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December 2012

30th December 2011

Stay updated; Morning after quickly trimmed up and opened current account now the problem is almost solved;Afternoon call received from web host guy;Rent paid consicutively 11 months before due date;Gandlaparivar news paper received;
Lot many times read back recent good things;Followup did with Younus and reduced listing prices;One call received from nizamabad from a hair cutting guy;Reduced intake second day but a long way to go;another call again and tip had for ads;
Poor dinner;poor adsense income; depression after crushing defeat in cricket;


30th dec post

Got up bit earliar;Morning Tiffen at taj mahal cafe at Narayanaguda @ prohibitive cost?; Bath room a big problem; Read recent good things many times; Told Kiran and called Nrn no response had from them; Had interation with Younus;Met web guy had very lengthy discussion;New knowledge is to have tie up with ad agencies and PR firms at hyd now;His broture seen;FB wall interaction for kanishq known;Poor lunch at home;Recd courier from nzb and loaded pic; seen movies yamagola dana veera sura karna dialogues enjoyed; at cafe and songs enjoyed spped noted; Wished boy;Johnny was not cooperative;few more calls also received;G left;Gold loand info known by her;Nothing much of any consolidation for the day Ok anyway;Night dinner at home;seen movie reviews of TV9;gunturdistrict t id into hand;Jawar roti preparation seen;Overan tabs purchased;

29th Dec post

Stay updated; Morning after quickly trimmed up and opened current account now the problem is almost solved;Afternoon call received from web host guy;Rent paid consicutively 11 months before due date;Gandlaparivar news paper received;
Lot many times read back recent good things;Followup did with Younus and reduced listing prices;One call received from nizamabad from a hair cutting guy;Reduced intake second day but a long way to go;another call again and tip had for ads;
Poor dinner;poor adsense income; depression after crushing defeat in cricket;

28th Dec post

Winter killing;had tiffen at home;2 paper scan;Morning sudden change of the proceedings as GTA failed her promise;Firm registration certificate received; No field work for the day;Cafe was busy;Aussies have advantage;* *Evening managed to send 20 postal mailers and this is surprise move coffe was good;most of the day cell was put on off;marginally recduded intake;
Night called Chinna,akka bujji ppl;Night gta joined;adsense reasearch did;One lady seems to be making rs 3.5 lakhs; One diabetics web site seen;Not to indulge in empty stomack;Morning candidates sheeetstook;Few more mails also sent;Akkinenis wifes death story;Blog head line changed;Thank god lekhari got renued seen it;

Morning good artcle read eenadu abt alchohol;Met bank guy took firm reg forms and filled them got the introducer sign;later met web guy at punjagutta;Calls continued but missed many of them;called ashok and told him of requirement of certificate;Retrived most of candidate data took print;new ideas got today for web classifieds strategy further improved;

26th Dec post

Quite uneasy from morning;late to market;Tried Redhills guy;tried Sai travels;sadgun was closed;Took information from SBI;Finally rental agreement prepared;Most of the day cell was put on off due to call;yet received some Biodats sent replys to them;becomplex purchased;power off and xerox copies could be taken;adsense again fallen;managed dinner with Dall and rice;
Signatures took from Kiran,Kishore;Nrns call count be attended;

25th dec post

Christmas day tweeted;Recd lot of calls from morning lost interest by afternoon;Morning seen most of epaper of eenadu;Gta left by afternoon health issues;Arranged chicken to homebut had to go twice;;Took receipt from balkampet a long run small hickups by going there later ok;
Slept in the afternoon;Christmas party got from RINA:

Another hectic day;Good things managed for the day are 3 day ad given for Nalgonda;Sent leaflets to younus by bus but expensive;Scooter repair managed;Met Srn,Satya,called Nrn;Seen web design companies on net found one interesting;Called castling,sri sai guy seen his total web site;Days new point for rx is next chance in fighting line and not to miss such;Except Adilabad almost other districts guys on hand R 7D did on this;Calls still came for the day too;For Eenadu sunday ads were more R & D report on this;took prints from cafe and good comment from the boy on dress;Some more knowledge gained on Emu Birds vedeos seen;marginally reduced intake;manged next days rx books;days lone id was aproads;Kalyanam laddu by SRN gave it to neibours;

hickups for the day Gtas wakeup;her relation headache; hunger pangs at afternoon;Kishores coming;night food issue;milk;;over involvement;Satyas irksome behavior;narendra no response;fitness problem;lost temper at few calls;Fitness problem;night bad taste;Unable make the id card for y;arguments at home abt bus;water problem at home;Adsense income not up to mark;laddu knife;

23rd dec post

Good response for ad 4 three districts both managed but calls were coming at late night;Took back byke with much difficulty Nampally visit also purchased top cover;mails replied to 14 people totalling 25 so far;Jagityal entreis received and posted;Lekhari domain renued paid to castling ;Brought printed material to home and order nod from printer but had to go 2 times;Met balakampet guy paid him;Satya call;Nrns Tv9 call call;Edited candidates mailer further in the morning;Y transferd money;

Unable to send leaflets to Younus;


21st december 22nd december posts firm registration made easy and sudden ly got busy

Quickly could catch up nrn,tv9 gyt and launched registration of firm in the name of lekhari quickly completed it; came back home;no ads ran for the day but still came in;Called Ashwin;had his feedback;quickly read eenadu prints of classifieds during wait;some editings at bollger did and content loaded;


December 22 nd post;
Had hair cut and color and had good comment from tv9 chandra mohan;met satya his commitment had;Decided to run ads in warangal,khammam,karimnagar; met pan card guy at balkampet;no field work;Called and had feed back from Younus;had long discussion with nrn,satya,tv9 guy;call from SRN;met dollar people;nose dive continued;Sudden head ache from Scooter;First time Khammam(ad) into fold;gave small party to NRn tv9;
new knowledge;for stamp failed;Balu twitter guy called ;Gta support again was noteworthy;Golnka exposure with Satya; had to rush to satya to be taken care next time;Morning edited Gta fathers name at Redhills SRO office;lot of time waited for gopal reddy ads guy;Satya calla had to be attended but at the cost of 59/-.

mailer prepared with ad categories and sent to satya and also had his feedback;

20th dec post

Quickly completed leaflets work surprise call from satya turned out as flop later;called web design companies during the waiting one of them called back;Color leaflet discussion rs 6500/-;seen most of epeprs for the day sakhi,thehindu,sakshi;r&D on local constituencies coverage of sakshi and eenadu for most of the day;No work day and thterefore no income nose diving;Resellers idea is emerging fast and mailer prepared for the resellers;Good response for the ads;1 week papers on eenadu epaper only avaialble;some prints took from cafe; younus failed again;

about me k.v.ramana

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Welcome to my diary! Please know many things abt me before chossing me as your friend.U are about to unviel a new friends life!... sure it is a different place.where u can know more abt me travel with me to the past 30+ years of turbulant and lone but interesting life and know whats happenning with me nowadays. Well! iam friendly Rahul from Hyderabad presently at Tirupati married age 50 and commerce graduate from osmania univercity currently doing business of selling American Diamond Studded idols business and chantings boxes. I a diehard optimist,i like reading books (books are my first love net is second one)friends music,movies like titanic type i dislike selfish people i hate critisism i avoid by passers who like to stael my ideas i beleve knowlege is power.

Some thing abt my past:-After my degree i worked as medical representative for one of indias leading pharma comapanies and was succesful there and elevated as area manager sales and travelled many places in south india finally starting i strated my business iam comfortable and enjoying life. My sports life:I was athlete during my college days and loved going to practice sessions and copmetions with my teammates and that was a great past being athlete. i worked evn for indian military for shotest period. well iam friendly,encouriging, spontanious but very sensitive type of person so pls bear with me and understand me well emotional outbursts are common with me, be sympathetic and be with me please. MY NET LIFE:Iam a serious net researcher i explore net daily for 3 hours minimum.For last three years i met many many interesting friends and learned many interesting things i cant forget the happiest memories and i cant get them back,and i got a lady of my dreams o soon i plan to marry her. My business plans and dream visions:i have big business plans ahead i have a small team of people who work with me now and i request all you lets share busines plans and please join my team and make good fortunes my future plan is to launch a unique anouncement portal from seattle USA and many e-com portals in india.

I am very religious i have great belief in existance of god i worship lord vishnu who gives me peace and confidence i do regular meditation.I love my family and all my friends like u you are life and inspiration to me to excell in this tough and uncaring world. I already own one web site few more important domains)it has great collection links of the topsites of WORLD got 5 lakh visits from 65 countires and growing still I like writing complete daily happenings of me here to come back and check to keep me organised and its a notice board for all of u to know as whats happening with me currently. My HEART FELT thanks to open diary people for making it for all of us. well! what my diary can do for u ? Besides my auto-biography filled with much of inspiration i have done extensive reasearch in domain names and keywords.(many people made good money here) I have summary of greatest books on my diary like Nepolian Hill, Dale carnigie and many otheres! come regularly to my diary and enjoy MAKE ME HAPPY BY LEAVING COMMENTS! please mail me i like to receive many emails reply assured. MY favrite quotes:"you have got to be little different if you wanted to get noticed afterall nobody would give look to TOWER PISA if its stands srraight". "Smallest Action is Greater than Grandest intention"

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REGISTRAR-LOCK: The sponsoring registrar sets this status. The domain can not be modified or deleted. The registrar must remove REGISTRAR-LOCK status to modify the domain. The domain can be renewed. The domain will be included in the zone.

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REGISTRAR-HOLD: The sponsoring registrar sets this status. The domain can not be modified or deleted. The registrar must remove REGISTRAR-HOLD status to modify the domain. The domain can be renewed. The domain will not be included in the zone.

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19th december post

3 districts ads given Mahbubnagar,Adilabad,Karimnagar with phone number this time results to be watched to quickly create a mailer to people who have sent resumes this is a new turn called gopal reddy he could catch up fast there were many changes in decitions of places and combinations of ads coffee was not there in that cafe;Tried for Narendra twice;paid owner Rs 700/-;Motivated You;Attended rx but poor odds there were lot of old faces had Upma there;Morning tried for leaflets printing at sapthagiri press file is missing;X M beta purchased at evening and took Xerox of Adhhaar card;Lunch at home own cooked;Krishna reddy at Hrc RX book counter seen;Few more resumes received to mail including a lady from Vizag;One guy called from Nizamabad Nagraj to send him leaflets;Boondi from Vijaya cottage at night;
Unable to take print of old leaflet but seen design;New spects purchased surprised with price this time;Suguna,dustbin guy did their works;neibours enquiry;post man met at afternoon and satisfied him;
Days (t) id is hydraces; Double indulgence again but mall from himayatnagar shop;

18th dec post

Mostly at home;seen ennadu epaper thought india;seen rx videos;decided few things to do tommorow;Seenaiahs call;Enquired emubirds;rctconline(t)blocked;still insecurity;Gta left;arranged fish at home;2 resumes got thats new begining;Vehcle getting much more older alarming;days stats reduced very much;Lot of discussions with Gta at home;Reduced few things at home;Cell phone day ads seen in eenadu;coconella s pasquier brillint win;
prontoponto win new lession;some videos of yahoo seen;
Still 13 days left for year;
nelloretimes jewellery link to be removed;some pics kept at blog;reena came twice morning with good dress;
recorded 30 plus addresses from eenadu epaper;

Major things of the day; seen warangal ad through enaadu epaper; called ashwin and known about his chennai visit;Most of the day at home loaded content to blogs; New T ids for the day are Bottlesnchimney,stanzaworld;
younus failed again thats new depression;No hits to Warangal ad is a big surprise;;Seen most of the ap districts info at wiki; 3 L folders purchased;Sbi transfer stiil pending;Morning pending pics and entry posted;Content edited for big leaflet;New note book purchased and noted big towns in andhra pradesh;One more clarification youngsters at Rx;Decided to edit and print quick leaflets for next trave;Again insecurity;Lot of ads seen for christmas on news papers;Seen Urumi movie with GTA at home;Webaxis info guys to meet;Disturbance through shoutings at top of home;

16TH DEC post

Since morning felt very busy;After quickly reading papers had the task of reading Business World;There was a good article about new Ecom ventures;Quickly decided to give ad for ppl and gave 3 days ad for warangal that looked huge investment as per recent standards; in new style without cell number response to be watched;Quickly enquired for post box and firm account at bank;
some bouncers for the day are no closings at Boinpally sro office but some data collected to hand;Second bouncer came in the form of bhanu residency;More arail exposure had for the day;
biggest hickup came in the form of T id closure and almost lost temper and things followed need to see the change of things;Read BW article and blocked 6 of them;
By night analsys for what helped whom analysed;Some what unsatisfied day due to non happening of much of activity;Anyway no loss for the day;Double indulgence why?
Night managed to see rx book of banagalore;Night content kept at almost 10 plus blog ids; DAYS PLANNING to buy eye glasses failed;
sodacentre? id?

15th Dec post

Quickly read 3 dailies;vacated Lodge;took back balance dhobi amount;work with y at kamareddy;met one lawyer anti corruption force;sro failed; anyway one listing got;had lunch at kamareddy; left kamareddy after handing over billbook and leaflets to Y followup did later;looks like very long journey from kamareddy to nizamabad;new route noted;non stop bus from kamareddy;etv news watched;socks purchased;seen friday rx book;Arranged few things to home;New socks;A.P map purchased;purchased B.P tablets;
Next Satday rx bangalore;Sunday mumbai; One enquiry for TWit id got;Few plannings for next day did;Had hot water bath;
Loaded days entry of kamareddy;new businessworld and swathi mag purchased;new pen;enquired wall planner for new year;
santoor and redroses tea powder and new razor purchased;arranged visiting cards collected;forgotten to buy l folders;indur traders cheque was not cleared yet;
arranged Milk and Chicken;

Plannings for future are;
Post box;firm registration;buy Xm beta;learn web design;Create kajal page;


14th dec post

unexpected move purchased insulin and needles at morning so reserve stock;called Gta no response from her in the night;
with y to field and covered 3 stations;6 of them got; Almost 20 new ppl met and 3 stations coverage Metpally;korutla;armoor;
dhobi cloth given;razor cut had and bleeding new kerchief;longwalk;managed days entries posted them at night;had hot water at morning;52 cards on hand;
days blog ids;1.divyarushi,2.kisanclothemporium,3.hgangaram;4.satgurunzb,
Most of the stats of blog ids seen;poor dinner;

morning decided to shift to devi and shifted;thanks to 1st floor but coffee and tiffen a longway to go;known TV options at night;Morning quickly had 5 bookings;plus overnight booking;survey sheet few entries filled;poor adsense income seen;Gta called;docomo signal problem;3 gold shops seen with younus;biggest upset at Nivas;and hickup at vasavi some how managed;gained 95081 traffic ranks for alexa thats big surprise;

eve good work did but no closings;younus disappointed;
2 of Dw post poned;evening managed postings and printouts;coolness of y noted;

days calls were 20 noted on a seperate sheet;

new guy younus with him worked atfiled first day some exposure of the nizamabad;3 closings;sent cheque 4 collection;Both of us had lunch at sri sai mess poor service forgot to pay bill;Morning at net cafe survey sheets prepapred still need to be improved;

11th Dec post Sunday

After thinking and analysing slowly new strategy is evolving; ie to arrange for a detailed survey first then to go to field team and ads support badly needed questionaire to be prepared;;arial grip survey for vinayak nagar had; 2 news dailies scan had;Auto guy vs a drunkard story for the day;bhanuresidency call recd;Gta was uninterested;some ids stats seen;stink at cyber cafe;swathi mag seen calender offer;Followup did for marketing Executives;RK call received;
# base stations evolved;ie kadapa;hyd;vijayawada;

new hunch of can get 50 l from field;mallemala death and his diary;DW data with pics posted and prints took;Due to boredom had to indulge;

10th dec post

Secon day at nizamabad but saturday yet closed one entry;did 4 calls at field; Morning tried to locate a new lodge but failed;New problem while buying rajini gandha to be evn more alert in future;Cyber gave much discomfoprt due to very slow yet managed to post blogs and seen maps; Some more arial avreness had for the day;Seen rly station and 2 more areas;
Charger gave head ache so replaced with new one;Radha krishna called so Gta; While at field work seen my getup for the day was not upto mark;new idea is to identify a big client then meet them;bank account is very much needeed;adesnse income was very poor forthe the day and this is another depression for the day;
ladys call; lot of calls were un answered for the day;


8th and 9th dec posts

Very late to field targeted Rajendra nagar SRO and sucess there met few DW but failed;Edited most of NT broken links;Checked adsens eincome so far;Content kept in 2 ids of blogs;Call from Chinna and her success story;Nice response for Nizamabaf ad; new note book purchased;night prepeared to leave for Nzbd gtas help noted;
9th Dec
Mor by bus to CBS took nzmd bus journey started and slow and very tiresomr;Heavy rush and luggage this is heavy;After reaching quickly took lodge(ashoka) and started to intervie ppl;6 guys met among them one guy told about total potencility;One guy from kamareddy was very promising; Work at SRO fetched result in the evening;One survey of Chemists did and there are 200 chemists in town;Hick at the lodge noted for conducting interviews;
Saveers call;satya called;

7th dec post

Day bagan with lot of confusion on age;analysed past again;Decided at this age people should go on my company behalf;This move is another fine tuning of activity;lot of time had to wait for the dhobi ;finally very late to field work; called eswar ads reddy and gave ad;Then to field work;surprising 3 sucess stories for the day;
days bad luck story is 5 of t ids have been suspended;and one offer also gone back to them One more reality of life known;Suguna work continued at home;
after field work 2 hours net at sadgun enjoyed Music and content for leaflet prepared;
tried for paypal integration;
Night tried to download older vertion of explorer;


6th dec post

Days consolidations; Computer reapaired and back home; new visiting cards have arrived;4 new pants and a white shirt;paid photon dues; insulin vial;checked Rly time table;days ids include; himachaltourism;come2pondy;kioclltd;NT still has broken links; No income day;Adsense settings changed;Read about Nizamabad and adilabad and some old kingdoms;(Bodhan,Armour,Kamareddy)
Recent good things analysed again; seen;called reddy eswar ads;

Quickly decided to buy land line so paid and quickly arranged later given the number to printer and edited new visiting cards;Called mama,narendra,satya; Later attended interview by then its was very late so had lunch at home then to field work again;kawadiguda failed but Redhills was success; later tried to meetNews 9 reddy but news heard; then met ashwin and had nice discussion new tips had from him for a better broture and Mumbai potenciality;
came back home and retired;
days calls were Sai cars again to meet him later 15 th december;More discussions had at home about future;

4th dec sunday post

Most of the day at home editing vilekhari by afternoon totally trimmed the blog;Gta joined at evening;Helped narsing rao rs 200/-;organised latest blogs to register;seen statz;Twitter handles problem a new headache?;One more pont strngle came in Rx R&D to cash it from now;Rx videos seen; D writers data of 11 districts on hand now;

3rd december post

After vacating lodge straight to cafe and took print and called singh but failure earliar one is baggage problem;Then decided to leave to hyd took Bus and called Gta second failure;then came the tention of shamshabad flight catching tention this is new expirience anyway;
Stress continued to catch up auto guys to home;Lot of work did at home on net still no commendable result;girls menace for ice cream;everything seems new at home;Syams call a solace apart from exposure of road way from karimnagar;seen alexa top 500 and blocked sbicard;
paid dish tv ;blog id vimalcomputers;during the travel few advanced things planned for anantapur;


2nd dec post

Expenses have surpassed tan income for the day;Benefits of the day include Vidya twitter page linked up;Adsense code kept in as many pages;trimmed vilekhari;one order got for DW;Nizamabad travel time noted;Immediate hits seen for vidya;
Morning seen countryoven blog;Ramoji and Gta calls recd;cityunionbank id hits seen;some calls super market and opticals calls did;some lodges survey did;November 23k;254 blogs on hand;night Pics posted;50 898 fans on hand;bit more exposure of the city;


Morning uneasy felt;decided to leave warangal;started to karimnagar drivers tussle notedand soon after reaching straight to SRO after small hickup things started to move;loaded 3 pics and entries;nizamabad vacant still;no calls to cell; loaded docomo fuether;copper bracelet is new addition;tweeted;After reading swati weekly; new idea came in as writers do have scope and power;poor lodge;

Adsense seen impvovements noted;racetimes also had hits;found that gamil helps when posting blogs;poor lodge but noway out;even more poor response from Gta;Income for adsense improved fuether toconsolidate again;Hans has covered kalyana laxmi show room;kept adsense in some blogs;there were lot of blog ids reserved;

Friday, December 23, 2011

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