Saturday, October 10, 2020

Top selling products on amazon and flipkart

 Top selling products on amazon and flipkart

1) Elastic Exercise Bands

2) Pet Grooming Brush

3. Grill Mat

4) Vegetable Spiralizer

5) Pet Nail Clippers 

6) Yoga Mat

7) Bento Boxes

8) Stain less Steel Straw

9) Stainless Steel Tumblers

10) Muscle Roller

11) Compression Socks

12) Compression Knee Sleeves

13) Silicone Wedding Rings

14) Garlic Press

15) Silicone BBQ Gloves

16) Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

17) Apple Slicer

18) Silicone Baking Mat

19) Silicone Spatula

20) Silicone Baking Cups


Home improvement products ( Iron, Mixer, sweeping mobs )

Led Bulbs



Rubik’s cubes


Building block bricks

RC ( remote controlled) cars

Sports goods 

Home training kits


yoga mats

Sipper bottles



Business and Industrial

Clothing, Shoes, and accessories


Consumer Electronics


Dolls and Bears

Home and Garden


Pet Supplies


Computers/Tablets & Networking;

Mobile Phones



Fashion Accessories

Baby Care Products

Food and Health Supplements


Items of daily use like rice, pulses, salt, sugar, cooking oil, spices, and toiletries are now sold online at a lesser price compared to market rates. For people with little time for visiting market regularly, such an online option is splendid.



suraksha vegitable and fruits cleaner hyderabad

 suraksha vegitable and fruits cleaner hyderabad

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Most uselful accupressure prucucts

 Most useful acupressure products  for Heath care

Thermal Therapy Mat  Rs 8899

ACS Acupressure Mat - I Super with copper  Rs 250

Acupressure mat acs iv 2000  Rs 180

ACS Mat Acupressure Twister Big Disc Pyramid & Magnetic Treatment Therapy (Red) Rs 350

ACS Mat Acupressure Twister  slim and soft RS 450

 Acupressure spring  slipper  Rs 300
Acupressure shoe sole Rs 150/-

Acupressure roller Rs 250/-

Acupressure foot roller  Rs 200

Acupressure body care massager  Rs 350
Acupressure acs roll therapy  Rs 460

Acupressure rope exerciser Rs 500/- 

Acupressure acs hand grip wooden
Rs 30/-
Acupressure acs hair brush vibrator comb  Rs 150/-

Acupressure acs hand excersizer Rs 150/-

acupressure acs back and belly belt 12 magnets Rs 400/_
acupressure acs   cervical  belt neck belt Rs 200/_

acupressure acs magnetic knee belt Rs 240/_

acupressure acs vaccum cupping set of 12 Rs 1000/-
acupressure acs vaccum cupping set of 12 Rs 700/_

acupressure acs multi massager Rs 800/_

Door delivery and COD available Delivery charges extra

call K. V .RAMANA 9347107468

Acupressure was originated in ancient China. It showed superior therapeutic potential against numerous disease conditions. Acupressure is a type of acupuncture. Both acupressure and acupuncture are based on same fundamental principle of acupoints activation across the meridians.

Acupressure therapy stimulates the body's circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems,” explains Kumar Pandey. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, improves sleep, relaxes your muscles and joints, regulates digestive issues, minimises headaches and migraines, and is also beneficial for back pains and menstrual cramps.