Sunday, May 02, 2021

2021 may

1st may Saturday  2021

Ghadbad at home due to Gta Chinnanna issue; laxman brought Rajnigandha; Night relaxed watched ipl march Chennai vs Mumbai;

Bhaskars milk to Cats;

2nd May Sunday 2021;

Sugar is ok 110; Ajay called; Few incoming  calls continued; Known death of Pulla Reddy Davantharam palli due to Covid;

Poor Chicken; Disturbing  Chinna msgs to Gta; Called Chengamma;

Walked but wound got disturbed;

Reduced A/C in night;

***Services page added to lekhari big development;

3rd May Monday 2021;

Very few ads seen for Eenadu and jyothy; Namasthe Telangana clssified ad is rs 400/_.

Again arguments over dressing @ home; Tried to watch youtube videos but failed; 

No worthwhile development;

Rain news; ipl disturbed to Covid;

4th May Tuesday 2021;

*** After a win  it can take on any big event strategy in Rx has evolved;  Adhaar card updated msg received:

***Top Indian hirses listing work continued:

Night before sleep gave a warning to gta on her Chinnanna issue;

5th May wed day 2021;

Read more details about Secretariat Great Hirse; 

Gta did dressing ;

Chinna messages to Gta  headache;

6th May Thursday 2021; 

Got up very late;

Called Sekhar known things;  wished Sumo;  whatsapp message sent recd 3 replies;

One video of Handicapped guy helping poor people;

7th may friday 2021

Got one jogulamba Gadwal ; called up and known position;

Arguments continued;  Not sent any messages; Vaibhav lakshmi pooja in laxmans house their owner also attended;

8th May satday 2021;

Sent msg;  Call from gta bro recd; Managed Pune order of lady door delivery; More knowledge known about life of a through breads read;

Medium and big machines rates known after meeting Murali ; lekhari pan card and photos prints took; Dressing had done by Gta at night; Chakodi snaks had at evening;

9th May sunday 2021;

Arranged Chicken Allam; Vellulli paste; Kishore called: Called Ajay;

With phone initiave relationships can be developed known after talking to Jafrulla.

10th May Monday 2021;

Gta went to her Chinnanna house; Neibourhood family helped night Roti; Took new Color  Adhhar card print with lamination;

Met GST lady at Secbad return journey by a different riad but return journey was strainsome due to old Auto;

Raghu fathers death news his son responded called Bujji and Bawa;

11th May  Tuesday 2021

Gta came back in evening due to sudden lockdown;

With Sameeksha help prepared lunch;

Satish called conference with Sudhakar had;

12th May wedday 2021

Unexpected sudden lockdown by CM KCR; posted helplessness on net HV jewellers order thali helped to order food; Rain in night;

By night analysed current  power of hand ;

No one is taking initiative; 

To find who has problems and help them if i can;

13th May Thursday 2021;

Managed to walk to road; Pressure had for cooking gas money;Sudden water pump problem had Bhaskars brother came and repaired; Posted Sai on whatsapp status; Managed vegetables from outside; Saved some quotes to Insta;

With Gra help oxymeter content posted; Had chat with Jay ram reddy at night new Niche known;

Guntur lady sent payout;Good informative  discussion on tv9 show in Corona;

Heavy tention and confusion over leg  wound stink and. Known that  in 8 weeks wound will heal;

14th May friday 2021;

3rd day of lockdown; Arguments continued at home; Gave 1 k to gra for dressing material; Incoming calls continued;

Black fungus details known;

Murtuza Royalind corp Ranigunj  guy called up; Few more calls recd ;

Payouts in Rx R &D  work began;

15th May Saturday 2021;

Walked out and  purchased Bata chappal ; Scissors purchased ; Tried to order prawns with apps but failed; Scanned times and Namstetelangana; Posted content to insta; Seen some details and payouts on fav finishing as second and Forecast payouts;

16th May Sunday 2021;

Called Prabhavathi akka; Sekhar; Koti known about mothers health; Removed Balaji from Broadcadt list;

Trouble with neibourhood children rejected their request of keeping cool drinks in Fridge;

17th may  Monday 2021;

Beauty and beast Movie seen; 

Sent Guntur;   Recd calls from evening;  wrapped with crape Bandage;

18th May Tuesday 2021;

Some of the largest wins of horses seen; Sir Cecil 18 lengths win by Neeraj Rawal; Brought Eenadu and Jyothy; fruit buiscuits;  Stomach trouble;  MLC Gowrigani pic saved

Put on Crape Bandage; 

19th May wedday 2021;

Walked a lot brought Chicken; Gas o fast; 20  Syringes;  Highest covid deaths day reported in India; KCRs visit to Gandhi hospital;

Vja Suresh called in night;

Seen videos to learn other languages by speed option on youtube Tamil  key points known; 

Pandu  shown music to app;

Long time Chat with neibour iutside about Puja;

20th May Thursday 2021;

Sannaddam future planning please;

Lockdown further tightened;

4 Dosa Breakfast; no paper; Dharmaiah called; night Prasad Prabhavathi Son called new things known;

Tried to learn languages from youtube; Surprising White beard;

Tv9s interview with 3 commisionarates of Hyderabad had exposure;

22nd Saturday May 2021;

Walked out in morning;

Lockdown rules tightened;

Boredom continued:

Checked some Rx results;

Panic disorder;

23rd May Sunday 2021;

Kamalakar and Dharmaiah have called; long sleep in afternoon;

Mostly confused state;

24th May; monday 2021;

Mallya gave lot of Money so MAm to their followers D Khaitans combination also.

Dr Bhushans tv9 charcha seen;;

Some payouts dividends analysed;

Seen Onion Samisa preparation;

Koti sent Rx scan copy;

25th May Tuesday  2021;

Walked out; Hot day; 

Good move was to buy Eenadu;

Read about War of Arrows kirian movie; Seen Desamuduru movie some time: Known about Tv channels ownerships; Known about Rajnikanth tv9 journalist;

Retrieved some more Rx payouts;

Known about Horse racing countries;

Seen nelloretimes listings and also seen

Democratic Tv channel ad in Eenadu seen then called them;

Some calls received;

26th Wedday may 2021;

Walked again.

Ntv burial ground coverage.TV9 cyberlaws civerage. Continued Horse racing countries, One order of mumbai.

Lost temper. Read wound healing and new things known.

Whatsapp power known, 

Trendinghash tags  info known. Entry posted about jagadish Ambulence.

27th thursday may 2021

Some moranle rx  performamces

Retrieved; Toofan in Tea cup eetela affair  Rajnis show;

Lecious deluvered prawns; Ajay called Hacker movie seen;

Fire crackers app known;

28th  may friday  2021;

Again retrived some notable performances; Read about shiela Byrely stud;

Retrieved many Rx starts;

Known about General stud book American stud book peper back issues seen; Known about Broodmare status in indianstudbook;

Adda cooly hunger problems and Donors coverage seen on eenadu ;

Delhi unlockdown news;

Hicksups many times?

29th May 2021 Saturday;

New covid head gear info known; 

Gave Chocolates to foxy: paid dues of Gta; walked and brought paper;

Incoming calls;

Tea flopped;

30th May Sunday 2021;

Chicken arranged amid huge rush;

Quasar added; Good response had for face shield; further calls recd;

31st May 2021;

4 hours lockdown relaxed; Still info to get for face shield; Someresponces recd;

Sameeksha was beaten by her mom heaviky;  Call from Hollapally sub arayudu about Mitta qas real surprise; Rx r and D continued; Tej brar wordoress blig read very informative;  Elusive pimpernal veo seen;