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Monday, September 30, 2013

sept; 2013

***Read 90 minutes book gained confidence;unexpected move;
Whats that function in galli by meesala guy???;
No closings for the day??; Some kind of disturbance story from  Ajay quite un usual;??
Purchased RX book;telugu velugu;
***Morning continued addresses work and got 40 plus new addresses;***Evening retrieved 70 prints with in just 1 hour investment here in both the works ; ***took back Camera from Prakash settled his dues no call from him later disturbance from him during the work tention reduced ok?;
Call from solutions and SKD just dial;
Work with Ajay did  did 8 calls new area exposure again  and got 4 positives;
Stool purchased; telvel note books, water bottle.pen refils;
Enquiry did for mat for office  may need 2 k;
stoll cutting work help by GTA;
portland; paaduthaa theeyagaa;

28th sept saturday 29th sunday

With a bad comment from rushed to Ranigunj area and written almost 50 plus name boards but mental disturbance continued due to comment;  Puja did at office  good flowers and spent some time there;later with Ajay to Ranigunj also written few more boards confusion continued  had coffee at Raus; posted few entries from sadgun one activation  managed. theres some problem  faced to do SEO to google maps read google guidelines; Suffered with hunger pangs later had session and to pune had a shocker hattrick; Frequent Dilip calls were unable to understand; Called satish; Chalapathi; managed cheque drop;Gta dint prepare lunch; Current Run is must is days rx new point;

Few cheques have passed and gave some amount to ajay and retired; Missed dinner;

Sunday 29th 2013

Morning continued work of writing managed 50 more now 300 names on hand; 1000 closings can give 30 lakhs; Team needed now; Gandhis call rejected; had  survey of 15 areas; Ghadbad in gally and related tention; spent some time in office; Tention of going to RX; sold Toliet stand poor return;

Raju on the way neglected; Poor confidence levels ;
Read naglokars 2 essays on rx; poor odds for fresh men crop surprise? Family connectionas are too poor;
Dhana called from bellary.Insecurity and boredom . Narsing came;
***Jana met online asked him to prepare Invoice;
Silence at home;?? had egg Dosa; deccan eenandu scanned.
No calls to phone?? Gave banana to Old lady;
No call from chalapathi ??? later he met at HRC that even more triggered anger.
Night read back google story and new things are emerging on twitter seen; Prakash is totally absent;
Debutants as favrites are winning;
30th september;planning>>

DRop ajay cheques;
***some of Google activations pls;
give cloth 4 pressing;
Take camera from Prakash;
Feed ajay; sat day entry address;
Cross 50k;
***Retieve few more prints pls; advanced decicions;
Prakash; ajays ;settlements;
Office decoration;


friday 27th sept

Morning shocker  with Toilet stand ; managed to load Ajays pics from sadgun;Evening retrieval of google prints took from sadgun this is the only useful work for the day; Chalapathi sir called up in the evening; Morning transfered cash to Prakash on request; vedeo game played on the eve of 15th birthday of google; seen one link also;Ajay success story continued;No Tiffen and Lunch at home;Whats this irish horse; 70k plus for this month is it true?

On Rx front i must be ready with how much can i can bear; yet 2 more new points IE; Huge win; Raders benefit; Dams pet distance;


25th sept post

Late wake up  some thing went wrong;Some more prints took from sadgun; Few more addresses collected;
@ closings with ajay and 1 positive from Praksh;played with cat;
seen night news; good news 2 cheques passed;
New note book and rubber bands paper clips purchased;
Paid 2 k to narsing; Unable to activate google listing from home;


25th sept

1 hour to park but had to rush back home;Work with ajay fetched 1 new plus 1 old (SKD)payment;printer sent to office room;Huge prints haul from sadgun plus hope;files purchased;called NRN;2 rx books of mysore scanned; some vegitables  eggs to home;Prakash came cheque over writing problem then he dropped; I have written note of entries at Ranigunj;

indiatoday from sadgun;Booked gas;


24th sept;Tuesday ;

With Prakash office lock purchased;

cant reduce price Oninions  had ghadbad; so laguna blue price goes down faster ; Chalapathi helped again poonawallas mount at 3 and half must read card intently; Saved chalapathi  with aubridge;Orginalvel comments ;Into members enclosures;Ex auberge saved; i made a hattrick;

No field work again but prakash worked;jagan got released;


23rd sept 2013 social media;

sundaram motors not in maps;
 Got back scooter with new stand;
Paid photon with Prakash help;

for office;nefthalin balls; sticker ready;
>>>with GTAS funding ...White wash achieved to office; Call and surprising comment from kamalakar;
Chalapathi sir is coming;
Some prints took from sadgun;
Prakash came with his friend and achieved 2 successful;
Water to home and office;
NO field work to me;

Paid Ajay and Prakash;
visiting cards for Ajay and Prakash got;
jagan got bail;
manava haram;nivedika;


22nd sept

Very dull sunday;poonawalas fav failed;yet another new point unable to understand;chalapathi sir called; 50 unbeatables in future to select;Money and money and simply money can make things in life;water shifted from office room to home;

Prakash called up; Had lunch and Tiffen out side; Evening had pickle;


21st sept;

Gave 3k to ajay he brought 1 payment;(At RX another point is age Ghazal king; plus already rider;)
riders touch pls; MAMs gamble;12/1;

Old friend dilip met at hrc; cell; 98488 46840;


20th sept;

suffered from Caugh body pains had vada;upma;;gtas initiation for paint;
perfect  trading centre pics loaded;

One cheque seems to have cleared;
Long discussions at home;work with prakash at Ranigunj one photo session took of electricals;;
checked odds;
One clear cut fav; countrys best connections;
Up dated diary of expenses;
Jana replied;
Cheng called;

At RX one more new point gained never to miss on a hattrick with same rider;

calls with Prakash;

1.kawadiguda; agencies;
2.sec bad;
3.sec bad pumps;
6.Electrics guy;
7.opp electricals;



Need to submit M B engg;for SEO;

met SKD shown his entry prakash help noted; Board fixed at office;prakash help noted;
cheques still not cleared;
photo session for reliable eng;later Prakash brought cheque;
call from needs Ranigunj;replied;him;
another assurance from GTA for laptop this time;
Paid power bill;
purchased rx book;
had self cooked rice later puri potato curry at night;
work could not be progressed for the day;
Night RUM;
ajay closed one loaded pics to google;

***tel vel segregated at office;



Called ashwin;he replied;
syam also replied;'
good dress needed for nimajjanam;poor planning;
wish of and saving of narsings son rajesh noted;
must call Mom;
Success at kolkata rx with last minute decicion with that profit  purchased a new book on communication ;
madhu and NRN met took back diary;yes; flags; wavings seen on roads; on the eve of ganesha;nimajjanam;
Night dream of MOM s death;

with good money assured success at rx;
called satish he replied;and feed back noted;
ajay came;
Prakash sent chair;purchased apples; khadgam;missed ET;

17th sept post

many files hsifted to office; 3 people team worked in field; Chen met; told abt office to satyam MK; satish;chalapathi;Still cheques are not cleared; thrillz payment got; paid to narsing; Gave flex for print; gave scooter for repair; 1 more closing from ajay; one complaint handled;praksh failed again;

17th sept;

1.large energies spent on transfering luggage 2 office room;
2.Called Satish;
3.Called CS:
4.Gave Scooter for repair;
5.ajay paid land bill;
6.prakash took me to ranigunj;

7.Thanks to Sam; he paid  4k; thanks for ajays followup;
8.objection from SKD;wheres his card;??
Few more things loaded to office;
9.Gtas help noted for new office;
10.kamal has called up;RIM recharge did;
;Work did at ranigunj contd;>>>> take help to retrieve;
flash idea convert
11.morning prakash call that girl; seen;
12;Some new lady as us miss queen; eenadu;
13;managed  2 buy ET;
14;Called Kiran
Cheng has called up;
Managed to but drink;


tom 17th tuesday adv planning

9.send cheque for collection;>>>done;
1.10 new field calls; 30 total  team target;>>>done;
5;activate Prakash land call; activate yesterday venkateswara elec call plus 2 more;:NO:
4.find when sadgun is closing and prepare take all 2013 prints;
2.few more things to arrange  in office;>>>YES:
3;activate satyam ::yes;ask abt UK;call MK; activate rim; pay land bill;>>>yes: to become a good writer and speaker;.......
7;followup jana; syam;
10.scooter;repair work;yes;
load few more pics from Ranigunj 2 blog;no;
incoming calls???
12;narsing money;rs;ok; liquor;1 full bottle;ok;
13.puja at office;???;
14;flex at office;
15; next days rx book 2 buy;
17; pressing pls;Tom;
18;tell bujji abt office;bawa;sunitha;
puja at office;plan;:

16th sept;mondays post

20.morning initiative of Gta seen on learning ;corel draw;photo shoppy etc;
19.unbearable cats cry; 20 rejected rina; 21.water arranged to home;

18;even after delayed trip to market managed to do some field calls;
17;morning lost few alexa ranks;
>>>16;attended thrillz;problem of hand ph noted;
15;no afternoon indulgence;
13; Mk Called this time;

14;so cheng called;

12;few free entries with PICtures loaded to blog;

10.finally 1 cheque got cleared;little bit of tention releived;
11.seen indiamart  and asklaila listings;

9.gandhi called up at morning;
8. kept few things at new office;
7.Morning briefed collegues;
5.i must be a good speaker from now;prakash initiative seen at office ; 1.Msg sent to Jana but no response;
6.spent good time and took sept prints from sadgun bad news they are closing to act fast; usual spent 1 hour at park at morning stomach trouble; Nrn doesnt lift call; cry and no mercy of GTA; 3.problem in activating todays electricals call?

15th sept sundays post

Been to abids on way back purchased eye glass;At Rx most of fav have won un troubled need huge cash; Kamals calls; call from ajay; Morning some kind of confident feeler got after watching google maps;Posted few more entries to blog;


14th sept

chinnas msg of smile;office advance given cleaning did with the help of maid; prakash joined in team;field work did had few positives;Room cleaning did; yet another new point in rx debut winner and right connections to back and longer odds the best; activated 2 codes; loaded ajays entry; cheque still not cleared;gandhis bouncer;

Cheng and kamals tie up;night dish repair did and enjoyed Tv slept early;


14th saturdays post

retrieve please;

Gandhis promise; nigraham;
buy PINS:
that rx chance;5;30 PM; TOM Book;
at sadgun;
those activations;
office advance must be paid;
cheque drop a must; meet thrillz;and other calls;
Scooter repair initiation;
Prints inititation;
K tweet response;
alexa;145 728;


13-9-13 friday post

Morning planning hour continued at park;Office room discussions further have enhanced finally decided to pay total advance;Gandhi met assurance had from him too;Prakash; Ramoji,kamaal,Cheng;discussed;tom Rx book;one hopeful;positive feed back from field this time;xerox of price lists took; pending burhani issure resolved; ajay entries posted; ajay dropped cheque at morning;
throught the day 17 ppl are connected in one way or the other; Few more generic posts at blog continued;alexa ranks have improved for the first time; prints have failed; white shirt effect; night tube light problem narsings help;Nice dinner with curd and pickle; work adding ppl for k from sadgun continued;
visiting cards segregated;

called praveen varma and offer given to him; night dosage crossed;

12th sept post

Morning spent 1 hour at park;next room for office chance has emerged; Another success story from ajay; loaded Thrillz found some problem but new point of xerox copies of submittion has emerged; One enq for twitter id; Followup with gandhi seen his skills and exposed to ravindra bharathi;
night akka call;vimalunformal id;from year 2000 analysed;gave 1 k to Anad p;did 10 market calls; mysore rx rain havoc;dropped cheque;


10th 11 th sept posts

10th sept'
For ajay byke repair  given cash to him;again problem at home;loaded 1 pending entry from sadgun and activated;Called few ppl at night;met prakash long wait then rain and byke  trouble;attended annadanam at galli;

11 th sept post;
success at rx; cheng met;at morning rx  r& d did; Sucess strory from ajay again; i did field work too; night galli function; next 8 years plan need to be chalked out;


9th sept ganesh chavithi day

Morning felt loneliness at park later it became ok thanks to Lord Ganesha; Festival wishes sent had small replys; Spent time in adding k followers; blockd some t id; Another shocker at RX but another consolidation of current form; Later Prakash and Ajay met near home;
50 crore cell ph users and12 crore net users staggering;


8th sunday september

Again stint at park;Decided to help prakash so gave cash to Ajay; settled his accounts; called prakash and told him; 5 attemts gone waste at RX; toread Rx card very intently; sadgun closed; president of india gold cup day; Attended galli ganesha arrival; night stomach trouble had; At morning activated 2 codes;


saturday 7th sept

Morning spent at Park;2 success a nd 2 failure stories emerged at HRC; missed few nice things too;  huge performance to be taken care; last time same jockey not to lose; called chalapthi; ajay came; activated 2 entries; ex Alvarada  good odds missed; Slept very early;Avoided Raju at morning;Activated 2 entries from home;Scanned Tollywood at HRC; Net slow at home;


6th sept post

poor tiffen at ashok nagar cafe puri; poor lunch at mess narayanaguda; Good dinner at mehfil heavy rush;

2 hours net surfing activated 3; entries;success at field work unexpected one; Met prakash;Head ache from kamal; ajay dint return as promised; rectified one old entry of valves guy he felt happy; one ferrous shop activated;By night one more key important develeopment visiting cards printed ganesha festival flex order rush seen at Kiran;
Express adsense known; worked on ka followers; Morning 1 hour stint at park; good dispaly of my own blog seen at sadgun; plus a/c effect;
whats place tweets?;instagram is gaining;


5th sept

Whole year closings so far analysis did; 1;30  hour work at Sadgun; (Rina akka); sent 2 cheques 4 collection; success at rx; scanned wow again rx;posted pics; gave Narsing 500/- At Rx  another point at same distance performance;stealmate continued;Bag repair did one pic of building took; had petrol;
Her cleaverness seen at morning;

Morning to park spent  almost 1 hour there; laugh of satish; Again after noon indulgence began; called gandhi;rx rama chandra;chalapthi;gudur sridhar reddy; NRN; Ajay called up;
Had 2 quick closings at market; problem at home;loaded them quickly; had late lunch at home;Few needed things purchased;Met Kiran known few things abt flex sizes;scanned wow;


4th september

Interesting new detail talk developed from google maps;Thank god got up early; Read sunday eenadu article about village dot coms one of the best articles ever read by me  i must give 5 star rating; posted yesterdays blog; argument at home f or no spoken word; she is earning small amount; said Hi to Old man of galli; shra was seen escorted with her uncle;Even at 8am grocery shops were not opened;
purchased onion;Benda; Called cheg no response;

Posted asnoor hydraulics;

Move one called gandhi; Move 2 called NRN had positive feedback;
During the work; new idea; Even a small name board is also very important ;Got up late; Called Nrn had positive feedback;Work with Ajay fetched did 10 calls felt pain in legs; 2 more hopefuls of Saree and a vendor;loaded pins of almost 7 customers; activated all friends; Confidence regained again;Met kiran and got introduced to his staff they looked very joyous and awesome; whats that indiagetonline? Afternoon met sadgun guy seen his byke;;forgot Camera card reader; At home in morning total closings for august analysed 11 closings;ajay 9; Good interaction involvement at home;Met those people whose entries were not yet appearing in g maps; Called seeiah;

Cap wash; Scooter repair;Weakness and hunger levels;@ mobiles top up managed;Plus Rx book and wow hyd; called tollywood reddy;Dish bill paid; narsing request; to take shower water problem needs planning;
Near by home cyber cafe speed very good; Net at home is terribly slow needs immediate  upgrade;
For entries india trade business description was helpful;Disagreements at home for feeding of milk to cat;(attitude?);Dot .in domain name rate deails  known; kirans comment on my health;
atistozyme blockd what are major brands in india;
SMS guy called; Crescent guy;

That 10 cities social media launching idea at morning;


2nd sept mondays post

Got up bit earliar thanks to gta; brought few needy  things to home; Called gandhi and Nrn.  NRN  replied later  had long chat with him;Posted sundays blog after long analysis on RX; Health seems to be  improved but felt weakness; paid  garbage cleaning  guy; 2 cell ph charging did; scanned Eenadu;

Long day ahead lets see how it will progress;
Sent mailer to amrin; after some time seen RX book decided to there way2 sms trimmed further;hevy hunger pangs msgd gta responded so had rice By scooter went there but lost interest with dampening odds; missed 6/1 place chance; later came the shocker in surajs mount but stong jockey is always a live threat cabe back with another fav thanks to cash levels on hand; posted all pending things from sadgun; Called ajay; heavy back pain continued; Back home edited gtas office letter;
Although no loss for the day but theres still long way to go to win at RX lot of capital needed; missed BP Tablet and insulin later had after coming home; hunger levels have continued at rx;syam called at night;2nd success story on dosage;

For some chance bets cash should be ready on hand always;Parakura;
Dancing fienix success story;
after 2 failure  its waste to back;
Could not make use of same j wins again strategy; ishpingo;
In Rx latest seconds rule ;indian touch;
shroff Kharadi first run fav wins;as fav;

At HYD; laguna beach was available at 80/100 initially;
Dandelion missed at 2 and halfs;

Friday, May 31, 2013

May 2013

Morning  after getting up under stress managed to post 3 entries   with photos 1 entry is pending ; improved  blog traffic ranks;Nrn and Ajay have failed their commitments so i had to rush to field work alone; Satya mailed back for an obligation; few things known about Bearing industry;Durgabearings blockd; information on bearings association and shops info known; Morning had nice interaction with Gandhi and owner aunty; Files at bag organised  google Maps [rints kept in order;

Tense moments when team mates failed to respond later they responded in few minutes gaps;***2 cheques dropped for collection gta helped in filling them  brought filling forms from bank alerted by GTA; at field shown prints to that   Bearings guy;  another reference of DCTO reference failed many new faces seen on  field work;generally people are  friendly in field; At Sadgun wished Raju searched net for Bearing shops etc; While going to field took appointment from Bhanu;

field calls;
1 success story;2.Judie;3.vijay guy some sheets;4.Met asian bearings;5.sardarjis  bearing call;;6.tirupati bearings; 7.young OLD man;8.Havels;(ac guy;another ac guy;bearings;

As cash levels failed attempt made to  abids failure at town planning but his offer for works open;pics of retiring function took lot many people participated;

10.Madhu called;11.Telugu velugu,rx books purchased on the way back;
12.Edited mailer again this time kept my pic in it removed cell fine tuned it had problem in settlements took 8 new color prints again after editing; gta found fault;(pricing and content)

back at home

13.*** paper ads cutting work  began with the help of gta ;
14.Leg problem and hunger pangs at work;??? got further worsened by night;

15.daram story  progressed further;
16.had a word with  hostel guy at morning;
17.need 50k to release the  book in multi color; rates known;
18.yesterday new areas at sec bad exposed again;
19.15 ads in Swathi Telugu mag seen;
20.mailed positive h;
jains bearings team and boy;

that big shop;

that youngster electrical  was doubtful;

Consolidation on targetting big ads;planning needed;
Handle incoming calls quite carefully;

1st ;june;

1.asian; 12 am;**
2.Nelson; call and go;
3.drop the cheque;## post their entry;
4.sovenir content;** prints; go to Kishore;
5.give letter to  few of big targets; 2 pending entries;
7.ggl  prints binding work;?? calls at field;??
9.rx book; 4 sunday;
transfer 2 k amount;
seperate folder for ads;
prints of the content on hand;
cartoons pls;
narsing money;
Get water;
Take the help of gta for old papers ad cutting,bank work;

THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013

30th may post

Got up very early almost at 5 am; Collected some more content from net for sovenir;
 gandhi called this time wow;thats welcome sign; thanks 4 my own initiation; mailer got further refined;
New turn for the day! as NRN skipped the work immediate move ajay got activated and worked with me;
Involved  this time jana too graphic design department;; called him but no response yet;but he gave ideas;
.Called syam; but need to send him mailer;sent him finally;
Called padmakar;Facebook? confusing; Morning called Telugu velu and seen tariff;

After ajay came home few followups did from phone; homeo;nelson;daram;rajesh bearings skf;
work with Ajay 3 success stories;with  but lost energy levels; later guided him  more;*** sudden training given to him;One bouncer in the field too;
Ajay;  came home his creativity known;cell ph techniques known; had promise this time;

 2 more positives form google maps had;
.google maps directions;?
new idea;
.chat with kirana guy;sambhavi? 3 sons; 1 daughter;
seen lamination of The hindus coverage aaat R.K. library; purchased swathi weekly;
; gta left and came back again; good comments etc;
Dasage crossed bad luck
team activated;
Thanks to etv;abhibus scandal known;

what is that log in id: reservation hera pheri? need to be watched;
rates and circulation details of telugu velugu known;

some tips read about releasing a book;thanks to google;

Cats saga continued

cats fighting each other;

current maddatu;

1.ME 2.NRn; 3.madhu; 4.ajay;5.kishore; 6.kamal;7.gandhi;8.baig;9.bhanu;10.gta.11.sree rama murthy;
to involve;
12.padmakar;electronic media;net journalists; 13.jana;14.syam;15.kiran;16.shakeel;

1.days alexa rank 1 57 525;
2.twitter followers; 98 562;'

Deadline for the project;

throughout the day new ideas may emerge to catch them;
Content;3.layout and logo display work pls; team work and calls;
provides a forum for innovative research and ideas from all areas of journalism;
The conference offers participants the chance to explore new ideas, garner feedback on their work, and meet colleagues from around the country interested in journalism and communication history in a welcoming environment; Project;
conceive total budjet for the project;



days record 29-5-13;

Cats saga continued;
1.Called NRN worked with him been to rani gunj made 2 calls one positive one new directory of some association seen;
2.Kishore; later met him had his promise;
3.Gandhi; out of station news;huge planning;
4.emailed to positive;
5.daaram; no reply yet;
7.mailed to tehelkaa editor;
8.mailed to bhanu; HIS RESPONSE HAD;
9.called Ramoji;
10.called Baig; Tuesday;
11.ram chandra; Busy;rx jana;
12.balabharatam T ID IS WITH ME;
13,mailed to safehealth;
14.edited back ground of twitter K;kept PIC;
15.seen vallur Prasad Kumar ;
16.saved saveer,padmakars pics;
18.some new ideas developed about presentation of leaflet; display of logos;
Developed Blog of penmedia further;

seen padmakar accepting my invitation

see print history;

So over all;1. Maddatu from Kishore;2.chinnas call;3.Rain splaSHER; 4.HOMOEO;5.Failure at kapra; 6.2 yes nods from rani gunj; note book; 8.satyas reply;; from 9. pen media leaflet blog further developed; leaflet;11.2 k.Transfer;12.parmesh;13.neibour drinker;14.ladies interaction;15.back ground of twitter;16.tweeted;17.temper levels to check;18.galli chat;;19.rajinder asian bearings;20;gta sister has called up;21.display logo idea;22.bhanus interaction;23.kamals address;24;Ramojis interaction;25.try oldest firms;26.print history;27.temper levels;28.snheas story;29.municipulse;30.invitation for social media later reply;31.

29th May

My friends pics retrieved from Facebook

Very luckey got up around 4.30 AM; This time decided to use memory power to remember days tasks;
One guy is reduced from team weakened;
To see how the day will progress;
major followups;4 the day;
Sec bad guy;

Abids; town planning; plus commitmnet;
Cats in home rushing for milk

New mug
Content and entries work pls;
logo cutting work;

What will be gtas contri;?

Ph calls
Rx jana;
rama chandra;

TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2013

28th may Tuesday!

Got up very early; suffered from after math of over dosage of night  with  Ajay yet completed few tasks of morning; Tehelkaa book seen;Edited mailer again;Kamlakar came in to contact;Gandhis drmatics were impressive;There were huze ads for tigerairways in dailies; Gandhis sister vijay durga;

Continued with content procurement;After some time emailed to all friends about my recent venture response had from 2 Naveen and Bhawar; Work continued with team had 2 closings and 2 more new commitments;Nrn did lot of followups;daram hope developed;During the field work new areas of revenue known again; Commitments have failed again so depression continued; Retrieved some photos of Sneha etc;Seen Daggumati padmakar profile in FB; To Day is NTR s birth day;

My followups;KLR;Daram;

Lot of knowledge is available with E tv news at night; seen entire expenses and income levels of last year and this year; One cat which was getting Milk from my home is getting more closer;During the field work took few pics of GHMC; Gta expectatipn known seen her involvement;One book municipals seen at GHMC;

27th may post

Unexpected shout at milk guy;Morning posted coverage of WPI  known many things of  a party later shown prints (thanks to sai  cafe guy) to team and  SIO new guys ;Krishaiah called and told about Ganga Jatara and contributions etc;;Had 3 more positives from field after joining team madhu said hes leaving this time Scooter yatra continued;;Morning  unexpectedly Ajay came and  gave one monthly magazyne and i deputed him for round stamp;NRN did phone followup of all calls but failed;Morning felt very busy;

Another new areas of income known thanks to team again;Scooter started miss behaving again;Read info about WPI known about political parties in india Jaimaite-islami and SIO;Met  one hotel near laki di ka pool;Met calls at ranigunj and had one positive; Cash levels have further gone down; rejected when Gta tried to tell news about owners;Siasat ranking known;emailed the coverage to Sadidk,and another;

Positives count has further gone up;Some what cool day;
DTP guys email took:;madhus help of cash finally; enjoyed padutha teeyagaa;Ajays home seen;
throught the day had butter milk;

SUNDAY, MAY 26, 2013

Sunday 26th may

see what happens after drink;

Look at this cats sleep Vinyasam?
Too lazy one sleeping on same plate milk

fashionalble sleep isnt it?
Above picture is my wife GTa; lot of pleasantaries had at home gta said  that write up of Fish curry so theres good involvement; She said blog could be more discriptive with emtion;

This  Small cat after  drinking milk in our house  sleeping on the same plate  such a lazy one;
Morning tiffen was very late so i felt falling in coma so care in having Break fast need to be planned;

Quickly scanned 4 dailies; later t id tubesandvales closed;
tweeted;seen that Sneha my neibourhood family is vacating home in hot summer; That canadian girl dint respond to my proposal; Edited the blog content and title  again; Call received from Syam 11 th day is cerimony ;Nrn also called; In Rx as i thought Ex ching mai won;

Did small shopping surprised to see that Tomotos are priced at Rs 60/- per KG; Purchased Vijaya cottage tomato pickle; 2 pockets of Curd;
Seen trackeagles blog; sound tracking; managed to get Rx record book later attended welfare party meeting;

from sundays dailies listed few important brands; they are:
2.vijay textiles
3.bantia furniture
5.U S polo;

Slept in afternoon for some time;

tommorows plan;
27th may major goals;
planning hour must go for another 10 sittings;
FP;ie future planning;(team making)
***Content preparation; for sovenir;
Top brands selection work ;emails or personal letters must go to them;;Team making plans;
Application form printing;
Tickets reservation work to  kadapa;

Ph calls;
Incoming calls to face;?
followups to do;
1.srigayathri;phone call;
3,town planning (kapra;)
4.marriage (CTO)
5.Nalanada; phone?
6.narayana over phone;
(printing tasks;
color leaflet; memebrship form)
tweets plan???

SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2013

25th may 2013 post

Unexpected power cut in morning so i came out  had long interaction with neibourR.K.Eenadu coverage says around 300 people are died in state due to sun stroke and one adverticement from government also seen as precautions to beat heat.Story about roger federers twitter account; and followers was very interesting one.

Shocked to see net connection was not connected tried many times and  so  content  for sovenir work dint progress; Later 2 pics of photo journalism of boys death due to heat and birds pic of the THE Hindu cuttings saved; morning pics of sleeping pilli(small cat);

Inspired  DTP guys;seen ID cards of some firms;some funny names;At Bank  after cash disbusements met manager and known formalities needed to open a account for pen media forum;and application form took; paid net bill reached  press  At press memebership form work initiated;Poor levels of cash levels so skipped RX Malakpet; Nrn says he can arrange Voter card;

Madhu remembered the CTOs address;Ok;then to One new political party interview took;
with the help of  Team been to a new Political party they gave lemon Chai there intervied secretary ;

Welfare party of India president
secretary welfare party of India
Interview with State general secretary

Party members 

Had had  lot of intereraction at home;seen rx records at night missed to received Satish and Syams calls; Shakeel was more close and expressed his views about few things;Final phase of days ended with top up work of cell phones;gtas help in bringing Curd and cell top up;

Thanks Bhawarlal also called from Mumbai;


24th may;

Morning Mama called had chat with Akka too exchanged few pleasantaries activated both;Durga from kadapa also called activated her known few things about her sisters etc;Morning read history of media and gained trmoundous knowledge  and confidence thanks to Wikipedia and net TOI,Media History;Tweeted 2 big issues ;Crossed neibour hood lady in walking  had mummys wish;Old man washerman not responsive but his wife wished; issue; more wishing of DTP work; asked shakeel about DTP,seen his sons pic on cell phone ;Bhanu  DTP guy at balaji?

One boy died due to heat appeared on Eenadu;More close understanding with pan walla;Team joined  and completed tasks of New letter pad cum broture and Bill books and Visiting cards; Very late to field work but got 3 bhonis and 3 commitments;plus 4 references;By night NRN has confessed about the things indifferences;
Night Kamalakar called;Good news is cheque got cleared;

Small cats have continued to roam and muse around in home;

25 th may tasks;

cheque transfer and disbursements; work

Membership form work to begin;

Gtas involvement to day?

FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2013

100 people who shaped india

Ramnath Goenka (1904–1991) was an Indian newspaper publisher. He launched The Indian Express and created the Indian Express Group with various English and regional language publications. In 2000, India Today magazine, named him amongst their list of"100 People Who Shaped India

24 th Friday planning! and record;

Thank god again got up early; tried to cajole  cats shouts have continued;May be for milk;Heat continued;There was no cool water poor planning seen;
Planning of major tasks for the day;

Cntent;Content and Content preparation;
Future Planning 10 sittings;
Printing material work; with team;
Rx book;
How to prepapre a broture;
Give tasks to Gta;
Read that  Blog;

THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2013


In morning there were big shouts in near by home triggered tention;So many things have been exchanged during meetup with Madhu and NRN; Again wonderful day because got up very early and started to activate the days proceedings in a fashonable manner; Called Ajay;Syam;Gandhi;Kishore; again had response from canada girl;Ohh yes i tweeted 2 important tweets for the day;In morning some images have been selected;
important words for the day;madhus 1 crore brand value;Gandhis silent listening;Syams involvement;sweets and my content to team;Old DC got it;Book can on desk; Go to libraries for more content;Called Chinna she called back we had plesant chat nice feed back; bouncer from monish;

Again Syam and discussed about venkatesh death;Morning edited mailer again added some more important content took prints then shown to Team; there were cool water in Drug office premises; again car engaged then this time  after a cracker  new avenue identified;GHMC; Thanks to GTA she gave tiffen of Idlis;
Driver was clumsy this time; back home GTa continued her invilvement sent cheque enquired about assciation; Some irritations of the day are they were seen busy in chating them selves cell phone talk;
During the work failed to give right price list; continued to note some shop listings;
Gtas objections continued but she brought some crispy pappu chekkaluu; gtas request was ver funny; still to improve understandings;
After reaching home suffered with back pain with this effect retired totally;tried for economic times but in vain; Narsing came and gone;

Entrusted the cheque dropping work to GTA;


22-5-13 days record;

Day began very early got up at 4 a;m or so had cool water;after repeated requests Gta prepared chai; mailed that t id request to that girl; by night had a positive reply yeah..met Kiaan  while going to sadgun and called Kishore from there and told him treasurer; morning shouted at OLD  lady beggar for shaking of curtain GTA supported it; Called Suneetha;Chinna; gave kapada for pressing;

Pan wala surprisingly tried to help me in getting that DC special issue of may 18th;
retrieved yesterday blog coverage at The hindu and read it too very interesting;

To see as how the day will proceed; Syam called and told about Venkatesh who introduced me to Internet death news but iam not shaked this time as it was expected one;  this time  later problem erupted at home again but i kept my cool this time i dont know how it erupted;

chengaiah called without notice but rejected him at night; Old man came with Car but as no a?c he skipped dropping us on the road it was very hot day discussions continued at Drug office talks about conducting Medical Camps etc; Few of important tasks completed at sadgun posted Certificate to blog  took prints of blog etc; 1 hour spent; canda girl said yes for t id; blog title changed i want to write specific of life from now;

Few things developed for the day;penmedia forum blog is ready now;
achieved may 2013 blog prints;
Again Chips failure at same place at ashok nagar;
Wished mess guy at lak-di-ka pool surprising move;
Ten suggestions at yahoo read; future planning needed;
Mission statement prints took;
emailed to lavanya id; seen web site of srigayathri; emailer got bounced back;
some gift to GTA by owners sons wife very close??
Payal ka jhankaar;gajjela ghal ghal by a hostel girl;
madhus support for my family problem wasgood one!
New thing known from sadgun guy color lamination etc;
Prime Targets;for the day;

1.kukatpalli;guy;>> followup did;>>>New turn took with Madhu;
2.Global>>> Team achieved it;
3.Rushi;further 2 more days;
5.block id;
6.Phone calls to ppl; OK;
7.Daram :failed;

TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2013

21st may post! tuesday!

Gta gifted one water Bottle recently;

 New Fan at my home;

Sleepless overnight  in my dreams felt that  book is  completed;Aafter getting up started to use over night paduthaa teeyaga technique  of nice voice started with Chenna Reddy ; scanned 4 dailies;2  small cats menace continued after opening door they try to enter despite what ever resistance;
Called NRN,Gandhi he gave some suggestions,Ajay long chat he assured me with promise; Called Satish;

Good number of twi ids can be used for development from now;(this is flash);kukatpally guys commitment got further strengthened;

Tention  continued as stagnation prevailed as things are not moving;Joined work with team; On the way seen one nice ad of jeweller whaich says good words about marriage;no car yatra due to non availability of Cabs; recd penmedia certificate finally so the tention is releived; global commitment got thanks to initiation by team;lot of discussions  made with team under the hot Sun;Drama continued;
During the field work met one guy and there was a meeting hungama at Drug office; I took the initiative of calling one reddy but he said he is in Jharkhand;

Xerox of certificate recd; sour Curd had at lunch;
Lot of halchal of governmnt vehicles on roads at panjagutta;; ads in IPL;
I tried to entertain team with my mimicry skills;
By evening got further more depressed  after checking poor levels of cash at bank;

There were 2 new cats of recent birth powerless to move their muscles but they try to enter my home;
near aria at fortune Khatria noted;old post;yesterdaY seen lot of phone numbers of govt offices in JD;
days flash;where hitech companies are getting listed which stock exchange;
yesterdays abhinayam used it; Durga called from Kadapa;
Night Narsing rao came home and was silent and said 3 people are vacating house;
As tired unable to watch TV retired but CSK were batting well as slept off;
Gta tried to stop me when i tried to go out brought home Tea powder;
Pending PIcs posted;

MONDAY, MAY 20, 2013

20th May 2013 post;monday;

Surprisingly Rx jana called; Madhu joined again so car yatra continued his involvement in calling srigayathri,global was good seen his latest issue;; Morning quickly scanned last season hyderbad and Bangaore results;Razor purchased so  had shave; Baig still delaying assn work;
This time i arranged Car driver was good new car Etois;
Deputed GTA to get Insulin needles and pay landline Bill; again attended sadgun after 6 days gap;
horrible silence at home after my work
ONE strong commitment failed at field;Missed one fall at narayana; took email details of  lavanaya;
 Opp deepa gave chai masala;

Lot of things are getting stagnated plus head ache at home is annoying me;
in last 2 days most of rx recent results scanned;
sadgun guy asked  for not coming for marriage; few more entries posted from sadgun during 1 hour work;
Very crispy potato chips;
Finally Dharmana,sabita are resigned;
Received Jaminryot and scanned it;

santakam,vittanam;magugu doddi; digubadi;purugu,nanyam dhara,nipunudu,nirnayam,manthanam,gaduvu,samukata,saramsam,udyamam,abhiprayam,samajika nyayam,badugu,balaheena,yuvata,pampini,pettubadi,palana,vastavam,samarpana,samaptam,santakam,(28) rudrama devi,orugallu,pratibha,vayuvu,vancha,tadava,gadda,athidi,gayakudu,gauraram,chelimi,gajja,chindu,kavitvam,sahityam,panditudu,prayojanam,hrudayam,hamsa,puraskaram,karatalam,dhani,chanuvu,podiche,

SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2013

19th may 2013 sunday;

Scanned 4 dailies listed ads of yesterday; small mice head ache;Rx attended Bangalore summer record  book originalvel color one this time purchased; called NRN;some future plannings did; PAID 2 K to narsing;Eggs fish arranged to home;perugu; quickly scanned last bangalore summer data;Review of trackeagle  about new 3 olds seen;ITs quite waste to attend RX without sufficient cash levels;

GTa had chat with Durga good one interative ; Gave cash for rice;some entries posted at night;

SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2013

16-5-13,17th,18th may

C Y continued;tried to attend marriage;Rx jana called;
met Anand Rao;DRR;srigaya;kalyan chakra;all failed;

some what cool day;
byke ytra;called srinivas;bouncer at DRR; suraram saved; afternoon heavy dosage spoiled rest at NRN
water works 2 weeks; pharma company;
Disagreement with GTA for Rajesh story?? her vadina birth day;Called Apro;Durga;

Morning came back to home by scooter after a set back at NRNs home;Surprisingly hot day  unbearable heat early to field work had mosambi juice; GTa massage GTA helped in keeping key pad; had very light tiffen; had butter milk; Gave money to gta  get water to home; 2 times gta called while i was at work; call recd from R K opticals tirupati;

After first bouncer continued work later retired at NRN home suffered with no power; evening call had hope; Skipped bangalore RX;managed to buy sundays RX book;New Key board purchaed and posted; again new arial exposure had;watchmans long wait?; Baig said work is done;Gave commitment to Narsing;

there were lot of ads in eenadu; seen one special issue on Deccan chronicle;

tried GVK; took ph numbers;


NRN joined back; 2 followups did; 60 new addresses listed out; gave left over money to Baig; 11,12th may news papers retrieved missed DC; Had beer at crystal bar; seen telugu cover page; car yartra continued;ZRYOT Raktha Thilakam recd and scanned them; mama called;

TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013


Some kind of uneasy at home; Ajay joined again;Gandhi met had his suggestions;SANMANAM is the keyword dramatics;model ads; after one breakthough go for team; called akka;NRN;posted pending blogs; Met Kiran had his support; Called that company; Pending blogs posted from Sadgun;

 Surprise of the day is Saveer met had his suggestions; had mango; continued to post few more entries;JD verified listings; scotter had good pick up now tested with Saveer drop;
2 calls did with ajay;swetha saree;ration shop

12- 5- 2013

Mothers day called mother;bujji bawa;Sunitha;160 ads identified in 2 days;not used net at home;called Chalapathi;Called Gandhi;Seen IPL mathes at home;cash crunch at night;


To grab 1 lakh entries from A.P has emerged;Ajay joined work;GTA arranged another id prooff;Association work gave to one person; Letter edited again thanks to Kishore; Hyper hunger at after noon; money is going out of hands faster;

11th may post

During the hair cutting wait seen good article in filamfare magazyne 100 years of cinemas;Kishore gave ID proof;Appointments dairy opened;Problem at home;Few more entries posted from home;No field work;Looks like RX in next season must fetch for me;there are 610 districts in india;kadiyam srihari news;Met arving store ay chikkadpally;days word for twitter key pad head ache began at home;

SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2013

10th may post

Called ajay hes activated  with him to NRN s home on the way activated sros and Balanagar DW;
Called kishore; When called NRN he invited to his home took his photo and ID; Cash with drawn and gave to GTA for electric bill also asked her to drop cheque;

Gave scooter for repair;
news of
night problem erupted at home;computer keys problem;

THURSDAY, MAY 09, 2013

whats in for tommorow;10-5-2013

call NRN;
pay photon;

GTAS contribution?? to plan;
call more ppl;

9-5- 2013 Thursday

1.Managed to get up bit early its not  all that easy anyway managed it thats how the day started; 2.GTA wont wakeup sleeps  so head ache starts but waited coolly instead of shouting;Time is flying i need to catch up i mean planning for the day and achive few important tasks;Discussions with 3.GTA  had and  suggestion on selection of name had relief; 4.Election results of Karnataka read Vote is powerful;5.Tweeted later; 6.quickly scanned 2 dailies; 7.Seen Care taken by Coffee maker poor coffee of helper; 8.Land phone kept for  charging ;9.GTa was seen busy in procuring water; 10.Known the meaning of Forum from Wikepedia;

11.****One good hunch for me is RX is every thing for me to plan braving act next summer; 12.summer starts from next satday yoyo!
13.New araial exposure had anyway; at charla palli; etc;gas companies;

14.***Owner aunty gave shock with rent hike starts from jan 1st 2014;
15.after joining NRN and one call; then decided to go that company by auto on the way written 60 plus entries auto walla was too good; submitted proposal asked for NRN id proof;

16.1 hour stint at sadgun cities content posted;

Days calls Flash:how many people i keep in touch from now to analyse;
17.1.durga ...Nuvvulu;prhlads sons marriage details known
19.3.seenaiah:kamal connected;
24.8.rama chandra;
25.Rajesh parked his byke later removed with GTA initiation;

26.owner aunty gave some hints abt her  dauter in law;

27.Shouts of galli fruits vendor have continued;Called Chengaiah;Heat unbearable even in the morning;

28.4450 blogs posts completed at vilekhari;
29;NRN is leaving??
30 usage of rajni gandha provoked dental pain again;
31,heavy heat;

8th may 2013

Expected things 2  became bouncers; some miss understandings too evoked mixed response so came back home early and retired; few other failures too for the day; refils;photon payment; That vijaya butter milk was too good; Thanks indulgence is reduced;At home GTA made fan issue;

Marriage news of Parmesh; and cool drink; WOW 2 hours work at Sadgun Cafe; managed to post Dubai content and few more editings also did on the way discussed association issue with Kiarn;Unexpectedly Chengaih joined at night gave photo;Print of mission statement also took;

Possible rupture was owners daughter was seen sitting with GTA annoyed me much for not noticing me;


7th may 2013 post

Thanks to Google maps again Cherla palli seen on maps;Address found;Morning did some work to prepare Mission satement for MWJF nice web sites and prepared nice content;Leter joined NRN he reached well in advance after a brief wait work got done;Called charla palli guy;Heat has torched again forced to take rest at same place;

Took the help of GTA to transfer cheque after a brief hick its got done so had quick settlements;later completed buying Fan and fixing it at second room it was long cherished dream;party time so gave ice cream treat to galli girls receprocation noted;

Discussion with Electrician and vijay cottage guy;Rx old man seems died huge crowd of ladies seen; Triple indulgence couldnt be stopped?

MONDAY, MAY 06, 2013

6th May 2013 post monday

Unbearable heat in the morning work took shelter anyway;New letter head on hand  with new content vesiting cards are also ready (thanks to Kiran )by night so stage is  more poised now  ; Tehalka magzyne; Had to wait for new letter pad;New Zaminryot issue recd read it;Morning before going to field work read some pages of Telugu velugu.

@ work 1 followup did had hope for wed day;One reference had to followup again;one bouncer;one commitment for wed day;Some kind of un easy after having food;

Loaded few more entries from Sadgun paid pending dues  these are 2  good things;head on collution with GTA but had her services; Gandhi called;Money going out of hands like anything but good things developed; Chris Gayle batting seen again; padutha teeyagaa enjoyed;

Good night wish by rina mom wow;

6th May 2013 post monday!

GTas lazy to wake up kills my enthusiasm yet managed it;Unexpected things are quite common in life;Got up bit earliar than usual days; One SMS received from Dhana and thats very interesting one(@ best secrets to keep relationships strong when u are wong admit it;when wright keep quiet quickly admitted some fault of me with GTA.

Again did some changes in layout of blog; Posted yesterdays story; Quickly scanned 2 dailies; Planned the day;Time is running out very quickly;Quickly scanned Telugu Velugu; read article of Ravuri Bharadwaza author of  pakudu Rallu;

As usual net at home is horribly slow yeat continued the work; one hopeful is reply  got from one lady asking about one T handle replied her;

5th may sundays post

This time scanned 3 dailies;One article on Eenadu sunday issue  has covered  article about social media very intesredting;Throught the day there were power cuts had to suffer with sweating and heat; Drinking water has reached to danger levels at home; Sneha became friendly but disturbance also noted; written all Car yatra entries at one place later posted few of them to blog; As my income levels are increasing so expectation at home;Entire day spent at home discussing things with GTA; By night long call of gta was annoying;

After long effort and gtas suggestion completed the work of fresh mailer; Managed to post 40 plus entries to blog;

Chinna called from Bellari;Process of preparation of fish pulusu known from NRN known; Pelli chupulu of Rajesh and galli old woman and GTa were in demand; Narsing Rao requested for some cash asking a bribe;
Neibour hood old womans sickness and 108 van on the galli; enjoyed IPL match but missed CSK match;

muttu kunte kandi poye bomma malli siggu ga vachindi(keerthana) vedeos and pictures seen; rejection annoying; By night Telugu velugu purchased;Surprised to one torn note of ATM withdrawn money;

Some excersise on future planning did;

SUNDAY, MAY 05, 2013

sunday 5th may post

Day began early this time shopping of fish and Prawn done by and GTA;quickly scanned 3 dailies then yesterdays blog posted; Heavy discomfot due to heat so had shower;GTA is in demand for neibours request;good article on social media read in Eenadu;

4th may 2013 saturday

Heavy insecurity over night;Nrn quickly joined and quickly settled amounts this is big responsibility; cheque dropped known immediate transfer of funds  from current account to savings later submitted Adhhar card rquest form and Debit card request to SBI; Later did 2 calls sun was very hot summer  seen some good new arias then retired sudigali some ones death rally and heavy pollution large barren land;Heavy traffic seen on the way; Located  NRI anyway;While returning suffered with  heavy hunger pangs; narial pany too costly;

Good work did on kukatpally maps retrived almost 70 plus locations; triple indulgence and found return journey too boring and suffocating enjoyed cool mineral water on return from secunderabad; Had crispy Boondi of Vijaya Cottage seen win of SRH;Heavy sweting during the night;

FRIDAY, MAY 03, 2013


days;major moves; Very hot day but work continued with NRN;VZG payment got transfered; vamsiram relators payment got t;4 th success pharma payment also recd;5th is Gta came back;

Morning seen details souvenir on net; also recd retiring guys cheque;

100 yeras of movie coverage;
slept off later;gta joined;
 souvenir preparation;
token of remembrance
 document specific events and places for future reference.
folk art, handicrafts, and antiques, and non-commercial items such as natural objects, and anything else that a person attaches nostalgic value to and collects among his personal belongings;
historical events, culture, and entertainment. Such items include clothing, game equipment, publicity photographs, posters, entertainment-relatedmerchandisemovie memorabilia, and pins amongst other, often-licensed, items that are usually kept in  shared with co-workers

THURSDAY, MAY 02, 2013

2-5-1013 my blog title changed;

Seen  500 alexa ranking  web sites of india and world again  at home;yesterdays scorching sun effect seen clearly on my body had some trouble with tongue;Morning suffered with hunger pangs had 2 quick dosa thanks to gta  its safe always to have some stuff at home to avoid "diabetic coma" why was it?.Morning continued few more listings work from home but net was too slow to do speedy posting work.Dropped the cheque for collection;Morning Alexa stats analysed  had discussion with GTA by night took income statistics of adsence from 2004;

Not a very hot day. work continued with NRN one commitment hadfor next tuesday trouble at Narayana  head office with receptionist; Again missed one main call ,Call recd from vzg on aproval of ad this is second good sign for the dayl;Reduced insulin at morning so had less hunger pangs at after noon; Madhu left from hyd;Morning got up very late but later gta left to receive her uncle???; Calls from NRN Kamal and Satyam received;Blo template restructured again removed few things from it;

Thanks to Tea vendor we could find Aditya constructions office dis 2 more good calls positive homeopathy and realtor;
Throught the day back pain triggered insecurity  of death signals ...added to it GTa left .... poor cash levels on hand and insecurity;

Finally decided to change the logo of the blog by night changed it after many trials result to be watched from now; seen adsense analylics found very interesting results; I go sadgun net cafe regularly at ashok nagar for my net surfing finally that guy gave me credit as i was having poor cash levls on purse regularity counts;

other things of the day;

Chennai super kings  unbeatable;(jayabheri)7 th win; narendra Modi speech too good;
swran jith died; a major issue?
charchalu phinchayi;
vijai sai reddy; suresh raina;


1st may 2013

Very hot day in deed "car yatra" 4 th day successful;Morning loading work continued from home  brought onions were too small was complaint;may day sri medha guy was not available  bigger shops were also closed there were some rallies; My web search made the day;Long wait at builders place fetched suffered a lot to find it; morning seen alexa india ranks felt very confident after this excercise; Madhu alerted my lunch thanks; to findout Noting the entries work continued;Email sent to kusuma again took copy from sai from near by cafe;

Felt tiresome after work;
what is happening to my insulin dosage? heavy hunger even after 8 idli intake;droplets of water leakage from new bottle  to be taken care next time;
One reference got from NRI again arial grip later called and took appointment for 4 th;
Followup with srinivas global placements dint fetch anything;
Night work at sadgun continued alexa top 500 ranks;
Raju met near wine shop;rs 20/- dakshina;
KKR match watched from home;

madhu is going back was sudden news for the day;??

again help of parmesh prema at sadgun noted for printing;
Gta helped in dropping cheque;

During the long wait at builder seen "MESSAGE" booklet and seen big builders on a magazine;
What if i can release a color booklet this idea has fast emerging;