Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Dialysys and support from my frie ds







7.prasad sathapalli;

8.eswramma; 2 sons;


10.suneeta: chinna; son and Daughter:

11.thulasamma. Daughter ;grand daughter;

12.Ramana kalakata;

13.prabhavathi.Son prabhakar;

14.Ramachandra kalakata;

15.prasad vja

16.Raju; trt;



19.Settypalli Narsimha;

20.kalakata seenku;

21. Kamalakar 


23. Vja Suresh:

24. Lic Sudha


26.sai Darjipalli.

27.kokkanti ramana.

28.kokkanti Balaji.





33.janardhan chinnamgari.

34.sai bujji



Minami kistaiah


39.padma Nagasubbaiah;


Creatinine e

Become a adwards expert; Donors and letters pls;

Proddatur guy;web developer ;

Dialysis: vegetables and fruits[;

Punar navi: low salt; carrot; nimbu: no tomato;

Ayur edic shops in kadapa; 

Lemon; carat:

Veera machineni; Surya hospital kadapa; 

Surya hospital kadapa;

Friends strong support and my earlier connections to their wedding gs.;

107 services help;

Friday, February 03, 2023

How to find location your plot and lost documents

 We offer services to help you find the location of plot or land if the original documents are lost, damaged or misplaced . We arrange certified copy from the concerned Sub registrars office. 

Srinivas-9618882265   :

Monday, January 02, 2023

January 2023

 1st jauary 2023; sunday; 

Attended gangamma temple; Escorted Penchalaiah;  night suffered with severe caugh;

Monday 2nd Jan 2023; ;

Gta left for Hyd; 

Tuesday; 3rd jan 2023; 

Managed the day; 1k transfered to Narsimha; Seen Cricket at night with Chinna Appaiah and Narsimha at home; Night Chapati arranged by  Prasanna;  Idli sponsored  by Narsimha; Had lunch at Narsimha home with Fish; 

Wed day:4th jan  2023;

totally at Gollapalli:  Good. Dosa tiffen by jyothy and lunch had at Narsimha house; Dinner chapati by jyothy; Nagasubbaiah left for piler;

5th jan thursday 2023:

Visited Ontimitta had Biryani at Star hotel took Tablets and 2 leters petrol; Came back home and slept : Good amount of calls recd; Eve ninspected Hirse gram growth at Mitta; night chapati by Prasanna morning tiffen by Prasanna idli;  No sales of Roti machi e till sofar in 2023;

6th jan 2023 friday ; 

Gta returned Gollapalli visited Darjipalli for tiffen Met Sai;ok; Seen  clip about kidney faklure;

7th jaƱ 2022; Calls contd but no sales; 

8th jan 2022,; srikanth called;

9th jan 2022;

Naddala jome wall repair work completed; Seen lot of huge stones;

10th jan; 2022; suffered due to Severe cough; 

11th jan 

Made a visit to doctor at Madhavaram;

12th  jan thursday day 2023

13th jan 2023; friday; 

14th jan 2023; Satday; Bhoji day; 

15th jan 2023;sunday: Sankranthi day; 

16th jan monday 2022; 

Kanuma festival day a shocker; lost 2 bets;

17th jan 2023; 

tuesday; Shankaraiah and his  wife visited; unexpected rs 5000; One USA Rt machine sold and that's a big splace; 

18th jan 2023;wedday;

Golla Muneiah took rs 500/_;  Sathapally Prasad and shankaraiah called;

19th jan 2023 ; Tttraju called: checked vulavalu again;

20th jan 2023 ; Ration card sanctioned print got from office;

21st jan 2023;

Nagraj came and removed stands;

22nd Jan 2023;  Ration card approved and got printout;

23rd jan 2023; 

24th jan tuesday 2023; Night discussed about Vulava;

25th jan we'd day 2023;

enjoyed evening chalimanta;

Eeen Gandikota and few other first youtube clips; 

26th thursday 2023; jan

Republic day parade commentary seen very impressive; Visited Ontimitta ;  Narsimha family left to Annavaram without telling;  No Chalimanta in the evening;

Puppy fallen and cried;

27th jan friday 2023; Very rough handling of  Nageaj by Gta;  Even not wishing can also cause nonsense;

How many risk taking things I faced in life anslysed;

28th jan 2023 ;  Saturday; Tried to visit Devuni Kadapa by auto massive expenses incurred total flop but comfortable rude enjoyed;

Stomack pain and back pain suffered unable to walk.

1.Insulin testing strips purchased; 

2.Sugar cane; 


4.water melon

5..ice cream.

6.auto fare.


8.B.P tablets.

9.Bogugula mixture.

10.Sugar cane ;

Night mynam Kistaiah came home:

Caugh continued;

March 2022 

Sold Vulavalu; Severe health problem have emerged;

16th 1st day of dialysis;

17th march called prabhavati and her son;

18th march krishna znna; Narsimha and Koti came to hospital; Calldd ameen;

29th jan Sunday 2023; 

Enquired mynam mama health; Gave sugar cane;

Rzmbzbu dtp called;

Feb 2023; 

Horse gram seeds work;

26th march  2022;

Koti and other family members came;

27march ; monday; 2023; rs 400 travel to kadapa by auto; Had hair cut  return;

Prasad vja called and gave positive feedback,

28march; 2 tuesday 023

Seen zamynryot  new listing of convention hall seen;

Kittaiah sheep seen.

 I home inverter followupdid;

30th march 2022; 

Srirama Navami day; Sha karaiah family visit and 5k help;

Large gathering at Ramulavari temple;

31st March 2022

Gtas bro. Retired 

Inverter work at home;