Wednesday, June 01, 2011

May 2011

Morning rent paid; ring repair work completed lucklily met son of govindachary son chat and exchanged news with him (raj sekhar)govinda chary died in 1999;worked with Nrn and luckily met one Journalist(khan kartavyam) @ghmc and he gave good tips;Books;pics;acb;Evening shopping did with gta and also purchased tablets rs 900/-;
by scooter to khairatabad;managed blogs of 3 days posted;no income day? very late to field work?' NRN opened bank account in Kvb bank and thats good move;

TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2011

30th may post

Gta seen very busy;Morning Nail cut;Lot of tention had to be faced;anyway field work fetched good results;major one failed;No call from GTa;good pay day;Narendra to home new question;new knee cap and tablets purchased;Morning had upma;Investigate;

28th May post

saturday low levels of cash on hand;3 expectations have failed but one followup of nrn was successful;manged 3 more new ids count for the day;Night watched ipl finals;Spent more time with children at home;Hyper hunger levels at morning;Cafe was closed;ice Cream commitment given to girls;

29th may; sunday;

missed net;sold news papers at home; fish arranged;Evening girls menace had to be faced;Afternoon sitting with Owner;Most of the time spent at home;Orange movie seen at home;Checked Hundies;Read article about priyanka chopra tweeting about products;Branding on twitter read;Used eye glass new one;Boredom had to be faced at home;

SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2011

27th May post;c p i narayana;hyderabad;

My first pic of a press meet

Brought new eye glasses and work with NRn fetched another commitment;spent lot of time with children at home; shopping with gta near by;night suffered with power shut down;neibours request for rs 1k;evening rx book purchased;chappal repair work;

FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2011

26th May post

Again problem erupted at home; night discussion with Old man near by home and also by Fancy;Met Doctor at morning and new drug 4 blood pressure;3 more new ids for the day;Met weaver times at evening;picles intake must be reduced from now;Rx favrites for first 4 days checked;Read about diabetic management on novonordisk web site;Camera feedback known by Nrn;Re written situation on hand;videocond2h FB followers; 7736;parkavenue 21 000;some kind of uneasy at back throught the day;Srn called up;

THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2011

25th may post

Got few commitments from field and one payment;Evening shown blogs and my family pics to Gta and seen her family pics;Posted blogs and tweets;Morning after a long wait got letter for ad tariff at shakeel i took rest;missed lunch;abids MCH office exposure had; Gtas help in getting ready at morning noted;


23rd May post Monday;

Narendras byke

;2 more new ids;Managed scooter parking again and also helped Nrn;
24 th May post;

For the first time after long agaony and wait Normal sugar levels were found after morning Blood test so big releif;
Got compromised with Gta initiated by her own negotiation;Followed by number of good things for the day they include repair od DVD;Purchase of New Sun Glassdes and order of eye glasses from Benfranklin store at Himayatnagar also purchase of Bag and pillow covers; Had nice Lunch at Kti Sitara restaurant with GTa; ;Missed net 4 the day;Song and Dance of near by house children in responce to Marrige party near by house;

SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2011

21st may post Saturday!

@ net RX results seen;Managed to post pending Blogs releaved of tention;Work with Narn was succesful and his confession abt his children also noted recd cheque for 5 k from after long wait but hunger attacks have to be faced at gvr this one need to be taken care;Still no satisfaction at the way things are moved;8 more new ids for the day and this is good move but further more unable to proceed;twitter movies seen;Although the income is good expences are also more;eye glass problem faced for the day and highlited by GTa even;got much closer to the target of 1000 ids and 30 k fans;seen darling movie at TV with Gta;

Sundays post;22nd may:
Arranged Fish at home old lady was not present? night Scooter parking problem and marraiage baraat drums problem had to be faced and lost sleep;Had the benifit of Sundays net after many days;2 more ids to credit;Why no calls to my cell?.news papers scanned somehow;2 good movies at TV at home pokiri,king of nag shutling in between;missed rx anyway;

19th may

Syam called by in morning i was tired and slept most of the day;Narendra said he is coming backLife past analysis did in gaps;Savings continued;10 ids for the day;blogs posted;seen Google empire of expansion;
20th may;Again narendra joined back and success in the field;and also got one commitment;Net missed;missed lunch;Raju met;with Gta to mvie mr perfect;

21st post; cheque from gvr collected;Insulin purchased;sucess in field again;had late lunch;

THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2011

17th May Post

Prakash met;4 more new ids;Someones objection about K;Called Chennai Shopping Mall guy;Purchased Insulin vial;Continued saving;Gillys batting;One lady objected at abids;more exposure of offices;Read guidelines for press photographers;Objection on Social welfare;Heat is reduced;Gta friend matter disturbance;

18th May post;

Again rupture at home;more drinks and over dose;One more commitment got for 20th;missed lunch and tablet again;evening Tennis ball and discussion;Long distance buyke travel;Success at jubileehills office;purchased Pan and nimbooz;

TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011

16th May post

Narendra came early at morning;ids count has touched alltime top 888; KA:287 20; problem noted to continue blocking more ids; managed to post blogs and tweets;Missed lunch and argument with GTA;Days income 11;exposure of city plus 4 more hopeful commitments;serilingampally sro office;Morning ajays call;night Ramojis call;Call for insulin;Enjoyed A/C at cafe at evening; watched sravanis play and got closer;Saved rs 100/- on income;met Old man(white hair) and his closeness seen;Who is doing mischief;FB has 4 croe fan base;

14th may post

4 more new ids Ok; New knowledge 4 the day is twitter can be blocked as domain names;Nrn absent;Luggage of GTA reached home related tention and strain;No income 4 the day;Seen globe at home for long time and related thinking;No field work;By evening rains;blog posted and tweeted;disneypixar has huge fan base;

15th May post;
Had to withdraw cash from Bank;again insecurity 4 income;Contributed to chicken at home;5 paper scan; Rx book seen;night had nice time at home;Lot of keyword analysis did at home;Called Chengaiah at morning;Nar swiched off his cell phone;My next target list of client should be more potencial;segregated keywords at note book;

12 May Post

Drinks limit crossed 4 the day afternoon trigger by Nrn; Morning call from Srn and his accident news;ids have reached 869;ka followers; 28 357;
Some more new area exposure had; bouncer had at L B nagar SRO; Contributed to maid rs 300/-. One yes had from cto oofice; another bouncer had from sro champapet;call from Chinna;

13 th may Post;
Day gone again but only solace is 4 new ids;no work;took pics of Sneha and other 2 girls;

10th may post

Cool day work at kavadiguda,begumpet was successful; Scooter started giving hic ups; again 9 more new ids for the day;Phtos scanned and posted to Blog;Evening checked bank balance of GTA nice confident move;Some kind of uneasy at home; Gta also got job chance;Call from Kishore and news of srn;Mamas health at home.Night bet with Gta;Some of pics taken from camera posted to blog 20 of pics exposed so far;Two bouncers at begumpet SRO; New address of mangalhat known through net;

3 hours net surfing 4 the day;Nt and VDK renewal dates known;Enjoyed Puri and chutney at home;Bouncer for Chicken;Celibrity Cricket news in times;Evening Snehas play humbleness of another girl;Still to enhance R&D of dailies and ads;

11th may

10 may post

pagidipala krishna veni 9th May post

  pagidipala krishna veni
My sister

By night Akka ppl came in;Ph 2 Suneetha;Narendra left suddenly and total days got haywire; Morning felt very busy in taking prints of Cards and letters; 1 hour net surfing at morning and another 1 hour in evening 3 days pending blogs posted and got releived Jana met and chat online; M S Word web site;9 new ids for the day and thats a real good count;ajays pics posted;Spent time in indira park;took pics;Night arguments at home again and lost control over drinks again;

dtp guy with his brother

MONDAY, MAY 09, 2011

6th may post

friends in Indira Park

This is pressing cloth near narayanaguda

Morning due to request of mma dropped them at nampally situations exposed; Rich haul for the day with meeting effort clicking;Parking of scooter problem at home night;20 of Data of document writers got to hand;days t ids were;cabshyderabad 7 lakh; gharondabuilder;Gta to her sisters home;Evening known some of Camers tricks by srinivasa photo studio; new idea is find district registrars;Rx schedules checked for summer season;gales batting seen at night;girls nice at night;skype merger news read;

7th may post;
manyavaar big ad in times; night freeads scanned;purchased tennis ball;Globe;new pen;Nail cutter;Gta came back and seen some of her family pics;missed net; kawadiguda,chikkadpalli payments got;Narendra ideas about veduku as tv media known;night Gharshana movie seen;email also can be adverticed;crossed alchohol limit;call from Chinna received;heat at after noon;arranged gas for home;lopez coverage at TV;

8th may sunday post;

Mostly at home;night Narendra came dtp did for new letter and my visiting cards; known some facts abt working maid and objection from Gta had;globe and new pen and ball enjoyed; late chicken purchase and paid;12 shirts on hand;Fan got repaired;had tatimunjalu;insulin cristals? night problem at home again;

FRIDAY, MAY 06, 2011

5th May post

Naren failed to show up;Akka mama came; Unbale to bear heat slept at after noon;Objection of gta on night and i lost temper;Fb akkireddy and venkatesh brothers seen;last 2 months analysis did at home; another 3 ppl can be accomodated at home;

findings again;

Press power added with Nrean associaltion(vetuku) exposure with graduation and spoken skills and hindi,english good dressing added;Gta on hand;way2sms; gopal;Camera on hand;Poor at funding,money on hand and team making money for ads and money for press ads and office on hand;Sales skills and net power( u tube,wikipedia;goodle; etc)Some what dress power;Temperment;Courage and funding needed for RX;health improved;Rx hope;
chennai shopping mall idea;siddutech;adsense to activate again;to get 1000 ids ;consolidate FB ids;google spidering;D writers data to grab;

THURSDAY, MAY 05, 2011

4th Apirl post

 My Scooter which has given me lot of service;

I took this pic when some one was seen sleeping in India park hyderabad

My hat and Sun glasses
Insecurity emerged from gta s expectation; by scooter to begumpet;read camera manual again ;Syams Idea of Man power Consultancy;% news paper scan at home;More exposure of camera;Sucess at sro boinpally;No response from puravankara;night info abt akkas arrival;adhaar cards seen;again drinks with owner;Gas verification over at home;

TUESDAY, MAY 03, 2011

april 3rd post;hyderabad;

again with narendra to field work; very hot day started to take pics from New camera;Rajendra nagar and golkonda sros checked;hot summer exposure again;Pics loaded from Camera;Salty lassi and seen gas checker;Puravankara call recd;narendra failed to give money; Cricket Dc failed again; 3 more new ids; white shirt exposure;Gta attachment to her relatives;Dosa at home;idea of seeling idea to chennai shopping mall;

2nd may post

Obama death news;Sneha came in;Tea taste problem has triggered;Pressure for hair cut;deccan post weekly scanned; with nrendra sudden vehicle problem has taken total day;met bird lover trimurthy pillay cell; 9701104872; 4 more new ids for the day;richmond id new idea has developed;new flash is country wise twitter penetration to check;very tired for the day and had another set back from Gta; ka; 27 405;835 ids;