Friday, December 31, 2010

my contacts in year 2010

my contacts in year 2010
17.sai prasanna
28.arava babau.
32.lic sudha
34.vasu kadapa.
37.ramana kadapa.
44.bramha reddy.
55.mallikarjun reddy.
56.sreedhar signin.
59.rx jana

3.cell phone usage papers.
9.rx palnning

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December 2010

31 December 2010

Last day of the year! entire year analysed;most focussed year;

Morning google ads calls must have been distrubed due to cell phone swith off;hunger trigger at night managed it by eating;lot of discomfort at morning for that right leg; Gtas complaint about no replys to her messages; kolkata card seems to be good;msgs sent to many of the friends by way2 and good response had from maren; satya; Ajay called; calls have continued for google ads; felt very much busy entire morning session; hunger levels triggered but had sweet at office; had phexin second dose;
removed entire details from vdk; that lady called again for google ad; ajay called and told abt failure; brought cloth 2 home;uneasy ribs; ajay bag visit to field and pks threat;Redlabel; someones rish at office and daring; someone called and asked as if its google;

30th December 2010

Swathi and calender 2011 took with magazyne; scanned 3 papers; took settlements from ajay he looked disturbed totally gave him visiting cards and press card;gta msgs have continued; took phexin; google calls continued; managed blog and tweets; odds checked;followp for tata refund did; email msg sent to 2 persons;
Afternoon session situation slowly has gone out of my hands;first being drinks and to rx musheerabad costly auto;finally broken record of losing had a winning ticket but soon that is evoporated; new point is who is next false fav;met 2 persons at office Suresh cell 9618133337 ( R o systems); met reddy at rx;lost total control of msgs from gta by night; leaving cell phone to that girl was a big mistake;managed to post data of 4 cards;bulk sms idea is fast emerging ;missed allowances;night bang book and kolkata book took;missed dinner; long sleep at evening and discomfort?

29th december post

again had to suffer early wake up; eenadu add published and good response till after noon had;gta msgs have continued more agressive by evening;;gave printouts to ajay; took xerox copies;SRNs guidance had to tell google maps youtube and sticker; finally identity cards work with laminations over but had to suffer long time for lamination;tata net connection failed again; Lunch with GTA and and Pan to her; new pen by shiva; edited blog again; gripping head pain and back pain have further triggered; landlines problem; for some time net connection problem at office;
Chinni met and expectation;
new thing is pain in right leg? few more prints took;
nellore d w address retrived;

28th december post

Lifes most deepest feelings are often expressed in silence and one who can read them is true friend good morning!
Days major failures is ajay no collections and hick up at office; lot of disturbance due to ajay joing me;
Afetr 2pm no sleep so felt tiredsome at morning; 5 news papers scanned; new flash for the day is if i can close 200^500 1 lakh is possible;

Very chilling atmosphere;Ok Data typing work completed at office with the help of srns net and laxmis scanning help but i need to quickly learn scanning.blogs posted and managed tweets; asked for ads and aproved ads for 3 days(29,30,31st) result need to be watched for that google ads idea; sattis presence again; called social media enquiry;
failed shave;uw;
what are the tention levels for srn and others and politics?
statz were kajal 19505;alexa 212723;s2e; crossed 1 lakh visits;

my address is SRT 347 followup of tata guy did; green dress effect noted;There can be good developments when i get net connection at home;Recd Dr Utthama new year msgs recd; Jana responded;followup of syam also did; Complimented padmaja;
When 2 activate my dream plans unable to decide; pain is increasing day by day;
as a result of no invitation to lunch got irritated and gone to drinks and followed by rest at room.Evening came to ffice and got low allowance; there was pressure to do MOU with address by SRN so dis it;furthter consolidated imp ppl file; jana has responded with new pwds;
seenaiah connected bramha reddy again 9177242101;night unbearable boredom but full stomach food has saved energy levels till morning;

27th december post

Remained at office till evening and got funding for room tata internet; gprs for gopal phone activated; organised blog further; problem with PRK,Padma; planet3c new id;new guy satish cell 9014261586; morning took printouts at office;got up very late;Gta request of going 2 movie kept aside; managed to email photo from 3 g cell; girl told abt dot symbol in cell; had lunch funding; hickup at morning from PRK regd news transfer; few more pics kept at blog;Edited entries again; file of Ajay was good to see; yesterdays Polish Patriot s win; cell ph cover was too costly;
further more consolidated imp ppl file;

Good successs story emerged out of Ajay now to accelerate; reduced intake; morning few things purchased; by night no cash on hands;

Replys had from GTA,cheng,Ramoji;bhawar;hemanths call;chalapathis call; nanubala satish data and ramakrishna aradhyula;
new idea is prakash a meterial for blog entries for 2 districts; lekhari matter is fast emerging on mind; to plan and check as what will really happen to odds on favrites?; Not to post duplicate content from now; Cunning attitude;

A long chat with ajay at morning; at TV rahasyam event at tv9 and narrators voice effect seen;after noon to rx but failure again but new point is to cover nearest ones at longer odds;msgs from gta have continued but unable to give replys to get and related tention bagan; at rx prasad penciler cell number 9391302747 took and also met guy from chennai;morning SRN came to room and had discussions;auto fares are unbearable;night sleep disturbances need to be faced;

Mor data tying work continued at office gave naveen pics to scan; Sudden call from dhanraj and attended his moms death rally met satiash and raju huge crowd seen; Finally computer assembled at room; bed situation changed; Rajus eyes were swollen and related tention; Sankyos call and gandhis call; disturbace at office witrh padmaja; by evening music also ready at system;more info on gadjects as pen drive virus etc noted;prakash dynamism seen again; afternoon biryani night dinner missed but fruit juice saved;night sunday boioks and water managed to room;

24th dec post;

Morning managed 22 tprints at office;most of the day no net at office time wasted; sent ajay 2 field;msgs contd with gta;SRN feed back abt prk; checked sbi statement transfered 3 k to bank; transfered cstrokes id; papers shortage at office; stats recorded;hyper hunger levels;msg sentt to jana syam;8 days left for december;retrived red hills data; SRN satyam dynamics noted;

Deep concentrated plannings did for rx and future; daring longer odds;seconds; who is working on which horse;slowly gain confidence; next 5 years plan did; last 5 years also analysed;
total benifit for the day calculated to be a massive 16k; finally after long wait computer reached home;through laptop postings are very late; expectation from Gta to be very affectionate; some editings did at imp ppl file; byke assurance also got from SRN; Ajay came very very late by then i was enervated; back pain also continued throught the day; afternoon forced to take rest at room for some time;Srn was very liberal and gave money for table also; night control failed and had more dosage and also gave commitment; energy levels failure for the day was alarming? morning checked sbi statement and transfered carrerstrokes id to that lady; night hick up at room they closed it need to be very careful from now take balus number also;sai called and said abt her job offer; Srn complaint abt Prk?;
receptionist social media enq; ashoks cell;9059032278


23 rd december post

Morning hair cut and color had;night party and discussions had; data typing did by coming early 2 offina followup of Jana syam did; SWOT anlysed; rs 500/- from ajay and 250 at office; kukatpally data also; scan help took from lakshmi; mumbai rults seen;apreciation by laxmi on typing;

morning coverage read about duping scheme and its covered in eenadu,sakshi,the hindu related tention had to be faced in the morning; Akka call recd and gopal gave camera phone and t shirt; heavy hunger levels stats recorded; ajays call; activated aitrel sim; enquired airtel net at call centre; call from Satya recd; afternoon lunch with srn had;msg from geetha recd; syam dint respond?;rx book purchased; had of lot of patience to deal with yadagirigutta d w; Watch cell replaced;where i made money listed;Computer followup did with SRN;
Not much of a acelarated growth today noticed;
After a very long wait Ajay came and gave data and cash his dedication seen; some cash gained today;poor income at office; msgs interaction with GTA continued at night too; ashok came closer;srns promise for computer;imporatnt things file created; calls from yadagirigutta ppl; Rx breeding books brought from sekhars room;; my pic problem ftp not worked; SRN said he is continuing office for some more time; Tried to post data from a cyber cafe but power gone;