Sunday, May 01, 2022

2022 may

 1st May Sunday 2022

Times and eenadu purchased and read; downloaded  Tataneu:

Called parvathi; penchalaiah; Sai Darjipalli: Narsimha no response ?;

Watched cricket: lucknow; and csk match;

2nd May monday 2022;

Activate sbi atm; Again menace of dhohi

3rd may 2022 tuesday

Ramzan day!

Jafrulla called;

Recd Chappal ; tried to activate atm; Had Chat skipped finner;

4th May  we'd 2022

Brought chappal from kacheguda;

5th may thursday 2022

Bank Atm work got done:

Paid advance for web site new design;

6th may fri 2023

Met eye doctor long wait;

Gta pushed me  to get things; I must perform  even under tough circumstances;

7th may satday  2022;

8th may Sunday 2022

1 machine payout recd; month wise roti machines payouts checked:

I'll effects of Alchohol for eyes known finally,

9th may 2022 monday.

Problem with jana continued

Had hair cut at Narayanahuda then shopping did at night;

10th may 2022 tuesday;

Sitting at home throught the day;

Jana replied and said to cooperate;

11th may  we'd 2022

Eye cataract operation had successfully; nicely improved further; Tried for Train tickets failed;

12th may thursday 2022

Met Doctor on follow up; is ready with new design; Lot of top web site designs seen; Slippers given for repair;

13th May Friday 2022:

Google 7 email accounts merged with new device. Seen Google business pages. Known about few clients.

Lekhari further improved with design. Had understanding with designer.  

Services.about us. Roti machine pages were added.

Sent messages to friends Munawwer replied. Updated whatsapp status and posted about reporters.



2.Manohar Reddy






One hiring app known.

Started updating some social media profiles.

Gta designed color leaflet seen.

14th  may Saturday 2022.

Got up early but again slept. Manasa tpt paid. Tweeted. Whatsapp messages sent.

Gta gone to her sisters home.

I have 100  plus Google short urls.

15th may Sunday 2022

Brought syringes. Gta slept for long time so no breakfast. Clear cut developments to web site is stats counter code and adsense codes are integrated.

Lot of Renewal reminders sent.

16th May 2022 Monday.

Lot of disturbance due to drohi; Known about Spandana app; and other ways to launch a complaint;

Sent few more reminders but responded;



2.suresh vja


4.Manohar Reddy


6. Raghuram

7. Anuvsmsika Ram kumar8. Sai Darjipalli

9.known kept Ravi number

10.Ravi Gollapall;Got 2 orders for the day.Trydcaller backup hope.

17th may 2022 tuesday; 

Seen wordpres layout of some big web site; 5 pages new content is loaded to lekhari. No  new orders.

Surprise non responded to messages.Nrn called. KAMALAKAR called.

18th May we'd 2022.Nrn good news about bluetick:More web sites seen and more content read;

19th may thursday 2022Initiated jaffar document and N.SHANMUGAM  fishes got paid.Auto travel is quite  expensive;Kamalajar came into contact5 more pages added to lekhari

20th may Friday 2022;

Met eye Docyor; Took Slippers from Kacheguda and returned; Content prepared for portal and sent to some people.

 Investigative journalism and sting operations to do. Web site further improved;

21st sat may 2022

Content improved further;

22nd may Sunday 2022;

Chicken arranged; Called Prnchalaiah; Seen village food vhannel;

23 may monday 2022

Got up very late; Kamal cslled;

Repaired Slippers are ok; Seen most of works of Navaratnalu ; Seen Guvvala cheruvu  palkovva;

Purchased Syringes; koti called;

Background  score  software's;:

24th may  tuesday 2022;

Money on hand; golden pearl money  recd ;

25 may wed 2022;

Throught the day read lot of biographys YouTube. Tirupati Chakrapani sent 1 k:  Discomfort jn right eye had; Country thoughts;

26th thu may 2022; 

Bangalore rx Saturday and Sunday  cards seen;  Seen many  of Country thoughts videos best among g them was Raja Ravi Varma. Enquired tariff of classifieds.

27th May Friday 2022.

Nrn gave word of coming  to Hyd on Monday. 

Video watching continued;

28th Sat May 2022

Not  Attended Bsngalore Rx; Seen many more videos. Kvp guys called

29th May  Sunday 2022.

Nrn confirmed his coming.  Oil  Rs 200/_.  Bhaskar plants issue.

30th may monday 2022

Gta went to get laddu;  Suffered  due to stomach trouble; One rt order hot; Gave jyothi ad for 4 days; Nfn failed due to Amavasya: 

 I continued to watch country thoughts videos even NTR also struggled to establish in life;

Content prepared on investigative journalism; Known about gangsters; Sent messages to Asif about site updating.

Called Murali sir known shipping charges for South Africa.

In Rx inform and as Fav winners;

31st may Tuesday 2022; 

Jyothi ad was super flop;

Stopped buying news papers as seen epapers; Asif dint reply?;

Another setback from Drohi;

 Drawn money; lekhari invitation letter created with images;  purchased needles;

Unable to walk long;