; Unable to do  calls in the field  as next day of Diwali  most of the shops were closed; Night seen some of the crockery shops are opned and people burning crackers; After watching videos at google new confidence gained for future work;

Episode at Rx failed as no no cash on hand had to rushed to Manappuram again that produced some uneasy moments at home at night; Set back of Rx is clarified and another  chance missed due to sleep; First time  my blog has reached below  4 lakh barrier and this is good news;

23rd Oct; 2014

Ibibo 2006-09-09 - 2002-02-15
kerala 1996-03-26 - 2001-11-16 - 1997-06-09
justbake 2013-12-19 1995-09-20  2006-02-11

Analysed whole of yesterday and managed to post happenings; Morning Sarcasm and had fitting rebuke;Quick read 2 dailies; Muggu theme; 20 plus seo entries loaded; Visit to Rx has failed again;
 try again to pay electricity bill;
Recaharge RIM:

send sms s ; so recharge;
what abt Rx? So Buy Rx Books;
Manged to go to paper vendor took Eenadu and ET very exiting about trusted Brands of India . Greeted gta birthday; Her office collegues came and gave Birthday gifts gave them hints for business develeopment; Called syam and had his assurance;

later started main developments for the day with Byke wash; Had to visit Gtas office again;
Field work fetched one closing; few bouncers; had 2 commitments; Ashok chai guy; Managed to pay electricity bill and RIM top up; Chcolates distribution parampara to galli children and othrs; Had chat with banana vendor and Meesalu guy known few more facts;  shopping did for Diwali;Seen ramdas movif at night; reply had from videocond2h;

Had the funding from Gta for electricity paymnt but servr problem?An article about influence of  Social media in Hotel industry comment gave new life; Had the vehcle washing;
VanasthaliPuram;  lb nagr;  sarror nagar; Updates expnsesdiary and daily calls diary; series of Unxpcted vents for the day;  There was no out going so had to go to Gtas office;
Lot of things were sold on roads; chennai t nagar article;

oct 20th and 21 st posts;

I usually take pictures when i go to work you can see some of them;
This time look at the temples on th way to Dilsukh Nagar;

Document Writer at Narapally;

Temples;On the way; Narapally anjaneya temple;

 Narapally temple;

37 KM stone to Bhongir  Look at My ic in  Sun shade;

 Temples;On the way; near Boduppal big Temple;

People commit but wont  keep their promise; so Guy at Narapally and Uppal have failed ;  Due to this shock had to travel long distances for the day during travel vehicle gave trouble some how managed the day with Lord ganesh blessings; Finally  One got passed at Vanasthalipuram; Did around 8 calls; night sufferd with acidity and vomotings may be due to hyper acidity prodiced in the body;

 21 Took rest for whole day slept at home; By evening managed to gain patince and did 1 hour R & D work; seen; surprisingly socialsamosa is ranking better than wear social.

Indian Mobile users 886 million; Net users; 243 million; Ecom sales; 1% of nt sales; Population 1256 million;

sundays post

electricity in the 1870s

1817: Rebirth
Petrolium; In 1847
Kerosene; 1854,
Steel 1850
Wrist watch 1920s.
pen  1867
pencil 1564. 

air condition  1920s
helmets; Since the 1990s,

20th October Monday; 2014 Planning::

Chary: uppal;
Consolidation pls;
Have Tiffen; uppal; Naraapally;
Consolidation works please
Rx any thing;
Monday  20th October planning;
Buy Sundays Rx Books; Mysur derby;
Whats on hand abt rx in mysore;& Pune? & chances on hand;
Consolidations; pls;

17th october; 2014; Friday;

After a mail drbatras replied; one success story at field plus another hopeful and collected 30 plus data;  later posted some entries from the collected data of the da;y;skipped Pune But Blurr won no roblem; narsings pressure bagan again; History  pardigm has gone back to Before christ; power and energy levles problem continued for the day;
power problem further increased; Videocond2h big ad in jyothi; added few more images to blog; There aere 200 plus people in my network from the begining;

16th october 2014;

Narayana guda temple

 Amaberpet temple;

Managed field work but eyes blurring continued; Few nice clients for renewal are good;   3 commitments had for the day  Chary;bakery; narapally opp House Guy Vipul 20 old 1994; Mynellore and Tirupati helpline top visited pages seen;
 Few more up dates did at Blog;
infibeam( 188; alexa ) 2006-11-07 - 2010-01-27 -  (alexa 15 lakh) ( alexa; 992;) 2010-11-30 (alexa 531) 1999 (999) March 2009 2007-12-18  (alexa 72 000) 

15th october

1.Bawa call in the morning abt lalit marriage on feb 7th 2015;
2.yesterdays blog posted; tweeted; Had discussion with Gta; E T news
3.pennacements 2013-04-24 online sales; 2014-10-04 later known how big is this group;
somachflatten  2008-02-21 mailed them t url did; alexa 12898 (2007-11-28 -) mailed them;
myhomegroup 2001-02-10
webslavery t id; took into fold;
alexa is falling again;
breguet 1998-07-22 @ Video shoots had for the day;
Managed  10 plus calls in field; had arial survey with 2 positives but no closings new area got exposed;  Net connection failed again and again so i had to rush to tata photon and got it reconnected and work continued; major giants launching dates retrieved;
telma H purchased; and d 2 note books and Delhi Rx book; Unable to pickup Gta in evening;
Why this vision problem affecting my  filed work; Hunger problem on field triggered; yet managed 6 calls plus 10 data collection  2 Temple pictures; most of the year wise great Horses data activated and other years; Days hope emerged from drbatras;
Venkateswar rao 1952 rx  books vendor; Luckey saving of the day by DW; After coming back home paid pending net connection; night discussion with meesala guy; lot of info got;

14th october 2014

1.As per my lan Nandishwar clicked;2.  lal filed;
 3.Gave card to another;
4.Met another marble guy;
5.seen prkash marbles; guy is reay for big thing banner; 7 days;
7.1 video took; pic took;
9.temple pic at Amberpet;

kamals call recd; ramojis call yesterday;
 10 new address on the way listed;
paid Photon due; poer problems head ache;
year wise development of Blog;

13th october

1.mailed to justbornbaby;plus t url redirection;
2.bourouge;t url redirection;
3.retrived hindimilap;t url redirection;
5.sunday blog posted;
6.3 dailies scan;
7.indiacom who is;
8 mailed to pchretail
9.double set back at Rx again( In which bunch better is established connections;
10 No field work;

Power set back at after noon;

12 th october sunday 2014

Narayanaguda maatha temple decoration for dasara;
 Must create  a great movie; days  point;
3 straight successful catches for Pune; Lot of launching dates of big brands of world

Retrieved for the day;
alshamsher;quasar also were pics failed to back; toofan news on TV; ramojis call recd at night;

11 th october Saturday

Quickread 3 dailies; prepared list of clients to email listed them;tweeted;mails sent to

Morning after Temple visit  R&d did again and loaded few more entries to past section of Blog;Again setback at Rx; did 2 calls at morning; Night think tank;  Eye problem continued;

t reservations


10th october friday 2014

Down By 15 k; but armoury in hand lets see what hapens and how it may progress; had to attend gold loan so the day is gone; long R & D did for past specially  movies till the year 1930; One reply had from dr batras replied them; So theres a reply finally;thank god; surprised to know that even gmrgroup t id is also with me;
kantlo nalusu;

mails sent for the day


vummidi redirection did;
2.drapes shopee

10th october friday 2014 adv planning

1.get Milk; 2.get papers;
feed DW  pic of Uppal;
Mysore Rx; Sat day Rx Books;
gold Loan work;
SEO work;
10 url redirections;
10 consolidations; from Google; feed ggl logo;
10 mails to send pls;
New Pics  new movies; plan;
10 field cals pls; amust;
Managed to load 2 pending videos successfully after a slight delay; 2 emails sent; edited Himayat nagar video; swanagro t id  took; quick scan of 3 dailies; poor coffee; Net seems to be bit slow?. luckey reniwal at prakash nagar saved the day; many consolidations did for the day on blog about past history;  As felt tiresome took rest at after noon after Lunch that  saved me for the day; reply had from  themobilestore ,and bansc;

skipped Mysore Rx as nothing favarable; Most important thing of the day is global brands Indian edition reseved for 10 plus t ids;

Days word marketshare; On the way to work few more pics of temles took; How many we sell matters most; how much u earn; how fast u run;


8th October 2014

Worked R nagar closed one; morning some web sites launching dates work did; still  no major positive from t ids  and thats quite annoying; Morning closed one; Tried to meet another followup; evening had haircut;

twitter ids second list 1997-02-18 -

8th wed day october

go rajendra anagr;
via golkonda;
 meet pearls;
also manage kouzina;
manage 10 retrival and also manage to send;
After a big day flipkart sent aplogies; Due to tuesday skipped field work;  3 g recharge did for 1 month; Had trouble at home at morning; purchased insulin spent some time at prk morning and evening; Sent 10 more emails; tweeted loaded pics;

Rose monde story has emerged fresh; morning sent 20 mails and also retrieved 10 plus thats a nice progress; RIM recharge; Bakrid holiday tweeted; No field work; expences are nose diving no remedy yet; seen entire past blog again; scan of dw pc and posted it; At Malakpet strike by ladies so  no tote;

5th october sunday 2014

Himayat nagar lord venkateswara temple

Himayat nagar lord venkateswara temple
  Ammavari temple near reddy college narayanaguda

 Uttaradi matt near kachiguda on the way to Chappal bazaar very famous temple

Lot of R&D did on  big web site launches and saved pics in Blog;
Kol Rx preparation in distance please;
seen indian companies featuring in world 500 alexa ranks; linking did for free things of 2014,13;
Rx books purchased;
paid chetha guy;dish guy;
shopncelebrate blocked;

Topost a comment and review ex TTD;
heaven on earth;

3rd October dasera day

Quickly read 4 dailies; calls parampara by Gta; Sent sms to few friends; posted  yest Blog; tweeted; Good dasera muggu by Gta; wearyourshine Fb into fold; ownbrick t id; loaded pending pics; fired narsing; R K met at morning.

Ready for renewal identified; seen ads in jyothi paper; Fee data of 2013,2014 organised;

Success at Rx;   after giving amout at good odds may fail as fav; Night byke puja and gummadikaya puja did for home; expenses have surpassed  income again; Surprised to note that my blog is batter ranked than RWITC site;


tom 1 st OCT 2014

1.List out how many free entriews done this year;
2.Field calls are a must;
3.retrieve 10 t ids email and send 10
nearest due for renewals;
use ph followup pls;