Wednesday, December 01, 2010

November 2010

30th november  2010

Morning lot of msgs with gta followed by a call 2 gopal and sekhar; morning brought water to room;days major developments are discussion with gta at sekhars room and plans revealed; also cut off date and yp new office discussions with srn and Prakash had; Night had 2 to go kundan bagh seen anam rama narayan reddys home and also new area exposure had; later after much delay and wait to asoka bar then to kukatpally area prakash cabs effect etc; costly drinka effect; a very tiresome late return by car; ajay and prakash were besy at office;


29th november post

Enjoyed movie Gujaarsih with Gta while going there wait 4 auto Hritik and Aishwarya Rai action was a superb; On return deaf mans auto; Gta attention noted:gta assurance was encouraging more clarity now;from morning Ajayas interaction was a surprising move; Satish came to office at evening; Emaindi evala movie at night nisha was no match for kajal; ; srns movie sponcer was ok;
missed chalapati sirs offer; Syams call and headache;

28th october sundays post

presssure by prakash to attend fuction;insecurity protocalls began by srn need to be checked;messsges began with gta; found very difficulty to go to office due to tired ness;no banian shirt;raju called at morning;posted blog and tweetetd 4 k;
rich haul for the day of ids to 7 ids;acmeeexports,polohardware,crystalhandle,firedoorsehgal,indobrass,sheellocks,swasaa;
new shirt and glasses for the day;more city exposed again; more confidence from gta too; escorting also did;gujarish movie plan;sankyos followup and ramojis also in line;honeys absense triggered; further more consolidated way2sms;

morning at room identified around 50 important people names; had chai with raju at astoria and called ajay rajus condition looked more pathetic as he was shivering; going to rx with rajus escort proved wrong decicion 4 the day; met sankar at rx; major development of the day is received firm registration documents at office; had discussion with prakash; morning kiran called and had nice discussion; staff recruitment discussion and ad content written and left to rx; count concentrate at rx; missed office presence at evening; slight disturabce with gta messages; ajay and satish calls at night; received watch;disturbance at room due to some repair; Morning recd msges from honey; days ids were anicalls;harshaautu

26th november

Serious leg pains at morning were alarming found very difficulty in walking 2 office;honey looks to be recovered but relapse happend at afternoon;ajay responded; pain in the head regeon continued some times 4 the day; cell numbers further organised at way2sms;followup of firm reg did; ajays data posted my self but found problem with gmail id activation; chat with gta continued;prakash came in his view abt srn had firmly; scanned news papers at room;bhawar responded enquired abt sms server; ramoji responded with msgs and teacher job enquiry;sent msg of old reliance numbers activation news but forgot to ad my name;top up did for reliance 4 rs 100/-; visiting cards took from Biruva 300 numbers; discussion had with prakash at room did;idea of learning html etc? veryone wished me at office and that was encouraging one; geetha missed somehow and that has triggered another confusion; tablet given 2 honey; are they real comments towards me insecurity anyway?; rent pressure at room; walked back from room at evening; unknown tention when someone came stepped inside of office;looked like missed rx?;
night called prasad vijayawada and sysm known few things.with raju had nice time at crystal bar lane and rajus names memory power known; Gajanad and babu and satish lalit have responded 2 messges sent and thats really encouraging one; exposure of more store; rx book purchased and names of panwallas; tried to reduce tention at office by giving a friendly nod; sattis presense was bit uneasy to me; during afternoon lot of internal msgs run and that was real fun;
after a long wait at office nice breakthrough had finally and lot of promises also had from SRN; night sudhakar welfare centre guy met;his cell number took; 9963091535;


25th november post

Morning surprise is Koti called and was confused;honey disappeared and srn without telling left to khammam added to this pain in head area and heavy calls inflow and satyams presence at office; hunger pangs bad tiffen;followed by ajays own decicions; solace is Vijwada prasads call and chat with geetha; alexa ranks hickup and followed by poor followers for k;firm registration? new information abt collecction very surprising and also alarming; baburao has called and gave licsudha number and lot of interaction;paul responded and gave sankyo number and death news of raja is another trigger;lakshmi was seen very busy so her support has failed 4 the day; prakash has not responded;

After long wait ajay came and had settlements and chat;situation gone out of hands after this due to fear confusion and raja death trigger and dreams;
evening felt nice after reliance mobile getting activated; sankyo murali called and had long chat and gave new idea; gandhis call and his guidance also very encouraging; New pen and new book;respect at currys corner; 9 issues of swathi at hand; took some leaflets to room; finally syams call and related developments;took twitter ids file to room; italia guys call; gandhis wallpost info;

Morning called syam and talked to his mom;at last Prasad(eswaraiahs son) met took his number 9989307662 rajus dynamics seen; also took gajanad phone number 9347243275; morning felt quite uneasy at office; srns was seen busy whole day; morning lot of time spent at office with net and way2sms further organised; satyam came in to office; night dinner 2 gandhi and his dynamics seen; by evening ajay dint turnup; car arrived; more details abt honey known;
Roshaiah resignation was unexpected move more so with kiran kumar reddys development; no chnage in alexa ranks was another problem; last 4 months blog read back and analysed current situation; pain in head regeon is another confusion; had chicken lunch followed by rest; days banian missed;days ids were aerostock; tirumalabank; managed one tweet for k; emailed to drbatras; 141 members organised at way2sms;ramoji responded;followup of firm registration did; relaince number is still not activated; reaction of chinnu by honey; not much of replys from peole for way2sms; lakshmi continued her work; reminded srn to call srivenkatesh; somehoe came out of that alchohol over dosage; but missed dinner again; ajays own decicion what to do? in eenadu one ad for medical guy marriage annivarsay seen;

23 november post

133 rd day! Morning dose triggered more sleep need to checked for future;success stories; Gta back into saddle after my intiation night long phone call and known interesting things; new cell phone on hand now;funding had again thats encouraging;most of the retrived cell phones added in way2sms data base and response also had from sekhar bhai;lelin sarvesh;new pen; reliance migration work over; new development with sarvesh pharma marketing; ajays pace reduced at office and his family problems also known; followup of firm registration work did; suffered with infection and back pain throughout the day; called srinivas Subbarayulu mamas son had good response; srinus number; 9493975566;(harikrishna prasads bawa) 9948440591 called jayamma attta had nice encouraging chat; 23525555;
Srns real estate plan got exposed; problem had to be faced at night when lock miss behaved but neibours help was very encouraging one; Bond papers brought to office;
himayatnagar relaince office is exposed; besta basthi; morning twitter id offer for rs 500/- a real funnny; warangal lady 2 office; prakash sons function on next sunday; prakash involment on food of others?
" one spelling mistake can destroy ur life; A husband wrote a msg 2 his wife on his offcial trip and forgot to add e in the end of a word. Iam having such a wonderful time wish u were her;

21 st november post

Unexpected things 4 the day; shivas birthday and reactions; ajays field work and srn reaction; Prakash lunch; My bank account initiation was unexpected move; retrival of most of contacts from relaince phone; continued income from Srn; laddus call; Felt very much tired at morning; interviews at office; hickup of ajay at morning to take prints; printout at office it self; Puja effects through Fm stn at morning; Morning energy levels failure; lakshmis continued data typing and numbers retrival help;25 th of this month ajays daughters birth day; RKs baptism; Hick up with google; New note book got; rent menace by owner when called for 2 months advance; Discussion with hony gta remained calm;weakening of hny position;Jans call was surprise; unable to use way2sms for the day; pressed hard for computer and cot at home; many assurances with srn; Hope of mobile 2earn etc and yellowpages ;

20th november post

gtas matter tention releived by night;night funding continued from SRn; Ajays success story is new inspiration but had to hide it at office; sitting with laddu and raju;dhanraj,babu,satish came to office; called Chalapthi and shankar iam i tirupati ramana from now? called ajay and prakash at morning; sreeshine and srinivas have responded to way2sms; called jaybal at evening; my replys 2 dhanraj cell was noticed;laxmi typed data; way2sms data further consolidated;
days improvement is purchased FM radio;Papers read at morning; pressed further for computer; morning stats recorded; called ramoji; whole day stayed away from GTA; Probem at bar;
organised twitter ids file on hand; called chandra; night chicken dinner; Dhanraj and laddu were watching TV; reatox twitter id blocked;
retriving of cell phone data has failed again; pickle purchased at night; missed rx;


19th november post

morning sleep got broken at 3.30 am;Unable to retrive data from cell phone even after pushing ajay; Srn came and series of promises had including finance; it looks dress is every thing has major role; swine is getting back 2 shape again;yepmeshopping new id 4 the day; suffered with cold head pain?; managed to post entries of yesterday with the help of lakshmi; His speed noted his advances were un bearable; house search by prakash ?; tablets by shiva; sms bouncer from scsedu; messages sent to naaptol;magicbricks;asked computer from srn; few mails also sent;
first time impatience seen from gta;discomfort with honey too; unabale to stop bathis 2 have been given;Hemanth gave print outs of sro offices and yesterday prints i pushed ajay to locate some of them data got further consolidated;2 more computers at office got installed collections also started poring in; back pain and related insecurity throught the day; guided further padmaja;
Unable to continue twitter ids work by lakshmi due to calls she was receiving;Dinesh reddy called and told about firm registration details and pan card; srn said car is also coming; alexa ranks reduced surprisingly; today i have spent lot of time on computer;

18th november post

Morning failed to reply message of gta and further panic had to be faced but felt happy due to that close touch and care iam not alone any longer feeling;after long time success came in the form of document writers and s R o exposure and closeness Ajay inducted as team mate. On the other hand Getha activated proces of legal divorce; barely managed to post blog at night; At field work met meena jewellers and had feed back from juhi number 66129924; tried jagdamba tata docomo cell activated;malakpet area exposure had; at night T v miss behaved; during the discussions prakash dynamics known;
laxmi activated for twitter ids responce also had trinadh haierindia; akka and mama called and gave suggestions this is another plus point 4 the day; More closed talk about living together as family and related expenses nad plannings did with GTA; swanti shown bit more care for the first time at office; trimmed ; chengaiahs call; bhwarlal; was that over exitement with padmaja kiss and rubbing?; horrible energy levels problem at evening; raju called at night; request given to padmaja abt satyam; bathi given to watchman abt country swine; srn called at night felt surprised; nice collection by padmaja at office and jealosy effects also known;

17th november post

morning went to rajus home from there to dhanraj home and in between met laddu.raju came to dynamite failed; late to office; day prevailed with mostly disturbed moode; by evening srn left with prakash; i took byke; allocated laxshmi sending messges;

16th november post

Morning activations continued of way2sms; managed to transfer amount to bank known proces changing bank address underware and hat purchased; suddenly things changed afetr satyams indulgence; some more interaction had with gta through tweets; night met dhanraj and raju; losing temper is giving head aches again; called prakash and ajay; Tweets continued; unable to complete cell phones retriving work;

15th november

Care of geetha has continued with messages; strong support of srn has further continued;;surprice is hardwareevents people for twitter id have called back this is begining of a new era;Vijayawada prasad also got activated thanks to earliar saving of his handwritings; got back contact to chalapati rao;MK; proces of proprietery firm got into fold; v;morning shock was house for rent rejection call from owner but i dint shake for this news; most of the day organised way2sms had nice response; bit of firing to geetha at evening; bhawar called;maren has responded with messages;syams call from banglore;
read back most of 2 years blog for cell numbers; Lost temper at ajay;
krishna Sr; lalit has resonded;
prathistaseva twitter id created; honey also responded to messages; jayram reddy also caught up with call thanks 2 social media and way2sms;
surprise sai and chinna got activated responce also had from sai; Near room complaint by cosmetics lady; 16 new pics took; seen interviews were being conducted for web ppl; released free access socialmedia4all; night babai caught up with messages and his jokes; Gtas hindi dialogues;
activated group messages of way2sms;

second satday; searched 4 stamps; with ajay did 2 calls; srn gave money for house so went to ramanthapur area and tried for few houses found one also seen ajay house had lunch there; with lait seen sekhars room; continued to oganise way2sms contacts; area exposure further got exposed; night to house owner and gave advance; their verification; some offensive tweets abt honey? byke exposure witrh her;

14th november; sunday:

Morning started the day; met raju and had long discussion more deatils abt rajus sisters; 2 tips had;then to office gave atp to watchman; watched the TV and ajay came in; influence of dhanraj known; also prakash and gandhi also came in; some disturbance abt joining job;exposure of new bar; lost total control on expenses 4 the day;enjoyed Tv at office; prakash firing of rao; poor finace to verification travel of prakash and ajay; night final tweets of geetha; Ajays insecurity continued; gandhis smartness continued; missed bath some how had tablets;

12th november post

unexpected 3500 from srn; due to constant follow up got 2 k transfered to my account;the effect of act of affection known; someones call menace? and related tention;
most of the contacts organised at way2sms id; need to be more carful on tung; people activated were maren response had ;chandra;kvn;honey;geetha;jana;ramoji;satish;munawwer; Prakash;jayram reddy madan;also tried with gandhi;kiran; rs 100/- recharge did for tat docomo; bouncer had from dont be fooled by me content; surprise google maps work by naveen; days id stayzilla; enquiry 4 company launch did;

11th november post

Rk at office surprisingly;After long time started field work again with ajay but could able to met chermas and neerus only had interesting discussion and hope from them; missed lunch;came back due to byke repair; rest of the day spent time at office only; syam has successfully collected amount from kamal and informed; another enquiry for twitter id for the day; no response from indiaprofile yet; fired lakshman quite unexpectedly temper need to be checked again; earliar feedback on my temperment also had from ajay;
Evening 2 guys came and their response was nice for social media surender; 9885804193(;; g mohan 93425 25515/91334 08570; info of nice traffic rank ; alexa ranks and followers have continued; Rks guidance abt marriage; ph to chengaiah and kamalakar; response from gandhi had through sms; sms package got activated again by geetha;
Interesting tweets from twitter seen; buiscuits by honey at eve?
ajays tablet effect?; movie knowledge analysed; night panic by geetha; nice sms interaction throughout the day' one the whole quite interesting day; My scooter is still there at tirupati; more assurances from SRN had again for the day;

Quite unexpected way to morning walk and saga of messages with geetha;Most of the day spent time in office detailing about google listings with ajay; bid to go to market with ajay foiled; Evening met srivenkataesh and clarity had; Lalit came and gave sekhars marriage pictures and saved them on blogger and shown to honey;
CHCOLATES SAGA AT OFFICE: Prakash call was a surprise move; insecurity analogues at office;boredom faced for whole day;
More clarity and assurance given to geetha; nothing progressed with india profile; gained 17 0 37 for alexa; srn said going ahead with pvt ltd; 931 hits for s2e; poor 31for ka; re organised blog further;