Wednesday, August 01, 2012

july 2012

31st july 2012

No sleep at all over night; Silence from the morning;long wait at Com tax yet one success; restless throught the day;during the long wait some calls and pic s took at chikkadpally;pics loaded at night;silence continued at night even; at last had nice sleep and rest;
double indulgence again;
MONDAY, JULY 30, 2012

30th july

while watching stats new idea emerged IE those who are already clients like "Yogaprabha" pictures can be taken;Managed and reduced indulgence for the day;RINA was interested in moped of shreya;

Gagan narang bhoni; abhinav brindas failure;NRN told of huge income with industrialists; With Kameshwar rao(rakjakeeyaraasi) took his cell number rao discuttion failed another financial Lacuna of NRN cameout;
Some more new faces identified at hyderabad with NRN;

Deputed GTA for few needed things for home;How psychos are developed TV 9 programme watched;
Night unexpected situation turned out voilent reaction from gta for asking her to tell the incident in cut short method,later got disturbed and night sleep got totally disturbed;

 this guy seen selling flowers at my galli i took this pic he doesnt know this;

Wall poster of near sbi narayanaguda;
Morning NRN said about rail accident later seen TV coverage ; NRN came very late  on the field work got some commitments; Narsing raos hunt again for money; GTA joined back home brought tablets etc; some kind of uneasy from the morning; leg pains and back pain;
Gandhi and satish have called;took 4 more new pics from market and loaded them; stickers work continued at field; Some problem near my home as cleaning woman  draws big muggu for us this seems to have triggered neibour for small muggu for them; Heavy itching discomfort and GTAS expectation for working on it;
NRNs smoke is getting heavier i had to inhale in the bargain and bear with horrible stink; Up dated list people who have died in my life;

SUNDAY, JULY 29, 2012

29th july sunday

This picture of banana bandi took from near by the place i live
look at this guy makes living by selling ground nuts and Phalli-batani near green building this is how many poor people live in hyderabad

Quickly scanned 2 dailies;arranged chicken etc; recd chalapathis call;posted yesterdays blog leg pains increased;Chat with kamalakar;seenaiahs call recd; frequent calls to gta;
Organised blog pics further;attended RX missed lunch;great performance by An aquired taste; Night chalapathi and krishnaiah called;

FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2012

27th,28th july pics VARALAKSHMI VRATHAM DAY;

Near my home narayaaguda hyderabad

This boy sells  buiscuits

Fisheries building near Rajendra nagar hyderabad

Gomatha puja pic of wall poster

So many plastic items for sale

Vara lakshmi days muggu

28th satday post akkural

green leafs(aku kural guy) in my galli

 Vara lakshmi pooja at my home
aku kural guy yesterday!

27th july

Good morning  bloggers! happy #vara_lakshmi_ vratham and  get lot of blessings from goddess lakshmi the consort of Vishnu; During the wait for NRN seen shobha de s blog; and some other blog;(mediacrooks) lot new energy for field again;Olympic tweets sent for kajal ;festivity celibrated at home;

Track eagles tip Centpercent his days best won again at 4/1  thank god i dint go rx seen results;
Major commitment at green building failed due to that we decided to go to shamshabad so that has fetched; almost 30 plus new stickers kept at nice locations and shamahsbad sro; while going to shamshabad seen one new area(Bahadurpura) way to golkonda sro; and begumbazar area;Fear due to speed byking;
added few links to blog;
Nrn dropped me at lakdikapool; and also told of his 1 st august tour plan;
tweetdosts!neibours donation to gomatha was too huge;
many new pics added for the day; chalapathi called and interacted;
shamshabad data of Document writers posted with pics

Neibour hood Baby

GTA mixed up with galli ladies quite easily thanks to initiative;
neibour girl (marwadi came home sonu)


26th july post;

This guy with shanku on vara laxmi pooja day

Neibour RK said about scooter purchase  it made me insecure?;Rx card seen one selection at Pune finally it prooved a costly failure but new point had anyway;arguments at home abt my drinks;2 more new pics added for the day later 3 more added;left over pics of yesterday posted but NET is dangerously slow;NRN called
Work with him  fetched some results  ; broom stick lady pic ;buiscuit guys pic; generic drugs  discussion with gta at home; in morning tried to check statements from SBI but no person there;new managers seat seen; way back took few more pics from the road;

2 more commitments had from field work with NRN;vegitables purchased for home at snehas garnd dad; Lot of arrangements at home for festival GTA seen her in weak condition; with NRN to  old office few leaflets stickers rythu bhoomi calender  SRO calender took helped  NRN with bag; ONe pic took from Office; purchased banana at night;

@ RX 500 ^10 can be huge income; long chat with seenaiah told categorically; chalapathis call recd;
Spam attack deleted finally successfully at night;

New door curtain at home with mala and mango leaves decoration

On chat with Seenaih noted death of chaitanya prabha owners death;days id is sanzyme;

25th july wed day

Sun flower Oil brought from Ganesh traders plus some powder seen him selling some more nuts etc;Umbrella problem was clearly visible; some other lady joined lady cobbler; sudden Police checking near marvadi and milk shop;
Munching need noted;sudden change is pune Rx added in;
net became bit slower need to go back to get Curd on rain;
hyd races imran and ps chouhan began quickly;

Ramzan season fruit

Gua fruit seller at shadnagar

Best apple ever seen on road

Alu bukara whats this?

Oranges on road
some discussion at ganesh traders outside;abt trains;on top;

25 july post pan card providers in hyderabad

Sleep failed suddenly and long wide awakenand alone ;decided to go to shadnagar  slept at travel one success there;d w renewals  failed miserably unable to walk for long time noted had to retire early this one is looking very problamatic bus journey very best; that lady cobblers pic took coffee guys pic gave good response; tiffen at home  had heavy rice intake due to possible left over;some one died but failed to take that pic it was very sudden anyway;
morning fired nadaswarm guy;hey some of the near by areas ppl are watching me;

videos of prathibha patil heard again 3 times in morning thanks to net at home;

called Madhu had his feedback;many stickers stiking work did at field;
Gta came back at evening  fired her for no call;pedalo failed??
some of wall posters pics took this time thanks to camera and net at home;
after rejecting Rajus call at night no feedback from him; no call from chalapathi even??

Long work after field work posted 14 districts info at blog which was saved from long back;
many pics took on the field majority fruit vendors on pavement;
my blog pics need to be saved that threat is fast emerging need to seriously think on this;

did my venkat ramana name of vendors saved me today? well thats new turn;
sudden request of oil emerged at home;
sudden threat fro GTA on Ega;ATT file created for the month;
news of madhu leaving hyd; shadnagar looks more potencial 50 of hardware shops;
call from tirupathi hotel guy edited his request later;
Thank god camera is working again;

25 th july posts

theres plan to go to shamshabad after taking prints;

TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2012

24 th july post sro serilingam pally jurisdiction

Some kind of uneasy in the morning; called nrn,Gta,gave cheque to NRN and settled amounts;gave cylynder to hostel guy no money from him; kiran and kishore met new chance emerged for TV;edited leter again with NRN and Madhu thanks help of sadgun guy; lalith posted pics on FB seen all of therm also of Connie;power problems had to be faced at cyber cafe no prints i gave my land number and iam the president now;camera is ok finally afetr meeting srinivasa studio  guy;

searched for olympus waranty card at home but in vain;software of olympus instlaaed on computer only faces were there;RX book hyderabad purchased; sudden heavy hunger pangs at after noon managed with Alu samosa dhai vada; second day no field work and income; seen most of TV coverage at night;
Night call from Raju for some work rejected; repair work fetches; NRN suddenly changed his mind why did i ask? to be more careful;

Morning checked all bangalore books for second runs soem hints had  of life later seen some bangalore sunday rx  vedeos;

22nd sunday courage in red day

Gta was upset whole day finally she got ok prepared food etc;At rX new point is  those who have failed at cramped odds have to win again and gain confidence of connections;courage in red and in the spot lighthave won for the day money needed here; track eagles blog seen his daysbest dancerella won;  golimasters days best missed on objection but place is ok;
Aagain to memebrs enclosure dynamics seen; gudur sridhar reddy called at morning; chalapthi missed to back adelric at 5 's ;final countdown story anyway sucessful that fall story haunting again mystical it is really; felt tired after long standing; nice enjoyment with chalapathi at  Madhaushala finally;

Double promos have to be checked again Klipsinger; Won full JP;good drinks at madhushala;
tried to go to eega movie but failed;

23 rd july;monday;
Unable to wake up in the morning due to heavy intake of overnite ;
camera gadget got repaied but still some problem there some funny sound need to be checked again; called GTa; seenaiah; kamalakar chated; finally to eega movie at shanti theatre; no link from fly;very interesting dual noted;
Owners request couldnt be solved for the day yet ok;
Repeated calls from NRN:royal stag is really very soft;
yes yes;
call from chalapathi ;
pressing guy old man asked whats wrong;

SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2012

22 sunday bangalore st leger day

Got up with some un known fear in the mind;on the way to cofee asked tailor he escorted and interacted;On eenadu seen many pics on rain coverage; GTA silent;Sridhar reddys call;seen odds; pleasant atmosphere;brought  banana to home;
To see as how day will progress from now;anyway let me plan;
to see  chalapathis move of the day; NRN;Future plan; days ids work ; prepare RX; Cash on hand position;

Days rx strategy;
same joc winners again JP;failed fav; lifes second runs;best owners connections;

winners same jockey;Torloco;Klipsinger;
Fai Fav; Ice stone; VOltera;Corage in red;

21st july saturday s post

1.Arranged milk,purchased 2.Insulin updated yesterdays blog and also 3.updated expenses statement;
day planned 4.received NRNs call; 5.posted pending pics;this is how the day is developing;6.seen odds;
heavy 7.flow of  water in Nala seen but camera pic was not Ok so deleted it;

8.Paid Land phone bill;9.cacellation of railway ticket did(so theres surplus money on hand;; 10.Water arranged at home;11.RIM recharge did;
Some arguments at home have emerged;Camera failed again needs quick repair;??? enquired great weekly; Power cut was not there so work progressed on net;
days ids;loreaflorist;goodsonweb;merimaggi. 1401.batteryhelpline;
12.3 more new ids into fold; 13.called Chalapathi;  sir;

  13.Heavy pain the ribs region is quite annoying no body to help me;
14.RX read about ITSL(inthe spot light;
15.Neibour girl came played with land phone gave her chocolate failed to take pic;(Unexpected one)
16.called chengaiah Worst handling of phone by him; Call from mama and sunitha recd; Gtas dynamic  interaction noted;
(yesterday sankyo called me)
chalapathi said Rama chandra called; Rajnigandha guy at HRC asked his name;
From this moment situation began to change; Called Nrn he dint  turn up;late to HRC missed one good bet;Chalapathi came very late he too missed bet; 4 of my attempts have failed  and thus the depression; Chalapathi gave some cash for next day; New points for the day are Failed favrites; Rina came to home; Some time spent at HRC for next days preparation will it help me to be seen;Lot of weight on hand it must help;
Very successful day;recd check from NCC later developments seen with NRN known;2 more success stories at field work; Night met chalapathi and exchanged views;to take over fully nice chance again for sunday;interacted with Driver asraf; had to suffer long wait in car;
ncc company
NCC building near durgamma cheruvu madhapur

This pic is on the way to banjara Hills road no 1
Failure at challa with nrn;brought Ginger pickle to home;missed lunch;GTa sisters pic seen;

FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2012

19th july post durgamma cherucu NCC company

Some fruit seller at banjara hills

Near water works

Green building nampally
Followup did at NCC; lost interest to work later; Erragadda followup did;few more pics from market took;Night discussions with Chengaiah;morning great andhra site seen; new areas exposed;desiopt;garudavega;kmfnandini;


18th july post

work near gandhi bhavan and green building;lot of interaction with 2 officers;lekhasthram at jalamandali; met chengaiah and seenaiah at night; read 7 dailies coverage on online fraud;

18th july post

Morning recd coverage of online fraud from 5 dailies;Call from seenaiah and blank call from arstologer; also had to talk to durga;call from Prahlada also recd; dhobhi gave kapada pressed but change problem emerged;
Look at those sketches muggulu one maid does this work find the difference in those 2 works; she gives more care to important people;
Power cut delayed my work for long time;Sudden arguments at home for coins;

things are down for internet phone bill and land phone bill;

TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012

17th july post

Took new stickers then to field work;waited lot at ameer pet but closed one entry thanks to initiation also did few more calls there;seen NCC finally new hope many new areas and hopeful of steel dealers see on the way to madhapur; Met chattis garh people; work with team is succesful again;

ramesh at Rtc x roads closed with 100 crore public money seen news at etv informed immediately to NRN; new areas from erragadda got exposed with nrn and other guy;
;something positive there;during the wait closed one listing of plywoods at mytri vanam;took few pics also there;

Find out whats this fruit but very costly isnt it?

Guys display was nice so i took this pic from Erragadda

kuchutopi; stickers kept at 3 places also did 5 calls and reminded them;
My scooter performance was very gallant for the day; Some snake byte story; last years contributions from same offices seems to be fetching;

After work while returning home it rained heavily i waited very long time below country club bridge it rained for long time so i took shelter near by bar; Deputed GTa at home to buy needed thigs;

MONDAY, JULY 16, 2012

16th july post

NEar Golkonda sro

Golkonda SRO

N( is it running ??
Surprise call from NRN; as per plan took pics of galli and near by areas; retrived few more pics and posted them;Madhu joined to field work;long wait at n9 dint fetch;Chalapathi s call recd;One success story and GHMC  guy gave another date; Morning astrologer also called and his expectation noted;
Sneha was seen in good dress and seen wishing tall guy; Night tention due to nebours fightings; dhana called;
drinks managed from near by place;madhus email; cell; 9490322264,

SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2012

monday 15 th plan

Plan as what gta can do;(bill;gel) and subordinate;

N9 to attend;

market calls;

use cell phone to get back  ans narsimhas; syams  emails ;take galli pic;
attend calls to my cell:;
Take few more pics by camera;

SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2012

15th july sunday Bonalu panduga bangalore derby day post

Read about Cole history on net;Decided to quit attending Chapalthi and it seems to have fetched finally due to number of favrites failed; But it took toll on me too by way of pressure;Aranged Chicken  at home Ripe Tomatoes;had Upma for tiffen;;seen festivity of Bonalu nearby home;Read the hindu and eenadu;banana purchased;

bol race days id;
At rx failed new point is missed an aquired taste a good  choice;;call from astrologer dint attend;
the lucky spinner rx book new book seen ;tweeed; Neibour RKs good dress his family triggered insecurity;
suddenly sound at sytem has gone?; rain suffered day at rx;
Took email of munawwer  by calling him;

(4 of  firm favrites failed  3 won all from suraj);  heard bonalu songs out side; rain at HRC lot of standing and calls to toilet;
(Gta gave coffee;tiffen Upma; Lunch;cloth and dish wash;listening;home cleaning;massage; cloth drying)

cielo signore


Lot of things happend today; Rice arranged for home this time very costly 380/-;Stickers desgn  work completed at sapthagiri  but they said cant mail the design;bol(best of luck) book took arfer race;Again new point in the rx is whose mount is it is counts ;Drinks purchased for bonalu; Ramoji called at last;N9 guy also called need to attend on monday;
NRN s expectation noted for money for byke;Night some problem emerged from Chalapathi on tipping;total disturbance later;
Net uploading became surprisingly speedy loaded few pics;
At home with gTa enjoyed double movies;mirapakaya;khaleja;
Seenaiahs call kamlakar is at fault again;
 4 of firm favrites were successful;

Near narayana guda Nala


14 th july

From the morning fely busy; call from chalapathi recd;some pics loaded again; brought home rs 38/- rice; also brought  drink;enquired pics at srinivasa photo studio;New stickers designed quickly;Arranged water; call from N9;request from NRN for money was irksome; at home Biruva pic took;read The hindu;
prinetr said cant email design;

FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2012

13 th july post

Called chalapathi his trip failed; Lot of interaction at home;field work fetched again;days ids;fbbonline; Old friend Satyanarayana met on road; his cell; 9703316463;pics loaded to twitter;mailed great andhra; nrn byke problem;

12 th july

After nights party at NRNs home got up and quickly took auto bus and again bus reached home safely;quickly loaded leftover pics;Joined field work with NRN success again;purchased TV after few triffles at office;Enjoyed new Tv effects at night;Uploaded few more pics to blog;
At wait during the afternoon edited letter again with the help of Guy at sadgun letter looked even more good this time;Evenih wait and commitment failed again;greatandhra weekly magazyne seen and purchased it also seen indiatoday weekly;
In my absense neibours headache again?;Seenaiahs call; days new ids;rentokit;challahospital;


satya narayana
Night munchings brought by Gta were nice crispy;wished Sneha enroute; NRN gave one new idea of loading leading press ads to check this idea;


11th July post

Sudden unexpected change in nights programme took rest at NRNs home near chiltal seen most of his family pics but missed night dose of Insulin; Met Subbaro old friend from nellore discussion with him and details known also met D.ramana reddy drugs guy had commitment from him; New wine shop exposure near sanat nagar;pothuraju dance snd songs;Chintal area exposure; NRN s byke trouble;Long chat with Chalapathi at night;

Some of the commitments missed at field but new commitments had;Morning loaded some pics to blog;had Dosa but that was not enough;

TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012

10th july post

Morning at home net was dangerously slow; Suguna joined back duty; Lot of uneasy and tention at morning; got up very late;Evening Satish  and sastry met took his pic and had discussion; call from Govind rao received;Work with NRN continued but stoped obruptly;Evening shopping with Gta did;Nrns help and suggestion had at field work; Satish feedback of govind rao had;
                                                          sadgun net cafe gandhi nagar
                                                                   Sastry and stish my friends
Twwetd k;Insulin and tablets purchased;Useful information had from SRO redhills; Morning connie mail recd;evening Mrali mail recd;

9th july post anjaneya statue,ghmc names,ghms rules

Foul crys in neibours house disturbed me at night owners support was immence; Met Raju  at night had long chat; Also met Syam and his gang;tried Excise officials; Long  discussion with NRN at chikkadpally centre;Call from from Sankyo and Chalapathi;
Hanuman jee statue near my galli Narayanaguda

Municipality citizen charter 

Municipality citizen charter 
Good result in the field work also got commitment;

SUNDAY, JULY 08, 2012

owner connections;

1.MAM ; c.rajendra;d k ashish; srikanth;
2.Mallys TRevor
3.D,kahiatan Neeraj; C alford;
4.Arjun Sanjani; P S chouhan;
5.poonawallas; sandesh;
6.Vikram singh;Nirmal singh; Suraj;
7.j appo dwyer;
8.m hyder ali khan Imaran Khan;
10 d Byramji R marshal ruia; neeraj
12.pratap c reddy Sandesh
13.deccan Sandesh
14.deshmukh; imran;
15.d souza;amit caddy;
16. prakash;shrkes;
18;F Dasilva ;Dhariwal;

SUNDAY, JULY 08, 2012

8th july sunday post

*Fish arranged at home at morning also seen huge fish at shop; Rinas birth day she and her sister came came;Again new point at Rx; Suraj Torolocco suraj Icelander; Owners connections always  prove dangerous; Chalapthis shied away to tell results; Success with In the spot light loss tip ; astrologer called  for results and selections and  for J.P; No Oil at home to fry cheicken  at night and insecurity?;
Over action Of NRNs friend at Janatha Bar?
Positive feedback from Chalapathsi sir for catching a loser; barely missed J P Nrns confidence gained anyway; Furher need to track down single winner in a race;

Stongest owners connections to identify from now;

this guy brings groceries to my home


Heavy shout at morning before reading news paper;Morning raju met and told about Death news of "Laddu" old child hood friend; Gandhi and NRN came home had Tea; Success of 3 choices at Rx today; Some poweders and chutney wasted at tiffen;
At Rx new points; Track work seriousness;suraj; Old tie ups of Ratham story ex;J.S.Dhariwal. Pure elation again new point;Call recd from astrologer; After noon lunch missed night dose of Insulin also missed;
One commitment at field work got for monday;Chalapathis feeb back continued;Gandhis non cooperation continued;Richas birthday came on sunday;


6th july post

Sucess with NRN work plus commitments got for future; bulb and starter and phenyl arranged for home; mailed to some friends;one response had; called Chalapthi and said; call from Dhana;rain in the evening; Gta pic scanned and saved;

FRIDAY, JULY 06, 2012

friends emails;my recent mail;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,globalpark,,25,,,,28,,29,,30,,,


5th july thursday

Got up early Swiched   fan off ;quickly read 2 dailies had 2 coffes;edited yesterdays blog; ad  in eenadu ; check user names;small icons of social media seen thats  new trend;
Met that astrologer his fitness seen his contacts also known; thats very exiting time again some hope;

Long wait for NRN(during the wait read deccan classifieds and eenadu) later seen his contact some press guy  ;reply had from Sankyo;

yahoo msg recd from gandhi;

  • 4:04 PM
    dont worry many more horses r there to run on behalf of me

  • 4:06 PM
    hi fariend
  • 4:06 PM
    how is gurrala raculu >>>>>>

    suggestion from satyanarayana jalamandali;;(worth nort worth?
    to go ahead with big guys..........L&T,acc,

    bad roadside food with NRN ; afternoon; morning tiffen was good at narayanaguda had interaction.

    night Banana had;slept off; 

  • Near mytrivanam Ammerpet

    WEDNESDAY, JULY 04, 2012

    4th july

     Gta joined back lot of chat at home brought me small red puppy and some mixure;NRN failed again so entire days planning got hayway;read Gta brothers poetry and sent Resume to her bro also seen vijayas fb pics etc; emails collected from friends; ashwins; chandra;

    Some sprinters banana eating news who has beaten Bolt potasium;Evening managed to send courier to Chengaiah and collected few cell numbers of wall posters on the way aruments due to slow swcooter ride later checked them on google. Net continued to be very slow at home triggering lot of time wastage;
    called satish fixed appaointment for tommorow;Gta;chandra;sankyo;saved logos from archive again at sadgun also noted that net was very speed with that system to note number ;(days id shivaslist);Night net R& D did on alexa again new ids to fold were payseal;nangaspace;tyroodr; surprised to see alexa ranks;

    Night disturbance again and missed night dose of insulin; Read sulekha founders about us info;NRN confirmed his trip to hyd;Some of the nizamabad clients added to lablels;Owner aunty was seen at my home and in the morning some aruguments with neibours water usage and ultimatums;No income day but what did i gain really?Chalapathi called at night in a depressed stage re assured him ; Some discovery about life at T V news? tweeted about olympics; Gta talking over cell phone outside long time and left hand handling annoyed me much; Complaint about bad smell by Gta?;
    Days target of reading days classifieds on news papers failed;

    TUESDAY, JULY 03, 2012

    3rd july 2012

    Small sucess at ameerpet later lost interest to work;paid dish bill;B p tablets(telme -h) purchased; back pain again;Morning NRNs cals recd;counted DW more than 500; 2 hours work at sadgun;Chalapathi is is with me from January 12 th 2012;

    Retrived nellore,hyderabad clients data banner clients ;Updated t ids on file 1400 mark;
    Call recd from satish and Astrologer;creerairforce,sigmacabs,
    meru cabs;4422 4422; prajay 66222999;
    after long break first time dress wash at home;
    i passed degree in 1989

    v1st july 2012

    this fruit seems to be available  throught the year; asif;
    Another day work with NRN;small success story few more commitments also got;few more pics
    from work had;Lost temper at some tea shop guy;one rejection and and poor response had;
    double indulgence day;Paid to dust bin guy;