Thursday, April 01, 2021

April 2021

 1st April  Friday 2021;

Another support  boost had from Krishnanna Kadapa  Kalakata effect;

Kamalakar brought 2 payouts (lakshmi Narayana D W; Murali Cars) one missfire from Excel stationery; Called Ongole Balaiah had pleasant exchange of talk;

Durga called and discussed; 

2nd April Friday 2021;

No payouts day; Kamal made 5 attempts; plus called Sri Balaji Kalyana Mandapam;

Gopal visited but got irritated again;

Mama came;

Visited Doctor;

3rd march Saturday 2021;

Got up early; ad script written;

Konda kalyana mandapam and cycle stores payouts recd; got annoyed by kamalakars expectation;

Bujji called;

4th April 2021 sunday ;

Called Chengaiah; quits to kamal;

5th April Monday 2021

Managed to walkout but eye vision has further worsened; Called Prasad Prabhavathi son;

Horrible headache at market by gta; enjoyed a/c at Bhimas; wallposter created in Telugu and English;; jana responded; 

6th April Tuesday 2021;

Eye vision is vecoming more troublesome;

Total rest at home; problems may cone due to children;

Sudden electrical problem solved by Koti; gopal came and spent some good time;

Purchased mobile cover and Fm Radio set; went down Gopal home for some timeHiring some free web designer idea and giving ad in news papers;

Removed ph numbets of Vasavi;

Had control on google entries: 

Dw reniguta responded after removal message; removed Vasavi; 

Reddeppa also responded; 

7th April wed day 2021

Getting a call from  Chengamma  was big surprise of the day; lost temper at Gta; Janardhan; Kamalakar;

Dharmaiah has put my Banner at his whatsapp status; Gopal came and enquired and fixed appointment with Eye Doctor;

Stunning 1 lakh plus new Corona cases in India;

Nisht wish of Hasini;

Removed Renigunta D W number;

None of the my plans advanced further;

Incoming calls continued 1 call was promising;

8th April Thursday 2021

Transfered 1k to jana;

Site social media logos were put ar my expected level; thrashing gave to Durga;

9th April friday 2O21;

Prabhavathi called; jana compketed tadk; afternnin relaxed in gopals house; By night sudden order got for Roti machine from Hyd;

10th April Saturday 2021;

No rx on Saturday;

Manohar reddy gave Eenadu guys ph number; sent msg to Stiram mega furniture but no use;

Gta upgraded for  dressing;

Gave eenadu ad;

Yesterdays machine supplied with the help of Nayeem and Srikanth;

Someone from Mumbai called for  Bulk; lekhari fully ready now; Gopal not available ; 3k cheque got from Ameen;

11th April Sunday 2021; 

Eenadu ad published but had only 2 calls money gone; Eye vision is ckearly a big setback now; Had Chicken;

Jana further improved content in site; first Sunday without rx in country; Managed supply of order;

Incoming calls contd for Rt

12th April Monday 2021; 

Jafrulla called; Ameen came and gave cheq; Had surprisingly 2 closings; Went down forgotten ATM card; Kamalakar called; Called Seenaiah; listened to Ttd channel; 

Forgot ATM gta helped to get back;

 Apple by Hasini;

13th April Tuesday ugadi day 2021

Bujji called; Mumbai clarified; 

Had lunch with brothers: night stomach trouble;

14th april wed day 2021;

Be next to google top  keywords;

Vattalur call recd and pressure;

Follow relavant people is new knowledge;

Kamalakar called; 

What to sell from China new idea;

Tweeted @ @reinventdigital  hi just look at my followers base i can grow your twitter audience please call 9347107468

Bouncer is Durga recorded my chat  gopal told;

Attended hospital dressing;

Played with children down;

15th April thursday 2021;

Somewhat low temparature;

Had Vada for tiffen ; adsense amount checked on mobike had related depression;

16th April friday 2021;

VISUALIZE your sucess;

Tips read on google;

Had very Good response at Verendra surgicals went with pant brought water on return and also seen manchalu shops;

Had Chat jana with  his web site known;

Hasini became more clise and also 

played with children;

Night Cot khabja issue;

Surprised with Autowallas good respect ;

Call recd from Chengaiah and Seenaiah;

Spent time with Tv and Gopal Astrologers appointment;

17th Saturday April 2021

Night lost temper with Children's  Suneethas over action; Met Astrologer as per plan power of faith known; Chengaiah called;

Net zr and d continued;

18th April sunday 2021;

Gtas bro called and Corbohydrates to avoid and Cycle ride to start;

Nice chicken Curry had; eenadu ad s for 3 days given;

19th April Monday 2021;

Morning started to Gollapally by Rtc bus and reached safe; villagers care was awesome;  Night managed sleep outside; Acess of Devuni illu had; 7 missed calls from Yadrami;

20th APRIL Tuesday 2021;

Padmas son came ans spent time;

Managed Goddess Gangamma visit and Puja; No response for Eenadu ad even for second day;

 One payout for Roti machine received; Ajay called and had chat for long time in morning;

Dokkodu flopped due to Rain;

Kallu Kistaiah came and spent time;

21st April Wed day 2021;

Machine process; Had Goddess Ganga Darshan 

Sri Rama Navami day; Nagara Sankeetthana seen at Village;

22nd Thursday 2021;

Peddodu came so had total grip on Devuni illu many vessels ckeaned and organised; Srikanth despatched Roti m to Kalyan; After long gap relaxed night;

23rd Friday 2021 April 2021;

Gopal called; Night discussion with Srinus wife; seen horre pilla

24th sat April 2021

Roasting under heat continued

Chinna tested Covid positive Gopal called;

Gas  evoporated at home had Chengammas help; Circus songs in evening;

Known about usa roti machine rate and courier charges:

Dayala ata sern slept at Ramulavari Temple;

25th April Sunday 2021;

Somewhat less heat day:

Peddodu brought scrap money and arranged Gas; Again outburst at home;

Evening circus people Veera Bramham History;

26th April Monday 2021;

Somewhat Cool day ; Began to Hyderabad took auto to Kadapa; Teavelled by bus to Kurnool then took  Car reached safe to Hyderabad; Thank god a/c worked ; 

Biryani flopped;

27th April Tuesday 2021;

Sent message to all about arrival;

Adhaar link up and cheque drop wirk did; 

Covid fear and Scorching Heat continued: Night watched Ipl matches;

Called Gopal ,Bujji;  N95 mask and  B P Tablets purchased at geberic shop; Few important incoming  calls missed due to sleep;

Missed Ganga Archana;

28th wed day April 2021

Had 4 vadas with Sambar;

Total day took rest at home; Called Raju tpt;

Covid havoc continued;  Missed to send whatsapp, jana did tracker work asked him to change registrant address; Night seen one sided  ipl match;  

Cheque sent to collection got cleared; Reduced A/ C consumption at home;

Small Cats hingama at home at night;  jana kept tracker for;

Tulja Bhavani ; Neibour Laxman helped few things for home;

Ajay called;

Bhaskar house owner visited;

Some kind of indigestion problem at afternoon; small pot arranged at home;

Insecurity about future prevailed at home ;

Incoming calls continued;

One ladys pressure had;

Old mans call from Pune recd and sent details;

29th April Thursday 2021;

Long wait of Cat at Door;

Sent whatsapp Telugu message;

Keluku is days keyword;

 See past Rx dividends;

Tried with Gta to Find  near by Meeseva;

Incoming calls continued;

Seen 2 ipl matches;

30th April friday 2021

Morning managed Adhaar mobile number linking work;

Created content of sevices page and posted to jana and Blog;

Surprisingly Sekhar called and told hes affected by Covid; called Bujji and Prabhavathi Akka lot of martiages info known;