Monday, October 01, 2012

sept 2012

30th Sunday sept post

Wonder filly In the Spot light won again;MY choise Atrribute lost by short head;No calls from GTA; Night stopped intake;Had Melfil Biryani;Neibour lady wished;Had sleep problem throught the night and insecurity;Lof of powerf problems at night;
Watched Crikcet match; Felt heavy tention due to un known reasons;Old man Neibourhood came to home; Rajni Gandha intake needs to be checked;Fired Rina and her sister;


29th sept

Satya came in morning mostly at home;

28th Friday

Satya was there with me for long time at home;night dinner missed despite curries on hand;seen india vs ausssies cricket match seen but bored up with one sided;
*Another new point from rx see last performance suraj;

Rx books purchased;also Swathi weekly;news seen; called GTA;

27th september thurday;fake notes issue?

Success at rx thanks to brave heart thats me Maths baby j s dhariwal later fake note issure troubled; What is Adikmet where is it;posted entry maths baby also had new pic;city central ganeshas pic took;
satya (CS)call rejctd so CS ; Unexpected new changes were surprised me for the first time; at HRC;even book makers also sent off to different places;

Up to 1 st Gta will not be available  thats new news;

New bag as per plan purchased had to face guy for parking; need to wash oLd  bag known from new bag guy; City central library ganeshas pic took;
GTa absent without iforming me;called her back;ok;whats this fake note issue?

26th september post weday

Morning managed to load yerterdays TRS leaders entry;Somay things have happend today initially got hurt at home by Gta bad comments followed;New turn happend after Satya met and  follow up did with apollo pharmacy; Also called NRN he responded;Auto comfort to and fro had ; few more pics of ganesha took ashok nagar chikkad pally;
prints of camera took and shown and Tina dads response was over whelming;Purchased Pen drive also noted that Canon camera price;Good response from opp lady and her husband;Purchased pen drive;kerchifs;socks;banianas;drinks;

***Kevin richardson lions guy movie seen now i must plan to improve to  youtube soon;

At evening buying spree contd;
Kirana shop was busy;purchased basmati;jeedipappu;chicken;
gta in yellow saree

gta reading a crossword puzzle 

Narayanaguda Ganesha

With Satya to RX laurel canyon failure;nail cut at home;one closing again thanks to sapthagiri;few entries added again pics also loaded;


24th sept post

Work with satya fetched one closing also did more than 10 calls;;piad partial rent;neibour asked for pics so gave him also with the help pen drive gave pics for printing this is new devlopment;Satyam called at night;lot of content saved from rwitc and racing world sites;

Planning with Satya continued;Nice responce had from jayram reddy after callin him;Heavy tention due to poor cash levels on hand;Power cut timing changed;Few more profiles loaded at morning session;tried apollo guys no response;One more id into fold;Month work and expenses analysed;

sunday 22nd

at rx again 2 more new points learnt but yet another depressing losing day only due to poor strategy talked to one guy of ex employee of krishna reddy bookie neona wins S A Poonawala multi million; form please;;Ramachandra called 2 times told about success of Chalapthi;;few more celebs loaded into blog;surprise event of the day is shravani came home seen pics;

for the first time neeraj  nacama first time favrite lost miserably;bunga bunga; Must be very carful on late debut run as a favrite;At HYDerabad another failure on a hattrick does breeding counts?

To know now as where they are participating after winning some event in rx;
Who are playing in t 20 team now for india?;
night tweeted seen cricket;raja babu article on TV; Morning nice info on eenadu on new ideas;Read about kamal hasan;Srvani came home for the first time thats days surprise;
Revieved current situation on hand;
many celebs added to blog again;

prasad penciller

prasad 9397302747

22nd sept narayana ganesha idol

Drummer during Ganesh posession

Morning Jayrami met;later satay met few things discussed; later to RX success there but missed nice chances at good odds Ok anyway;After comin back to home loaded pics to blog;


22nd saturday

jayram reddy called so met him we had Tea; Met satya had drinks again;neibour Narsampet paidaiah met took his pic;Success at HRC (RX)but had to wait for auto 4 long time;during met anumala Ravi sankar cell;9014908681
Morning Telugu words R& D work  did again;loaded few pics;
RX knowledge;going for hattrick of wins;b prakash heavy weight jockeys go good at high weight;
to concentrate on latest form;***Which horse is readily prepared now to identify;
Angelcrown missed;Spirit of mercy also missed;
backed Windsor qween aganst manage a trois; missed rosalind but gained new knowledge;
qween of venus after a failure who is ready?
srinivas kamala bawa

Narayanaguda ganesha

munagala jayaramireddy my friend

after the race satyanarayana old man met he confused me further;
narsampet paidaiah

morning seen good response from k fans for pics;


21st sept post konda laxman bapuji died;

Morning got up very late;Suffered with power cut ;scanned news papaers eenadu the hindu;read sakshi and jyothi at Tea shop;Attended Apollo hospital by my Scooter many rough takesdue to poor scooter condition met people there attaned ganesh puja took pic from there  good exposure had from there sudden calls from satya so had to rush  after that huge land exposure new ideas came in to my mind; 3 rx books purchased at night seen Raju;

had meeting with Satya at afternoon;Money still has drained out;
on the way to apollo took one pic of road no 11 seen news 9;
Evening dabang movie telugu vertion ,telugu words work did at home ;

konda bapujis death,galli ganeshas meraMani  many photos took,
Next day of ganesh chaviti;Annadanam function attended at my galli;took some pics;Khairatabad ganesha pics also took;2 problems by gTA at home triggered unrest;Called bhawar and got his denial;chengaiah and Dhana called back;
Evening met satish and discussed few things took another pic;Huge task of entire MLAS and MPS data work completed finally;Call from aplolo guy received;

khairatabad ganesha 2013

khairatabad ganesha 2013

19th ganesh chathurdi day

great day;heavy rush at morning near home for purchase of puja related things and ganapathi idols;later i tried  to cover some pics of lord ganesha but most of them were still not ready even afetr 2 pm so came back to home and continued R& D work;lot of time spent on consolidating rx and personalities data to my blog;what has happend in last year in rx is know on hand thats nice achievement; seen good dress by near by girls;

Major highlight of the day is syam called and exchanged lot of news; msg from Dhana and jayram reddy and chandra received;there was lot of overage on Tv regarding ganesha festival;managed to purchase great andhra insulin cells for batteries;gave donation to girls;Seen twitter msg of last year in stats;

Night problem came from google in posting more posts;seen businessman but adds have annoyed much;some other hollywood movie also seen;one more plus point of the day is my content to goole gaining placement in spider and seen some hits too;
again she is on sleep

Syam temple near kachiguda

devi reddy vijitha reddy of ysr congress

By night most of venders vacated and there was heavy rain for some time;seen cricket at night;


rx consolidations

major top connections;
first and second start of life
with even more better Jockey?
certain unbeatables!
at 50 kg mark
who is working on whom
same jockey wins

18th sept

Narasimha rao family lived here once

ETV new reader c l n srma pic took from TV

Morning raju met told him about prasads arrival;Later satya met did one call at market later discssions with him;
field work started at 12.40;
1.carpets guy ols man;
2.Parek very interesting
Durga auto
4.scientific saturday
Ceat tyres
basmati rice
scientific busy;
dal rice back home ;

calls from Prasad;
myla koti

late night sleep had;
night called satish;


16th sept sunday

Morning loaded many picture to blog;Success at rx could able to pic good winner but  bad luck uniformity coulnt be managed;Shouted at hostel guy;GTA has not recovered yet;
Some kind of insecurity by night;Unable to take care abt krishnas daughter; due to overnite rats disturbance had to sleep earliar;stats work continued;

14 september 2012 friday;

Some political profiles loaded on blog; Failure at rx again but new point is who can be most dangerous combination here;?
No field work;

jagdamba book stall  lady and near by news paper lady seen
RTC X roads 1-1-120 old couple they became very old were walking on roads seen them;
now i will update who is tracking for whom;3 stickers at bus kept;4 ppl in auto from malakpet;
shiva wines;glass was not there at wine shop whats the name ?

Keys are tightened; a/c seen at sadgun;

Muscle power gym ashok nagar

gajjela kantham dharna

13 th september malkajgiri area

Some kind of uneasy from morning unable to decide as where to work;managed to do 19 calls at malkajgiri area had arial exposure but no closings for the day;After return to home stats work did again; at rx Suraj double was succesful but poor odds;
shopatournest is days id; found Koti and surekha my mamas daughter pics on google; Depression after  watching surekha details;

Siddhani id reserved for gta; no call at all to my cells?;chalanachitram id;Friendly chat with dool pet guy at bar;In Rx one double can give good money; Insecurity and confusion due to blank day;idea of recipies has emerged;TMDB;Cinema ph numbers to feed;

pagidipala surekha

Women's health, Preventive medicine, Managing chronic medical conditions - Diabetes Mellitus, Asthma.

Days field calls;
1.amuls owner not available;
2.sai sunshine super market(ona)
3.raghava enterprises home appliances cell; 9704331470(to decide)***
(neat shave needed)
4.poison gift shop(ni)
5.Dolphin aquarist (sticker kept)
6.amba furnitures(ona)
7.Vijaya Durga motor driving (NI)
8.nagarjuna band afetr chaviti; ce;; 9032684398.***
(Some bone setting centres seen)
9.palace bags;
10.raj traders (New shop) to try again;
11.Crackers shop(email got)
12.acchi reddy sweets shop
13.jai bhavani hardwares shop(interested0 some some interest ***
14.jai bha
15.Electrical shop
16.annapuna rice(old man)
17.fashin lady(managed0
18.rajeswari traders
19.Thulasi food bazaar(lady)

to see anutex listing;***
sri lakshmi sai garden function hall
to search their presence in google

night CL N Sharma etv news reader pic took from TV;
Other fish too died at home;Morning argument at home again;Closed one realtors entry at narsingi;stickering and visiting cards kept at below mirrors; had one commitment from scintific dealer;Seen inside of Golkonda later read about its history etc(Qutub shahi kings)Stats work continued; also read British raj etc;2 hours R&D work at sadgun work sailed past smoothly; Unable to work for long time; Known about facebook title spidering in google; Posted chances missed at blog;
idea of some sir names to load;
Rina came told ; mom;Srilatha;devasahayam;marathamma;

Days field calls;
1.Bandar mithai first week
my camera pic of golkonda fort

Golkonda fort
2.shivam rice depot(sticker kept there)
3.chips guy
4.muscle pic took
5.varsha driving school
6.Moon chemicals(Hope again)
10.Avishkar(2 days)
11.gandipet sro
12.DW balaji
some of the traffic ranks;
the hindu 128
naaptol 132

worldwide ranks;
match 316
bestbuy 344
naukri 429
expedia 458
meetup 467
monster 470
ndtv 473
gaadi 476
glamsham 483
Night alexa big keywords R& D did;posted entries; night hicourt advocates association web site with 9000 entries known;Friends entries edited at blog;


11th september post tuesday;

palvayi govardhan reddy
lagadapati rajagopal
150 days
 allout ultra;
purchased dettol handwash; brought milk to home;
Got up very late; seen some movie titles at andhrajyothi news paper later purchased it; shocking news is one fish died at home;
Morning Gta irritated me at home for keeping lungie felt very much annoyed and retaliated felt tense; pen got wasted by gta after fall;till 1 pm at home;help of Sana documentation guy noted ref of reddy;seen incharge lady at kapra sro; unexpected success story for the day;earliar sticker help known; 5 more new stickers plus visiting cardas  below the mirror;

Durga called krishna also had chat known about family property isue; called satyam called nrn;called gandhi;
 my own camera pic of osmania univercity building

raju chikkadpally idol seller;

finally this vegitable also in my collection;kakarakaya;
 turf clubs,breeders info posted to blog;kakarakaya pics;loaded few more pics;
My visiting card looked  very beautiful today;
days calls; rice dealer
sunil enterprises(surprise success) asked to call back; jains;
Sunder documentation
Om sri sai ram motors
professional driving school
car track(asked to meet on saturday)
R.ranjeetha b com ,llb
V R Paints(yesterday)
Family Pharmacy(y)
Earliar calls were successful ie
G.V.rami Reddy
Sai documentation
sloka siddi poly plast
saileela enterprises;


10th sept post

morning spark academy  english poster brought home; evening raju ganesh idols pic took and some idols story known moving idols;to check that goel medical shop guy; never ever to touch plus 60 kgs at rx thats new point for the day;white saree of GTA for the day;night 1 hour net surfing at sadgun cafe it was rush;1 more new id from thre hunger pangs while surfing;

Days important idea is in future blog ids will become very important to flash this idea on news paers to as many ids possible;

friendship did with one security gurad at HRC also seen some trainers; nellore dhoti guy seen at HRC; some colors of race horse owners and some trainers identified;Even after shock at Rx managed field work;
 jaladi venkateswarlu; sro rajendra nagar;

DW failure at golkonda office; at rajendra nagar my number is 44; one sticker kept at rajendra nagar;
One poster seen of tpsjrc;
night at home lot of R& D abt rx owners;jockeys etc; posted;
ip  of stats work continued; sugar level was193;
sedicious content known;

sunday 9th

missed chance to see inthespotlight; and ps mount also missed;uniformity couldnt be maintained;overall 6 more mistakes identified;

10th sept;
Another shock in the morning with someones call ;later ps chouhans ;one more mistake got identified; 3 calls at field work;nrn at VZG;rx attempts edited again;roshnihyd suicide help site;tweetd; evening sugar levles OK;few more movie reviews posted;stats work continued;
culhane vijays f(last time winner)
1.azkynthos(not winner) trainer,3.cent percent(not winners)
4.Ranthambore(not winner)
6.vijays champ(winner)
7.rising power(w)
8.silver silver(b)
9.spirit of mercy
10.agnibaan(became rd)
11.brunello(last time winner) symphony
14.borsalino(lost by short head)
15.lughting eyes
16 attribute(became third)
17.chemin defer(became second)
18.ocean and beyond(became trird)
19 volterra(3)
20 smart strider(#) strider aquired taste(lost by whisker)
23.pune with nrn;
24.wings of glory9boardout)


7th sept post

statcounter work continued at home; No work day;sucess at RX; Going to hrc is in a hurry; padmanabhans b.prakash strategy seems to have worked;chalapathi called but missed nice bet;called vja suresh;
New confidence again;ajays call recd; nice response had from srijanam; 2 books of tommorow purchased; loaded few more pics; arranged few things to home including vegitables; and chicken; Voltage problem at home; brought new candle and tube light;

last week only one choice of original vel was successful; one favrite at bookie was successful;
telangana journalists forumposter

telanga employees forum poster


6th sept post

 geetha in blue looking very fat?

gta in cap and eye glass looking stange; isnt it? lloks very common after 40 age;

Ok 72 new users; missed to take  venkatesh theatre  hugehole construction picture at morning again Rajus attack had to be faced;purchased 5 news papers from Taj cafe; nice idli with Chutni; called nRN at morning known feedback from him; Morning t velugu good work;
Morning work at ranigunj area 1 hour no closings one steel guy with 40 years experinace became very friendly;Fishes in small pond at home again gta brought them; finally loaded gorres pics;felt very much tired after work;

days pics were narayanaguda digging ground;balkampet yellamma temple pic took;Blogging tips site seen and read it; morning nice inspiration had after reading telugu velugu magazine;
major success of the is from yerragadda prahlad entry; velt tired after work may be due to long travel on scooter; stats ips work continued this day too and response seen for the first time;
Days income sourse missed in the form of "quick enough"poor planning here felt depressed here for missing it;
Read this blogging tips site surprised with  traffic rank dailyblogtips;1346;;5769;  my blooging must improve from now isnt it??night childrens were shouting out side home; Neibou reddy met had discussion;his grand son sri charan reddy;

so far 1340 ips tracked;shopping did with Gta arguments here; due all sort of troubles of the day had indulged in twice;


5th september

Got off to a flying start with 88 new followers;very quickly scanned 5 dailies;net is slow;read about kalyan jewellers posted entry for them  pics took from FB ;planned the day; lets see how day progresses; Met sreejanam and gave him my resume;

 While on my work i interviewed this guy he said makes around 200/- per day in shining knifes good proffession;

Near my home at narayanaguda one tyre puncture shop guy feeds this goats i have seen them growing from small ones

Busy road near khairatabad  circle most of the sign boards hub;

Morning took some prints from sadgun did around 18 fields calls some hopeful had for future; visinting cards collected; afternnon sugar levels were not encouraging may be due to more rice intake;

also worked in the evening;1 hour surfing at sadgun;night boys took chanda for ganesh idol;


4th sept;tuesday;

few things have been forgotten;i will come back to update stay tuned; finally water rates known from that guy;covered sultan bazaar; rx attempts analysed;head itching solved after head bath whats this?
tremendous support had from GTa today; say 2k give them discount;

rains information at tv news seen;
days stats analysis gave good insight;
days choice; i chisty won;
renual prints;yesterdays prints;
battery to cell;
NRN gandhi;
calls at tilak road;
future plan pls;
Bio data to srijanam;
buy hindu;
rx books;
few more new pics;
consolidate;tweets pls;after dailies;
what abt stas;statcounter?
4th september
 Ips tracking work continued ;Gta helped in typing 3 entries;field work successful; 1 sticker at medical shop; Morning after reading new paper pics of rain impressed me so i wanted report in the same fashion in future;google continued to spider my blog;some more phone numbers posted to mynellore what could not chiieve in last 12 years manged with others data;

pragathilive tv channel ad seen and reserved it; read  new daily srijanam; cand called them;with drawn cash from atm and poured petrol;teluguvelugu monthly purchased; morning 4 more new pics took;2 prints took  from sadgun;refil purchased; 
sultanbazar where small houehold things can be purchased
New thulasi plant at my home door

we strolled from Abids to koti seen this Cocconut Sweet must be very tasty but sorry we are diabetics cant eat hows this pic?
shopping for new shoe did at metro foot wear also purchased new hats and umbrella;long walk from abids to sultan bazaar then back to home;Read business world; loaded pics of days entries;