Friday, May 01, 2015

April 2015

13th april on wards
143rd day;
13 th april;
Edited net letter;
3 closings; Pets,dry clean,jagdeesh;

No net day?
Hair color;
no night indulgence
Night rain;
144 th day
14 th april;
Gtas sisters husband call;
End products on hand listed out;
promo prints took;
Brickes data;
Lenivi prints began;
2 days ET read;
Recent earnings listed out;
Posted 3 entries to net;
14 calls plus 31 data collection;
SRNs call;

145 th day;
15 th April 2015;
telugu leaflet gien for printing;
calls managed;
Continued lenivi prints;
left leg problem;
Gta activated for phone calls
Mor enjoyed music songs;
16th april;
ramoji joined for work managed 10 field calls ; 2 dW closings;
 morning 1 hour net ; took back frame from ram thulasi;uni ac activated;pai;brought internet leaflets;

20th april; 2015;
Night had tough time with heat nd muscle cramps;
Distributed leaflets at Sridevi complex; M K nad Kamlakars calls recd;Few more prints of hotels took;Gplus r& d did;during wait at Events segregated prints;
21st april;2015;
had good feed back from munawwer about leflet distribution so strategy improved further; Met scientifics took one code of Anantapur; terrific heat in the afternoon so had to skip field work; The only solace is stationery payment had head ache from Ramoji;

22nd April;2015
Met Balaji KM  had new hope; S r Scientifics kadapa code activated; had Balaji Stationery closing for the day; Bad time at afternoon session;Pets payments recd; call from Durga and Snapdeal; from cafe; Morning seen and organised prints on hand; few more prints took;
Had positive from pets;
Afternoon had tough time at home;
Cardiologoists and gastro doctors took into fold;


1.pets payment; guys payment;
4.Try scientifics; studios;
6.sri guru lakshmi;
7.Plan Chemist;
continue CS;
Ask Gta
meet syam mama;
FP; 3 sitouts;

New calls;

17th april 2015;
Met balaji; closed one decorator;
closed another Decorator;
Morning CS prints took plus some of history;
Pending Blogs posted;purchased vegitbles to home; My past team file created;

18th april; Morning with Ramoji 2 surprise closings; 3 offer gain;
( photo studioo;ph studio;hardwares;)

19th april; 2015
Morning 3 activations did; reorganised few history prints;
Analysed current situation on hand nd satisfied;
2 followups did with ramoji in vain; good number pf prints took from cafe;

23rd april 2015;
 payment from Balaji kalyana mandapam;
heat and roasting continued;
Few entries data written;
Photo Objection from yashu;rain In Evening;
9 letter for Srinivasa kalyanam sent;
Adsense msg to cell came; Met jana
met gangaram chandra sekhar;

24th April; 154 th day at Tpt;
met kapileshwara hotel; data collection of 14 entries  took prints also;gave Ramoji rs 400-Met Zap children; 3 ggl activations did; Milk dues paid;Alexa top 500 India prints into fold; Veduku 365 g plus activations so far;

25th; 155 th day
Alexa world top 500 sites prints on hand; bhukampam day; back apain continued and arguments; 20 more prints again ;enquired print ads tariffs;organised dailies at home;

26 th april 205; 156 th day
20 more prints; gplus maps organisedTweeted; known about income of youtube chaneels;

27th april; 2015; 157 th day;
organbised prints on hand; 30 prints again;

28th april 2015;
Gurulakshmi paymenmt got;

29th april
Thanks to jana new inspiration lekhari got re designed; sakshi ads gave payment ; heavy rains in after noon;
syams birth day;
met travels guy; no noon indulgence; missed ET;

30th april 2015;
ad released and had response; ev murali monday;
sindhura sunday;
no noon indulgence again so managed to close Water guy in evening; snapdeal training had; call from Andhra jyothi;