Tuesday, January 02, 2018

december 2017

31st Dec; 2017;
Fish arranged ;  night party with Chengaiah; Met kamalakar;
met Gopi; Call recorder installed; Met seret Styles;
night called akka; Satish;

30 Dec 2017;
Met Sri New Andhra got payout;
shopping with GTa for Savaram; chappal;

29th dec; @ TPT;

28th Dec 2017; Travelled back to tpt from Nlr;
NRNs trouble;

27th dec 2017;
to nlr by bus;Trouble managed;

26th Dec 2017;
 Dtp work contd;

25th dec; 2017;

24th dec Called bujji bawa; 

24th dec;2017; Sunday;
23 td dec; 
Dtp work improved;

22nd dec; 
Sit out with balaji;
 Uma called; live in style; srisrisatya head ache;sanagapindi; gas guy came;Curries lady;
trouble of madha solved;

21st Dec; 2017;
Failed at bujji; and Chandra provisions;Sabjan success; curries workedout;
jana tie up for DTP;Jana windows knowldge;
Read roche glucometer manual;

December 25th monday 2017

24th sunday 2017 sunday

jan issue ads posted;

satya chat;
called  bawa,bujji; sai NRN, Pavan;
edited marker of secret;

23rd Saturday dec; 2017;

DTP work continued at night then erox print took later edited it further at home;
secret styles; Buy N save payouts got met; Muneedra; other D W; No Noon Dr;
paid jana;
ravi opticals g plus activated;

22nd dec  Friday 2017;

Major issue is universal a/c solved;  Met Balaji  at Poorna remidies hospotal;
satya connected; Uma called; Satish called; Called sri sri; live in style;
NRN madhav; Mishita events; many of Whatsapp contacts saved;
DTP work and swollen legs;
21st Dec 2017;
Gta activated JIO;
Chandra provisions failed;
Heartburn due to bujji;
Things began to move as sabjaan; yadav and sr success stories;
11  days left for new year;
met jana windows based knowledge;

20th dec 2017 wedday

Attended office;
aprodyt can be claimbed;
deferaction trouble; ok sugar levels;
Attended office;

18th dec 2017 monday

my long pending cheque passed ; gta gold released;
Cell ph updating followup did played Pacman;
 By Evening Accucheck machine recd from mumbai checked sugar levels surprised with high sugar levels; Night edited few things from net;
gave old cell to Koti paid office rent;

19th dec Tuesday 2017

back at home lot of analysys did on sugar levels;
jan 2018 issue ads and content work did from cafe; night Premam complaint solved;
Morning met SRsri;
pavan initiative was ok;
More poised file and 5 keywords can be kept;

20th dec 2017

 met student xerox;
insulin dosage; defecation trouble;
milk to avoid;
ayurvedik tea purchased;
cricket watched;
puligoru lodge;
mohan reddys wish;
near sound problem;

3RD DEC TO 18 TH DEC  2017
17th dec samsung j7 mobile purchased;

2nd December 2017 saturday

Worked at Tiruchanur area; Met Harini later 3 of evemt makers and decorators closed 2; met one caterer;
Met Live in style;
Later to sit out Chengaiah Joined; took  December 2016 Blog prints;


1st December Friday 2017

Morning updated 2 days blog posts from cafe;Forgot the note book at ofice;
paid Pavan; met Balaji Stationary; Met Jagadish ambulence; Mokshagna;