Thursday, January 01, 2015

Dec 2014

By Eve cheque dishonour news; Owners came back;2 kg onion; Evening Video loaded;5 Field calls;Worked with ramoji and had 2 closings; Met loka family at morning;

30th dec 2014;
After stock kamalakar joined and recd ceramics payment; Evening indane guy too paid;10 plus calls did and distributed letters;

31;12 2014;
 managed 5 calls in field and had one closing; Ice cream; honda; hotel;

28th sunday december

Worked ith ramoji; Hp gas points known; letter to info words suresh: success at Gongura mess; Met sleepwell; Morning had exposure of 2 new areas near grand world; Seen one hotel at Rc road; VSOP ;Read ET sunday issue very informative; around 15 new references into fold;3 more dailies read;


26th Dec ;2014

Nice visiting cards for Pen Media got from old stock; posted 5 days pending blogs; FM Radio songs enjoyed; analysed recent past; Bitter criticism by Ramoji; Yesterdays courier holiday was surprise; One success story evolved yesterday plus kalyana mandapam;; Ads retrieved and filing did yesterday night is another pus point; edited ram tulasi again; night sleep problem;
Alexa ranks  have further fallen down;

Field work continued with ramoji afetr a small indifference;
flo stories have continued;
candan; Surgicals; Hospitals; vooka; KFC: visit to godown also failed;Regalia;mayura;restaurant; final jolt at HP; fridaysentiment;

27th satyrday 2014;
Business Directory idea

New letters for the day are;
1. MRF vtyres; Srinivasul reddy
3.Honda; equipment;
Others calls for the day;

3.& spa;

kal mandapam;
Hotel Sindhu;
Stock point;
Totally 12 calls and 2 success stories have emerged;
Night Dookudu movie enjoyed; Nice food at morning; garelu;Pulihora; Buscuits to Dogs;
 20th Dec  sat day;
Rama tulasi closed; Buying spree later; 3 acharis met; posted 5 days pending blogs posts;

21 st Dec; 2014; nest issue planning did; Again buying spree for home;
fish; dangerous byke fall; empty boxes vacated from home;

22nd Monday;
spg systems;infoworld; Got back cheque; met TMbank manager; 2 hours net loaded entries; Gta typed data; Some of Pen Media letters kept;

23 Dec;2014; tuesday;
Sent cheque to hyd; Work with kamalakar letters given to few more; value mall success story;

24 th dec; 214;
With ramoji letter work began; sucharita; godown known;vooka etc; big purchase of rice for home by Gta;
25th; dec; 2014;
secon day work with ramoji; 11 calls did;
19th Dec 2014;
Managed few calls after meeting Ramoji; call from Rama Thulasi; money is fast depleting and pain in stomach adding up; Met Loka and had nice time and tips from Ramoji; Situation is slowly returing to normalcy at home;
 Closed tpt sanitary; Wished kamalakar bawa; Met syam at night he offered Rx support;

17th dec 2014; Morning had tention due to gas work and finally recd gas and took it to home; car wash and 10 plus other calls in field; Few entries loaded from new cyber cafe;

18th december;
Inverteras closed; Head ache from kamalakar; lost temper even at home; Indifferent at krity collections; Met bhavani show room; missed ET;

13 th Dec post;

Arranged things to home; chinna called; gta called Hyd Aunty; Worked with kamal; with arguments arranged  mirrrors to byke; 13 field calls; did;

14r th Dec; recd luggage; Called as many people; balaji came home; Tips had to be given; expenses surpassed beyond expectation; long planning in morning;

15th Dec;

Late to field work with kamal after visting his sietrs home; Pancha loha vigrahas story; TPT MLA venkata ramana and Music director Chakris death news; arranged fan and TV Dish activated at home; going Smooth Oanyway;

11th decmber;To Mumbai Rx abd back to home;still learning continued;

!2th December;
Totally busy with packing and shifting luggage; Told most of galli people had nice response; deposited the Gas cylenders; Boarded the Bus late night; managed the bus journey without any problems;

10th dec

To rajendra anagar by bus and return and sleep thats all; Read ET; no incoming  calls;
8th and 9th december 2014 posts
8th Dec post;
Purchased Bed from Ranigunj;

9th Dec;
Decided to go for field ork and surprising success after long wakling struggle; Water arranged and deposit got back;  Night MEK watched; recent TPT vist analysed; by eve bed covers recd; No calls from Syam or Kamal;


7th dec;sunday 2014;

Relief after Gtas  top up; again walked long; took hyd rx book; Mistakes in life need to be checked; Almost 50 plus kgs books etc sold; attempt at rx again successful; packing guys came and gave estimation; syam met at night;

5th and 6th December posts

5th dec;Friday;

late work with kmlakar has fetched 2 closings and 2 positives; Boarded train in night had nice sleep this time;

4th December 2014

Tickets to Hyd booked without much trouble expect local traffic problems. Unexpected income from one source. Poor call average for the day. Rim package activted. With that lot of contacts activated for the day. Ramoji met. Paid due for house. But the guy was still looked bit confused.

Hunter bat and FM Radio proved useful things. Night purchased new sweater. As usual bitter arguments with kamalakar continued.

3rd December 2014

Another luckey day with 2 entry closing; data collection work continued near kapileshwara swamy temple area; Morning petrol problem; night purchased FM rodio,Hunter bat and ball; During the day activated lawyersday ads by gta;Tatkal rail tickets enquired;

Told about transfer to TPT to Kiran;KSV;KVN:

2nd December 2014

kamalakar joined for work and we did almost 10 calls with 3 success stories; At home gta upgraded to load videos and data typing; visitng cards for idols business ready nowby night; another development for the day is bed purchased so had nice sleep; chengaiahs arrival realated headache; ramoji asked for help; Lost temper at rice shop n colony;