Tuesday, April 07, 2020

What CAN you do during the Coronavirus shut-down? best tips

What CAN you do during the Coronavirus shut-down?  
Althou its very difficult to pass time in India where total closedown is on for long time we still can pass time with following activities;

Catch up with friends, on the phone or on social media  in this way i built best friends and  reunited with some of my family members;
Piece together a puzzle
Try a new recipe
Play a board game
Take an online course
Do a craft
Organize your home;
surf the net; consolidate your strong point;
learn best survival tips 
watch movies; listen to music on wink app;
 learn how to create youtube videos; learn how to tweet; learn how to post instagram story;
Watch bear grills adventores on Tv;

Figure out what you really want to do. ...
Nuke procrastination. ...
Get your compass straight. ...
Socialize. ...
Put off your boredom. ...
Learn something new. ...
Cut off distractions. ...

Fill schedule holes.

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