Thursday, October 31, 2019

Peptalk for digital marketing;

Portugese sailors; vascodegama; navigation

I must speak for 20 hours minimum;

13 hours completed;

Beat around bush; Touch 1000 points related  issues ; from different angles; strategy; all over again; re phrase; use synonyms; summerise; practice; Wrap it up; Conclusion;

Hi iam ramana ; i have 20 years of internet Marketing;
iam a blogger; seo specialist;

So far helped 5000 business people and busines so far in India and abroad;

I have been  closely  watching & exploring Internet technologies;  I have seen how companies have grown  from scratch to  leaders in their domain. 
I hve seen worldwide curriculam and designed  course;
Mobile marketing is important; mobile commerce;
sheduling you content;
Digital  Marketing is a florishing industry worldwide now;  As no university is teaching  this course,   There is a huge  demand for  Digital marketing professionals. There are 20 lakh jobs and many other business opprtunities  in this field.

patience and passion to  learn and strong will power to succeed in life. 
you need to be a blogger; content writer;
Planner; step by step slowly.
Adwords management and SEo;

latest developments of Digital marketing;

Pep talk; Vocabulary; visibility please; Embarassed; Essentials; intimidating; 10 x;  as simple as possible;  Optimised;  convertions; dont feel bad;

googlekeyword   planner;  Brazil;   visibility;   bring traffic;  not dead; analogy;  Dont guarantee; post more in morning;

twitter is for news;
get Job; show initiative; twitter is for large brand;
target companies;
Search as search engine; know is CEO of tech companies;
follow companies; retweet their tweets;

I have  11 years experience; and have 2 20 followers base; you need to post best emotional stories; Movie related issures; breaking new; use of @; Cell ph number is very important; dont allowe 2 people to tweet; see analytics; ask for support; Keep a nice bio; keep photo and Video tweets;

Research shows that Tweet copy with fewer than 50 characters generates 56% more engagement than Tweet copy with 50-100 characters.
Jump on Relevant Trending Topics.

Take Advantage of 280 Characters. 
Tweet frequently.
Optimize your posting time.
Post visual content.
Utilize hashtags.
Engage with replies, retweets and tags.  Use pintrest; post trending emotional content;


Facebook; confirm ur vanity url; boosting ads are must; adwords; maps dash board management;;  keywords; reviews and; keyword setup; posts; etc;

14 years blogging experience; you must be a good content writer; Image keywords;
post nice photos;  Good bio;


3. youtube;

4. Blogging;

5. content planning;

6. whatsapp;

7. When to post shedule; 

8. Engaement; and content;

8. facebook;

10. twitter;

11. pintrest Photos;


13. link building;

14. email marketing; There are videos; mail chimp;

15. linkedin;

16. observing big sites and celebs content;

17. conduct audit;

18. interview preparation;

19. ORM;

Become proficient in digital marketing and applied analytics to maximise the ROI of your business through digital marketing platforms and tools.


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