Tuesday, November 01, 2016

October 2016

 Escaped terrorists shot dead news; gta completed November issue; Last day of October;  5th straight holiday; Analysed recent trip; pavan called; Had chat with childhood friends on whatsapp; took few prints from cafe; pens purchased; called Bhavya;


days left over 29th oct; 2016;

Coffee cup; Buy pen;
tom Plan;
emails pls;

Diwali day:
Ekheera t id into fold; Digene took; Even on Diwali day worked hard to consolidate;

3rd day no work; Chanda nagar temple inside pics; called NRN; Singh; Trouble with aswin emerged due his messages to group; he will also reduce now; called dominion madam

Trouble again; Wastage of time? had temple visit; Met mobile shop and checked its entry; night sleep disturbance; collected google standing of some listings;

28th October friday 2016

Keep ad budjets pls; 10 years ahead;
Second day no field work; Byke trouble; Power Trouble; Stomach Trouble; past analysys did again;
fantasiesbakers, anandbazarnx; reply recd from ltmetro; jewelsouk is me; Big trouble and cash spent on byke repair; completed november content; night one old man met; Lof of ads seen in times; during the r&d secbad emails owners names got;
caratlane;bluestone; managed to take print outs of twitter content but trouble there; final act called house owner reddy;
Second day no field work; Byke trouble; Power Trouble; Stomach Trouble; past analysys did again;
fantasiesbakers, anandbazarnx


27th October 2016

ads needed from now;
  Big Buildings on the way to Tolichowki

yashodagems t id and not in g plus; vasavipumps;

mailed to prakasharts;lTmetro;
no work day; November content work began; known what is instagram; dressing shopping did; twitter ch file further improved;

twitter content print;
who are ranking in seo;To begin;
Instagram; Coffee cup;
ph followups;
November content;
fantacies bkers;

26th oct;wed day;

T isd work got further enhanced; tmcdigital,marigoldhotels, athithiinn,abinandgrand,vasavipumps,
7 calls did at market; enjoyed song and dance of iscon people; clip dj songs downloaded;
Eeads saved again making them nearer to g list;

25th October tuesday

Worked  and did only 4 calls one surprise result could hve worked more poor planning again;
By night twitter chronology file comleted; 20 plus data collected again; one Dw writer payout saved the day; 2 g plus activation did for the day; contributed home; Night lord venkanna meramani attended; reduced indulgence; called RDO guy; NRN; seenaiah;

Meditation did at morning; i alone cant make it; need ads;Team;
Surprising vilekhari 26 700 Try big ; COMPLETE SEO;
(sai plus; Big A)
Road no 36;
print of twitter content; read ids again;
Send few more mails; Coffee cup;

Morning reorganised  twitter chronology page and suprprised with it; very late to field work still it has fetched; managed only 4 calls with devi;  2 more commitments got;1 phone call; 2 mails sent;  nose cap purchased on return;
Night twitter content edited;


23rd October Sunday 2016

eatico t id surprisingly got into fold; tweeted anyway with good content this time;
"O pretty princes" anju and her dad came home we took pics spent good time lasted only few minutes;
little care counts;
liver article on eenadu;
heavy smoke at bar ;


22nd Ocober 2016; dr J P reddy nellore

#police commemoration days ad dr j.p.reddy nellore

Night ultimatum given to whatsapp friends group; morning for the first time web nair attened good exposute to technology; by sheer luck hotel payment got but travel strain took; twitter knowledge further improved; night lord venkateswara  chanda nagr oregimpu attended;
Mysore derby card seen; seen Victory hotel web site; called NRN;


21st October Friday 2016


Took another holiday break eak from field work;Meet Flex guy; Met hostel lady;
Prints took from net cafe; todays ids;  zasyastudio;  Bidricrafts;Found that times of india is much stronger than Eenadu in hyderabad;
Bit boredom had;


20th october 2016

rajcllassicinn ,olivemithaishop t ids into fold;

TIPS had on laptop battery charging;
Winter is fast catching up; sweater had during morning paper scan;
only 4 calls did for the day(panja gutta hotel; acu; adhesives)

3 t ids into fold;
 shuld be ok for the day;
good songs enjoyed at home in morning; rail tickets transfer news by ash;;

Dw whatsapp group and clients whatsapp group to begin idea:

Checked statement; Ok; charges for social media projects known;
Scanned quick dailies; twitter r & d again suprised with hotels presense;
again that area to work;arranged things for home change problem;
Did 8 calls; One hope and one commitment have merged; 30 data from field collected; night R&D continued again on twitter;


18th october tuesday 2016

Took total holiday:Acupressure guys entry verified; Nothing in eenadu;
chinna left group? Chengaiah out;
Attended aptech with gta; new thing is learning dreamweawer;

17th Monday 2016;

Took a different turn and covered 4 stations;  2 new arial exposure got;


16th sunday october 20016

Highest adsense earning persons;

how to find worth a web site 

16th Sunday october 20016;

chinna my sisters daughter  created mama sena in my name;
bajajdigital, pvspanmahal ids  took into fold;
instagram crossed twitter a real surprise;;
64 t ids linked in rx page;
kajal agarwal has followers count ;161375
Pune Derby Day; Undecided;
Nrn will arrive call him;
video of anju all the way;
Monday plan; Ok;
Days left over:

Balanagar rx counter visit;
Hair cut is must;
get curd for night;
Night dinner plan;
t ids prints; from cafe;

15th oct satday 2016

Morning had to withdraw amount from bank; Prepared early this time to attend Digital Media meetup  but took new route to reach there; Reached in time surprised with ambience; nice and humorous confient trainer this time;

Seen realtime analytics; importance of affiliate marketing known; importance of emails also known; scanned finely designed broture; this session a really a confidence booster; managed to drop cheque; met few calls got commitments;

Return jouney was really tough with dust and bad roads; on reaching home nice news heard gta got her land patta booksetc; night sit out at regular place was a big head ache with full of smoke unbearable this time;

During the r&d found that google spiders tweets of most follwed one with 3hash tags and pictureswith links; call from sharada sarees received; morning posted one review for sharada sarees; arunwatchco took into fold;

Murali Sanitary;
Darbar Trading ;
Metro rooms;
Chennai home appliances;
The paint shop;
Unique control;

diamondtapes t id;
arunwatchco took into fold;


13th October 2016 Thursday

1.Dropped the cheque anyway;
2.Met kishore again had lunch there;
3.Recharge of 3 g to whats app;
4.met Murali sanitary; Tommorow;
5.nice chat with sarada sarees;
6.call from digital nest;
7.few things contributed to home;
8.prints took from cafe; paytm;
9.Commitment got from astron;
10.Called seenaiah; NRN:
11.Met metro rooms; kishore;
12.Dress press given;

Need to Drop cheque;
ranigunj again;
Hotel metro;

ayudha puja;11th oct 2016 Tuesday

Anju baby

ayudha puja
11th oct 2016 Tuesday;

Wastley improved on few fronts; first being Shailoo family came home and had nice time with them Visiting cards,chocolates, Coins;
water wash managed to byke and ayudha puja perfomed; at rx front lot of  R&d did; tweeted;


10th monday october 2016

Guys with websites are likely to give net ads;
jsbabusilks with me now

Try to catch twitter projects;
Call recd from google;
Ibrahim name made it;
Toolsnd spares;
prakashnagar Sro;
ghadbad near chennai steel; Related tention;
jyothi lights hopeful after divali;
gta purchased lenovo 77;

Miyapur furniture shop; Murali sanitary;


9th oct 2016 sunday; SEO tips;

9th oct 2016 sunday;

anthima theerpu silver jubilee;

Quickly scanned Eenadu collected eenadu ads 10 days ads in archive;
Cat bif fish;oppo; paytm;puja portals info at eenadu;Mebaz has 13 branches awhile bajaja electronics has 27 branches in hyd;
seo tips learnt;
3 g top up did;ashok nagar has nava telangaana;
night whatsapp chat had;
Collect rajmundry ads;
dsim; digital media course;
SEO tips;

Include your “one thing” in the site title, domain name, description, tagline, keywords, blog categories, page titles, and page content.
Include words that reflect your site topic in the image title, description, and alt attributes.
Sites with dynamic content often rank higher than those with static content.
Building audience for my blog;

Meet Furniture shop at miapur;
reorganise Standrad trading co tilak rd;

Do you know the ins and outs of search engines and have skills in platforms like Google Analytics? The owners of a lot of smaller companies don't realize how much of an impact search engine optimization (SEO) can have on their business. Educate those business owners on the power of SEO to help transform their websites into a more SEO-friendly property. Use your skills to show business owners how to read and use their analytics data the right way, 
Larger companies can hire an agency or full-time staff member to run their Facebook and Twitter accounts.With so many responsibilities, business owners are often too busy, overwhelmed or undereducated about the importance of social media to spend time developing and implementing a great social media strategy. As a consultant, you can help them determine the best tactics, posting schedules and content for their target audience. As their follower count grows, so will your business.
There's nothing more off-putting than a poorly designed website, and often, it kills credibility.Mobile applications are more popular than ever, and people are willing to pay good money for ways to manage their lives from their smartphones. 


8th october saturday 2016

May need to activate data card;
Attend social media  meetup;Panjagutta; Plan bit early to avoid traffic;

panjagutta hotel can meet;

7th october 2016 friday

13th ; day in Hyd;
night activated acupressure;
Varsha code misbehaved again?
wished bank guy;
Surpise D W writer at Chikkadpalli also said will help;
shubavsar t id into fold

Ranigunj pls success at alu house later dropped it with another;
Boinpally but code got later activated it;  signal problem at bar;
rami reddy called;

Identified  printer  thats true success; msg recd from social mediaguy;
tweet to swiggy;
Kishore bar chanda nagar boy;

6th octber thursday 2016

6th october Thursday 2016;
Acupressure guy and DW nadeem piad came back bit quickly; again head ache at home;

Hitech; rajendra;
whatsapp group limit 256; no limit on number of groups;

Reviews impact people's buying decisions and the businesses everyone likes a good story;Restaurant was crowded;staff ignored you outright;Horrible experience;Negative reviews draw the most attention;On February 11th, I stopped by;Overall, my experience with the Roadrunner ;
Get the names and ingredients of certain dishes;Document your experience by taking pictures;Briefly describe the product or service;okay food, terrible service;checking for proper grammar and spelling;

255 million active Twitter users generating more than 500 million Tweets per day;
60% of respondents say they’ve made a purchase from an SMB based on something they saw on Twitter.
Reply to @mentions ;
Incorporate humor, inspiration and newsworthy content to draw followers in.

5th october 2016 wedday

Stomach trouble continued; Decided to slowly shift out to social media projects;Prasad Vja called; Rx further developed;Tried Suraram bhatnagars interest in vetuku nice to develop from here; Prashant eye glass guy Bouncer from bharat documentation? started to work by 1 pm; Painful journey new arial exposure again to Miyapur from suraram;

@ whatsapp chat with friends;worked from bar with Laptop vetuku october content saved activated 2 entries of redhills to g plus; ;Nrn   dint call and later he dint lift?? gtas 3 rd days class; night shopping with gta and samosa;
Seen swiggy growth; Jd had 17 verified cutomers for chennai for Dry fruits;
Buyalenovo, marltonhotel  took into fold;

Meeting Social media guys is must today;
Inda pls;

bar guys name;
linked redhills and timings set for g plus verified;


4th October Tuesday 2016

4th October Tuesday 2016;
felizhealth;agramithaiwala mayurpanhouse;udaiomni;buiscuitwaala took into fold;
Scanned yesterday and todays eenadu; Checked sbi;

100;Got back  Slippers; edited entries from redhills;
further linked vilekhari;
called RDO &NRN:

Met SRO redhills; noted few entries on the way; Satish called; Met sro & chintu; this is EVR day; gta continued her dtp class for 2 nd day; Pen trouble; rx file has greatly improved; met ashoka bearings;

Plan to manage plenty of energies on hand;

Morning byke parking complaint evolved;Again lot of R&D did on rx front at home;Cool travel even though  very late t 1 pm still managed 8 calls and 3 closings; Nrn dint respond?; By night prints problem also solved from cafe; Met Kishore; Forgot chappal; Ramireddy responded;

1985 to 2016 ; 31 years;

At Narayanaguda;  Had Upma;
worked on where they have targetted and events from near by cafe;
Scanned Eenadu;Namasthe Telangana; Jhyothi local;
Attended Hyderabad derby; Mehfil was very full with rush;  missed lunch; coming back was tire some;

1st october 2016

Gta gone to meet her collegues so started very late to field and met 8 calls in vain; Recd 1 payout  met satish and Sudhakar; Purchased derby card;

Lord Ganesha  Puja  at my  home 2016

Bhupal Housing colony