Monday, January 04, 2021

4th January 2020 Monday ; tiger snake can survive without food for one year

Tiger snake can survive without food for one year seen on Tv;

4th jan  tuesday 2021;

lot of calls received for  roti machine reg rate;  called Nayeem and srikanth;

in one of  ids of google all gmb entries are suspended due  to suspecious activity and that  is new shockwave for the day

 i must survive on my own strenghth from now; i must talk heavily on my own web site from now; 

I must catch some celebrity project for social media; 

Seen "Ali tho saradaga" etv show  thanikella Bharani; 

Sudden hunger pangs in night to keep something ready always on hand and avoid acidity;

HRC tote not funtioned to death of jockey ;  Durgi moms Birthday cake knowledge known and abuse of gta;

Ajay met painting vertion of machine idea ; gta left for shopping; One lady fake call as if  she is from Bangalore i must be able to talk in all  indian southern languages; unbearable allari of Trio; 

"Dilse song" and dance enjoyed new hope gained; called Balaji

And known his mothers health; Eswaraiah maMa seen reading paper;,

Not to miss  next fluke;

Activated laptop airtel pack again and edited blog but vision problems continued; 

Decided that from now long shots should not be missed of trackeagle: