Sunday, August 31, 2014

august 2014

Got up bit early! new flash If they earn they can spend yes;

Perfectly managed the things for the day; Immetion of ganesh in hussain Sagar with Gta in rain; getting cheque from party who has commited; rx attendance with minium damage plus P trevor new point thrid time same rider; Exposure to drum beats of galli ganesha and dances and hue and CRY; 30 photos of vipul and gtas sister daughter pics; New bondings; Rk met; Chinna called; Days count for new pics is 3; Few redirections also managed; some water id into fold; hststeels;

Steel keyword pointers and 1 id; shown t ids work to gta; known that even twitter can give content;

30th august

No papers; had to buy needles  small paste and tablets from apollo pharmacy; narsing got upset so pressure on gta finally gold loan got aproved in quickr but responsibility has further increased; Small time investment for Pune Rx and this time small amounts;

Few more confirmations had any IE; First run gelding is proved to a flatter again; Smoke pollution from galli due to cooking;

Surprise Satish called up and i called babu (Arava) morning KSV call recd;

At field closed bangle guy had another yes; one more street  identified;; Most of them are steel guys; #3 video shoots; later managed to laod all  them from same cafe; biggest haul for the day is 10 plus t ids; loaded few more data to blog;

Jodie Jee; attended galli Ganesha poja visited few more places took pictures; Children play and songs and few cultural activities seen;

29th august ganesh festival day

read back 6 years blog and surprised to note the pictures of last 2 years gansh at home and almost 90 plus friends pics took; T ids redirection work and data collection work continued;  At Rx new point is 7th straight win for Srinath even at top weight rider and animal bonding dynamics known; Distance travel confirmed again; Some pics of lod Ganesh in streets took with GTa;

Attended galli Ganesh puja and took video;

28th aug 2014

Work managed but did only few calls one vedeo took from field;; Many t ids linked to blog that was the main activity for the day hits to blog improve from this work; Morning lights shops R & D did at home; At Rx fron there were 2 nice pics but failed to make use of them to my advantage;

Another major important work managed at home is segregation of visiting cards on hand;  Identified cards with web sites there few of them only this was a real painful excersize took gtas help too; Big cat in galli was finally caught by catchers; Good rain at night;

krishnalights and aluminium centre t ids into fold; I may need 10 k blog ids;

27th august 2014; whats kouzina;

 Nice samia upma for tiffen at home;By night sms recd and known about cheques clearance so the fiesta; chanda guys came; Lot of knowledge about startups and; Too good rank; Late to field and did average of calls; Managed tweets for the day; Entries to blog continued so the consolidation work; At after noon used the net at home to maximum advantage;

Pintrest is the next to tap; Days ids include relicarnation;kouzina; Some of the t ids redirected to my blog; Nice cover up support at home; Information about metals read on wikipedia;Known about the smart phones;Reduced the dosage but extra pg need to be stopped;

26th august

 why that death dream?? Raju met chai time morning;Days plus pointer After this win;?? to try it out next;

Throught the day tried to improve detailing skills on technology pointer;

Burrp has captured restaurants rank in hyderabad;
Few more  ids into fold at morning ;chepapulusu;kiranaghar;galadapower;jyothiartstudio;dlfcybercity;

Had lot of exchange on carrer and detailing story with GTA to be a good listener; Unbearable hunger pangs at morning;
Morning after gtas drop dropped cheque back at home had request from Narsing; News of rent hyke from jan  disturbed need to search for another house; throught the day R&d did on key words and data consolidation; Due to rain unable to work with full gusto; managed 2 session work; Most the players in e-com industry known; why agarvashi is ranked on top?

Eenadu  article gave details of domain name trade;seen duckeggs site and read about eggs on wikipedia; also read about Aluminium  seen  AE web site;

Et news zamoona and ads on rival sites market cap of online classifieds and searches known; tweeted about gandhi movie and known about cinema industry;

Promising calls on field were carnation;again smart phone helped in field work; took pics and 1 video 13 more new  faces are got introduced;

Aluminium top notch vendors   known Google default search is pointing to bagalore; lost temper on gta at night for  TV news;  Called seenaiah chennamaneni vidya sagars appointment as maharastra governor;

Months expences list shown by GTA at night looked a scarry one;

On the whole jd has more database; point; Those who are introduced are most prone to be converted again;

25 th monday

Morning 10 field calls did; took 1 video; almost 2 lakh listings can be tapped; Data continued to write; paid electric bill and land bill;


Sunday 24 th august; intimate tips;

Spent nice time at home in morning;Monday planned; Arranged few things;  Coloring of moustaches by gta;
To speed up the things now bit faster; Syams call recd; Wrost trouble at night;

23 rd august

had a pleasant temple visit and Pulihora ; Scanned 3 dailies; seen odds; again analysed powers on hand andrecent developments;
20th  after survey day markets are troubled with no sales;
Power cut during the work is annoying yet did 10 plus calls; hat purchased;Cyber cafe failed to load movies;  Collected returned cheque from bank; Met Kiran; Gta activated 3 g again;

evening 1 cheque collected; Trouble of overnite sleep told; Checked missed chances on rx; One new lane identified;  who have invested in e come ventures;

21st; thursday;

To suraram and moosapaet has fetched; Night trouble at gta office;

22 nd august;
Check bouncer irksome;
To Rajendranagar after small followups; 2 rx books;activated dual sim Tata photon;

19th August

Market is seen total bundh look; Yet managed 2 papers; Updated pending things; few more things about Smart phine learnt by Gta; But bitter comments abt drink had to be faced blatantly;

18th monday august;

Had 2 closings thats nice after 15 calls; B is seen again;
At field work 2 more movies into fold agaian;

Morning had nice time in mssg; tooless tiffen; hunger pangs later had to be faced;

3.raj k; No;
5.chen st;...a survey;
6.2000 paint stores;
7. Musa pet;
8.balanagar; sro;
9; sbi lot of wastage;
10. maha  lakshmi;

17th August; Sundays post;

Managaed sundays boredom; No balancing act agaian at Rx; dasarath singh; there were 4 winners on hand but missed all of them;
arunastudiobkp on hand;
Unable to work in field but managed to load movies from cafe; Setback continued at Rx; Night another big jolt one of the cheque  Some ids added;

12,13,14,15 th aug posts

12th aug; tuesday;

 Worked in field 25 data collection;Energy failure issue;1 closing;Few more Blog ids;Prepartion  for relation arrival; Morning Hindi dialogues at home; Ac guys closure;

13 th aug; wed day; Work did but no closings had 2 positives;

14 th;  Thursday;aug;  Heavy pressure on going to marraige and finding places; Met balaji all other relatives; attended marriage took pics on Mobile; More dynamics this time;

15 th aug; Friday;
poor plannin again for doasage protocals; anyway managed the day; Rest was not enough;

Morning managed to read 3 paers and saved few names; At Rx jhalak again due to poor planning thoughthere were nice things but they miised; By night ralatives left; Morning heated arguments;

11 th august monday;

Anything must be in huge is the story and 5 years long planning needed;
Work managed at field 12 calls; loaded 2 videos; 2 success stories; jilebi file created finally; days quota managed; 3 g; voice search;

Byke infront of home disturbance;Long chat at home and analysys;paper vendor  more close;Power bill high?

10th Aust sunday; marriage; pit falls are many;

Throught the day had exposure to Smart phone;

Attended marrige met people there trouble in coming back; cell phone options known; KSV called later met; Hint had from Rx but flop story continued; night trouble at home again; one video loaded from cafe with trouble some slow;

Needles, camera cells; new dress on;  Fallen in trap in compund;  to be very very careful;


9th august saturday post;

 Had Temple Visit later tiffen  with Gta at Swathi restaurant basheerbagh; white pant damage still success;  Took 4 ; Decided to buy Smartphone; Poonawala breeders Million run mount was available at evens but missed it after this total confusion; problem at cafe to load videos;

Had feeb ack from kondal rao about Talasani srinivas Yadav shifting to TRS; Now i can expect  faster growth; Temting kora mithai had to be tasted;

Smiley version arriaved but failed many times; new armoury by night with smart phone on hand now over excitement of gta need to checked again;
 Had hair cut and color due to pressure at home; bad tiffen puri near Gtas office; Late to field did only 3 calls and had 1 closing; later at Rx owners engagement point noted;  3rd floor exposure; Morning Gtas initiation for smart phone noted;

met owner aunty and had pleasantaries; Still money crunch on hand;

7th August post

Morning E t gave very useful information about lot of  Startups sangetha mobiles expansion plans read; Eenadu gave info about Google drive;  Had tough time in dropping cheque; later purchased Wow hyderabad and telugu Velugu; New info about battery cells known later shown camera to repairer known shutter problems; Managed days expenses anyhow; At Rx utter flukes but a small solace and sires double happend; One good favrite missed; During the field work seen the clarity of prints of cafe to take milage from this point;

In a quick way managed 1 hour field work and got good response; 3 new videos later managed to post them from cafe; lost temper while on dasage on road and at cafe;

Night shopping spree this time first spects later dresses armoury improved verywell now; Final lap of the day tried to post entries to ggl maps but slownet hampered the progress on the other hand final episofe sentiments of MEK exposed;

sunday 3 rd july 4th monday;


Still more followup needed to read lot in rx; Horrible  stomack pain continued  and body pains and weakness;Thanks to Roshan medical hall guy  pain releived somehow; Wholeday rest at home;Unbale to to do anything bed rest; frindship day wishes from Syam; Seen maryada ramanna and m e k show; poor food intake;

No Rx No dosage; call from kishore;

Monday 4th August;

3 papers scan in morning snapdeal news known;  as health  recovered bit as usual did field work did 10 calls and felt tiresome;   at second session net from cafe youtube videos acces got back  so Audio kept to 30 videos; Some prints took from cafe loaded some pics to google maps; camera dint function at field work? met kiran at evening; ugly seen at morning by neibours discussed at home night;

managed Insulin purchase and dress press;

1st august; friday post;

Good  articles about e commerce in ET enjoyed reading them long run funding needed; Agaian problem at home has erupted; Posted yestrdays blog; krunchynutz took  into fold; fash point;those who already have web sites are much likely to enter Social Media front;

Enquired about narender with neibour; Lot of startups are coming;