Friday, September 28, 2018

September 2018

Sunday 30th Sept 2018;
Prawn shopping did with poor tiffen near by; Chengaiah called; Managed to another 10 SMS even on Sunday; Missed kolkata Derby Shivansh ;

29th th September 2018 saturday 

Known about Tenagana Districts MLA seats and also known about Andhra Pradesh MLa constituencies;

Scanned times;
Sent 10 SMS again;
Called Chinna Anna; narasimhulu; Called krishnaiah;  Some hope generated;
Pune Rx attended and won P s Chauhan;
Times canned;
Friday 28th September; 2018

New Confidence again at RX; 26th Sept Wedday 2018; Chat with neibourhood boy about fishes; Entire day at home; Unable to send many messages sent only few but still no reply from anyone; Known about MP and MLA seats of AP and Telangana; Night tried to shop fish at Ramnagar (Musheerabad fish market) by a new route with Gtas assiatance found new cloth shop on the way; Had double success at Mysore met that Punter who backs heavy amounts i must also back good amounts from now; Generally Forecast payout and SHP payouts are much better in dividends; To back big amounts;
texmoindustries story is fast merging;

 I must work hard and give  paid ads and need more people to work;
Managed 5 SMS  for Eenadu classifieds; 
Prasad called;  Gajas moms death whatsapp received called  chinna anna kalakata;
Evening  purchased chuduva Phalli  Mixure;
Even with 3 wins came out with loss due to poor strategy poor money levels on hand; New point is forget small trainers;  Big owners are Ok and sudden favrites; 
purchased saturday puna and Sunday KRx books;
Night seen cricket;
Known as how to send Condolence messages; kalyan continued his messages;
Night stomach trouble;

27th Sept; Thursday 2018;

Through bread Horses Weight

Mysore 2000 guineas and days new point is horse weight sir Cecil weighed close to 500kg won with 13 lenghts another story developed with place; Again arguments at home in afternoon;

Organised september  OCTober and November 2017; Seen back entire blog posts and not saitsfied with traffic and hit rate ;

very hot after noon curry with Guntur mirchi powder; Friday pune Rx book purchased; sent few more messages to eenadu classifieds with Gtas help;

No fileds work;

Prasad VJA called; read back Blog posts and found Cctober month renewals at Hyd; 
Called jana for NT renewal;

last year 2017 sept;OCT Nov; posts edited;

26th Sept Wedday 2018;

Chat with neibourhood boy about fishes; Entire day  at home; Unable to send many messages sent only few but still no reply from anyone; Known about MP and MLA  seats of AP and Telangana;

Night tried to shop fish at  Ramnagar (Musheerabad fish market)  by a new route with Gtas assiatance found new cloth shop on the way;

Had double success at Mysore  met  that Punter who backs heavy amounts i must also back good amounts from now;   
Generally Forecast payout and SHP payouts are much better in dividends;

To back big amounts;

25th Tuesday sept; 2018

Started using JIO msgs sent almost to 90 people  plus but none responsed yet; Evening collected data buy suffered from body pains; Morning had trouble with net connection;
Again second day had  "Ragi Sangati" for lunch;

Evening work observations; Seen Faber show room near TRC X Roads; Mysore Rx Books purchased; Roamed around ram nagar; Pizza hut; mohalal jewellers;  Collected some data; Known abt owner of near by gift shop;
24th Monday Sept; 2018

Whatsapp msgs exchange with kalyan in Evening; No field work ; Bitiri  Satti videos seen again;Attended Hyd Rx  had triple failures but missed main one but new consolidation is 4 th time same jockey engagement and last time strong failed favrite and met new friend Ramesh; Madhu Komala whatsapp msgs; Had  "Ragi sangati" for lunch

Ganesha Nimajjanam day 2018 Sunday 23rd September 2018

Sent Visarjan whatsapp msgs to few friends and had nice responce thats it; Kavadiguda tote dint operate;  Sunday JIO Top up did and known about 100 sms messages; Mostly spent with TV coverage of Lord Ganesha;


Apps guy

Got up very late; Morning took gta to Thyrocare for reports ; Had Upma and Pesarattu; Mostly at home throught the day due to body pains and weakness i must reduce dosage please;  

Evening met Kadapa guy at Hotel Taj mahal at Narayanaguda;; Seen few more Bitiri Satti videos; Activated Curry point entry  google refused   due mobile msg  problem but posted entry to blog and youtube; Few more keywords kept to Insta for Rx;

Read The Hindu few stories at morning;
Desparado 3rd win with same jockey

Tom 22nd Saturday

News of Brave boy saving girl in Eenadu; Again suffered from leg pains but took long rest at home;

OFF ch purchased; New point at Rx is Desparado 3 rd time  win and not to miss is new inspiration and consolidation; Mostly at home till evening evening did some calls;

My shaving effect?; Rx Book for Pune Sunday purchased; Few more  bitiri satti videos seen;
Seen lot of  Real estate ads in eenadu;

Lotus Coffee;  barely missed to close;

Dentist lady; 1 month;
Komala vilas;
Steel shop;
Seen Bandar Mithai;


Positive Energy by laughing Bitirisathi



Morning took Gta to Thorocare;  Enjoyed India thrashing Pakistan in Cricket seen night match being played at Dubai ; Unknown programme anyway; Hardik Pandya  injury; 

Evening work did managed to complete 10 field calls; Night Rx books purchased from Chikkadpally 41 year old Book shop; Morning Trackeagle posts seen for over a year; 
Dosage crossed but enjoyed Bittiri satti Videos in youtube;
Nice pharma guy met during calls had poor timing for Lakshmi Sarees;

20th Sept 2018; Thrusday;

Had 1 curry corner closing did another 5 field calls ( 2 of them were gifts and mementoes)and chat with Narsapur Viswakarma guy known about West Godavari; many Insta hashtags kept for rx during waiting at Tote; Yet again  losig day in RX even with Favrite and  Srinath and Usha stud mount; Unknown Delhi R  card; Bittiri satti is evenmore powerful Mimicry effect and seen many more videos of him; Zavid one person met at wineshop known abt Fish fry near by;

Night shopping did with Gta and seen another Puja shop and took his card; Top up of Airtel did for rs 100/- ; Notebook purchased; Dosage crossed and missed lunch too; Had mirchies in evening; Had bitter arguments at afternoon abt eating style;

Finally had very interactive phone chat with Satish; Prasad; Narendra;

Series of events
18th Sept 2018

There were 2 race meetings Hyderabad Kolkata yet another losing day with some consolidations loss is mainly due to not covering SHP polls;  latest wins with same jockey swithes and  Multitude story; C S Jodha story;  P S Chouhan is always dangerous ex;  largest margin of win counts; Amorous white; Mahesh dint respond but there were 3 other tie ups one being very uncomfortable;

Night checked recent records; had 3 doses for the day but there was some trouble near by shop;


syndication horse race ownership

Posted 10 to Insta 3 from Zaminryot; 7 field calls did; in horse racing watch syndication; Tie up had from that mahesh; Kept few more  #hashtags to Insta; By night at home mobile data trouble;



Surprisingly Kalyan called; No news paper after Ganesh chaviti day?
Rx card seems to be nice; Night stomach trouble had; Attended Hyd rx and kept insta keywords but lost some eistig followers reason un known;

Had nice SHP and Forecast payout at RX; Night Kishore party; 7thstep;pothus; Eastern Star wins had but still not satisfied ; To cover P S Chouha in JP:'


Gave Lord Ganesha to near by pandal;  At Pune r 1 mistake costed  JP not to miss inform  6lenngh winner with same jokey ride; Manged the day Small mistakes costed the day;  Chengaiah and kamalakar have called; Byke stand spring  trouble had; Still por response for instagram followeres;

13 th sept 2018

2018 Ganesha Chaturdi day

ganesh chaturthi 2018

Thanks to the  Ganesha sent personal  whatsapp messages this time and got back good response; back at home shopping did with Gta and brought ganesha to home; Again set few #hashtgas to Insta posts and known some more knowledge and edited profile had very few followeres for the day;

Night spent very long time with Kiran and kishore; Purchased Hyderabad Friday Rx book and Insulin and Syringes;


subah katara

12 th september 2018

Got Subah katara  at 4 PM and returned; Some thing happend had 150 plus insta followers;

Rituals completed cerimony;

Had a field day
Same pujari performed rituals;

Boring and tiring Bus yatra to Cesa paradise escort of Old lady and assistance to Gta sister  and her mothers Train journey by Chilakala guda raod; many politics known; My fitness problems are clearly visible;

jagga reddy Usa visa case and arrest; gave fitting care to baby; met  many people ; Vishnu marisetty kapu and related ;

Today had nice followers to Insta surprisingly; Accident karimnagar  news and coverage seen life quite unpredictable;

Missed Kokalata  winning bet; 

11th September; 2018 post; 

Totally at home added few keywords kept  to Insta posts had good followers for the day reason unknown still;
Knowledge gained but missed 2 bets its ok anyway;
Morning suffered a lot to update blog  pending blogpost; Arguments continued gain due to APE;


Mistakes to Avoid

Horrible mistake happend in RX i had one winner on hand but due to confusion backed another  followed by SHP poll mistake and later another  bet on fluke;

Ok to be very careful from Now; Second run after being favrite confirmed thats blessing in disguise; Mahesh  Tipster met took his number; 

Shopping with Gta at night; Had Mehfil Biryani in afternnon;  S.Kumar came to home in morning; Hashtags knowledge continued at Insta; Veera mchineni food plan apps known;

Second run with improved track work won at longer adds at Kolkata;

SeenTV  Bhagavat geetha effect on  diabetics tv9 show;

Did R D for 10 entries for insta;

after 4 straight wins hopeless jockey;sandesh and P S chouhan in last races; 
Got consolation J P;; Again first run fav failed On Puna that too Poonawalla owned ;
Ruffina won after failing;

highest viewd Telugu video songs on youtbe

highest viewd  Telugu video songs on youtbe

Fida Vachinde had 7 cr visits; Seen top 20 highest viwed telugu songs on youtube;

Night lost temper and called Balaji; Durga; prasad;

Morning took video of pooja samagri and photos then took captain Cook photos and posted; day had 12 followers; Known about tips for story telling; Again listed to Telangana samthalu from home;

Skipped Rx that decicion has fetched odds on favrite failed ; P.Trevor is always dangerous;

Seen Hindi proverbs; again listed to Telangana saamethalu;

Worked in field and collected data of 10 people; posted few pics to instagram stories;

Immerse your audience in the story.

Tell a personal story.
Create suspense.
Bring characters to life.
Show. Don't tell.
Build up to S.T.A.R. moment.
End with a positive takeaway.


Art of story telling

Best font is Arial
New knowledge of the day  Take pics like; Towerpisa with camera;
Morning guidance had on mobile camera pictures wait for few seconds for focus;
Interact with influencers on my segment; Social media?
Instagram is 60% more interactive than Facebook;

Again unexpected arguments at home; Had hair cutting done keywords of saloon kept;

Known about emotional content and photos; Again heard Youtube Saamethalu;

Activated pooja samagri  to google Maps; To Take pics and video;

Days calls; Jagdamba Fancies kishan nice person ; Accupressure Gave sunday 2-4 pm appointment must meet client more often;

Pooja samagri 2 calls;

Todays Telugu words with etv news 80


family support;
Ryot sangham
kadiyam srihari;
Pranalika; Vivaksha;
sisa nirdesam;
niyojaka vargam;
terasa; mim;
disha nirdesham;
Ami tumi;

Sept 4 th 2018

Brand endorsements

7th day after Hariskrishna Venkateswars death;

Seen one youtube video bitter resentment on KCR by some communist on ameeting;

Severe leg pains unbearable worked long time on laptop;
Few more keywords kept for Instagram posts Glossary of  Horse racing keywords known; 

Electricity bill came; few more English idioms known;

Finally Airtel bill paid and initiated prepaid; Evening met Kiran and Kishore spent some time there;One short film guy jeeva met there saved his number;  Luckily closed one sale quiteunexpedly; 
Mahender next door neibour; Night more hat with house owner;
Uma called;
warning came from Youtube clipping managed it;
Gta Gave dress for pressing in morning;
Rx Books purchased; New thing at Mysure Rx is youtube chat openly;

worked again after long gap

After a long break work started again  met Panjagutta SRO had 2 success stories met almost 10 people.  Morning read idioms and phrases in English night seen Telugu Saamethalu on youtube this is really good improvemnet but arguements continued at home at night. 

Morning to manappuram gold and return drop of gta to her vadina home; Purchased one nice Apple and Black tea; Seen some Videos of Sorav jain on Instagram;
Pavan met on whatsapp; found very tough with eye Vision after reaching panjagutta yet managed;

Santosh and lavkush; wine shop names; Few pics posted on the way to field work;


Kolam on Instagram

Collected good works of kolam this time on Instagram; No doubt Instagram is more interactive than other Social Media fronts; sent whatsapp msg to Kalyan and Doctor Srujana and Kumar ; no response from kalayan??

Seen Rx books and known about Deccan colts; Attended had 2 winners further consolidated with star Superior and suraj narredus wins;



Dr JP Reddy Sexologist from nellore; Good response began from instagram end;
Skipped rx for the day; Scanned 3 dailies;

Morning read few back issues of zaminryot ; later joined family for 5th days ritual prayers and spent there till afternoon almost 20 people gathering; Night again met Kumar; Night purchased  rx books and Upma ravva;  Telangana progress report(Telangana Pragati nivedana sabha) event; few more teluvelugu books received from Gtas vadina;


FRIENDSHIP IS EVERYDAY not just when its convenient for you.September 2018

AVOID THIS SELFISH WORLD;  Due to poor response from whatsapp circles decided to interact and sent msg;

Sent message to whatsapp  broadcast list Pavan and Narsimhas replys recd;

Ramulu byke parking guys name known at Musheerabad; punter Sardarji became even  more close; Climbed 3 stairs;
Seen one web designer ad in eenadu and called him saved number on mobile he told hes from kadapa. 

Spent  more time with S S Kumar  at morning with him and geetha and vineela   posted Veeramachineni Diet programme to instagram stories night watched youtube and edited it further.

New thingsat  Pune demonstation of  Military excersizes  Armoury of Military men  Southern Command trophy Helicopters and and many things seen; Posted few Tv  videos from tote; Seen more number of followers for the day for Insta thats a real surprise;

Got Forecast, Quinella payouts for the day in combination;

S Sandesh won at last race at Pune and thats a new lession;

Doctors baby arrival;

Trails and Tribulations

Body pains and fitness problems;No doubt RX is further got consolidated; Latest attempt is  JIO  SMS saga  to 100 plus;  Learning Saamethalu with Bitiri Satti  V6 TV  videos; Gta brothers death later  events ; Apes menace and shift to Vidyanagar; Joining  Digital Marketing course  learning Digital skills  including Pintrest Kajal photo posts to twitter followers  and  Youtube Video making  knowledge  joining Facebook groups, Instagram story  telling knowledge Rx keywords; Continued  to learn lessions at RX  side by side and consolidated it much further  continued  blog posts consilidated ; Used  Samsung new phone ;Gta s property  settlement and Gold  and funding and shift to HYD;  First Meetup  meeting and my stage  speaking skills exposure;
had  success from whatsapp also;

2017;  2016; 2015; shift to tpt and  enjoying ancestral rice; Had success with google plus maps  codes  at TPT and team  for 3 years and with DW renewals postal of Vetuku  and Pavan; Office; SMS and Poster strategy at TPT; Vetuku postal;

2011; 2012; 2013; 2014; Pen media Forum; At HYD; Syam SRN  NRN team; 
 AJ  DW:  NRN team ; Gta joined;
 2009; 2008; 2007; 2006; 2005; 2004; 2003;Idols marketing with Syam and Dr; 
Team with jana for web site Design;
 Vetuku English news paper editor; Nelloreone paper licence;
 Book making at Bangalore; Thulasi funding;

2002;2001; 2000; NT; nelloreone; Ush; Tpt guide; N Prabhakars funding ; 
1999; 1998;  1997; 1996;  Happyhome; Mumbai pharma;; Yogi pharma; 

1995; 1994;  1993;  1992; Degree Max India; Mariapuram; Vasu;Uma; Sekhar Bhai; 
Max India JOB;

1991; 1990;  Kinetic finance; Prism;
1989; 1988; 
1987; naru ; Nanduri;
1986; Hyderabad;
1985; Hyd Passports;  Passports and Singapore visit;
1984; Hyderabad passports;
1983; Military; ;Akheel; Quasim;1982; 1981; kadapa; 
1980;  Hyderabad

1979;78;77;76;75; Kadapa;
74; 73;72;71;70 Gollapalli;
69;68;67;66;65; Hyderabad;