Tuesday, November 02, 2021

November 2021

1st Nov 2021;

Big jolt by night of Stock trouble;

Rains havoc continued; Met Sivaram told him to sell vadlu and he gave promising hope for Noogu saagu;

Seen good video about Aranya farming new insighys exposed;

2nd Nov 2021 tuesday

Problem from Hubli doctor.;

Made Ontimitta visit,

Visited Gangamma temple:

Night heated exchange of dialogue by Hubli person;

3rd November 2021; i paid Hubli pending money ; Call from Murali recd; Chinna Appaiah Future Katava issue;

Geethas Birthday; Tention on not getting money from her bro solved;

Sai and Dokkodu annoyed added by Srikanth;

Seen few more videos about agricilture and costly crops; Berries;

4th Nov  Thurday Divali day 2021

Managed morning works; Wishes sent; Nadipodu seen fencing and gave commitment;

Got syringes paid pending  wages;

Slept a lot in afternoon; flowers continued Buddodu and Narsimha: Hiw to sell flowers online idea;

5th nov Friday 2021;:

Mitta gate work completed;  Brought lock and Chain;

Deal fixed with Peddodu:

Fencing maker videos seen;

Lost temper at home; Venkatadri express info known;

6th Nov Saturday 2021:

Read Zaminryot:

7th Nov Sunday 2021

With gta went to Kadapa and Booked tickets and came back; New cell got for wrist watch; Biryani flopped stomach trouble; No  Limca at Narsimha shop:

Came back by Auto and paid rs 150  Dr Mansion house was flop;

8th Nov Monday 2021:;

Nomula Monday;

Balaji came but no use;

Dry day; ladies continued stone removing work from mitta land;

9th Nov Tuesday 2021: 

Big shout on Yenumguddodu despite fencing chorabatu  was unbearable; 

Treat with Sai and funded  peddodu; assurance had from Meesala Subbaiah Sentiment of words;

Told padma son about obstacle Naga subbaiah support had; paid partly to ladies Rs 1000/_.

Unexpected unusual night travel;

Travelled to Hyd by spl Train felt tiresome with baggage weight legs trouble clearly bisible;

10th Nov wed day 2021: 

Reached hyd safe; High charge of Autowallas:  Had Puri at Siddhartha tiffens brought Milk and Curd Coffee  powder: Surprisingly managed to send Adoni Rt machine  had good promising chat with Murali but name missing;

Attended Hyd rx Mysore odds on Fav won new things ex entrance fee  at Hyd rx known   still yards behind game; Very costly affair; eyes vision further got Dim;

Called Eswaraiah mama; Narsimha; Surendra;

Thursday 11th Nov ;2021;

Totally negative day;

Visited Maxi vision hospital got checkup eyes big money needed quickly now for eye operation; Could catchup Rami Reddy; Big  personality in hospital ; Heavy expences incurred for the day;

Wine shop episode;

Called Rt Murali and no positive feedback meanwhile Srikanth called;

Called Bujji and Prabhavathi;

Friday 12th Nov 2021

Good day;

Thanks to Murali sir 7 payouts recd 4 despatched; For the first time i gave advance payment for 5 machines;

Met Kishore Purchased  puran puri and Rx card;

Note book purchased;

Meet Kishore; Future planning,

Call Adoni lady; 

Friday rx card;


Gillette: Hair Color;

Satday 13 Nov  2021

Rami reddy;



13th Nov 2021 Satday;

Trouble with Bhaskar for remival of A/ C ok i paid for removal charges;

For the first time 5 machines despatched lot of numbers saved: Seen parimala kitchen bideos known stats;

Chengamma called and said recd Adhaar cards;

Vision is worsening further to  take quick action; Cant manage without vision even for few seconds?

Ramireddy met at and discussed a lot;

Astoria hotel;

Trouble with  owner Bhaskar due to A/c machine removal  gta managed it;  Trouble at home at night;

At Rx will they try at top weight ? Doosra effect known ; first timers to be very careful; Getting Auto ride is becoming a problem ; Musheerabad Tote hot exposed again;

Poor Punter cant make money;

Younger horses will have edge;

14th Nov  Sunday  2021;

Performed horses seems to be better choice;

Again failed to maintain uniform betting: Not to miss chouce bets at linger odds; Remove myth geldings can win even in first run;

Place and THP not to miss;

New jockey combinations known mistly they try with stable jockey;;

New confidence gained  winning is just few yards nearer;

Evening mobile power trouble;

15th Nov Monday 2021;

Not to get irritated  and how to live without eye sight;

3 Rt soldout for the day;

Seen Ali tho jaalegaa etv show;

Managed to visit Spark hospital opp Gandhi hospital  with Gtas help got checked eye testing;

Seen Rx Hyd results;;

16th Nov 2021;

Throught the day vimitings  suffred yet one machine booked;

17th Nov  weday 2021

Took total rest at home; Recovered somwhat;

18th nov thursday 2021

Had eye suugery at spark hospital;

Missed blood presdure dose;

19th nov fri 2021; 

Totally depressed due to  no sight 

for left eye ; new offer generated from parimala  kitchens unboxing video offer;

20th satday nov;

Spent at home ;

21st nov sun 2021

Had to wait for auto for vety long time; ps chauhan won 4 mounts; Rambusticus low weight win;

Royalstag; curd and Milk brought:

22nd  nov monday 2021

Attended spark hospital; tention to pay rent:

24 wed day nov 2021;

At home rest;

25th nov  thursday 2021: 

Attended Bangalore rx expensive  flopday; return was to was difficult task,

26th nov  friday 2021;

Wholeday at home,

27th Nov sat 2021:

Due to high Blood pressure  eye checkup failed; kamalakar called;

28th Nov sunday 2021: 

Surprising news Bawa had Heart Surgery; Utter flop show in Rx Dasarath singh n lagad,

Mor prawn shopping did this is another upset:

Garam on Sameekhsha;

Called Bujji; positive response from  Prabhavathi son;

29th Nov Monday 2021;

Heavy acidity throught the day:

Met Dr Mohan Rao and also  got checked but missed eye glass;

Incoming calls continued but no bookings;

Recent rs form checked; Ali tho saradaga show seen;

Tanveer called and gave reference of rRealtor;

30th Nov Tuesday 2021;

Transfered 1k to Gta; went to Sopark Hospital; 1 order got; 

Known about Yasangi summer crop;