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Best Digital Marketing Agency In  Hyderabad Call 9347107468
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Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017

suryaelevators  t ids;
EEnadu ad given;
Met Candys  new guys;
Sri jay sankar catering;

31st March  friday 2017; hevalambi year;
Heat continued;
Had good lunch;
called Dtp ramababu; NRN:
neibours came heba; mom; boy;
water bottle got exchanged;
again arguments at home;
Day gone ;

Had exposure of BIRRDS hospital;
Met Sekhar Bhai; 
Few entries posted;
Vijaya boarded Flight;
edited April vetuku issue;
tention again;

30th  Thursday March 2017
sri balaji agencies orders got;
Water purifiers;
took JDVF net prints;
Met MGR mall;
Met pets followup;
KVN guy at office;
2014,15,16,17 closings analysed;
Ebroidery lady;
DW Ramu rejection;
Bhargavi home shoppy;
met gopi and new idea of lord ananda Nilayam;
met gama;

29th March 2017 wedday ugadi day
100;Puja dravyams; dress skills; temple Visit;
Set Eenadu papers at office;
FP:JDVF Prints;
add sk shopping zone; Kakinada khaja;
sk frame bid pls; Heat?

28th march Tuesday  2017Again edited list;
Watched cricket match;
Pending blogs posted;
Hair color;
Be tweeter to celebs;
V store;
Innovate; Fire;Medicine;Language; Transport;
get few more papers to office;
activate narayana catering;
Jdvf prints;

27th Monday march 2017
Luckey 3 ayouts for the day;(fishes; Caterer; prince)
lady super market;
satya mess;
Took Eenadu papers to office;
Khan mobile;
Prints took from Cafe;lenivi retrieved from cafe;
Puchased Hair color; Note Book;Lappy 3 g activated;
Few things for home arranged;

Good sleep in after noon;


26th sunday march 2017

vartha panchngam Ugadi book and ads listed out; sakshi ads; Visited rajampet; owner lady menace; youtube videos incom article bu eenadu; Travel stress;Bahubali prerelease function seen;

FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2017

25th saturday; March 2017

Unlisted g plus to list;
prince; gamaa;
use ph; whats app;
Tell pyramid;
telma -H
the hindu;


Top 100  clints prints;
Activate g plus kakinada  kaja;
keep sabjan;
 # 13 3- 291/A NAWABPET., Tirupati,

new calls pls;

How to lead successful life;

24th Friday;march 2017

Top 100 to listout;

Tweeted; abt attack;
#katamarayudu realease;
very late to field; suffered for lunch;
closed 2 deals; kakinada khaja; saabjan;
Bhargavi home shoppy brother met; Cool ac; another a/c;
Plaantains 30 in tirupati;
Sai padma;
ghadbad continued at home but retaliated;
friday effect
whats k l univercity too many adds;

*** left over unlisted google to attack;
attended office; Visiting cards filing continued;

Munawwer; chinna; ash; RKN; Janamithra have replied;


23th march :Thursday 2017

Candys school failed again;
Added few more addresses to list;
Long chat at  office; with Job guys;
Seen home with Gta;
Mobile ph cover;

>>>vasthu guys closing; later g plus activation but missed flat number;
Visiting cards filing in office;

25th march friday 2017

prince Tailors;

24th march friday 2017

5 new calls;
use ph; most;
Sri sai ads;


22nd march wed day 2017

Sarees; pic;
Raunaq evening;
slv fishes;  use ph;
Gama night
Prince Tailors

See April Eenadu at office;
Further consolidate jdvf;
Meet Saabjaan;
Bhargavi Home shoppy;
sai pADMA PIC;

Tweeted abt miss leading ads; Edited candys and Raunaq;
whats app chat;

MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2017

21st March Tuesday 2017

21st  March Tuesday 2017;

Watch 1 month of EEnadu;
Data consolidation work;

VLV fishes; NVR handlooms;
Heera mart;

Stats prints of loka ads;
satakarni Movie;

Use phone effictively; Call Few;
See old Eenadu July 2016; 
Save new; AtP;KNL:KDP:

Buy Becomplex; Odonil; Mosquitoes gel allout;

g plus sadguru;

SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 2017

20TH mARCH mONDAY 2017

kanchukota failed ycp failed; tv9 analasys; Kabela;
Very hot in morning rs 30/- ;
Furniture; gama; Mr ads;
Madyam Shops closure A Real surprise?
MLC Elections; results;
Nice image from munawwer;

Owner ladies interactiona real surprise;
Walker naidus surprise interaction;
Afternoon seen addresses again in A/C spent nice time;
Met Munawwer; Heard Asaduddin oyc video; 
khan saabs salaam?;
long  innings  of pujara seen;


19th March sunday 2017

SUNDAYS record activated  Sai Padma; and Dr mahal saree shop g plus;
Met fish guy; Mssaged Chinna; ash; mun;
Arranged chicken;
2 g plus activations; sai padma; dr mahal saree shop;
consolidated jddata; 
watched cricket;
long  innings  of pujara seen;
launch of 2 shops;

18th March saturday 2017

heeramartonline;heerajewellery taken;
Seen last 6 months blog;

See Mr ads night;
Watch Eenadu ads in office;
Further consolidate;

17th March friday 2017

Night bouncer from Gopi; Depression after Kamalakar; and poor response from field;

Met S K Frames some hope emerged;;
Morning calls hope from Sweets; New call;
Tailors; cloth shop;New call;
ladies tailor;New call;
Furniture New call;
exposure of new area;
Very hot day!


17th March Friday 2017

New calls pls;
Further Consolidate;

Venkata Padmavathi Traders
# 37 38 New Tuda Complex, 
RC main Street, RC Road, 
Tirupati - 517501, Anamaih circle

Sri Radheshyam Traders
Shop no:8, 
Municipal Complex, 
Indra Maidanam, 
Tuda Office Road, 
Tirupati - 517501, 

Opp Indra maidanam


16th march 2017

Flower guy and events knowledge;
Good knowledge from Munawwer sit up; Hot day;
Morning calls include;

2.KKR Furniture;
4.Super Markets;
6. A to z;
7. Photo studio;
8. Gama;
9. Florist;
10. Met Mr ads;
11. gangaram; 1 week;

15th March wed day 2017

Data must reach 500;
load lulu;
seen camera guys web site; 100 plus data;
Mr ads;
That New super market;
g plus issue;
telma H;

14th march Tuesday 2017

Bit early to field; 1. hopeful from Vinayaka; 2. Sri padma ? 3. Nice info from Candys; 4.Refac; 5.New A/C. 6.Camera centre phones; 7.Ananad Reddys cell; 8. M r ADS; 9.RAUNAQ rECD VETUKU; KNOWN ONE SUPER MARKET; ENROUTE;
10.FASHION JEWELLERY SHOP; 11. VLV fishes; sunday; 12. Meetup with Balaji;

Office visit; Money crunch? Few more people received Vetuku; Munawwer missed again;

SUNDAY, MARCH 12, 2017

sunday ads 12th march 2017

Turtle holdings


13th march 2017 monday

New Lulu sucess; Met sri krishna;Sai krishna ; Took prints from Cafe; Mobile format work;

12th March sunday 2017


Most of the day at home but data improved;

saturday 11th March 2017

At home unable to go

FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2017

10th March friday 2017

Consolidated jdvf  data further in the morning;
5th day of vetuku despatched  but no response at all;
Balajis call and day is gone;
Met Haier call;


9th march thursday 2017

met Naga sai;
Supplier; Evening;
Reddeppa naidu;
Cfe 50 addresses;
Ram kumar called;
rafi called;

MONDAY, MARCH 06, 2017

8th wed march; 2017

8th wed march; 2017;

Sadguru closed;
met supplier;
Met maya bazaar;
Naga sai ;

MONDAY, MARCH 06, 2017

7th march; 2017; tuesday;

SriDevi plywoods; 
Srivari aluminium;
GCR photo studio;
Naidu DW;
New lulu;
sai padma;
sk shopping zone code got later activated;
Took net prints;
Night addressses work from home;
still behind Tiffen requirements;

a/c put on;

SUNDAY, MARCH 05, 2017

6th March Monday 2017


6th March Monday 2017;
1.Tried Munawwer;2. Nainar gopi;
3.Came back to Tirupati Seen Nagarjuna movie;
First day of AP assembly;
4.Met Chinna;
5.Tasty egg curry;
6.Got payout of Global ad size problem but met two guys there and had exposure;
7.Met Vrdhan florist mamamia and had good feed back on bouquets;
8.Met Anand and had his feedback;
9.again problem from house owner lady;
10.Met furniture guys at RC road; Same guy; card recd from chinna;
met birds;
papers released;
gave papers to office;sadguru venkatadri express;
called mr ads;

5th march sunday 2017

Ramkumar dint turn up;
Finally recd papers took help of auto guy and lodge boy and submitted to RMS
Disturbed sleep; had dinner at Amaravathi hotel;
One more marriage call Ramana;
Visa problems  of usa news in EEnadu read;
Auto charges to collectorate high cost morning;
msged to gta on whats app;
one new launch in nlr magunta layout;
Scanned Zaminryot; lawyer color issues;

SUNDAY, MARCH 05, 2017

4th March saturday 2017

Segregated wrappers and counted; Electricity explotion at morning shifted room to down floor;
Tie up with Ram kumar has fetched did 9 field calls;
Optical guys 2;Scin;
Dentists 2;
By night cheque got passed so paid madhava printer;
Lot of ideas by Brahma reddy at night;
morning went to see Nrns daughter; Purchased insulin and needles;
Some new ideas for business;
Girl employees; Wedding and Death  anivarsaries;
Birth Days;
spirulina; shilajith;
Bramha Reddy;
Employment news;
Bhakthi ads;articles;
yatra special;


3rd March friday 2017

3rd March Friday 2017;
Already minus by 18 calls;
Leg Pains unberable;
NRN asked favor and oblized;
Took rubber stamp;
Manage some field  calls;
seenaiah called;Ram Kumar called;
nellore jdvf list;

Retrieve some addresses;
To see wrappers; 1 hour;
Ram Kumar ?
Jyoth y ad pls;
Fund availability;


2nd march thursday 2017;

1st  and 2nd March call ave already gone; ??;
Gtas help got again;

But initiated March issue and got Municipality cheque in hand and deposited cheque had some hickup here; To keep NAZ in postal list;  Morning body pains; Rubber stamp work initiated;

>>>>DTP work got completed anyway;

google some listings;
Meet seenaiah; SR:

1st march post 2017 wed day;

In a hurry reached Nellore  boring journey Tv menace  forgotten laptop charger Mouse later with gta initiation got them back; recd Municipality cheque; With NRN met SRO; Komala vilas closed and manager died; Calld rambabu; bata chappal purchased; very hot day;

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