Friday, October 19, 2012

Best chances missed in Rx

Best chances missed in Rx Year wise;
8 wins of war hammer in 2020;

2009 set alight wins
Long layoff run failures to note; in the spot light;
Chaitanya Rathamam 1985 calss 1 failure;
65 kg failures Golden treasure;
Not to miss jockey at 50 kg mark Trevor;
mystical and adler all wins 20 wins;
C. rajendra first run Banglore win then pune  second run win of  Phenomenale;
M Nareddu venky Flaming star;
Bonzer wins;
Exclusive virtue wins;
My eat of place rs 5000
Santorini Star, Amamzing bay
Whooper beating chaitanya chakram;
sunburst 20 to one;
Track blazar;
P shroff  fav queen to conquer;
forest f
oxide win at madras;
Rhet bhutler good track win;
Good word 9 lenghs win
Black pearl first win odds;

Costa brava trevor win against successor;
Missed exclusive Northwind; hatrick;
Great second run wins after failing as favrites;

Menorah pune distance win;

Shivansh paddok looks; 50 kg marker win;
With Chalapathi best Milers win Ranthambore;
Eastern star stinath Hattrick;
Pune ex riyasat ps chouhan;
Desparado with   3 wins arshad alam
Claassapart pune antia win;
Amaging Grace trevor all starts;
Knotty Ash first win  10 lengh c john
pesi shroff charenzachios win;
B prakash Sarvesh  win;
Exhilaration second win at Bangalore as Fav;
Southern empire first and Bangalore derby wins;
5o to one mam mount Goldie Brown; Appu win at 6 to one 
in the spot light dowyer continous wins
Democraticus  at 8 to one 
Double missed  with chalapati
trble missed with reddy
20 to one;
With gandhi team MAM favrite;

Verasaki 6 straight wins

autonomy 5 wins total
set alight 10 straight wins (with different jockeys)
In the spot 7 wins same jockey
dandified 10 wins
Bourban king 7 wins
Oasis star 14 wins total
Eleusive pimpernal 23 0f 24
exhilaration 9 out of 9
picasso 4 wins
indictment 1996 9 wins;
INDISCRETION 1996 10 wins

chances missed in rx

1.appu winning gainst ;southern  empire;at 6/1
2.southern empire first win by b prakash;
3.mam mount at 50 to one;
4.Gold empire at 100 to one; dk ashish;
5.Equine lover 1 st and 2nd time wims at 4 s
6.adlers wins;
7.divine light sisters win by p shroff;
8.shapoor misrtys wins on Oasis star; after getting winning form
9.chaitanya chakram wins

1.Suraj narredu 2000 plus 
2.B.Prakash  2000 plus
3.vasant shinde 1882 retired  in 1994.  
4 Mallesh Narredu  1700 retired ;
5.Pesi shroff 1751 Retired;
6.Aslam Khader 1700 Retired;
7. P S Chouhan 1322; 
8. David Allan 1264 .
C. Alford 1000; 
satish Narredu 1032
9. Martin Dwyer 1330
10. Y srinath 1000
11. P Trevor 1000 in 2017;
12.  Yash narredu 214
13.  S john 742;
15. Akshay Kumar 553
16. S. Zervan 492;
17 Arshad alam 335
18. Imran chisty 841
19. David Egan 268;
20. Nakat Singh  107
21. Neeral Rawal  620
22. T.S .Jodha 333
23. C Rajendra 260;  Retired
24. A imran khan 775
25. l marshall  900 wins 1972-june 18- 2013(58 years)
26.C.s Jodha 633
27. P Kamlesh 268
28. Colm o Donogue  511;
29. Nicky Macky 538
30. N S Parmar 191
31. A .Sandesh
32.V R Jagadeesh
33. Ryan marshall
35. sai kiran
36. r n darshan
37. d k ashish